Making the Play (3)

Part (3)

Troy wasn’t sure what to make of the conversation with Philippe. It excited him, but scared him too. After all, he had already made a fool of himself with Tommy, or at least thought he had. More than that, he had risked being found out, which really scared him. He didn’t think he could through all that again, with someone else, still the idea of that little Cajun had him still hard.

Philippe from Blake MasonHe didn’t want to take the chance of being discovered a second time, and quickly rinsed off and grabbed his towel. The notion that somehow, tonight, he would get lucky kept him hard, and uncomfortable. Last thing he needed was for some of the other’s to walk in and see him sporting some wood. Whether they knew about him or not, they’d rib the hell out of him, and he just wasn’t in the mood for that.

Plus, he felt sore, least his body did, as the effects of Tommy’s tackle was starting to make itself known. Despite the thoughts of Philippe, the pain was beginning to take hold. Troy thought of maybe taking some time in the whirlpool, but he didn’t trust himself in that hot swirling water, not with all the guys due to return.

Getting dressed was a whole new experience in pain. He couldn’t believe how quickly his body begun to ache, in places they never had before. Pulling his pants up took his breath away, and he felt light headed. Sitting down on the bench, in front of his locker, he tried to let himself go, to ease the bunched up muscles inside.

Gradually he felt it clearing up, felt his lungs filling with air and not needing to pant so much. Christ, he had sounded like some bitch in heat, the way he had been puffing, without the benefits associated with it. Yet, even while his body felt like every muscle had constricted into a tight band of steel, he couldn’t help but wonder about Tommy, and if Philippe was for real, or just his imagination in overdrive.

Thinking of Tommy was weird, because at the same time, he thought he could still taste his cum, yet also feel the bruising grasp of his hand when he tried to wrestle him down on the field. It was strange, to feel sort of split, wondering if the way he had cried out when shooting his load, with how his face had looked through the helmet as he dove past, reaching out to take him hard to the ground.

In some way, he thought he saw anger, hate, or disgust, but maybe it was just Tommy being wrapped up in his job, which was to stop him from gaining ground. Maybe when he had cum, that was real and had nothing to do with his look on the field?

And now he had to figure out, what the fuck Philippe was about. He had seemed pretty awed by catching Troy whacking off in the shower. The way his eyes had bulged, never leaving his crotch. How he kept licking his lips too, his face a bit flushed, though it was hard to tell under the grime from the field. So was it a come on, or a set up?

The idea of being out at Miller’s Field with him, near those trees, would be an ideal spot for an ambush. Maybe Tommy had set it up, but then why would Philippe want to show up at his dorm room tonight? Could be he was just being his normal paranoid self, but he had kept his secret, least he had thought so.

Still Tommy did say they all had guessed, had even gotten a lecture from the Coach. So had he kept his secret, and if not, was all his fear just being stupid, or what? Like if they all knew, or had guessed, why did he have to pretend now? Why did he have to think that somehow, Philippe was a set up? Couldn’t he just accept that maybe the guy was ‘family’?


The knocking on his dorm door woke Troy up. He was startled for a moment, as he glanced at his alarm clock, seeing it was a few minutes past eight. A small tremor raced through him, as he realized it had to be Philippe. Calling out that he was coming, he quickly tossed his legs over the side, feeling the stab of pain in his guts, and all up & down his legs.

Stumbling a bit, he managed to make it to the door, unlocking it and staring out at Philippe. With his body leaning against the door, he managed to make sure Philippe was alone. The beat of his heart slowed a bit, but the pain in his body seemed to only increase, as he let the door open wider, to let the small wiry running back enter his room.

‘Man you look like shit.’

‘Thanks, must have fallen asleep.’

‘Still feeling the effects?’

‘Huh? Oh, yeah, guess so. That ground isn’t soft.’

‘Yeah, uh look, I can come back another time if you want.’

He was about to agree, when he managed to catch Philippe’s eye, and saw the disappointment looming inside. Troy wasn’t sure if he was just groggy and seeing things, or if there was something to it. Maybe all his doubts, his anxiety was in his own mind, and not real? It could happen, he thought, as he answered ‘no, come on in.’

The way the guy’s eyes lit up, and the smile. Christ the smile was a killer, which he had never really noticed before. It seemed to go from ear to ear as Philippe walked in, and immediately headed for the bed. Not like there was a raft of seating choices, but it meant he’d either have to sit next to him, or take the lone chair at the little desk. Moving to the chair, he could feel Philippe’s eyes on him, watching his every move, sort of like a puppy dog.

