Making the Play (10)

Part (10)

The morning had been a nightmare for him. To begin with, every time someone looked at him, he started to wonder if word had already gotten around? Had Tommy blown their cover, their secret, before they could even begin their own plan? Had they been outed, or worse, was Philippe okay? That was the hard part, because he didn’t realize just how much he liked him, until they had been apart for a few minutes.

Philippe had spent the night, and he had to admit, it had been one of those nights, where everything clicked. He never thought he could be such a horn dog, nor how Philippe seemed just as ready, as he was.

erotic-stories-026The sex had been awesome, but then, not like either of them were experienced enough, or had enough experiences to prove them wrong, or right. Truth was, he had never felt so happy, so satisfied, as he did this morning when he woke up to Philippe next to him. Even the pain of his sore body from the hard tackle seemed to be almost gone, but the pain in his ass, clearly reminded him of the night’s fun.

Not like Philippe didn’t have an equally stretched butthole, and the joking when they washed up and used the toilet, was amusing, if not downright sexy. Mind you, it was a bit muted, given that it wasn’t a private washroom, and who needed more drama, after Tommy? Still, he couldn’t help but feel, well horny, and Philippe seemed just as bad, if the blow job he got back in his dorm room had been any indications. Course he had returned the favour, enjoying his fresh clean smell, and that faint scent of muskiness.

It was rather heady stuff, and yet, the moment they parted, for classes, for Philippe to try and get in touch with Cory, the team’s quarterback, the doubts were suddenly front and center. God, how he hated this feeling, as it made him a nervous wreck.

He had tried texting a message to Philippe, but hadn’t gotten any reply, which only seemed to make him more nervous. He kept wondering if maybe Tommy had gotten hold of him, or waylaid him somewhere, and if he had, how the fuck would he find out? It was that, unknowing, that had his stomach twisted into knots, had him sweating constantly, despite the cool day’s temperature.

Troy kept fingering the phone in his pocket, as if it would make it ring sooner, or that by touching it, it would make Philippe reply to his text messages. He had sent three so far, feeling his nerves unwrapping, as he tried to keep his composure. Fact is, last night had been an eye opener. From being infatuated with Tommy, to now despising him, to not knowing about Philippe, to suddenly wanting to spend every second with him, was making him, well, disconnected.

It was all new, because while he liked sex, while he had a few experiences, it was nothing to how he suddenly felt with Philippe. That was new, and surprising, as well as scary. Maybe it was because of Tommy, but he knew that wasn’t true. He had begun to feel that attraction, the instant Philippe had shown up in the locker room, then at his dorm room. God, how could he have missed all those signs, or had he?

This whole being gay thing, was well, new to him. Oh, he knew he was gay for some time, but how to go about living that way, to let his brain get in sync with his desires, was the hard part for him. Now he was getting a crash course, thanks to Tommy, but also thanks to Philippe. He had never known someone as shy, yet as forceful.

It was a contradiction, but true. Philippe had that way about him, that out in public, he seemed shy. He was never the one laughing the loudest at the jokes, or even taking part in the team life, like Tommy or those guys did. He always stood back a bit, keeping to himself, which maybe should have tipped him off, but then, he was like that too, and he didn’t consider himself shy.

There was so much he didn’t know about Philippe, but even now, with all that was going on, he wanted to know more about him. Not just how often he liked to suck or get sucked, but where he came from, how long had he known he was gay, and what did he like to do? Did he enjoy movies, playing video games, or was he a bookworm?

Strange thoughts, when he should be paying attention to what his professor’s were saying, or to the buzz around him. Yet when he did try to turn away from thinking of Philippe, it came down to worrying about what Tommy was going to do, about if they were right to enlist Cory’s help. That was the plan, but neither of them knew him well enough. He was the Golden Boy of the Campus, and sure, both were part of his team, large parts really, but they didn’t know him, didn’t hang with him.

