Making the Play (5)

Part (5)

He shuddered a little, laying there with Philippe’s head on his shoulder. How warm it felt, how enjoyable, to feel his body nestled into his own. The way the legs wove together, and how it felt as his chest heaved while he regained his breath. It was something he hadn’t experienced before, and yet it seemed so natural, so right.

Lying there, enjoying the moment, he realized just how much Tommy had missed out. This was what sex was about, not just the moment when you got off, or when the other tasted you, but as you got ready for more, as you realized you wanted more. He couldn’t help but smile.

‘What are you thinking about?’

‘Huh? Oh, how good you tasted.’


‘Yeah, really.’

‘I never really liked the taste, myself.’

‘Of yours? Or just anyone’s cum?’

‘Fuck, mine, of course, not like I am some tramp.’

Dolph LambertTroy reached down and gave the hair a muss, as he laughed at the smiling face nestled into his arms. How good it felt, to be able to just talk, to relax naked with another guy, and not be on pins & needles.

‘Oh, so that makes me a tramp, ‘cuz I have tasted other guy’s cum?’

‘No, no, I didn’t…’

‘just teasing, but yeah, not everyone’s favourite, I guess.’

‘You liked it?’

It was a question he didn’t know how to answer. Not like he was some expert who had lots of taste experiences with cum, but truth was, he really wasn’t sure how he liked it. The taste before, always made him feel a bit, well nauseous, though not Philippe’s. Rolling his eyes upwards, he wondered how to say it, without sounding sappy, or like some love sick cow.

‘Well, not like I have tasted a lot, but yours, well, yeah, I liked the taste of it. Maybe because it, I don’t know, maybe because it was yours?’

‘You asking for more?’

Troy lowered his eyes, to stare at Philippe. There was a strange look of horror, on Philippe’s face but Troy could feel his cock jerking, feel it growing a bit, as it was wedged up into his side. Maybe he didn’t think he could do it so soon? Though the truth was, he was wanting something a bit more than another taste of Philippe’s jizz.

‘Funny boy, maybe I am asking if you want to taste mine?’

Funny how Philippe’s face got all twisted, as he stared up into Troy’s face. The way the eyes glistened a bit, but also seemed a bit, well, frightened. Yet at the same time, he could feel his cock, jerking a bit as it was wedged into his side. The feel of him, of how his chest seemed to heave a bit more, with the idea of maybe sucking him, of maybe having to taste him.

‘If uh…’

‘It’s okay, I am not asking, but you are welcome anytime.’

‘I uh, shit, I sound like a real jerk. I kind of do, and don’t, at the same time. It is just, I don’t know, what if I don’t do it right?’

‘You start over? Shit, I don’t even know if there is a wrong or right way, all I know is that I loved how you tasted.’

Philippe lifted his upper body up, and stared at Troy for several seconds. The silence felt weird, as he saw how Philippe stared at him, at how his eyes seemed to be searching his face for something, for some sign. He felt the ache in his groin too, as he held his breathe, not sure what was going on.

The face moved away, and stared down at Troy’s body, that lay stretched out on the bed. A hand moved up and rested lightly on his chest, just below the nipple. It felt shaky, trembling a little, as he waited. Then the hand moved down, the fingers brushing across his skin, that made him tremble a bit, with a sense of excitement.

His leg shook a bit, as he pushed it aside, further up against Philippe’s body. The hand moved down, the finger tips brushing over his pubic hairs, making his stomach muscles tighten. Troy felt sweat starting to bead up on his forehead again, as he watched the way Philippe’s hand moved down his body.

Troy could see how his face had drawn in, the muscles of his cheeks tightening. A thin white line appeared near the corner of his mouth, and he could see the brow furrow, as his team mate stared down at the hard cock, that stuck up from his crotch. The tip of his tongue darted out, licking at the lips, and Troy heard a small little gasp, as the head moved down, to rest on Troy’s stomach.

