Making the Play (8)

Part (8)

It was strangely exciting, the way they both felt, as they lay on the bed, remembering the look on Tommy’s face as he hobbled off. They couldn’t help but feel relieved, and the smiles they gave each other was certainly making Troy feel, well like it was as it should be.

videos on demandHe couldn’t explain it, but it was like a huge weight had suddenly been lifted, and yet he also felt like that he could be entering into something dangerous. It was sort of odd, to feel elated, relieved, and yet anxious. Tommy could out them, once he healed, then what?

Still, looking at Philippe, he couldn’t help but feel like he’d cross that bridge when, and if, it happened. For now he couldn’t help but feel super charged, as if the world was brand new.

‘You know, I have to admit, his dick did have a nice taste.’

‘Bitch, you mean the blood did.’

Philippe laughed, as he reached out, his one hand running lightly across Troy’s thigh. God how good it felt, he thought, as he listened to his soft voice.

‘Well, that sort of was the icing on it, man he did howl, didn’t he?’

‘Oh yeah, you know, it isn’t over, right?’

He had to say it, to make sure that Philippe knew that the one moment of independence was only the beginning. Inside, he knew Tommy wouldn’t forget what happened, once he sobered up. He also knew that Tommy had a reputation for getting even.

‘Screw it, I mean, I am tired of all that shit, I guess, seeing him, just made me snap. I mean fuck Troy, he likes his cock being sucked by a guy, then pulls that shit?’

‘I know, but fuck, you almost bit it right off.’

‘I wanted to.’

Troy could almost feel the anger in Philippe’s voice, realizing just how much he seemed to hate Tommy. It didn’t really make much sense, why would he be so upset by it. Okay, sure the threatening manner, the implied outing, was part of it, but to bite his dick, it was like he was trying to protect him, not himself.

‘Why? I mean he never did anything to you, did he?’

‘Uh no, just, well, the way he acted, how he treated you, the way he called us fag, I dunno, maybe I should have thought about it more, but fuck Troy, he shouldn’t have made out like you were a slut, or something. I mean, it just, I dunno, made me see red.’

‘Your way of saying you like me?’

‘I think I already did that, by uh, you know.’

A quick glance at him, told him that Philippe wasn’t joking, that he was deadly serious. He never had any clue that he had felt so deeply about him, in that way. It wasn’t something he had experienced.

‘Uh huh, so what, guys you don’t like you bite their cocks off?’

‘Bitch, no, I don’t. I am not so, so violent, I really am more of a lover, than a fighter, honest.’

He knew he had to lighten the mood. Philippe was certainly full of surprises, which in a way made him feel good, and in another way, a bit worried. Everything was moving a bit too fast, though he had to admit, it felt good deep down inside.

‘Oh I am so glad, I’d hate to be making love to you and have you cut my dick off, but yeah, I know what you mean, it does wear thin, all this having to be someone we aren’t.’

‘I am glad the coach sent me to check on you.’

‘I am too.’

‘Show me.’

He couldn’t help but giggle a bit, at the way he had said it. Then in looking at him, at the puppy dog look he had plastered across his face, Troy felt strangely excited. The giggling stopped, as he looked deep into those eyes, seeing the desire being reflected back to him.

His hand moved to rest on top of Philippe’s, and he felt the electricity between them. It was like a spark of pure energy, as he could almost feel the guy’s heart pounding, even maybe hear it echo in his ears, as he looked deep into his face.

It was all there, the look he had always dreamed of, the one he thought he would love to see in Tommy, but would never see. Instead there it was, and he couldn’t believe how warm it all felt, around and inside. His hand moved around, and his body curled inwards a bit further, his body seeming to just melt into Philippe’s.

‘Are you sure?’

Philippe gave him a sort of scared smile, but the eyes sparkled as he moved his own body in closer to Troy. The press of his chest against his, the touch of his arm, all made him feel the desire, like it was something you could touch. His whole body ached, in ways he had never really felt before, and the touch of his fingers down the thigh, only made him quiver inside. It was like a fire had been lit inside, that wouldn’t be quenched by anything less than their joining together.

He had always imagined it would be like this, and yet still couldn’t quite believe it, or in his good fortune. Philippe looked up at him, as he let his legs pull back, to let Troy’s hand move down from the thigh down to his crotch. His fingers felt the pubic hairs, and the excitement inside, seemed to just grow, as he thought about the moment, as he ignored all the other thoughts that were racing through his mind.

Troy found himself on top of Philippe, the pain in his body no longer bothering him, except for the occasional twinge. Yet there was pain, the pain of desire, as he kissed Philippe squarely on the mouth, tasting him once again.

