Making the Play (4)

Part (4)

The silence felt like a heavy brick was sitting on his chest, as he waited for some word, some sign, that Philippe had heard, had been wanting the same thing. Strange thoughts began to race through his mind, as he waited for the young man to reply, to give some indication he had heard, had wanted what he wanted. The pain in his chest grew, as he held his breath, waiting, feeling like he was about to burst.

‘I uh, I…’

‘What? I mean if you don’t, if I am not your uh, type…’

‘NO, no it isn’t that… I uh..’

‘I don’t bite, maybe I just uh read what you wanted wrong, I am sorry Philippe.’

He pulled himself up a bit, to look at the young man. Troy could see how his body was all tensed up, at how the muscles were constricted, showing his ribs as they pulled the skin taut. His hands were shaking a bit, but it was his face, at how it was looking everywhere, but at him. Maybe he had read him wrong, or maybe he had rushed in, when he should have just let things happen, or not. There was a strange knot in his belly, as he pulled his knees up to his chin, resting his head on them, trying to figure out what to say.

‘No, ah shit, it isn’t that, I just, I mean fuck Troy, I never, I have never…’

‘Never? I thought, I mean…’

‘I’ve messed around, nothing uh, shit, this sucks man, I want to. Honest, I do, it is just…’

‘Just what? You never… uh, never went all the way?’

‘yeah, pretty lame huh? I mean fuck, my age, in college, big football jock, and never…’

‘Not even with a girl?’

‘ No, not really, not like the others anyhow, came close, but uh, shit, this is fucked man. I am such a wusse.’

Jesse and Robbie from Blake MasonTroy felt odd, at sitting in his room, naked, with Philippe sitting on the side, almost naked, confessing to each other their inexperience. It was comforting on the one hand, embarrassing on the other, and yet in some way, made him feel more attracted to the guy. It was like they had more than just football in common, more than just being the same. It was like they both were approaching something, together, that neither was fully comfortable with.

‘Nah, don’t make it seem like the world ended, not like I am a pro, hell, only been, well, once for me.’

‘Going all the way? Really?’

‘Yeah, for real.’

He didn’t know why he had said that, nor could he explain why it became important for him to share the past with him. There was no mistaking how miserable the guy felt, how scared he looked and he wondered, if maybe he too looked like that? Was he just as scared, was that why things had gone the way they had with Tommy? He had wanted Tommy, just as he wanted Philippe, yet it seemed different.

‘Was it, I mean, did you like it? I uh, I have read a lot of stuff on how it hurts at first, and I don’t know, maybe that scares me. I just, fuck Troy, I sound like a real baby.’

‘No, it’s okay man, I mean, yeah it does hurt, least it did for me, what I can remember of it.’

‘Huh? I don’t… how could you not remember your first time?’

‘I was blitzed, okay? I just, I don’t know, but after, fuck man, after, I knew I had done it, and well, it isn’t like how they say in the books or magazines.’

The silence returned to the room, as they both looked everywhere, but at each other. Troy could feel his heart sagging, as he remembered that first time, or the bit of it. How he had been downing drinks, not even caring if they were the same, just as long as they were filled with alcohol. How he had felt the next few days, wondering what he had done, worrying about what might be next.

Hell, he didn’t even know if the guy had used a condom or not, which scared the shit out of him. Even today, he wasn’t 100% sure if he had taken precautions or not, but the guy had said they had. Least when he had ran into him a few weeks later. Until then, he had been shitting bricks, wondering and worrying about how to get tested.

Not like back at home it was easy to just walk into Old Doc’s office, and ask to be tested for that stuff. Man, it would be all over town, or worse, his parents would be find out. So, no, his first wasn’t what he would call a real memory maker. The panic after, the fear after, that was what he thought of, when he thought of his first time being fucked. Not like how those magazines talked about some glow, some feel of pure ecstasy. Least it wasn’t for him.

His body shuddered a bit, as he realized that Philippe had reached out, to rest his hand on his foot. Glancing up, he could see his eyes staring at him, like liquid pools from the tears glistening in them. He felt a strange affection, almost overpowering, that made him quiver a bit, as he managed a sort of half smile.

‘I am sorry.’

