Tough Guy Pt. 3

Part (3)

He could feel the ache in his groin, at how his body was reacting to the way Jesse was looking. It had been some time, since he had felt this way, but damn, he looked so hot, and then too, the excitement of having gotten away, from dealing with Tim & his crowd. It was like a perfect storm, where everything had aligned just right.

To have Tim call him out, to try and show his dominance. Then to have Jesse watching, as he finally reached his limit, and decided to act on impulse, on a need to try and just once, not do what everyone expected. Then to find a kindred spirit, who did more than just talk the talk, now that was rare.

It had to be some sign, some signal, and looking at Jesse, just made it seem even more so. Why hadn’t he ever noticed before? Was he really so afraid of being further bullied, that he had blocked any signal, any sign, of a friendly soul? Maybe, but as he saw how Jesse grinned, how his body seemed to shimmer in the haze of the sunlight, he couldn’t help but feel his own blood growing hot.

ScottConnie might have a bad rep, be known as a brawler, but truth was, he was very conservative, very deliberate in his thinking. Nothing he did, for the most part, was done in haste. He liked to think things through, carefully, well for the most part. He certainly hadn’t thought about all that lay ahead, when he decided to fight back, for keeps. No thought at all, about how life was going to be much worse, or how he would have to maybe spend the rest of his time, in town, ducking retribution from Tim & his gang.

Yet, right now he didn’t give a fuck, as he stared at Jesse, as he felt his desire for him growing, in more than just a stiff dick. He had to be nuts, to even have brought him here, to his secret place, his most treasured spot on earth. Then too, how could he not? The guy had maybe saved his ass, from a real bruising beating, because as good as he was, 3 or 4 to one was not good odds. No doubt Parker & Ned would have mixed it up with him, and some hangers on might even have joined in. There were always those types, who thought to ingratiate themselves with Tim, to keep him off their own backs, or maybe they simply enjoyed partaking in someone elses misery?

Right now he didn’t care, because all that was dealt with, for the moment. Now, well, there was Jesse, and no way was his licking of lips, the way he held himself, just about a dry mouth, or a need to lean back a bit. Jesse was on the same thought wave as him, waiting for him to make the move, to decide, if their new friendship, was going to be more than just that.

Connie felt his feet moving, his eyes watching as if a witness, rather than the instigator, as he moved forward, grabbing hold of Jesse’s light body into his arms. He couldn’t believe it was him, as he felt his head tilt, felt the warm body being pulled into his own.

The kiss was like sticking his tongue into a live electric socket. Connie felt the waves of electricity passing through his whole body, making his legs tremble, making his heart pound & his chest ache. The warm press of his lips against Jesse’s was like touching molten lava. It was hot, almost like how fire must taste, as he pressed his mouth over the surprised one of Jesse.

For a mere second he hesitated, unsure if his move was being returned, as he had taken Jesse by surprise. Then he felt the arms wrapping around him, the legs pushing inwards. Connie shut his eyes tight, as his tongue parted the slightly opened mouth in front.

He could taste him, feel his heart trembling next to his own pounding one, and it felt so good. Never had he felt this excited, this alive, as he tasted the inside of Jesse’s mouth. His own arms now pulled even more, knowing the lighter Jesse was being lifted up off the ground, while they kissed.

It was pure caveman action, he thought, as his feet pushed forward, his arms holding Jesse tightly inside them. He felt the hot wet tongue duelling with his own, felt himself moaning as he eagerly sucked face with Jesse. God, what a phrase, but it made him shiver a bit, realizing he was actually doing that. The way his tongue was exploring every inch of Jesse’s mouth. How he was pushing the tongue all the way in, even breathing his own air, as they moved past the dangling branches and leaves.

The sound of silence was broken by their panting, by the slurping sound of their mouths, as they kissed and held onto each other. Connie could feel Jesse’s hands now moving down his back, touching the top of his butt, reaching to touch a lot more. His own hands already had moved down, clenching the firm cheeks, pulling Jesse hard into his body.

His own cock was like steel, but he could tell, Jesse’s wasn’t exactly some wet noodle. God how good it felt being pressed into his thigh, as he felt the heat burning through the fabric of his pants. He was so taken with his impulsive behaviour, he didn’t even feel the press on his chest, until he was suddenly sucking air.

