Making the Play (7)

Part (7)

Just as he was about to open the door, to unlock it, the hard pounding came again, followed by the slurred voice. He could tell, that he was drunk, as he hollered for Troy to open up. He hadn’t noticed when he had called out before, but there was no mistaking that sort of drawl, that slurring of his name as he hollered to be let inside.

He held his foot by the edge of the door, wedged his upper leg against it to give himself some strength, as he opened the door, to stare at the glassy eyed face. His cheeks were a bit sunken, the eyes totally glazed over, as Troy stared at Tommy, at how his mouth was ajar. His heart quivered a little, as he remembered how much he wanted him, how much he had dreamed of having him, until now.

‘What do you want? I am busy.’

‘Hey, let me in.’

‘You’re pissed’

‘So? What you gonna tell the coach?’

‘No, but uh, I got company.’

Troy saw how Tommy’s eyes widened a bit, then narrowed as thought about it. It almost felt like he was surprised that anyone would be alone in a room with him. He felt the muscles inside tightening, as he held the door in front.

‘Yeah? Hey cool, maybe she can, is it a she? It isn’t is it.’

‘No, it’s not.’

‘Yeah well, hell who cares, another fudge packer like you?’

‘Tommy, knock it off.’

‘It’s the truth, isn’t it? He suck as good as you?’

‘None of your business, why don’t you go sleep it off man.’

He leaned up against the door, and Troy could feel his body weight pressing against it. He wondered if he was testing it, to see if he could dislodge Troy from in front, and get in, or was he just feeling the effects of his drinking?

‘I am horny, I need a blowjob, then I’ll go home.’

‘Get one of your girlfriends to do it, isn’t that why you date em?’

‘Shit no, I date em to fuck, besides, they don’t suck as good as you do, come on… move aside, let me inside.’


‘Why not? Thought you liked my dick? Last time you couldn’t wait to get your mouth around it, so come on, move aside, let me in and I’ll let you have it again, your friend can watch.’

Before he could reach and push him away from the door, he felt it relax, then suddenly slam into him. Tommy had leaned back, then put his whole body into his shoulder, pushing Troy off balance. He stumbled, the pain from being tackled earlier, making him cry out a bit.

As Tommy staggered into the room, Troy felt two hands grab hold of his backwards falling body, steadying him. He felt the warm body against his backside, as Tommy caught himself, from further stumbling inwards. The door had swung back, and now partially hid the hallway.

All he could hear was his heart pounding, as well as Philippe’s. He could also hear Tommy’s own panting as the three of them just stood there. He saw how doubled over Tommy was, and how his head was looking up at the two of them. The towel around his waist, had fallen, but Tommy was staring beyond his naked body, to gaze in surprise at the naked figure that was holding Troy upright.

‘You… No fucking way…’

Troy could feel the muscles tighten, in Philippe, as Tommy stared at him, his eyes bulging. The disbelief was written all over his face, but that was about it. There was no look of disdain, just shock, as he stood there, swaying a bit.

As Tommy stood there in shock, Troy realized that the door wasn’t fully closed. He moved around the slumped figure, and shut the door, bolting it so there could be no further intrusion. He turned around, to see Philippe pulling back, to sit on the bed. He had grabbed the bed sheet, which now covered his lower body, from the staring eyes.

‘Holy Shit, I never, fuck…’

‘Tommy, just shut the fuck up’

He shook his head, still staring while Troy moved around, and grabbed the small chair he had in the room. He placed it behind Tommy, who didn’t seem to notice, but then sank down onto it. His eyes never left Philippe’s face, as he just sat there, shaking his head, his mouth hanging open.

Philippe began to look around for his clothes, when Tommy finally managed to come out of his almost coma like state of shock.

‘you two an item? Or whatever it is you guys call it.’

‘What the fuck is that supposed to mean?’

‘Hey shit, don’t get all bend out of shape, you two together? Like a guy and girl?’

‘NO, fuck Tommy, why did you have to fucking barge in?’

‘Cuz, I am horny, and Troy here, well fuck man, he sure knows how to suck a cock, right Troy?’

Philippe stared at him, as he thought about what to say in answer to Tommy. He could feel the disappointment in Philippe’s look, and yet at the same time, he had stopped gathering up his clothes.

‘We aren’t an ‘item’ as you call it, least, not yet. Right Philippe?’

‘Huh? Uh, yeah, uh… you mean you’d…’

‘Yeah, then maybe uh, shit, can we talk about this later? I’d really like to.’

‘I would too, but uh, what about..’

Troy saw how he tilted his head at Tommy, and at how silent Tommy had become too, as he listened to the two of them. A strange glint came to his eyes, and his mouth grew into an odd looking smile, as he kept turning to watch the two of them.