Was it because they hung back, or did Cory suspect them? Neither of them had really thought about it, but he did hang out with Tommy, and some of the others, that Troy was certain, were not gay friendly. Then again, he had thought Tommy was, plus he didn’t think Philippe was Gay, so what the fuck did he know? His perception was way off, when it came to people, but it always had been that way.

Still, what did it matter? If Cory didn’t at least agree to stay out of it, they were fucked. He couldn’t help but go from thing to another, as his concentration sucked, waiting for something to happen. You would think, being a wide receiver, he’d be better at it, but no, not him. He had a case of the worries, and as his finger did a small tap tap on the phone in his pocket, he realized that his whole future at the college, was at stake. Not just his, but Philippe’s as well, because without Cory supporting them, and supporting them fully, the other’s would make their lives hell.

Christ, he could see the practices now, with both of them being carried off on stretchers, if Cory didn’t come out and back them. Him standing off, not approving or disapproving wouldn’t help. The more he thought of it, the more he realized that they needed his full support. Christ, they should have talked this through more, before trying to get ahead of Tommy.

Troy jumped, drawing the attention of the girl sitting next to him, but worse, the eyes of the Professor were now glaring at him. He felt the vibration continue, but he couldn’t do anything, until the eyes were off him. He felt his chest suck inwards, felt the pain growing inside, as he knew it was Philippe.

The vibration stopped, as he continued to stare at anyplace, but at the Professor. He could feel his eyes on him, wondering if maybe he too had heard something? God, he was being such a wusse, as he squirmed a bit, wishing that he could just get up and leave.

Time continued to drag, as the Professor moved from staring at him, while speaking, to moving around, continuing his droning on and on about something Troy didn’t know. He could hear his voice, hear the words, but they made no sense to him, as he sat there, wondering if he dared to look at the caller ID on his phone, or if there was any text message.

Each time he thought it was safe, he would glance around, to see the Professor staring at him, or turning towards him. It felt like he was under some microscope, as he let his fingers relax, the phone remaining closed in his pocket.

Finally the lecture to a subject he couldn’t even remember, was over and he was out the door like a shot. He raced down the hall, rushing out the door, with the phone already in his hand, coming clear of his pocket.

Standing off to the side, Troy flipped the phone cover, to see that it had been Philippe. He quickly hit the call back button, and had the phone at his ear, hoping he’d answer quick. After a couple of rings, he got the ‘subscriber is currently not available’ that made him curse, but as he glared, he noticed that he had a text message.

Fumbling, he managed to bring it up, and breathed a sigh of relief, as it was from Philippe. It was short, telling him to meet him in 90 minutes, out away from campus. He quickly thought about it, trying to remember how to get there, and then he decided he had enough of school. Instead of heading back inside, to go to his next class, he jogged off towards his dorm room, to change, and head out to meet Philippe.

The place was secluded, and a bit of a distance, unless you had wheels, but he could make it easy in half an hour. So what if he was early, it was better than sitting in some lecture room, worrying or imagining all sorts of things. He still would worry, but at least he wouldn’t have to hide it, out there.

Troy saw the place ahead. It had taken him longer than he had anticipated, but he knew that was from the route he took, and the constant over the shoulder checks. Christ, he was acting so paranoid, but maybe he had good reason? After all, he still hadn’t heard anything about Tommy, nor had Philippe given him much info in the text message.

Was Cory going to be there with him? Or worse, was it a trap of some kind? Had they forced Philippe to text him? He couldn’t shake the fear, no matter what. Even thinking about how good the sex had been last night with Philippe, he couldn’t help but wonder what Tommy would do, or if Cory would help them.

Glancing down at his watch, he realized he had a lot less time to wonder. He couldn’t believe how much time had passed, since getting Philippe’s message, and now he picked out a spot, to sit and wait. He made sure that he could see all approaches to the field, and yet not be seen himself. Least, not until those approached were close.

If it was a trap, he’d have time to run, and as he sat on the ground, peering all around, he wondered if he would run, if it was a trap. What if they had Philippe with them, would he abandon him to their anger? Shit, what if he had gone along, to save himself? After all, he really didn’t know the guy, and while the sex had been the best ever, that was last night.