He reached out, to let his own hand caress the back of the head, just enjoying the pleasure of his body resting against his. The feel of his hot skin, at the beat of his chest against his, made him lean back, waiting. Troy sighed as he felt Philippe’s hand reaching out, feeling the tips of his fingers touch the base of his stiff cock.

It was like an electric shock, as he felt the touch, as the fingers moved around the base, pressing lightly against the hairs around the base of cock shaft. How weird, to notice the way each touch made him quiver, made him catch his breath. Troy could feel his chest beginning to hurt, as Philippe’s hand moved around, and the fingers slowly took hold of his dick.

The way each touch seemed to generate a jolt inside as he felt his eyes closing, as he felt every muscle grow tense inside. It was odd, and yet thrilling, that made him want to lift his head up, to stare down his body, but instead he found himself leaning harder into the bed, waiting, wondering how it would feel.

The way the bed suddenly moved, at how the press of Philippe’s body changed, made him close his eyes tighter. His mind was struggling with the emotions that seemed to be welling up inside, as he waited, nervous and yet excited. Would he take it, or would he try and stop? Was he maybe too big, or not big enough for him, and what about his precum? Would it make Philippe back off, because he could feel it oozing, feel it along the top of his cock head.

Troy felt the hot breath blow across the head, which made him shudder. He moaned a bit as he felt Philippe’s breath getting warmer, which meant his head was getting closer. He wanted to look, but instead clutched at the bed sheets, as he waited, his body stiff and tense. So many things were running through his mind, yet all he could concentrate on was how much he really did want it, how much he wanted to feel his cock between those soft pink lips.

His hands stopped pulling at the bed sheets, and moved up to rest on Philippe’s shoulders, then moved to take hold of his hair. He felt the strands through his fingers, as he wrapped them between. His mind could see it happening, yet all he could think about was feeling those lips. The sound, the press against the palms of his hands, were ignored, as he felt that wetness, that warmth envelop the head of his cock. Troy felt his body quiver, felt the tremors rushing up his body, as he slid his cock into the open mouth, past the lips, scraping against the teeth.

He could hear a sort of garbled cry, or maybe it was a moan? Troy didn’t care, as his hips pushed up a bit, lifting his butt off the bed a fraction of an inch or so. The feel of the flesh covering his cock, of the wet warmth the coated his head was too much for him, as his hands seemed to be pushing down.

There was some resistance, but he tried to ignore it, to just enjoy the feeling that was filling his thoughts. He ignored the gargled cries and eventually the resistance ended, and suddenly he could feel the motion as more of his cock was taken into the warm wetness. He felt his balls ache, as one hand moved to the bed, the other lay across the trembling shoulder.

Troy moaned, as the lips tightened even more, as the head moved without any need of his guidance. He could feel the tongue licking at the thick vein underneath, as more of his shaft was taken inside the warn cavern of Philippe’s mouth. The way his hand gripped at his cock, the tight hold that held his erect cock made him moan even more.

The teeth no longer scraped against the side of his cock, as it made its way in and out. He could only feel the lips sliding up and down, as more of his cock was taken. His body stiffened even more, as he felt the strands of hair lashing at his belly, as he felt the nose pressing into the soft skin of his inner thigh.

Philippe’s body moved down a bit, and he felt the hot breath against his pubic hairs, felt the nose, the way the air would blow each time it came closer until it was buried into his flesh. Troy was moaning loudly now, one hand pounding the bed, as he realized how close he was to cumming. His eyes popped open, his mouth was ajar, as he felt the heat inside, felt the way his balls were stretching as the fluid inside bubbled, as it boiled from within.

Down in his ass, he could feel the muscles tighten, feel them constrict, as his body tried to hold back, as in his mind he saw the head bob up and down over his erection. How good it felt, and yet he didn’t want it to end, not yet. He struggled to hold back, tried to keep his balls from releasing their pleasure.

