Tough Guy (5)

Part (5)

‘Dude, you are nuts.’

‘Most likely, but I am not joking Jesse.’

‘Shit, but, I mean we’ve just, well met, how can you…’

‘I don’t know, not like I am a stranger to sex, so before you say it, no it isn’t about that.’

‘then what?’

Connie leaned back, pulling his legs up, under his chin. Resting his head, he felt the cool air, cooling the last remnants of sweat from his body. Still, he could feel the desire inside, for the young man next to him. Truth was, it was partially about the sex, because he’d never really experienced something, so completely exhausting, and yet seeming to expect even more.

Trent Stokes from Bel AmiHell even his own jacking off in his bedroom, never felt this good. It always satisfied him, but it never left him feeling like he wanted more, and right then. Not like this, where he’d already shot his load, twice, and still wanted more. It was that, but it was also, more than that.

Jesse had put his whole future on the line, to just bail him out, and no one, had ever done that for him.  Not his parents, no one, had gone that far out on a limb for him, so how could he not be attracted to the guy? Hell, how could he not want to have him with him, to not just enjoy, but well, to be a friend he could actually trust.

He’d had a few when he was younger, until they found out he was Gay, or worse, when the other’s would pick on him because his parents named him Connie. It had hurt then, and still did, so how could he be like those so called friends?

He turned his head to Jesse, who sat quietly beside him, waiting for him to answer. The way his eyes stared at him, made his heart quiver, but it did more than that. It made his soul cry, deep inside, at the idea of leaving him. He just couldn’t do it, and he prayed, he had the words, to tell Jesse why, even though he really wasn’t all that certain, himself.

‘I don’t know, not for any one reason, or maybe, shit, I am not good at words, I know how to box, to fight my way out of shit, been doing, hell, ever since I can remember.’

‘Yeah, but, I mean, to not get out of here, just ‘cuz some guy you don’t know won’t go with you? I mean…’

‘putting it that way, sounds nuts, but look, your parents, not really much different than mine, they just have a different way of getting rid of their gay kid.’

‘I guess, yeah, so?’

‘you are not making this easy for me, are you?’

‘no, suppose not, just, fuck man, you don’t know how much I want out, but…’

Connie felt a sudden chill go down his spine, as he stared deep into Jesse’s eyes. He could see the despair deep inside, the torment, that had to have been his life, growing up with parents who couldn’t stand the sight of him. He knew the feeling, but not like what he was seeing being reflected in Jesse’s face.

‘taking off with me, that’s not the kind of out, you want, is it?’

‘no, not… fuck, can’t we just, I mean look Connie, whatever those guys do, I can handle it, if not, well, it’s not like anyone would lose any sleep over it.’

It was how he looked away, hanging his head, that clinched it inside. Connie knew exactly what Jesse was thinking, which frightened him, even more than not being with him seemed to have. There was no rational explanation for it, because he had been down that path, himself. No one knew, not even his parents, but he knew how it was.

‘I would’

Jesse looked up as Connie had softly spoken the words. There was a slight trembling sound to his voice, as he had spoken the words, as his hand moved outwards, to rest lightly on Jesse’s shoulder. It was so soft, like he was afraid his touch would break something fragile. There was no mistaking that Jesse needed more, than just a bit of slap and tickle, as his grandfather would say.

‘Thanks, but come on, you don’t really know me, and well…’

‘So you think, shit man, my Gaydar may not have been working, but I know what it’s like. Maybe my parents aren’t like yours, but the bottom line, well, it is the same. Besides, I’ve been exactly where you are now.’

‘I don’t… really? You?’

‘Yeah, me, why is that hard to believe?’

‘Kind of.’


‘Shit man, look at you, solid muscle, knows his way to hit back and make it count, how could a guy like you ever…’

‘want out?’

‘uh huh.’

‘I got this rep, because of what I am, not because I love fighting, fuck man, I hate duking it out, but it is my way, and you know, you weren’t exactly a rookie back there either.’

‘Not like you, but… I mean, you uh…’

‘Yeah, but I figured, why make it easier for the bastards.’