‘You didn’t do anything Philippe, nothing to be sorry about.’

‘I didn’t want to make you sad.’

‘Sad? No, I am not sad, sorry I guess, sorry that I hadn’t waited for the right moment, for when I didn’t need to be blitzed to be able to do it, sorry maybe that I didn’t find someone, well, like you, to experience it with. Not sad, just wishful thinking I guess.’

‘Kind of sucks being us, doesn’t it?’

‘Can be I suppose, maybe we just, I don’t know, maybe we just need to let things happen, or not, instead of thinking it to death.’

‘Guess so.’

Troy reached out with one hand, to let it run down the shoulder and arm of Philippe, who turned his head upwards, to look at him. It was the first time they just looked at each other, no longer worried if the other would find out what was on their minds. He felt a sort of thrill, a sort of rush inside, that made him smile, as his hand wrapped around the arm, pulling on it lightly towards him.

Philippe was suddenly falling forward, as Troy moved over a bit, to let the young man have some room, next to him. He felt the warmth of his body next to his, felt them both shudder a little, as Philippe curled into Troy’s side. Their heads were close together, and he could feel the breath on his, as they looked at each other, feeling their closeness.

To say it was a reflex, or automatic would be wrong. It was a conscious thought, as he felt his eyes flutter, felt the lids closing and his head moving forward, towards Philippe. His last vision, was of the same thing happening to Philippe, of the eyelids fluttering, of them closing.

He felt his lips brush up against Philippe’s mouth, felt the softness of them, as they touched his own mouth. His chest heaved, as he felt Philippe’s lips part, felt his own open, to let his tongue flick out. His body was suddenly tense, his own muscles coiled, as it moved into Philippe’s.

The kiss was tentative at first, hesitant as they held each other, feeling the arms flexing a bit more, holding on a bit tighter, as they tasted each other, as their thoughts began to race. He felt his body tremble, as the tongue moved along the lips, as his nostrils flared a bit, to Philippe’s breath on his cheeks. His fingers seemed to dig in a bit, just as his did to him.

A creaking sound broke the silence between them, which made them both pull back a bit. The bed had shook from their movement, as they looked into each other’s eyes. He felt the thump of his heart, as he saw the affection in Philippe’s eyes, felt it from the pounding of his chest that rested against his own, and yet the noise had somehow made them pull back, had made them look at each other, as if to find out if this was right, if this was what they both wanted.

‘we might break the bed.’

‘that would be different.’

‘could make the guys below curious.’

‘nope, it’s a couple of girls.’


‘who gives a shit? If anything, it’ll make ‘em jealous, one of them has a thing for me.’


‘Yep, ever since she found out I am the team.’

‘I get that too, if they only knew, huh?’

Troy smiled, as he let his hand move between his and Philippe’s body. The fingers running down the stomach, feeling the rippling muscles, feeling the thrill of just touching him, and not having him pull away, not worry that he’d run off and tell the whole world that Troy was a fagget.

He could feel his body hardening, feel the ache growing in his crotch, not just from his own hard dick, but from the hard lump that was pushing up into his soft belly. It felt good, to feel him next to him, to smell his body, to touch it. The idea of the girls below hearing them, hearing the bed squeak, made his pulse race a bit. If they only knew, he thought, grinning as he move his face in closer.

Philippe didn’t pull back, didn’t close his eyes either, as their noses touched, as they looked at each other in a way they never had a chance to. He could see he was still a bit scared, but then, he probably looked the same. He could see the ridges of his skin, the one zit that was healing under one eye, the way the other eye had a few lashes bigger than the others. He saw it all, and saw none of it.

Troy felt like he had finally found someone, and the thought of Tommy, the idea of having Tommy was just a dream to him, this was real, this was what he really craved. His hands moved down, past the belly, to touch the soft cloth of Philippe’s underwear. He could feel the fabric was stretched out, as his hand moved down and across the cloth. There was no mistaking that lump, for what it was, or what it wanted.

‘Don’t think we need those, do we?’

‘No, don’t think we do.’

‘Besides, wouldn’t want them to get stained, now do we?’

