Making the Play (6)

Part (6)

Philippe had moved up to rest side by side with him, his head level with Troy’s. Their eyes stared everywhere, but rarely at each other, as they just seemed, almost afraid of what they might see. He couldn’t explain the nervous feeling inside, and yet at how good it felt to just, well, be this close. His whole body seemed to be tingling, to be at a point he had never really experienced before.

His hands seemed to have a mind of their own, as did Philippe’s. He could feel the running back’s finger tips, as they moved so lightly over his chest, twirling a bit around his hard nipples. Troy’s own hands were caressing the belly, near the hip, and he could almost feel the muscles shivering to his touch. It was all so unlike what he had ever read, that it scared him a bit.

He had expected one thing, but this was so different, felt so good, that it couldn’t be wrong, and yet if it was, did that mean the other way was even better? Then too, how did he go from this, to what his body seemed to want, to feel the legs wrapped around him, to feel that hard pole throbbing deep inside. His body trembled at the very idea of it, making his muscles clench, his fingers quiver.

It was at that moment, that his eyes looked up and he found Philippe’s eyes sparkling, staring at him. There was a lump in his throat as they just stared at each other. It was as if, they were trying to read each other’s thoughts, to try and tell each other what they wanted next, or didn’t. Nothing seemed as he had thought it would be, and yet it did feel right, feel good.

Their hands were motionless, as they just looked at each other. Troy could feel the excitement, the desire, not just in his own body, but in Philippe’s as well. The way his nostrils flared, how his eyes seemed to grow and then dilate, as the idea of exploring the next step grew in both of their thoughts. Maybe it was silly, to be so hesitant, so unsure, and yet, he didn’t want to make a mistake, to get put off, or to let Philippe down either.

The whole idea of riding that cock, of taking Philippe inside of him, made his legs feel weak, made his heart skip a few beats too, and yet it also felt scary. Could he take it, would it hurt too much and make him stop, and would he? Inside, he knew it would hurt, knew that if he told him to stop he would, but he still worried about it, worried that maybe he would stop it before he should.

‘Troy, I uh, I don’t…’

He could hear it in his voice, the fear that he himself had, and it seemed to suddenly just, end his doubts. His hand moved down, to touch the groin, to feel below at the hard cock that was pressing into his own stomach. It trembled, as his fingers grazed the hot flesh, and his own eyes watered a it.

His shifted his body a bit, and lifted himself up on one arm, to move up and over Philippe. He could feel the guy’s whole body tense up, even more than it already was, as his body moved inwards, and over him. His hand reached across, as he fumbled with his night table drawer, which seemed to relax Philippe.

The fingers fumbled and then grabbed what he thought was the package, and he lifted his hand out and up, to find he had succeeded in getting the condom packages. Sweat was on his forehead, and his eyes narrowed to focus on taking out the strips that were inside. He felt another hand on his, and his gaze widened, to see Philippe’s hand helping his, and once more their eyes found each other.

Words weren’t needed, as he could see the excitement being reflected in Philippe’s face, see the glow in his cheeks, the way the blood seemed to leave certain spots, as it grew hotter inside of him. His own body was quivering, as the strip was out, the box discarded towards the end table. He was certain it hadn’t fallen off, from the toss, and now the strip was in Philippe’s hand, and he saw how the eyes widened, as he tore off one package.

His eyes closed as he felt himself turn over, as he felt the hand on his hips. Somehow they both seemed to know what to do, as he heard Philippe gasp, as his fingers ran down Troy’s shaking side. How good it felt to feel those fingers running across his skin, at how they hesitated at his butt, how they moved so carefully down across the fleshy cheeks, to rest for a second, at the split between the two halves.

Troy felt his lungs ache, as he held his breathe, experiencing the warm soft touch of those fingers, as they moved between his cheeks. His one leg moved over the other, to stretch further away, exposing the opening a bit more. The fingers moved down, and he could feel the cock too, as it brushed against his lower leg.