Connie reached out, and Jesse moved in closer, resting his head on Connie’s shoulder. He let his head rest on the upper part, above his chest. With his one hand, Connie stroked the hair, just letting him rest, as he thought back, to that dark moment in his young life, realizing just how close he had come.

Odd, how he had never really thought about, since, but it all made sense now, as to why he was, who he was. He wasn’t exactly a fighter, and it was the truth. He didn’t care for the sound of his fist hitting another, once it was over. Sure, during a fight, the rage, the emotions, made him relish the sounds, but he always felt sick after, and a bit, well, disappointed.

In the Ring, it was different. It wasn’t about being Gay, and so there, he felt like he could use his head, plan his moves, so they would be effective, but not like how he had taken out Tim earlier today. That was just being, well mean. Yet he didn’t feel as sick either, but then he won this time. Maybe that was why he always felt so, well, disappointed.

As he let his hand stroke Jesse’s head, he realized just how much he was willing to risk, to keep feeling as he felt now. He was tired of being disappointed. Thing is, he realized, as he held Jesse close to him, that he was disappointed with himself, more than with how the other’s acted. They did what they did, out of fear, but what was his excuse?

‘you really want me to come with you?’

He turned to look down at Jesse, to see those eyes, pooled with tears, staring up at him. He could see the disbelief, but also the hope, the need to be assured it wasn’t a dream, that he really did want him to come with him.

‘uh huh’

‘but, I mean, what if all this, is just, well because of the, you know, the adrenalin rush, from earlier?’

‘So? Least you will be away from this shit, from the crap everyone loves to throw at ya.’

‘It is scary, and yet, I can’t stand this place, but…’

‘but what?’

‘what if you get tired of me, or find someone new?’

He turned away, letting his head tilt up, and away. The feel of Jesse’s eyes on him was a bit, unsettling, as he tried to think, to wonder if maybe he was being fair to him, or maybe he was right. Maybe this was just the aftermath from the fight, but if it wasn’t? Could he not take the chance that it was real, not some weird rush after escaping?

‘I don’t know, I wish I did, but…’

‘Then maybe it’s best you go without me, I mean, I don’t want to ruin things, not now, when you’ve gotten a chance to get away, to, well you know.’


‘You say that, like you mean it, but Connie, I mean come on, we don’t really know each other, so how can…’

‘I can’t explain it, I know it’s daft, but look, it isn’t about sex, and okay, say we do get tired of each other, say we do find someone else, do best friends stop being friends, because they find another friend? It just, it doesn’t work that way.’

‘But, I don’t know if…’

‘Look, I know you want me say something mushy, like I love you, but I am not going to say it, because well, I don’t know. Shit, I don’t even know what it is. If it’s what my parents have, well then I don’t ever want to be in love, but I know that you and I, we have more in common, than we know, and I guess, I kind of want to find that out.’

‘I know that, I think, but maybe it is just, that I am Gay too, and so I helped you out…’

‘Fuck Jesse, you weren’t the only Gay guy out there, I mean, look, I didn’t know you were, but I do know there were 2 others who are, and they weren’t rushing in to help, so no, it isn’t just because of that, it is… well it is because you did help, and I guess, all this, well, it is different, least it is for me.’

‘Me too.’

‘Then, why fight it? Let’s blow this pop stand, together, and leave those morons to pick on each other.’

Jesse smiled a bit, and he looked like he really was more relaxed, than he had been while talking. It was strange, at how his face looked almost, well like it was glowing. Then too, he sort of felt like his was, as well.

Connie sighed, realizing just how strange this day had turned out for him. From being the whipping boy for the town bully and friends, to being a protector. All in one swoop, but he was not stupid. He knew that if he stayed, if he didn’t get Jesse to go with him, that he’d never make it out of this burg, in one piece. Tim was not the kind to easily forget, and a public whipping certainly would insure he’d do everything possible to get even. Hell, he might even try to come after them, even in here, but that was for later.

Turning to Jesse, he could see that he too, was thinking the same thoughts, or at least they were in sync. He smiled, wiping the side of Jesse’s face, realizing that they were in this, together, for better or worse. He had to laugh as that thought passed through his mind, and he couldn’t help but see a small grin on Jesse’s face too. Maybe they did have a lot more in common, than either of them realized.