Their hands were roaming across each other’s bodies. They moved down each other’s legs, their sides, even in between the press of their torso’s. It was all a bit of blur, as he could feel the rise in his heart’s beat, in the growing ache in his lungs, as he struggled for air. His mouth was moving all across the slender body, that seemed to never stay still. It was like a snake, the way his slender upper body kept moving around beneath him, moving to the various touch of Troy’s hands, of his mouth.

Troy moved downwards, his body shifting further down, as his mouth kissed the throat, then the hollow of Philippe’s neck and down to his chest. He let his tongue slide along the quivering flesh, towards the nipples, licking around it.

He let the tongue lick around and around, and then when he made like he was about to move further down, he quickly moved over the nipple, taking it into his mouth, his teeth grating against the firm flesh. Philippe cried out, caught off guard, as Troy sucked on it, then let it go, to quickly slide further down.

He had the hard cock buried in his mouth, as the last of Philippe’s cries ended, and then felt him suck in his breath, as he felt his cock being swallowed whole. He tasted the pre cum as it fell down his throat, and he felt the muscles tighten a bit, as he swallowed the cock deep inside. His tongue licked at the shaft as it passed by, and he could feel the body squirming even more, as his nose buried into the soft belly of his groin.

Then just as quickly he was off the hard pole, his face buried beneath him, licking at each ball, taking each one into his mouth for a quick tongue bath, then on to suck on the skin of the sac itself. His nose was pressed up in between and Philippe had arched his body upwards, and Troy had moved both hands down and under each of his butt cheeks, cupping them in the hands.

His fingers squeezed into the soft flesh, pushing upwards, as he continued to lick at the scrotum, then beneath them. He could smell his scent, and he breathed it in deeply. Troy felt his cock jerking, as he moved his body between the upraised legs now, and his tongue continued to move down, tasting.

Philippe was moaning as his tongue moved further down, as his hands pushed the buttocks upwards and also spreading the two halves. He let the tongue slide down and up the valley, tasting and licking.

‘Oh God, I can’t stand it, fuck me, please, I can’t stand it anymore Troy’

The words were loud, yet almost in a high pitched tone he could barely recognize, as he moved his head up and leaned upwards, to kiss Philippe. As he did, he let his finger move along the inside of the cheeks, until it found the pucker hole. He could feel it quivering, as he let the tip wedge up against it, and as his tongue slid into Philippe’s mouth, he pushed the finger into him.

The muffled cry echoed in his own mouth, as he drove his finger all the way in, then began to slowly move it around, to push at the silky insides. Philippe was moaning constantly, as he continued to kiss him, and finger him, then he pulled his finger out, and leaned over to fumble at the big jar on his night stand.

Philippe moved himself as well, shifting his position as Troy grabbed a couple of packages, and managed to get one up to his mouth. He gripped it with his teeth and pulled with his one hand, until it opened, and he spit out the torn edge. Looking down, he saw those eyes once more. They were wide open, staring up at him, pleading for him to take him.

As he raised himself upwards, he saw Philippe lift up and take the condom out of his hand. With a smile, he leaned forward, and took hold of Troy’s hard dick. The touch made him shudder as Philippe quickly unrolled the plastic over his cock, then he bent over more, and kissed Troy on the belly, then leaned back, pulling his legs upwards.

Troy could only smile, as he saw the body fall backwards onto the bed, and the legs being pulled upwards. He leaned in, letting the legs pull over his head, then rest lightly onto his shoulders. The touch of his hot flesh, made him lick his lips a bit, and then lean down and inwards.

With one hand, he guided his hard cock, along the insides of Philippe’s buttocks, until he felt it touch the pink hole. He could feel Philippe shake, as the head pressed up against the tight puckered hole. He could feel it quiver, as he lifted his head up and stared up along Philippe’s body, to his face.

He could see the nostrils flaring, as he sucked in air, and the way his eyes now had a glassy look to them. How his face cheeks were sunken in, and the small opening of his mouth, quivering in anticipation. Then he shut his eyes, as he felt his body push forwards, the tiny hole resisting with all its strength, making him push even harder.

The pop seemed like a huge gunshot, and he was suddenly past the tight muscle. The cry was long and loud, but nothing else. No cries to stop, no pleas to stop, as he let his body hang there, letting Philippe’s body get used to the head of his cock, being inside.

He breathed in deeply, then slowly pushed forward a bit more, hearing the grinding of teeth, as his thick pole began to push further in. The muscles inside held firmly but failed to stop his inward thrust. He couldn’t stop now, even if he wanted to, as his body seemed to be acting on its own accord.