The bed creaked as Philippe shifted himself, moving his body in closer. His own body moved back, as if to meet Philippe. He felt the fingers moved up and down his crack, running across the soft valley, searching and then finding his hidden door. He gulped a bit, sucking in air, as the tip of the finger moved past the hole at first, then retreated, to rest on top of it.

His hips arched backwards, forcing his buttocks up against the trembling finger. It surprised him at how his body seemed to know exactly what to do, and in his mind all he could think of was could he take it, would he scream in pain or would he cry in joy? He could hear the hard panting breath across his upper shoulders, as Philippe moved his own body to meet Troy’s pushing bum. The feel of something hard and hot slid up from beneath him, and he could feel the knuckles that were holding that hot pole. They pushed his fleshy cheeks aside, and the tip of the hot pole began to climb upwards.

He felt a strange itch inside, felt the muscles contract, then open, then close and open again, and again, as the muscles deep inside seemed to flex, uncertain if they wanted that offered pole. Troy took a deep breath, as he felt the hot thick head inching upwards, and his muscles inside seemed to be in a constant state of flux.

Part of him wanted to stop, and yet even as he thought about it, he felt his one hand reaching around, to grasp at one end of his butt cheek. His fingers dug deep into his own flesh, and he felt his hand pulling back, opening his insides even more. It was like his body didn’t care what his mind wanted, his body wanted it, and he surrendered to its more powerful wishes.

His head pressed down on the bed, his eyes fluttering, as he fixed his gaze on the far wall. His fingers dug even deeper into his own cheeks, and his arm grew tense, as it pulled back even more, as he felt the hard pole reach up to wedge itself up against the quivering tight pink hole of his ass. He gulped, and he could hear the panting breath now, hear the fear and the excitement, all rolled up into the harsh deep breathes.

The knuckles moved out of the way, as the tip of Philippe’s cock was firmly wedged up against his hole. His flesh wrapped around it as he felt it press, the pressure growing. He could feel his body resisting, despite his sudden desire for it. He could feel every muscle in his body tense up, feel the press of his chest inwards, as he found his body pressing back at the same time. The pain was not so bad, at first, but he could feel the resistance growing, feel the pressure starting to grow against the tiny ring around his hole.

Troy felt himself biting his lower lip, as he heard Philippe take a deep breath. Just as he felt the hot air begin to waft across his shoulder, he felt his hips shove backwards, felt his hand yank at his cheek, and felt the press of Philippe’s thighs come forward. The pain surprised him, the oomph of air escaping Philippe’s mouth was lost among the sudden agony that was racing deep inside of him, as his tight pink hole was split open.

He struggled to bite off the scream, failing mostly, as he heard his scream echo in the small room. The pressure against him stopped almost immediately, but he found his body pressing backwards, felt his hand reaching up to grasp at the leg next to his, to pull it even closer, despite the raging pain that seemed to seize every muscle in his body, making him shake uncontrollably.

Back in the recess of his mind he heard a small voice, asking him if he was alright, and he could hear his hoarse voice answering, telling him to not stop, to fill him, to keep on pushing in. Troy felt the muscles quiver, felt his nerves tingling as the sudden warmth inside of him began to overcome the racing stabs of pain. It felt so warm, so full inside, that he wasn’t sure he could take more, but he bit his lower lip, refusing to give in to the pain, just yet.

His one hand, underneath his own body, balled up into a fist, and his arm became numb from the flexing of his muscles, from his own body weight crushing down on the arm. Yet he didn’t give in, as the pain continued, as the feelings inside of his body wrapped around his conscious thoughts. It hurt, oh God it hurt, and yet in some odd way, it was also feeling good.

It was worse than the pain he had felt when Tommy had tackled him, and yet it was also like that one single moment, when he had first felt Tommy’s hand, that one brief moment of contact that had made him quiver, before the pain had taken over, that now began to invade his whole body. Only it was more intense, more warming. It was all flooding his mind, confusing him at first, then it seemed like he wanted more, craved it so much, that it washed the waves of pain away, dulling them, overtaking them.