‘So, agreed? You’ll come with me?’

He watched as Jesse lifted himself up, and noticed how his body seemed to tense for just a second, then once more relax. Jesse stared at him, and he back at him, as if they were trying to read each other’s thoughts. He felt a strange shiver, not a cold or scary type, but something he had never really experienced before. It felt good, as Jesse reached out with his hand.

Connie could see the hand tremble a little, and then he closed his eyes, as he felt the soft touch against his own chest. How the finger felt so alive, like it was actually able to feel the blood pulsing, the heart beating. He moaned a bit, as the soft caress of the finger moved down, and around his heaving chest, feeling totally lost in how gentle the touch was.

His body leaned back, as Jesse’s finger moved down the center of his stomach, making him shudder a bit, to every touch. How good it felt, to feel this way, and once more the day’s events seemed to be lost, in a cloud of pleasure. He could feel the way his dick jerked, as the finger moved down his stomach, how it curled around his belly button. It was just so exciting, he didn’t know he could feel this way, as Jesse’s hard breath echoed in the cave.

There were no other sounds, audible, as he let the moment take hold. Connie felt his muscles tightening, then sort of just flutter a bit, as the finger moved around and around his belly. He felt the excitement, and the beads of sweat begin to form around his forehead, and between his legs. He felt the way his toes started to curl, to flex a bit, as the finger moved down below the belly button, to run across his abdomen.

The touch of his lips, against his bare chest, made him groan. He was surprised at how intense the feelings were, that were running through his body, from that soft little peck on his chest, just below one nipple. He felt his body squirm, as the waves of pleasure seemed to be growing with each second. They didn’t lessen, as he felt the finger move down, to curl some of his pubic hairs, to touch him in a way that only made him moan more. His eyes fluttered, but they wouldn’t open, as he let Jesse touch him, explore his groin. He was hard once more, and the idea that he was about to go another round, was unbelievable to him.

Sure he’d jacked off a few times in a day, now and then, but this, this was totally different. It was something he couldn’t explain, to himself. All he knew, was that he never wanted this feeling to end, or be taken from him, as he reached up and wrapped his arms around Jesse, pulling him down onto his own body.

He felt the hard poke in his side, from Jesse’s hard cock, and heard him sigh, as he let his hands move up and down the slender back. He felt the ridges of his spine, the softness of his buttocks, as his fingers clenched a mound of flesh, squeezing them, as the body crushed further into his. It was becoming too much, as he felt the hot mouth close over his own, and the tongue begin to press forward, opening his own mouth.

The taste of his breath filled his mind, as did the aroma of dried cum, of sweat, of something else, that made him groan a bit more. His body twisted, as he reached down with his hand, to take hold of Jesse’s hard cock. The heat was intense, as their bodies seemed to just melt into each other’s.

Everything became a blur. Nothing made sense, or seemed connected, as he found himself flat on his back. His legs were up in the air, his hands grabbing the ankles like he was dangling off a cliff, hanging on for dear life. Yet, he was not afraid, not frightened. In the back of his mind, he knew that Jesse had a condom, how he didn’t know, or care. All he knew was he could feel that hard cock between his cheeks, feel the pulsing muscles of his hole, as the head was wedged up against it. The waiting seemed endless, as he could feel the hot breath on his face, and for a mere instant, his eyes opened.

Staring up, he saw the blond hair dangling over and across the sides of Jesse’s face. Saw the way his eyes were glazed over, locked in an intensity he had never seen before, in anyone. Then he felt the sudden jolt, as his eyes once more closed, a huge smile crossing his face, as his body knew what was happening, long before it registered in his clouded mind. He felt the pain, racing inwards, but his body ignored it, as he found himself pushing upwards, trying to take more, quicker.

Connie could feel his breathing growing short, feel the blood rushing from his arms and legs, as his body felt the hard pole slicing into his body. He felt every inch of it, as it slid inside, stretching his muscles, making him squirm as it impaled itself deep inside. He moaned, his hands no longer able to hold his legs, as they rested over the shaking shoulders of the man above.