‘don’t mind me girls’

‘Shut Up Tommy’ they boy chimed, which made them ignore him, and look at each other, which seemed to make Tommy laugh. The glint in his eyes seemed to grow, and he even licked his lips, as he stared at them both. For some reason, Troy felt uneasy, at that look, and he moved closer, to stand next to where Philippe was sitting on the bed.

Bel Ami's Tommy JonesSuddenly he stood up, which startled them both, but he didn’t make any move forwards. Instead he just grinned, then both of them stared, stunned. Tommy had dropped his pants, and stood before them both, with one very hard cock, and a leering gaze. Philippe just stared, while Troy felt his mouth open, and a strange gurgling sound escaped his mouth.

‘Well come on, which one of you is gonna be first?’

‘You are drunk Tommy, pull your pants up.’

‘I came to get my dick sucked, and I ain’t leaving till I do.’

‘You don’t mean that Tommy, now come on, pull your pants up.’

He stared at them both, and Troy felt strangely uneasy, as Tommy simply looked at them both. His eyes narrowed, as reached down with one hand, and gave his dick a bit of wank, shaking it. Troy couldn’t help but look, and remember how good it had tasted. He also noticed how Philippe couldn’t help but stare at Tommy’s cock, and in all honesty, it was a nice looking dick.

‘I said, which one of you is going to have a taste of a real man’s cock? Or do you both want to have a taste? Now that would be fun.’

His tone was angry, belligerent really and it made both Philippe and him, tense. Troy didn’t know what had gotten into Tommy, as this wasn’t the same guy he had blown earlier. This was a side of Tommy he had never seen, nor did he like it very much either.

‘Neither of us.’

‘Oh? You might want to think that one over, if you know what I mean.’

‘Don’t threaten us Tommy.’

‘Come off it Troy, you know damn well what’ll happen if the guys find out about you… and your little bum buddy there.’

‘You wouldn’t.’

‘Try me… girls.’

It was how he said it, that made Troy shiver a bit. His eyes narrowed, as Philippe took hold of his hand. This wasn’t how he had imagined Tommy to be, and yet as he looked at him, he felt disgusted, like maybe, this was the real Tommy. Not the one who had been his friend, who had given him a chance to live his fantasy. How quickly it had all changed, and now, maybe that hit, wasn’t as innocent as he had imagine?

Maybe Tommy had deliberately tried to hurt him, to get even for Troy sucking him off. Yet, why was he here, wanting more, if it bothered him so much? It had to be the booze, but Tommy wasn’t known for being a big drinker. Oh he liked to party, after a game, but not before one, not while in training for one.

‘Look Tommy, you’ve had a lot to drink, why not, give it a rest.’

‘Nope, I told you, I want my dick sucked, then, maybe, I’ll leave. Now which one of you is gonna start? How about our star running back there, kind of looks like wants to.’

Troy turned and noticed how Philippe’s dick was almost fully erect, but it was his eyes told a different story, than his physical arousal. They look so dark, so angry, and the way his hand held his, he knew Philippe was thinking of not giving in. He also knew it wouldn’t work. They’d believe Tommy over either him or Philippe.

Letting go of Philippe’s hand, he stepped forward. His eyes took Tommy’s naked body in, and he was a bit surprised, to realize, it didn’t excite him, as it used to. Things had changed, not just from Tommy’s new attitude, but from what had happened between him & Philippe.

‘I’ll do it, but Tommy, never again, got it?’

‘I’ll decide that one sport, but you’ve already had a taste, maybe our running back friend should get his share.’

‘I said I’d do it Tommy.’

‘Yeah, so? It’s my dick, my spunk, I’ll decide which of you gets lucky.’

‘I wouldn’t call it lucky Tommy.’

‘Oh you wouldn’t huh? Well maybe you need to have a taste, to be sure of that?’

‘Let it go Philippe, I’ll do it.’

‘No Troy.’

With that Philippe stood up, his muscled body seemed to quiver a bit, and Troy noticed how Tommy’s eyes moved to take it all in. The smile on his lips was different, almost like he was excited by the idea of Philippe kneeling down before him, sucking his cock. Least his cock seemed to be excited, as it jerked a bit, and looked a bit harder, bit thicker.

Troy watched as Philippe moved closer to Tommy until he was standing directly in front. He was shorter than Tommy, but had a decent build. He may not have the upper body muscles that Tommy did, but his legs looked far more powerful as he stood there, his head tilted up a little, staring at Tommy.

Sitting down on the bed, Troy could feel his muscles protest, the pain from the afternoon’s tackle making itself known, once again. He felt angry, almost to the point of wanting to just let Tommy blab it all over school, rather than let Philippe suck him off. It was an odd feeling, as he stared at the backside, at the way his spine seemed to be so perfectly ridged and aligned.

It was odd, how he felt so attracted to him, over Tommy. Sure, Tommy was being a jerk, but that was the booze talking, or was it? He narrowed his eyes, as he heard Tommy urge Philippe to get started. This was more than just a drunk needing a blow job, and he wondered if maybe Tommy really wasn’t as straight as he claimed? Maybe his gaydar hadn’t been that far off, when it was attracted to Tommy?