‘Oh Christ yeah’ he heard himself huff, and there were drops of sweat now dripping down onto his shoulder. Each drop seemed to make a sizzling sound, sort of like it was cold water hitting a white glowing plate of steel. He felt the heat inside, felt the ache in his groin, as the pole moved further inside of him.

It wasn’t anything like he had remembered, as the pain was real, but now dulled, by the unbelievable warmth and fullness, that filled his thoughts. He could feel it sliding into him, moving in deeper, and he could feel his inside muscles tingle, as the hard pole pushed past. He could feel the muscles stretch, yet not surrender fully to the throbbing pole.

The rough touch of hair up against his still quivering hole told him that he had it all inside of him. He gasped, as there was still some pain rolling around inside, but the warmth, the pleasure seemed almost endless, as he felt his own sweat soaked skin sticking to the warm flesh of Philippe’s thighs.

There was a hard ache in his upper stomach, as Troy realized that Philippe had wrapped the one hand around his body, and it was the press of that hand, that was pressing into him. He felt his legs shake, felt the one he had pushed over his other, tingle, as the muscles stretched even tighter, waiting for even more.

Sweat was dripping from his forehead, and the sheet beneath his face felt damp and moist, as Troy felt his butt wiggle against Philippe’s pressing body. He felt the body quiver, felt the tremor rolling up and along the cock that was firmly impaled deep into his body, then he felt it sliding back, a sort of jerking motion, as the head seemed to twist just a bit, and he reached around, to try and stop it from leaving, to hold onto it.

His legs crushed down together, as Philippe pulled back, then stopped, then pushed back inwards once more. He groaned, as the pole slid back in, as the muscles around it relaxed a little, enjoying the fullness of the throbbing cock. Then again, it began to slide back, but this time he didn’t try to hold it, knowing it would soon be sliding back in.

He could hear the distant roar of his heart, in his ears, and his own moans of enjoyment echo in the room. It was mingled with the harsh panting of Philippe’s own voice, the soft whimpers, as he began to push in and out in a steady slow rhythm. It felt so different, so not what he had expected, that he couldn’t believe it was happening.

Yet the feelings inside only seemed to grow, to become more intense, as the steady thrusting in and out increased in speed. He could feel the different emotions becoming just one massive wave of pleasure. The fullness, the deep warmth, all seemed to become one, making his whole body quiver with a strange feeling of completeness.

His heart raced, his breathing was short and quick, as the cock inside of him continued to plough deep into him. Each thrust seemed to make him shake, to push him further forward. As it reared back for a new thrust, his body pulled away, then as he felt the coming thrust, his whole body seemed to rush backwards, to meet it. He felt and heard, the slap of flesh against flesh, the way Philippe’s thighs would crash into the meaty flesh of his cheeks, echoed in the room, and in his ears.

He groaned louder, with each hard slap of skin on skin, with each deep penetrating push. His hands were numb, the weight of his body crushing the arm, while the other slapped the bed, when it wasn’t reaching back to pull Philippe closer.

His head lifted up and turned back a bit, the pain in his neck ignored, as he found Philippe’s mouth suddenly pressed against the side of his own. They licked at each other, struggled with a half kiss, and then he felt his head collapse back onto the bed, as the deep thrusts into his body continued even harder, quicker.

The motion only got faster. It alternated with some short quick thrusts, that made him moan louder, then it became like a frenzied hammering, then slowed down for a second or two, while they gathered what little air they could. His whole body was shaking, as each hard push made him tingle, made him feel unbelievably happy. He wanted more, cried out for more, urging Philippe to go faster, to go deeper into his body.