It wasn’t easy, as Philippe had moved one hand up and was pushing into the stomach, the other no longer holding his cock, but digging down and under his full balls. He felt the fingers digging into the flesh of his buttocks, felt the balls slapping against the palm of the hand, as the mouth moved up and down on his cock. He had never felt like this, never felt this excited, this aroused.

Every part of his body felt like it was on fire. Even the tips of his hair felt like they were being singed, as the mouth moved faster and faster over his cock. Troy could feel the head banging into the hard roof of Philippe’s mouth, feel it as it was forced down into the throat. He cried out, knowing he couldn’t hold back, desperate to try to.

‘Oh Christ’ he called out, feeling the press inside, feeling the mounting pressure up against the very base of his cock. The lips were clenched tightly around him, he could feel the tongue’s raspy edges licking at the bulging vein on the bottom of his cock, feel the sensation of the blood rushing through the constricted membranes of his veins. His hands were pounding the bed, as his body struggled to hold back, as he squirmed across the bed itself. He wanted so much to cum, to let it fill Philippe’s mouth, but not yet, not this moment.

The sounds of rushing water filled his ears. It was like being in a far off cave, listening to a distant echo rushing inside. His body was shaking, and he was yelling, telling Philippe he was cumming, that he couldn’t hold back, but the lips still held tight.

He couldn’t stop. It was too much for him, and with one last loud cry that he was cumming, his body shot upwards. His hands reached up to grab hold of Philippe’s head, as his cock impaled itself deep into the mouth. He could feel the throat muscles contract, feel them taking hold of his cock, as the head jerked back, as the tiny slit began to widen.

As his cock head shot forward, he felt the muscles in his groin contract, felt them release the precious milk from his balls. His eyes were clenched tight, tears of pleasure being squeezed out around the corners, as his body could hold back no more. He felt, rather than heard, the gagging sound, the rush of liquid being poured out. Then he felt it, as his cum was washed back across his burning pole, and down into his groin.

Just as his body began to sink back down, he felt the spasm inside, felt the waves of pleasure rushing up his body, to overwhelm his thoughts. His body shook, as his limbs went numb. There was no feeling left in his arms, or his legs, as his entire body seemed to suddenly release itself. Every muscle that had been coiled, and tightened, was suddenly released.

Every part of his body sagged hard into the bed, as he felt his precious milk being drained out. The sensation of warm wetness around his cock was no more, but he could feel the hot spurts leave his cock, hear each one striking, before falling against his own burning skin. Troy could hear his moans, but also the gasping sounds coming from above his own waist.

The spasms racked his body for what seemed like ages, and he could feel the panting breath blowing across his stomach, as finally he managed to open his eyes. He saw the stars or what looked like stars flashing before him, until his blinked a few times to clear them from his vision. As he adjusted to the room’s light, he glanced down, to see Philippe’s head. It was tilted up and back a bit, and he noticed how the cheeks kept blowing in and out, as if he had just surfaced from holding his breath.

There was splashes across the cheeks, the bridge of his nose, and even under one eye, that Troy knew had to be his cum. He could see the chest still heaving, and noticed more splashes of his milk, around the chin, and upper chest. His own body was still shaking, still feeling the effects of his orgasm, but he couldn’t help but notice how Philippe’s body was shaking, how it was trembling.

‘You okay?’ he managed to croak out, and watched as Philippe leaned back, then slump down a bit. His shoulders sagged, as his face turned to stare down at Troy.

‘I think so, I am sorry…’

‘sorry? For what?, I never, I uh…’

‘I just couldn’t take it all, I tried, I really did, but…’

‘That’s okay, I didn’t, I mean, it’s okay, I wasn’t expecting you to take it, honest, it’s okay.’

‘I wanted to, but there was so much, I just…’

‘Philippe, it’s okay man, I should have given you more notice, I mean, I did try to hold it back…’

‘No, no I heard you, but… shit man, I wanted to try, to see if, well, to see if it did taste different.’