He was sure he could feel it throb, feel it pulse as the blood rushed through the wonderful organ, as it moved in and out of his tight valley. There was the way it felt, as it dug deep inside, then suddenly pulled back. How it felt as it was nearly out, before once more plunging inside, to fill him, to stretch his very insides.

Still, it was like time was standing still. Not only could he feel it pulse, feel it slide in and out, but he could feel the hot breath on his face, feel the lungs working overtime, as the motion inside sped up. He sensed it all, at the same time, and yet not. His body was squirming, he knew his voice was begging for more, that the rain of sweat was striking his body in a torrent, and yet he knew it wasn’t time. His own hands were a blur, sending back sensations he had never felt before, or at least recognized. How the muscles around the hips bulged, how the bone felt like it was vibrating, as his fingers clutched at them.

Everything was going so fast, yet captured in slow motion. Each drop of sweat, made a strange sound in his ears, mingled with the roar of his thundering heart, but he could hear them, pick them out. His body was shaking, with each thrust, but he could pick each sound out, each tingling sensation as it raced up to his mind.

He knew his own body was getting close, by how tight he felt in his chest, in his groin. The way his muscles were constricting, tightening with each breath, as the huge pole kept filling his insides with its throbbing power. Connie had never felt this way. It was like being in the middle of a hurricane, facing the strong winds, as Jesse’s cock kept hammering away at him.

With each thrust, each gust, he felt his body fall backwards, struggle to push forward, to meet the next hammering gust, the next thundering thrust. His body met each thrust, rose to greet each new thrust. Then, just like being caught in a hurricane, there was nothing.

A still came over them both, a quiet that was both eerie, and yet tantalizing. He knew it was time, that for the moment, the final push was readied, about to come crashing into him. He gritted his teeth, sucked in a long gulp of air, just as he felt the tip of Jesse’s cock head near his hole, near enough to almost pull out, but he knew, it wasn’t to be. His muscles tightened even more, the lining inside, already stretched, tried to spring back to their original shape, before the final push came.

One single drop of sweat fell on his chest, a strange plop amidst the silence, then suddenly he heard himself cry out in pure ecstasy, as he felt the throbbing pole lurch forwards. He felt it tremble, as it began to pick up speed, and dive deep into his gaping hole. His legs were numb, but he could feel them shake, feel the tremor of excitement being replaced by the wave of pure pleasure, as the huge pole made its way all the way inside.

Crying out, he felt his hands wrap around the shaking body that was on top of him. His legs crushed back into his chest, as Jesse’ thrust all the way in, with every ounce of strength in his lithe body. He felt the crushing blow, like a full on power hit to the chin, though a thousand times more powerful, and a whole lot more enjoyable.

The flashing lights behind his closed eyelids, the way his heart suddenly raced, made him gasp, then cry out his own pure joy. The sound echoed and echoed in the cave, adding to the waves of pleasures racing all through his body, as Jesse now lay on top of him, totally spent.

Connie had no idea how long he lay there, or how long Jesse was on top of him. It was like coming to, after being KO’d in the ring. He had no clear recollection of anything, but the force of the blow that had sent him sprawling. Yet as his mind slowly regained its composure, the memories came flooding back to him, making his body jerk, spasm.

It made Jesse open an eye, and stare at him, and inside those wide eyes, Connie knew that he had made his decision, that they just needed to wait it out, and that soon, they’d never have to worry about the likes of Tim and his ilk. He knew, that he would never have to suffer alone, his own fears, his own doubts, as he felt Jesse kiss him, then nestle his head under Connie’s chin. Nothing had ever felt that way, and somehow, he just knew, that it was only the beginning.

‘you don’t snore do you?’

Jesse looked up at him, and looked puzzled for a second, then he smiled.

‘like a damn fog horn’

‘oh great, now I have to get ear plugs’

‘or you can just find something to stuff in my mouth.’

Connie laughed, as he pulled Jesse closer, enjoying his warmth, and enjoying the idea, that when that bus left, he’d not be sitting alone.



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