Philippe laughed, as he reached down with his hands, joining Troy’s. Together they managed to push the shorts down, and get them off from his legs. He watched the foot swing out, tossing the curled shorts off, and for a moment he wondered where they had flown too, but then turned his attention to what was next to him. He felt his body shake, as Philippe’s hard dick pushed up and into his belly, his own dick doing the same to Philippe.

As both of their hands moved down, as their eyes looked at each other, he couldn’t help but think of how different this was, from everything he had read, had watched. There was no instant grabbing of dicks, no instant pulse racing or thunder in the ears. Sure there was some anxiety, some racing of the pulse, but it wasn’t like some flood gate had been opened, and they were magically locked into a wild passionate embrace.

And yet, it felt more thrilling, as if, all that was happening had more meaning, was more real. He felt his chest heave a bit, felt the warm sticky touch of Philippe’s skin next to his, as well as how awkward it was to reach down, to touch him, wondering if he felt the same? Yet just thinking of it, seemed to make his heart beat a bit harder, a bit faster. He wanted to taste him, to feel all of him, not just their dicks pressing into each other’s bodies.

Before the idea could pass, he found his lips pressing up against Philippe’s, felt his body pushing out, wrapping harder into the younger man’s form. He felt his one leg move up and over Philippe’s upper legs, feeling them hold him in place, as his mouth found his, as their tongues duelled with each other, as his heart did begin to thunder.

It wasn’t like they had said, it was better, as he worked his tongue past the Philippe’s, entering his mouth. He felt his whole body shake, as strange waves of pleasure & excitement seemed to be racing inside of him. He felt the tremors, felt the waves crest deep inside, felt them wrack his whole body. The bed was creaking, moaning even, as their bodies kept shifting, desperate to merge, to become one.

He could hear himself pant, as now Philippe’s tongue was buried into his mouth, as the running back’s hands were moved over his trembling body. He felt the fingers pushing at his skin, felt them touch him in a way that only made him groan, only made him want more. No gentle touch, as his skin was soaked with sweat, that made it hard to glide across, yet it felt better, felt more real, as his chest began to ache.

The feeling in his legs were a bit numb, bit cramped, and yet that too, felt strangely exciting. It all was unlike any past experience, it was more natural, more intense in a way that he wasn’t sure he could hold out for long. The pleasure was so amazing, to hot inside, that he felt the burning deep in his lungs, as he tried to breathe.

His eyes were in a strange darkness, where it was pitch black one second, then filled with amazing colors of lights, in all shapes, as his hands moved down the stomach, as he felt the muscles roll out from his touch. Inside, he felt like a bunch of knots had been formed, twisting his guts inside and out, tightening them as the muscles in his buttocks squeezed, and the dull ache began to grow more intense. His toes curled, aching, as the two of them rolled around on the small bed, adding to its creaking, to its threatened collapse.

In some odd way, he felt like he was above it all, looking down while at the same time he felt like he was being covered in waves of water. His body was shaking, yet he could see Philippe’s cock throb, see the veins thickening as the blood rushed through them, enlarging the already fully erect cock. Then too he could feel the wetness of water covering his body, of hot liquid streaking across his own belly. He felt himself shake, felt his arms tighten as they reached around to grab at Philippe’s trembling buttocks. His fingers were pulling at the fleshy orbs, then trying to bury themselves between the hot skin.

The stabbing pain made his eyes pop open, then close again, as his fingers pulled at the young man in their grasp, as the hard body was wedged even harder into his own trembling frame. His legs became like steel, yet the pain inside was quickly changing, was becoming filling, steamy even. It was as if something was there, was poking at him, as he pressed his mouth harder against Philippe’s lips, as his tongue moved quicker, as he ground his hips.

Back and forth they moved, making the bed protest loudly, ignoring its complaints, as each new movement brought new pleasure, new excitement to their thoughts. Troy felt his body heave, felt his body now move on top, felt the soft flesh beneath him, as his legs tightened around not one, but both of Philippe’s legs. He could feel their strength, as his own legs wrapped around them.

His head lifted up, as his eyes popped open, to now stare down at the young man. His team mate was peering up, a strange glint in his eyes, as they bore into Troy’s. His heart stuttered a bit, as he felt the sweat dripping from his forehead, saw it splatter across Philippe’s face. Looking, he could see the drops hit, see the breaking apart of each drop, as it joined a steady river of liquid flowing down the sides of the face.