Wincing, he sat down in the bare wooden chair, feeling like the back of the chair was going to burn. His body was much more tender, than he had thought as he looked over at Philippe. Troy couldn’t help but notice his basket, which seemed a bit bulging, but was more likely just his wishful thinking.

Glancing up he could see that his quick peek had been noticed. There was no mistaking the red blush growing over his face, as he shifted himself a bit, opening his legs a bit wider. Was he coming on to him? Christ, just what he needed, to go from being in total pain, to thinking.

‘Uh, still feeling groggy from this afternoon?’

‘Yeah, guess so.’

‘You know, I have taken a few of those, and a good rub down, worked wonders.’

‘Guess, the trainer offered, but I just wanted to get back here, and sort of take it easy.’

‘I can give you one, if you want.’

‘Huh? I uh, I don’t know, not sure it’ll help.’

‘I don’t mind, uh that is, if you want.’

‘Can’t hurt, sure you don’t mind?’

‘I don’t mind if you don’t, got any type of oil, baby oil is best.’

His mind was struggling with all that Philippe was saying to him. Could it be an excuse to find out, or was he genuinely trying to help him out? The look on his face, showed a hidden sense of excitement, but also he was looking awfully nervous. Was he reaching out to find out if maybe, he was? Tommy had said that they had all wondered, could he be trying to find out?

Troy tried to get up, but the pain was intense, making him gasp for air. Instead, he pointed to the small nightstand near the bed, to indicate where he kept his oil. As the pain eased, his mind realized his mistake. Not only did he have his oil there, but also his toys and skin magazines. It was too late to stop Philippe, who had the drawer open and could clearly see inside.

He waited for him to say something, but all he did was reach in and take out the half full bottle of oil. He put it down on the top, closing the drawer, still saying nothing about the other stuff inside. Leaning back, he turned to Troy.

‘Uh got a towel or something? Well couple actually, one to lay on the bed, and uh, one to uh, you know, cover you?’

Again he just pointed to his cupboard and watched as Philippe walked over and opened to take the bath sheet off the hook inside, and the smaller hand towel off the other hook. He moved back to lay out the bath sheet over the top of the bed, smoothing it out, then put the pillow up and turned towards Troy.

He moved to stand in front of him, and offered him his hand, to help pull him up from the chair. He was grateful for that, as he needed the help. It hurt, and he could feel how tense his muscles were, but he tried to walk on his own towards the edge of the bed.

Thankfully he already has his shoes and socks off. No way could he bend down to remove them, if not. His shirt was rumbled, as he tried to undo them, sort of grimacing a bit. Finally he managed to get the shirt open, but pushing it off was painful when he felt the hands touching his shoulders.

Turning his head, he saw Philippe next to him, not having heard him move closer. The eyes looked worried, concerned really, which was rather touching. Funny, how he had never paid much attention to the guy before now. Yet here he was, showing concern for him, that really no one else had. Hell, other than a quick ‘you okay’ Tommy had basically ignored him when the team had come back to the locker room.

Despite the shirt being light, when it was off, he felt like a huge weight had been lifted off his body. It felt good, and seemed to steady him. He knew he was a bit rocky, but managed to fumble with his pants button, until once more, Philippe came to his rescue.

‘I can do it, if you want’

Troy just nodded, as he felt the arms reaching around from behind him. The arms seemed to tremble a bit, as they lay next to his bare skin, but they felt nice. He sighed as the fingers pulled at his zipper, and then spread the pants open. In a second he felt their weight ease, as Philippe pushed them slowly down his body.

He felt Philippe’s body next to his and couldn’t help but feel the bulge that was poking into his rear. At the same time, he realized that when Philippe had pulled his pants down, he had taken the underwear as well. He was stark naked, with his clothes around his ankles, and wondered, if this was all a plan to seduce him, or out him?

Shivering, he stood there, as Philippe suggested he lean back, while stepping out of the heap of clothes at his ankles. He did as suggested, feeling the strength of the guy’s body, the way his muscles were taut, and how warm it felt to be leaning back, into him. It also was having an effect on his dick, but there wasn’t much he could do about that.