‘Yeah? And, was it, I mean…’

‘I don’t know, it was all so fast, so quick, and yet, I mean, fuck, I didn’t get that much, to taste that is, but fuck, you sure got me covered everywhere else.’

‘Sorry, I can see that.’

‘Feels kind of weird, in a nice way.’

‘They say it is good for the skin.’

A small smile crossed his face, as he stared down at Troy. The glint in his eye was something to see, and he felt a strange tremble inside, because suddenly it did matter to him, if Philippe did like his seed, or not. He didn’t know why, but it was like being judged for something important, without knowing exactly what.

‘Do you, I mean, do you always shoot that much?’

‘No, but you haven’t said yet, did it, I mean, was it okay? Or…’

The silence seemed to grow, and yet the way he looked was anything but positive. He didn’t know what he would say, or how he would feel if Philippe didn’t like it, but he waited, feeling a bit uneasy. It was obvious that Philippe wasn’t sure, or maybe he just didn’t know how to break it to him? Maybe he should try to put him at ease, but how?

Before he could say anything more, Philippe laid backwards a bit, leaning on his elbows. His eyes seemed to be off elsewhere, and Troy felt certain he was going to tell him he didn’t like his spunk. His chest was still heaving, but he was already beginning to feel like he was being rejected.

‘I honestly, I am not sure. It was so much, and yet, I mean, it was salty, then sweet, and well, truth?’

‘Yeah, truth.’

‘Truth is, I want to try tasting it again.’

‘For real?’


‘Sure you just aren’t some cum nut, and just want to drain me dry?’

‘Funny, but I don’t know, maybe I am and don’t know it? Or maybe you just stalling because you can’t cum more than once a night?’

‘Oh I can cum more than once, not at this moment, but I can, soon enough.’

‘Good, ‘cuz I really do think I could get into tasting a lot more, just as long as you don’t try to drown me again.’

He felt relieved, as he stared at Philippe, realizing that he wasn’t just saying those things. He really did want to try again, and Troy couldn’t help but wonder, what it would be like, to try a bit more than just swapping some cum.

‘Well give me a few minutes, and I’ll do my best to not drown you.’

‘Okay, uh, have you ever, I mean… have you ever gone all the way?’

Troy wasn’t sure where this was leading, though he had to admit, it was on his mind too. He wondered, if Philippe was a top or bottom, but from his look, he was fairly certain either way would be a first for him.

‘You mean fucking?’



‘You do it, or take it?’

‘Took it, it was, sore, from what I remember, hurt like hell at first really. Why?’

‘Just curious, I mean I’ve seen the videos, looks like it’d hurt a lot, even the guy doing it always seems to scrunch up their face, like its hurting their dick or something.’

Strange, he never really understood how one came to just, doing it. In the videos he had seen, well they just seemed to naturally go to doing it, though he realized that there had to be more to it, than just flipping over and ramming the cock in.

From what he could remember, from his only time, it had hurt like hell, but he couldn’t remember how he had wound up with his legs spread open, his legs up and over his head, and a guy breathing on his face, as he stuffed his hole. Man the pain had hurt, and he knew it would be a lot worse doing it sober. That time, he was blitzed, which helped, or maybe not.

Now he kind of wished he had kept his wits about him, so he’d know how to maybe, find out for himself. He also wasn’t sure how to tell Philippe, that he was as much a rookie as him. It sure sucked, not being able to ask others, but then again, maybe it really was just natural? Maybe he should just reach over, and pull the guy to him, and roll over?

‘Could be, I uh, I should say something like you get used to it, or something, just that, oh fuck, I just don’t know.’

‘Really? Me neither.’

‘Fine pair we are, but all this, I mean, damn it makes me want to, well, to do it.’

Philippe looked at him, with a growing smile on his face. It was as if he had been hoping Troy would say that, or at least give him an opening to suggest it.

To be continued…

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