And yet it was the eyes that held him breathless. The pain in his chest grew more intense, as he held his breath, captivated by the glint, by the sparks that seemed to almost reach upwards, to almost engulf him in their fire. His whole body shook, as he realized that the glint, was a reflection of his own eyes. That it was a mingling of desire, from them both, that now held them together.

The jerk near his groin, the twisting ache in his ass, made him shudder, as he stood there, head raised, body poised. This was nothing like the past, not even close to the way he had felt when he first touched the tip of Tommy’s cock, or tasted it for the first time. This was like being in the eye of a category five hurricane.

The emotions that whirled around him, were just there, while here, in the center, he could think, could gather himself, before re-entering the powerful forces that made up the wall of their personal hurricane. He felt a bit frightened, scared, of what lay ahead, yet he couldn’t deny his need for it. He wanted to feel it all, to experience it, as it was meant to be.

His body slid downwards, as his head came back down. He kissed the parted lips lightly, feeling the hot breath on his forehead, feeling the hands reach around to grab at him, to hold him down. Troy pushed his body further down, till his legs hung off the edge of his bed. He let his eyes close, as his lips pressed against the wet face cheeks, then brush past and kiss at the chin.

Tilting his head, he let his lips brush the hot skin under the chin, then press harder against the throat. Troy felt the Adam’s apple bopping up and down, as he kissed the hollow of the throat. The fingers dug into his body, as his tongue licked at the flesh, tasting the salty river of sweat that was passing across. He could feel the chest heave upwards, as his own hands moved down the firm sides, towards the waist.

His room was filled with their panting breaths, with their desire for each other. Troy felt his body shake, as he began to lick at the chest, to twirl his tongue from side to side, until he found the firm nipples jutting up. Philippe was moaning, as Troy’s tongue licked at the firm upraised nipple, at the hard flesh around it, then he felt the firm flesh in his mouth, felt his mouth pulling at it, his teeth clamped onto it. The cries of pleasure only made him pull a bit harder, made his teeth grip the firm skin tighter.

His tongue licked out, the raspy edge flicking out to taste the very tip of the nipple, held by his teeth. The body underneath his bucked, and cried out. The hands moved off his body, and slammed hard into the bed, on either side. It bounced from the force of those fists striking, but he held on, his tongue continuing to lick out at the tip of the nipple.

Troy felt the hips lift up, making his body move, and making him lose his grip on the firm nipple. He let it go, and pressed his face down, his hands reaching down towards the hips, to take hold, to force them back down. His lips pressed hard into the chest, the tongue licking at the hard skin around the nipple, and at the base of the nipple. Then it moved off, and slid to the other side, repeating the same action to the other nipple.

Again he felt the hips buck, push upwards. He felt his own stomach pushing down, felt his hands struggling to hold onto the waist, as he licked at the tip of the other nipple, as he felt the fire growing deep inside of his own body.

Troy felt the press of Philippe’s cock against his stomach, felt the hot liquid of his precum dribbling out, being smeared across his belly as the cock was pressed up and out of the way. His own cock had to be dripping too, as he felt the way his groin felt. It was like he was on fire, as if his entire crotch was in the middle of a blast furnace.

The shrill cry was ear splitting, but he couldn’t stop. His whole body was trembling as he heard Philippe’s cries, heard the words breaking through the fog of his mind.

‘I can’t hold it, oh God Troy, I can’t… I am cumming, oh shit, it hurts, it is soo good, I can’t hold it, I can’t…’

His body had a mind of its own, as he felt himself sliding downwards, felt his legs leaning down towards the floor, as his head moved quickly down the trembling body. Even as the words were being said, his body was pushing itself down. Troy felt his nostrils flare, as the strong musky odour of Philippe’s groin filled them.

The scent was overpowering, and too much for him to take in. He felt his hands tighten around the waist, as his head now lifted up and was poised above the hard shaft that stuck up from just below Philippe’s belly. He hadn’t seen it so exposed before, as his eyes widen to take it all in, even as the young man kept crying out, kept struggling to hold back.