With his legs out of his clothes, Philippe reach out and picked up the hand towel, and wrapped it around. The press of his arms around his waist made him tremble a bit, but the sound of his voice, telling him to try and lean forward, to lay face down on the bed, was even more arousing.

With help from Philippe, he managed to get onto the bed, without just falling face forward. He lay prone, with the pillow under his face, and his legs crooked to one side. Philippe managed to pull and tug the towel underneath, to straighten it out and protect the bed covering. Then he moved to one side, and adjusted Troy’s legs, so they were straight, the feet dangling a bit over the back edge.

There was silence for a moment, and he felt like he was being examined for imperfections or something. It made him a bit uneasy, and yet giddy too, hoping he would pass inspection. He said nothing, but tried to control his breathing. The whole exercise of getting onto the bed, of undressing, had taken its toll on him.

He had to admit, just laying there was also feeling pretty good. Without his clothes, he seemed to feel the pain less, and the warm room air felt nice on his bare skin too. For the first time since waking up, he felt a bit relaxed, and had a bit less pain too.

The sound of a zipper going down startled him. He was already naked, with just a towel draped over his bare butt. Turning his head, he could see the hunched figure by the side of the bed, pushing his pants down. The head turned to look up at him, as he asked him what he was doing.

‘Huh? Oh, uh, just don’t want to get the pants stained with oil, they are the only clean pair I got.’


Somehow he wasn’t sure of that excuse, but it did make sense. Especially if he didn’t have a clean pair for tomorrow, the guys would see the stain, maybe say something. Yet in the back of his mind, he was rather wondering if that was the real reason.

He didn’t turn his head away, as Philippe stood back up, clad in his underwear. His hands reached down and yanked his shirt up over his head, exposing his chest to him. Not like he hadn’t seen him like that before, but still, it felt different. It was more exciting in a way he hadn’t experienced much. The thoughts in his head was making it hard for him to lay flat, as his dick was constantly trying to stiffen more.

Troy felt his body squirm a bit, his legs open a bit more, as he continued to stare at Philippe. How come he had never noticed him quite like this, before? The guy was hot, and he had some good muscles defined in his upper body. Then too, he should, given he was a running back. His legs were thick too, almost like arms really. No wonder he could pull out of some tackles, given how huge those thighs and calves looked.

He could see the muscles bulge, but his eyes were drawn to the tell tale bulge in his shorts. Christ, it almost made him groan. It looked so huge, in those tight white briefs he was wearing. There was the outline of his dick, that made him wish he didn’t hurt so much. He sure wouldn’t mind that lump going down his throat, or elsewhere.

The top of the bottle flipped open, making a sound, which drew his eyes upwards. Troy saw the bottle being tipped, then watched as Philippe began to rub his hands together, with the oil in between, warming it up. Then he moved closer up, so that he was standing near Troy’s shoulders, close to his head.

Breathing in, he could smell him. There was no perfume, but he could tell that he had just washed up. He had that ‘fresh soapy smell’ as he let his mind wander. There really hadn’t been much said, yet he couldn’t help but think this was just an act, to either seduce him, or out him. He was more inclined to think it was to seduce him, which he was rather hoping for.

Troy turned his head away, afraid he might say something, afraid he might give away how he really wanted Philippe to do more than just give him a massage. It was all making him feel rather warm, inside, and he squirmed a bit more, waiting for that first touch.

There was an intake of breath, as he felt the hands touch his shoulders. He felt their warmth, their tingling even, as Philippe leaned over his upper body. He couldn’t help but sigh, as the hands began to knead his flesh, to move it around despite the oil.

The hands moved along his shoulders, loosening them up as he lay there, enjoying the feel of them. His eyes closed, as he let the hands do their magic, and yet as he tried to not think about it, he couldn’t help but feel it inside. The idea of Philippe, of him laying next to him, of touching him where few had before. It all was making him drowsy too, as his mind was drifting off, into some sort of fantasy land.

‘you don’t have to answer, sorry.’

The words echoed and gave him a start, his eyes popped open and he turned his head to see Philippe sitting next to him. He had moved down a bit, and the hands were resting on the small of his back. Yet as he felt that tingle inside, he also could see that there was something wrong. The head was downcast, the eyes wouldn’t look at him.

‘huh? Sorry, i must have drifted off, it was feeling really good.’

‘drifted off? Oh, oh, I am sorry.’

‘for what?’