The sharp intake of breathing made Troy’s head snap back to the two guys before him. He saw Philippe’s head moving forward, saw the one hand reaching up and holding onto the long shaft, right by the groin.

Glancing up he saw Tommy with his head leaning backwards, the eyes shut tight, and the mouth hanging open, as he shoved his hips forward, trying to ram his cock deeper into Philippe’s mouth. He wasn’t successful, as Troy watched how he moved his head back, and Tommy hadn’t been able to take hold of Philippe’s head either.

He was too drunk, and needed his strength to stay standing, and Troy wondered what it would be like, to see him fall flat on his back, against the hard chair? Other nasty ideas came floating to his mind, as he watched Philippe bopping back & forth on Tommy’s cock. He hated seeing it, knowing that it was more that Philippe was doing someone else, than anything else.

It was jealousy, that gave him a start, as he found himself ignoring Tommy’s muffled cries. He ignored how his face grew constricted, as his eyes became glued to Philippe’s kneeling body. He watched intently as the muscles on his back moved, at how his legs remained still, how only his upper body moved in and out.

There was no way that he was sucking as well as he had sucked on him, and he felt like it was perhaps deliberate. It was sort of like Philippe realized he had to do it, but that he wasn’t into it. That his only goal was to make Tommy cum, and get it over with, not to enjoy the whole thing, as he had done with him.

The sucking sounds grew louder, as did Tommy’s panting breath, but Troy ignored them. He was too taken by how every strand on Philippe’s hair moved, as the head moved in and out along Tommy’s cock. He felt more aroused, as he watched how the butt cheeks seemed to clench, then unclench, with the upper body’s motion.

He found himself admiring his legs, at how the back of the thighs seemed to flex as the head moved in, then out. Troy could hear Tommy’s breath getting shorter, then the cry came out, the hard cry that he was cumming. Troy was surprised at how suddenly the cry of pleasure changed to one of pain, and at how quickly Philippe moved his whole body away.

Tommy doubled over, staggered even, swearing but in obvious agony, and then he fell backwards, collapsing hard onto the floor. Troy wondered what the girls below would think, after hearing that noise, but he quickly looked over at Philippe, who was standing now, near and almost in front of Troy.

He was in a wide leg stance, his hands were balled up into a fists, resting by his side but obviously ready to be raised up. Troy didn’t get what had happened, until he saw Tommy open his eyes, and sputter a curse towards them both.

‘fucking faggot’ he yelled, which made Philippe laugh. It obviously irritated Tommy, who struggled to sit upright, his hand covering his groin. His cock wasn’t visible, and Troy wondered what had happened, when Philippe softly spoke.

‘Yeah, well next time you want your dick sucked, get your bitch of a girlfriend to do it. Troy and I, we only suck on real cock, not some pussy stick.’

‘You fucker, I’ll teach you, and your bum buddy there. I swear, you are going to regret this.’

‘I don’t think so, as there are two of us, and you try to tell another soul, and I’ll tell everyone how you tried to force us to suck your cock, which is why it has teeth marks on it.’

‘Like they’ll believe a fag like you?’

‘Hey, they will when I make sure you have to drop your pants to either prove me a liar, or not.’

Tommy said nothing, as he stared at Philippe, then glanced down to where his hand covered his groin. Troy noticed the pink tint between the fingers, realizing that Philippe had bitten him, and broke skin. Fuck, that had to hurt, he thought as a grin crossed his face.

He moved his hand, to stare at his cock, that had shrunken to almost nothing. Troy could see the angry red head though, and the deep cuts that were oozing blood still. Philippe had really bitten down hard. Tommy began to pull up his pants, as he struggled to lift his butt up off the floor, his eyes glaring at Philippe, then at Troy.

‘This isn’t over.’

‘It is if you know what’s good for you Tommy, I swear it.’

Tommy lifted himself up off the floor, his stance wobbly at best, and he didn’t seem like he could keep himself fully erect either, as the obvious pain in his groin was keeping him doubled over a bit.

‘Fucking queers, who the fuck needs you!’ he shouted, as he turned and yanked the door open, stumbling out into the hallway.

Philippe moved quickly to close the door, sticking his head out to make sure that Tommy was moving down and away. Turning back, he had a huge grin on his face, as he flopped down on the bed. The way his eyes were lit up, and his face, made Troy grin back just as much. He couldn’t explain it, but he felt better than he had since the tackle, even better than when he and Philippe were touching each other.

‘That was mean.’

Philippe looked over at him, as he smiled and said: ‘Yeah, wasn’t it though?’

‘Damn, he’s not gonna be able to take a shower after practise for days.’

‘Weeks, I bit really hard.’

Troy just couldn’t help but laugh, and laugh even more. He suddenly felt very satisfied and horny.

To be continued…

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Making the Play

Part (7)

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