It looked so huge at first, then seemed to become even larger. He felt himself licking his lips, felt his jaw widening, as he realized it was becoming bigger because he was coming closer to it. The heat from it felt like it was about to burn his chin, as one hand reached out, to take a firm grip of it. As he did, he could hear the moans, hear Philippe cry out ‘yes, oh god yes’.

Troy saw the glimmer of white, then as his eyes began to close, he saw that drop of white sink back into the tiny hole, just as his lips circled the head. With his eyes closed, the swirling emotions, feelings, all closed in on him. Just like entering a hurricane wall, the force collapsed in on him, pressing his whole body down.

As he felt the burning flesh of the trembling pole touch his lips, as his free hand grasped at the hips, he felt the body buck upwards, felt the hard cock suddenly lurch forward further into his mouth. It banged up into the roof of his mouth, and before he could adjust the angle of his head, every part of his mouth was awash in a hot sticky liquid.

He felt his throat tighten, felt himself gagging, as the hot stream of liquid seemed to keep on pouring into his mouth. It had a salty taste to it, that only added to his desire to retch, to throw up. It moved in behind his teeth, and moved towards the back of his throat, as the hard round head of Philippe’s cock suddenly jerked backwards, as if to pull out.

His throat relaxed for a second, allowing the thick gooey liquid to fall down the opened throat. Choking and coughing, he let it tumble down his throat. So many thoughts were going through his mind, so many feelings were tugging at his heart, that he missed the cockhead once more pushing forward, once more unleashing a torrent of hot liquid into his already full mouth.

The feel of something holding his head down, made its way into his thoughts, even as more of the liquid filled his throat, as the muscles continued to tighten, to try and hold back the flood of salty goo. His body shook, and deep down in his groin, he felt his own shaking, his own impending explosion.

Pain from his jaw broke the thought, as his body quivered, as the hold on his head grew more intense, and as finally his throat relaxed enough to let more of the hot milk flow downwards. From the corners of his mouth, he felt more of the liquid dribbling out. His body was shaking, as he realized he couldn’t hold on much longer. He was choking, gasping for air, as he felt himself wrench his head away, as he felt the thick pole inside his mouth suddenly disappear.

As his head pulled back, he felt the stinging splatter against his face, his nose and chin. He felt the shudder inside, as his eyes were still firmly shut. His body was in turmoil, as he coughed, struggling to still swallow what little of Philippe’s cum was left. His chest was heaving, as he gasped for air, as he continued to cough.

Slowly other sounds penetrated his mind. His eyes opened, to stare down at Philippe’s shaking body. He could see the cock, coated by dried cum, the head still fiery purple, the shaft still pulsing to the rushing blood that held it erect. The sac below was lifeless looking, the two tiny egg shapes clearly visible.

The chest was rising up and down, like a piston. He watched, as he saw how the nipples moved, how the hair on the chest was matted by sweat, which made his own body shake a bit more. He had to look just like that, he thought, as the pain in his chest began to ease a tiny bit.

He noticed the eyes, still closed, but at how white the eyelids looked. Troy couldn’t help but notice the odd shaped eyelashes, or the way the hairs on his brow seemed to be sticking up. He noticed how the lips were tightly closed, hidden within the mouth. How perfect he looked, as the eyes fluttered and opened, to gaze up at him.

They looked filled with fear, as they peered up into his own face. He could see it all over his face, at how the lines of his face suddenly tensed up, how the forehead furrowed, as he looked up into Troy’s face.

‘I am sorry… I couldn’t hold it back… I…’

Troy just smiled, moving his body back up the still trembling body. He felt the heat of Philippe’s flesh, felt his own as it seemed to stick to Philippe’s. Yet it didn’t stop him, from quickly being face to face with him. He could hear the disappointment in the words, as he stared down at him for a second, then he let his head move down, to softly kiss the mouth, to stop Philippe’s apology, that wasn’t needed. As his lips pressed, he could feel the change in Philippe, in how his hands now moved up to wrap around him, to pull him back down to him.

Troy’s lips parted as he felt Philippe’s tongue dart inside. His body quivered, as once more he felt like he was momentarily, in the eye of the hurricane, just gathering his strength, before once more venturing into the storm.

To be continued…

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