Jesse had pushed him back, away and sudden fear entered his whole body. He was still trembling, but now from fear that he had read Jesse wrong, that he didn’t want it to go beyond just friends. His eyes popped open, to stare in fear at Jesse, but then they widened even further. Jesse had his arms up, his hands were tearing at his shirt, as he stared at Connie. There was a strange glint to those eyes, as Connie watched, in awe, as Jesse tore his own shirt off.

Before he could even speak, before he could take more than one deep breathe, he saw the hands move down and fumble with his belt and button. Connie felt like he was struck by lightning, as he stood there, watching the pants suddenly disappear from his view, a pair of tight black jockey shorts showing. Gulping, he couldn’t help but see the thick pole, jutting out and the long slender fingers tearing at the waistband of the shorts.

Connie felt himself step back one step, as Jesse literally rammed his underwear down his legs, standing up just as quickly, to display his nude body. It was truly a breath taking site, even in the dim light of the cave. He couldn’t help but feel his own desire growing, and yet as he took a step forward, to once more try to embrace Jesse, he felt his own body resist.

His hands had been busy, his pants were already undone, his shirt open and just now falling off his shoulders, while he struggled with the button. A quick flick back of his arms, a little shake and he could feel his own shirt falling to the dirt, as he reached back around, tugging at the pants, urging the button to either pop off, or slide through and release his pants.

There just wasn’t time for the niceties. He felt his crotch crush into the naked belly, feeling Jesse’s hard cock drive into the soft flesh of his thigh, just below the leg of his own shorts. The cock head slid a bit, and he felt the precum along the thin hairs of his thigh. It made him groan, and tremble. Never had such a feeling made him react that way, as his arms reached around, grabbing hold of Jesse.

He kissed him hard, feeling the same desire being returned. Then he felt the power of the smaller man, as he pulled his head back, then nestled it under Connie’s chin.

The way his tongue flicked out, at how it curled up under his chin, licking at the hard line all the way up the side of his face, made his cock strain at the fabric of his shorts. The way Jesse began to grind his own hips, to push his crotch further into Connie’s own, made him moan & even whimper a little.

Connie could hear his moans, his groans, and it didn’t sound like him. It was like some uncaged animal roaring out its freedom. He felt the way his chest ached, how it hurt to draw even a short breath. His hands were moving up and down the back, feeling the ridges of Jesse’s spine, as he clung onto him, as he pulled him further into his own body.

How warm it was, how everything seemed to be a blur to him. The touch of the tongue along his ear lobe, the way the tip curled and gave a small kiss to the inside ridge, then suddenly feeling the mouth closing around his exposed nipple, the tongue now licking at his firm little nipple. How the teeth grated across the tip, driving him insane, making him toss his head backwards, as he roared out his pleasure.

At the back of the small cave, he had spread out several leaves from outside. He used it to make a softer ground, for when he laid out his sleeping back, and now he found himself laying on those leaves, next to the writhing body of another. No one had ever penetrated his secret lair, until now.

His leg was wrapped up over Jesse’s, his naked body crushing into Jesse’s own nude frame. He could feel the skin touching his, almost sticking to it, making strange noises as their bodies continued to twist & turn, into bizarre contortions.  Connie had almost shot his load, when Jesse’s hand had touched his hard cock. It had taken a huge effort, to stop the cum from pouring out, but he didn’t know for how much longer, he could hold back.

The way the fingers had run down his hot pole, to poke at his balls, to then run across the leathery sac, then seek further, by moving down and under them. How cool it felt, to be touched that way, while his own hand was moving to pull apart Jesse’s firm buttocks. How his own fingers were clenching at the hot flesh, pulling them apart, trying to slide in between.

Connie didn’t know how he could out, as he moaned, as his hand moved down, to reach for the hard pole between Jesse’s legs. His fingers found the base, and he circled the hard shaft, tracing around it, as he listened to the rapid breathing next to his neck. Jesse’s head was pushed hard into it, and he could feel the tongue licking at the hollow of his neck.

His finger moved down and up along the underside of the pole. Connie felt the sudden shudder, felt it rush into his own body from his fingertips, then he felt the sudden splash of hot cream, against his burning skin, above his own throbbing cock.