Troy felt the sweat dripping from his body, even could hear it splash onto Philippe’s chest. His hair was soaked, as he slowly began to move his hips further down, as the body beneath him tried to pull away, to sink further into the mattress. He had him pinned, by his weight, by the deep penetration of his dick.

Finally he felt his pubic hairs, brushing up against the wet and hot cheeks, knowing that he had all of his dick inside of Philippe. He stayed motionless, as he could hear the panting breath slowly ease. Then, when he felt he had gotten used to the cock inside, he slowly began to pull back, to withdraw it.

The muscles inside tried to hold it back, to keep it buried inside, but his strength was greater, as the cock began to slide out, in time with the writhing motion of the body underneath. He could hear him moaning, hear him almost begging for him to not pull out, to stay buried deep inside.

Then, as the cock head was about to exit, he stopped, then once more, very slowly began to drive his cock back inside. The moans continued, as Philippe started to rise up, to meet his cock as it re-entered his hole. His arms moved up to grab hold of his hips, and he pulled down, urging Troy to pound him, to fill him.

Tossing his head back, he began to pump his hips, to drive his cock in hard, then pull it out, just as hard, before once more driving it in. Each thrust in, he could feel his bed shake, feel it quake, as he drove his cock like it was a jack hammer. He felt the sweat pouring off him, felt his body burning as if it was on fire.

In and out he went, the speed rising, the depth of his penetration seeming to be more, with each hard entry. He felt his body growing numb, as his legs ached, his lungs were nearly empty, as he continued to pump his hips. His mind was in a fog, and he could feel the pounding in his chest, as he rammed his cock in faster.

The hands around his hips dug in deeper, pulling him in a frantic way that only made him go faster. He felt the finger tips grabbing at the very bone inside, which only drove him on faster. The pain was ignored, as he felt his balls bulge, felt the fluid inside pressing hard up against him, as he continued to drive his pole in and out.

He could hear himself crying out, hear his own tortured voice, as he tried to hold back, to not let it happen yet, but he was failing. His hips moved faster, his body continued to crash into Philippe’s own buttocks. The sound of their bodies slapping into each other echoed loudly in the room, barely audible over their own tortured cries.

He felt the blood rushing, felt the thickness in his cock grew. His pole ached, from the vessels inside tightening, and then he felt it coming. He felt the muscles inside, felt the deep rumbling from within, as his body reached the peak, reached the point of no return.

Troy cried out, as his body reared back, as the very tip of his cock head was pushing at the pink hole, trying to escape. He felt it, then like some bird of prey, he felt his whole body gather itself, felt every muscle inside coil up and tighten to a point he never thought possible. In that moment of time, every part of his body was focused on the hard cock, held by the thin muscle of Philippe’s sphincter.

Then, as one single force, every muscle inside let go. It drove his hips forward, driving the blood gorged pole deep down into the velvet like chute. He felt the muscles release, felt his whole body quiver as they drove his body forward. His ramming motion, was being matched, by the upward thrust and as the two met, he heard the loud sound of their union. In that moment, he felt the sudden release inside, felt the rush of his milk as it poured out of his balls, along his cock, and up through the expanded slit in the head of his dick.

Troy felt the force of the explosion, deep inside his own rectum, as his legs became like rocks. The muscles tightened, as the explosion ripped through his body and out his cock. The hot liquid was running out and along his throbbing pole, still held captive by the thin sheath of the condom.

As his body jerked and quivered, he could feel the same sensations rolling through Philippe’s own body. His head was twisting, as he felt the cum still flowing. His body began to feel like a ten ton weight, and he struggled to hold himself up, to keep his balance, as his cock jerked and banged against the insides. He felt his eyes flicker, felt his arms buckle, and suddenly he felt himself resting on top of Philippe. Every part of him, felt like it had glue all over, as his skin seemed to just become part of Philippe’s own.

It took him a few moments, then he managed to roll off. His head stared up at the ceiling, with tiny darting lights exploding all over in front of him. He struggled to gasp for air, as his body continued to shake. The whole bed was still shaking, from not just his quivering, but from Philippe’s.

Laying there, he couldn’t believe how good he felt, and how exhausted. His body felt like it had just gone fifteen rounds with Joe Frasier, and yet he felt like he wanted it to not end. His heart was still racing, and he couldn’t feel anything yet in his legs, or arms, as he lay there, but inside, deep down in his soul, he knew that he had to have more, that he had to experience it again, and again.

To be continued…

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Part (8)

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