Would he care, if being faced with having the crap beaten out of him, or would he turn on Troy? Fuck, if he was the one given the choice, what would he do? The idea that he would somehow, not turn on Philippe, calmed him down. His imagination was on overdrive, and sure, he didn’t know the guy well, but he knew enough.

After all, the guy did bite Tommy’s dick, till it bled. He did stand up then, but would he be that brave if there was a group of Tommy’s? More than likely, despite how shaken he had been after sending Tommy into squeals of pain.

He heard a rustling noise, and his head swivelled to stare at the thicket of trees, across from where he was concealed. He could see some movement, and watched carefully, his hands balled up into fists, as the trees were thick and dark. He felt a sense of danger, as he realized that it was near time for him to be showing up, and if anyone was going to ambush him, coming from the trees would be ideal.

Troy gritted his teeth, as he saw the shadow figure moving through the trees, stopping to stare around, then move further up, until he could see the outline of the figure. It looked like Philippe, but he couldn’t be sure, as it was a bit hunched over. It could be someone else, but he couldn’t be certain.

The figure stopped moving, and was near a few bushes, that were on the outside edge of the trees. He still couldn’t be certain it was Philippe, and he wanted to call out, but the fear inside, made him hold back. He sat there, tense, with a cold sweat dripping from his forehead. His chest ached, as did every muscle in his body seemed to be coiled, as if he was about to run.

Watching the figure, he tried to find some telltale sign, that it was Philippe, but he couldn’t be sure. Then he heard the noise of someone coming from the opposite direction, the one he had come from. Turning slowly, trying to not give his position away, he stared up, along the path, that led from the road to the field.

Troy felt a knot in his stomach, as he realized that it was two people, not one, coming down towards the field. Out of the corner of his eyes, he could see the figure by the trees, getting smaller, as if they were trying to bury themselves in the ground. He kept watching the two figures approaching, noticing their height differences. One was a fair bit taller, and the shorter one was considerably stockier in build, than the other.

At a guess, he figured one was much older, that being the short stockier dude, the other looked more like an athlete. He seemed to just glide along the dirt, keeping his strides in step with the shorter guy, yet it all seemed so effortless. He couldn’t help but admire how every movement, seemed compact, tight in effort, in ease.

They weren’t trying to be quiet either. At first he had thought it was a set up, but as they came closer, he could hear their voices, in conversation. If it was a trap, they certainly weren’t trying to be discreet about it. He felt a bit easier, and leaned back a bit, as he did, he noticed a slight movement on the other side, where he had first spotted someone.

He had been almost certain it was Philippe, though right now he wasn’t certain. Turning he couldn’t help but notice that whoever it was, was looking at his spot. He immediately grew tense, wondering if perhaps that wasn’t the trap, the one who would jump him, when he made his presence known? That the two making noise was a diversion?

Or maybe he had watched too many thrillers on television? He shook his head, realizing just how stupid he was being, and found himself standing upright, letting anyone watching, know he was there. As he took to his feet, the beat of his heart quickened, as he realized how exposed he felt. If it was a trap, he was alone, unless that hiding figure was Philippe.

His movement made the approaching duo pause, and begin to move more cautiously forward. He couldn’t quite make them out, when he noticed that the hidden figure on the other side had moved, and he had lost sight of him. The alarm was ringing, in his mind, as he stood there, waiting to be attacked. It was stupid, but it was how he was feeling, as he felt the pain of his fingers digging into the palms of his hands. They were now balled up into fists, as he turned to stare at the approaching duo.

Troy felt his body stiffen, as he recognized the short squat man, as the football coach, and the younger man next to him, was Cory. He should have recognized his gait. Cory was one of those who made everything he did, seem effortless, as if he was floating on air. The way he could move in the pocket was something the entire team knew about, how he could sidestep a would be tackler, that no one thought he had even seen.