It took him a second, to realize that Jesse was cumming, that the hot liquid burning into his groin was his cum. His heart seemed to suddenly kick into an even higher gear. He heard his own voice crying out, felt the way his hips suddenly pulled back, hanging in limbo for a mere second, before racing forward.

The ragged cry had barely died, when it was joined by one of his own. His hips shot forward, and the already dim cave, grew even darker. Flashing multi colored lights appeared before his eyes, and he couldn’t even feel his legs. He knew his toes had curled up and even the pain of cramping arms, didn’t faze him, as he felt his hips crush into Jesse’s body.

Connie swore he could hear the liquid being forced out of his pubic hairs, by their crushing into Jesse’s sweat drenched groin. It was soon flooded by his own seed, as his body couldn’t hold back, and his mind couldn’t stop it.

He felt the energy leaving his body, with every single drop of his cum. His arms grew weaker, his head heavy to hold up, and his legs had long since lost any feeling. Connie felt the sudden emptiness inside, as his body continued to twitch, to spasm.

One second, he felt like he was about to erupt in fire, and now, he felt like he had endured two long distance marathons. Worse, it was like going 30 rounds, with a super heavyweight. He felt that drained, and in just a mere instant. Rolling onto his back, Connie stared up at the cave’s ceiling, realizing just how drained he was.

Next to him, he could hear the panting breath, the deep gasps for air, that seemed to be endless. Jesse was completely spent, or so it sure sounded, as Connie lay there, trying his best to catch his breath, without falling asleep from pure exhaustion. His legs twitched now and then, as their gasping lungs slowly filled up.

Once more the sounds of nature could be heard, above their own frantic breathing, their own wild beating hearts. It had been like being in the middle of a huge thunderstorm, the one spot where all the noises ended up. Rolling his head to one side, he found himself staring into Jesse’s face. His eyes flickered a bit, as he saw the small furrow of white, among the dusty face, by the corner of the eye.

‘you okay?’ he asked, with fear suddenly clutching at him. He was confused, unsure why Jesse had tears rolling down his face.

‘I am sorry, Christ, I am so sorry Connie… I uh…’

Connie could feel the panic inside, that somehow he had hurt Jesse, or done something the wrong way. He couldn’t think what it could be, as he tried to calm himself, to try and find out what he had done.

‘What? Why are you, I mean, did I do something that, fuck… I didn’t…

‘No, you were, shit I didn’t mean to cum so fast, I did try to hold it back, honest.’

Connie stared at Jesse, realizing that he wasn’t any more experienced than he was. Maybe even less, but then, he had never shot so quick, in his own few futile attempts at sex. He had lasted then, but not this time around. The way Jesse had touched him, how good it had felt to feel those hard stinging splashes of his cum, that had tipped him over the edge, had made him suddenly he have his own early release.

‘you planning on getting dressed an leaving?’

He saw how Jesse managed to raise his head a bit, to look hard into his face, as he had spoken. There was no mistaking that look, that innocence inside, that had attracted him long before today.

‘huh? No, not unless you uh want me to.’

‘so then you are staying?’

‘yeah, I don’t…’

‘shit dude, then why do you figuring this is all over? I mean, you do, do more, right? I know I sure as hell do, & I can’t wait to catch my breath and show you, but if you aren’t interested…’

He saw how Jesse’s face suddenly changed, from a look of consternation, to one of surprise. He also saw the fear was gone, that behind that frightened face, was a good laugh waiting to pop out.

‘I bet you can, shit, it is just, I never felt like this, so, I don’t know, almost like being possessed or something.’

Connie stared at Jesse, at how he hung his eyes down, as if he was afraid to look at him. Strange how he felt so, well, down. Okay, so he had cum faster than he had expected, so too had he, but he didn’t exactly feel cut up by it. Not like they were suddenly leaving, or never going to see each other again.

‘what you got another person hiding inside of you?’

‘no, don’t be daft.’

‘Damn, I was suddenly imagining this turning into a threesome.’


Connie reached across, letting the back of his hand run down the side of Jesse’s face. The touch of his skin against the back of his hand, made him tremble a bit, as he realized, just how fragile his new friend was. It was like he had been, a few years back, when he realized just what it had meant, to be gay, to be the target.

‘no, just a guy who is damned pleased, to have found a good friend.’

To be continued…

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Part (3)

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