Philippe was moaning too, his body was like an uncontrollable jack hammer. The hard penetrating thrusts grew faster, went in deeper than he thought possible. It was like it would burst out his stomach, as the hard pounding became a blur, as the mixture of pain and pleasure joined together. His whole body was on fire, as if it would soon burst into an all consuming flame, as every muscle shook, quivered on its own.

The loud scream startled him, the deep but loud noise made him lift his head up, just as the cock dug so far inside that he was sure it had pushed through his stomach. His legs tightened, as the cock quivered inside, as it jerked from side to side, stretching his insides even more. He could feel it all, feel the veins bulging as if they were about to burst. He felt the thighs against his cheeks quiver, felt the muscles harden, as they ground up against him, trying to get inside, to join the hard thick pole.

He felt it all, every single detail, as the whole body pressing into him became rigid, like a steel beam being wrapped around his own body. Troy felt it, felt the big pole grow even bigger, as it exploded inside of him. He could feel the sudden press of something even hotter than the cock pressing up against his trembling muscles, then slide back. He felt it quiver, felt it shake and jerk from side to side in the tight opening of his insides, then he felt the body next to him, collapsing on top of him.

Troy felt each rolling tremor that made the body pressed up against him shake. He could feel it all, each single one, feel the head buried inside of him rear back, then push forward, feel the heat of its explosion.

Time seemed to be nonexistent. Sounds were distant, and undistinguishable, as he tried to take it all in. His mind was in a fog, as he felt the fullness inside of him, slowly lessen. He didn’t want it to, felt his body push back a bit, to hold onto the fullness, but was unsuccessful.

Gradually he became aware of his surroundings, and realized that Philippe had long since pulled out and was now resting on his back. His legs were still next to him, and he felt a slight chill, as the sweat that covered his body began to cool in the room’s air. Slowly he let his body unwind, and he felt the soreness inside of his body. It felt good, different and yet he knew he wanted to experience it again, and often. Troy felt himself roll onto his own back, and his head turned to stare at Philippe.

He saw how his head was tilted upwards, looking at the ceiling. The eyes were open, the nostrils still slightly flaring, as he drank in the air. His chest heaved, just as his did, and he could feel the odd tremor running through their bodies. He found that his arm lay next to Philippe’s, and his fingers moved a bit, and suddenly they were holding hands, their eyes staring at each other.

They moved their heads closer, and kissed lightly. It seemed so natural, as their eyes just glowed, as they seemed lost in what they had just done, together. It was an odd feeling, but one that felt right, felt good. Troy smiled, as their hands clasped tighter, as their heaving chests slowed a bit.

‘wow’ was all Philippe could say, and it sounded so good to hear, as he just smiled back, unable to speak yet. He was feeling totally drained, and yet felt like he could have gone on for hours more. It had felt so good, and he still could remember that moment, when the cock inside seemed to be threatening to explode inside of him, then did. God, how good it had felt, to feel it rear back, to shoot and he glanced downwards, to see the object of his pleasure.

It was limp now, well almost, but it still was a bit full looking. The condom was still on, and he could see the flaky white around the pubic hair, and how the hair was coated in gobs of dried cum. It gave him a thrill, as he stared down at it, reaching down with his hand, to let his fingers brush over it, to feel the dried liquid.

Philippe moved his hand away, and then reached down and pulled the condom off, tossing it off to the side. Troy saw the streaks of white along the shaft, and he leaned forward, his body acting once more on its own. His eyes closed as he breathed in deeply, smelling that scent, which made his own cock quiver. It was a powerful smell, as he let his head get closer, then his tongue flicked out, licking at the head of the cock, tasting the dried cum that coated it.

Troy felt himself growing excited again, as he licked at the cock, tasting the spent cum, feeling grateful for it. Then he felt the hand pressing up against his chest, and pushing him back down onto his back. Philippe now hovered above him, and he leaned down, kissing him lightly on the lips, then down his chest. A hand now grasped at his cock, holding it tightly, as Troy closed his eyes.