He breathed a sigh of relief, as the two came closer. Cory raised a hand, in acknowledgement of his presence, as if it was just a casual meeting. Troy felt his muscles relax a bit, and his hands unclenched from their combative position, as he saw the figure coming from the trees. It was Philippe, which he was glad to see, as he waited for him to cut across the open field.

The Coach spotted him, and gave a small nudge to Cory, bringing Philippe to his attention. Cory stopped, and waited, his face looking as it always did, but Troy could see how he watched Philippe move, with his eyes. Was he maybe checking him out, or was it simply the Quarterback in him, checking how his running back moved in the open field?

Looking himself, Troy couldn’t help but feel a bit of pride too. After all, there was nothing like seeing someone running towards you, that looked like Philippe did. The way his face was a bit drawn, from the exertion, at how his legs moved so quickly, and how the ground in front seemed to just, disappear, as he got closer and closer. How his chest seemed to be held inwards, how his arms moved so casually back and forth.

In his own right, Philippe was quite a specimen of male perfection. He was a true running back, and you could see how he moved as effortlessly in a running gait, as Cory had moved in his casual walking motion. There was nothing being wasted, as he literally seemed to just glide across the field, which made him tingle a bit. He had rarely seen him in such full flight before, as it wasn’t often that he had broken a play for a long gain.

Turning, he could see the Coach admiring his approach too, and he wondered, had they all missed what was now obvious? He also wondered, just what had Philippe told Cory, that suddenly the Coach was with him? Did he already spill the news that the running back and wide receiver were gay, or what?

As Philippe came up to their small circle, he wasn’t even puffing from the his quick dash across the open field. The Coach seemed impressed, as Philippe moved to stand next to Troy.

‘You need to do more of that in a game, son.’

Philippe had a look of surprise on his face, as he just nodded at the Coach, and managed to slip his hand into Troy’s. The feel of Philippe’s hand in his, felt good, and made him think that he had already told Cory about the two of them.

The Coach moved his gaze away from Philippe, though he noticed how he had grabbed hold of Troy’s hand.

‘How’s your back Troy? Feeling better?’

‘Yes Sir.’

‘Good, that was one hell of a hit you took, and I was surprised at how you held onto the ball, good work, but you know, that may be the least of your worries, don’t you?’

‘I suppose.’

‘Count on it, not much I can do, not sure even if Cory can do much either… you two certainly know how to make things interesting thought.’

He could feel Philippe’s hand tighten on his, as he spoke.

‘How’s that?’

Cory suddenly burst out laughing, and even the Coach seemed to be smiling, as he and Philippe, just stared at them both.

‘You ever had someone call you in the middle of the night, asking you how to stop a dick from bleeding, because some guy nearly bit it off?’

‘WHAT? I…’

‘Come on, you don’t think he was going to go home, and tell his parents? Tommy may not be the sharpest tack in the box, but he isn’t that stupid. He called Cory, who called me, and all I can say is, it was one for the books. My poor wife, when I told her where I was going so late at night and why, was, well, priceless.’

‘He told you? I mean… I didn’t… it was still bleeding?’

Troy glanced over at Philippe. The tone of his voice sounded like he was not just surprised, but was rather proud that his little act of vengeance had been so well executed. It also, seemed like maybe their fears were unfounded, but then, knowing Tommy, he couldn’t quite believe that.

‘Yes and it required a trip to the hospital, plus a tetanus shot.’

‘Huh? A tetanus shot? I don’t…’

‘Well it wasn’t like he could tell the Doctor what happened, so Cory came up with the excuse that he slammed his locker door on his dick, and it had two sharp edges. So, a tetanus shot to go with a few stitches.’


‘Yeah, oh by the way Cory, just how the hell did you come up with that one? Personal Experience?’

For the first time in knowing Cory, he saw his face drop and his eyes look anywhere, but at the Coach. Troy couldn’t believe what he was hearing, and yet, inside, he felt like maybe they really did have a chance.

To be continued…


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