He felt the hot breath, then the lips around the head of his cock. Troy gasped, then arched his hips upwards. His body shook, as the lips tightened, as the mouth opened even wider, and his cock was suddenly enveloped by Philippe’s mouth. Suddenly he was once more wrapped up in the warmth of memories of Philippe entering him, as the mouth moved all the way down his hard cock shaft.

Troy felt the nose pressing up against his crotch, as his whole cock was taken into the mouth. He felt the tongue licking at the underside, as it pushed down the throat. Moaning, he felt the hand tighten around the base of his shaft, as the tight gripping hand moved up a bit, then down, while the mouth moved in unison on the top half of his cock.

He was reeling, as the balls slung upwards, as he had been taken completely by surprise. The lips tightened even more, the grip grew harder and moved faster along the lower part of his cock. The mouth held him tightly, as his body suddenly exploded. Troy hadn’t even realized at how close he was. Just as his cock head reared back, he cried out, shouting a warning, that he was cumming. The lips wrapped around his cock quivered briefly, then tightened. The muscles in the throat seemed to also tighten as his body exploded. He couldn’t hold it back, but this time, the mouth didn’t pull back. The hand around the bottom of his shaft, tightened too, as his cum came flooding out. Troy heard the gagging sound, his hips still pushing upwards, yet the pressure around his cock didn’t ease.

He could feel his cum flowing out, feel it coating his cock, and yet he also felt it being swallowed. His mind was amazed, as the cum continued to flow, and still the mouth held him tightly, milking him, taking his milk, and seeming to want more.

His eyes fluttered open briefly, as flashes of light exploded around them, then he closed them hard, moaning as his body slowly sank back down to the bed. He felt the muscles in his legs quiver, and then relax, as the last of his cum dribbled out, to be gobbled up.

His chest hurt, ached as he gasped. Troy couldn’t believe how quickly he had gone from admiring Philippe’s closeness, to being sucked dry by him. He had never felt this way before, as once more he opened his eyes, to feel Philippe next to him, also panting.

‘it does taste better when you get used to it.’

Troy smiled, as he had no energy left to speak. Every part of his body felt like he had ran the stadium steps a thousand times. Yet he felt even more satisfied, than at any other time, as he just clasped Philippe’s hand into his own. It felt so much better than any of his other memories, and he couldn’t help but feel like a whole new life had opened up for him. The pain of the tackle, was long gone, though he was certain he’d be feeling it once Philippe left.

The idea of him leaving, made him shiver a bit, because he realized, he really didn’t want him to go. It was like they had more in common, than just a desire to fuck, or suck. It was odd, but he had never felt that way about the few other’s he had been with. Granted, his experience was pretty limited, still, feeling Philippe next to him, felt like it was meant to be.

‘Give me a few minutes, I’ll have more for you, if you want.’

Philippe laughed, and snuggled his body in closer. Troy put his arm around the running back’s shoulder, drawing him in closer. It felt so good, that when the knock sounded, he almost missed it the first time. As the second bang on his door echoed, he felt Philippe lift up, to stare at the door. He had an angry look on his face, from having his moment disturbed.

Then they heard the voice, calling Troy’s name and both of them froze. Panic suddenly gripped them, as the voice called out for Troy one more time.

‘Uh, just a minute’ he yelled out, turning to look at Philippe who was already off the bed, looking for his clothes. He began to climb out himself, then it hit him, why the fuck should he feel ashamed. He stood up, taking hold of Philippe’s shoulder, and stopping him.

‘Don’t, it’s okay, he’ll understand.’

‘I… how? I mean…’

‘Trust me, okay?’

Philippe stared at him, and for a second looked like a deer caught in the harsh light of an onrushing truck, then he sighed, fear still etched across his face.

Troy smiled, as he walked to the door, grabbing a towel and putting it around his waist, as he turned the lock to unclick it. He looked back at Philippe, a thin smile across his lips, as he opened the door a little, to stare out at the intruder.

“to be continued…”

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Part (6)

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