‘I thought, I mean… ‘

‘thought what? Really Philippe… it was just so good, relaxing, ya know?’

‘Seriously? You aren’t just saying that?’

‘No, I don’t… okay look, let’s start from the beginning, did you say something I missed?’

‘Uh, kinda… but it doesn’t matter.’

‘Yeah, it does, I mean what you are doing, it is nice’

‘not really’


‘Look, I’ll be honest, if you will be?’

There was a tension in the room, which Troy didn’t quite understand. He was a bit groggy, or maybe he just didn’t want to understand. It was all becoming too complicated.

‘What’s that supposed to mean?’

‘You really didn’t hear my question?’

‘No, I told you, I had drifted off, what question? All I heard was something about if I didn’t want to answer, so…’

He could feel the fingers trembling, and look at him, he was fairly certain his whole body was shaking or at least vibrating. It was strange, because the truth was, he didn’t know what he had asked.

‘It’s okay, never mind.’

‘No, it is not okay, shit man, you said you would be honest, so spill it, what did you ask?’

‘I don’t think I can, I am sorry.’

He was starting to stand up when Troy reached out with his hand, as he turned over on the bed. The towel was still over his crotch, but there was no ignoring that he was aroused, which he tried to do.

‘You were going to ask if I was Gay, right?’

‘No, no, I uh…’

‘I am okay, there, happy now?’

He more or less spit it out, unthinking, as the anger took hold of him. Okay, they all wanted to know, even sent Philippe in to try and worm it out, well fuck them, he thought. He was breathing hard, as he let go of Philippe’s arm, who didn’t budge an inch.

‘I wasn’t asking that, least… oh shit Troy, maybe I was, but not to hurt you, I uh…’

‘you what?’

‘Don’t you get tired of hiding it? I know I do.’

‘You do what? Tired of… fuck.. are you…’

‘yeah, guess so.’

‘I don’t… I mean.’

‘When I saw you in the shower, I don’t know, I had to find out, I mean, I am sorry, it is just, just I am so fucking tired of hiding who I am, and then, well, there you were, jacking off. It just, it just hit me, that…’

‘Fuck man, I am sorry, I guess, yeah, yeah I do get tired of it, guess maybe that’s why I snapped. I thought.. I thought maybe the guys had sent you to find out, I hear they been guessing.’

Troy let himself calm down, as his momentary rage was now replaced with guilt. How could he have thought that, about Philippe. Okay, they weren’t what you would call friends, or anything, seeing each other mostly at practice. Still he shouldn’t have assumed so much, because he should have known. It wasn’t like Philippe was in the in crowd anymore than he was. He should have seen that, maybe even recognized it.

Looking at him now, he saw that he really had been hurt by his outburst, and his accusation. Inside, he felt a bit dirty, for having made such a wrong guess, and worse, for saying it out loud. He let his hand reach out, to touch the top of Philippe’s hand, and to look up at him.

‘I am sorry, it just, it’s been a rough few days, I didn’t know… honest.’

‘I had heard some talk, I guess that and then seeing you, I don’t know Troy, I just, fuck man, I don’t know how to go about this shit. The few times, it was always the other guy making the move.’

‘Boy do I know that one, same here, really.’

‘Yeah? So… how does this work? I don’t…’

‘Guess there isn’t a handbook for us, but you know, maybe doing what you did, taking that chance, maybe that is the only way open to us.’

‘Yeah, but fuck, when you didn’t answer, I thought my life was over, that maybe I had been wrong, and that now the whole campus would find out.’

‘Oh Gawd, you sound like me. I don’t know Philippe, I wish I did, but I am glad you did ask, I wish I had your guts.’

‘You are? I mean, thanks.’

It was all rather awkward, and then Philippe sat back down, which seemed to make him feel, well, horny. His eyes stared into Philippe’s, and he could see them brimming with tears. In thinking about it, it really must have taken a lot of nerve, to try and find out if he was gay or not. He knew, it was not something he had the guts for, though then again, he had kneeled in front of Tommy.

Troy let his hand move up a bit, on Philippe’s arm, feeling it quiver a bit, then as he watched, he saw how his body sort of jerked, and the next instant, he felt him leaning forward, nestled into his arms. His body throbbed, as he felt the weight pressing against him, the pain of contact making him wince, a bit.

Philippe seemed to have felt him wince, or saw his face constrict, as he immediately got back to his feet. He was close to his side, as he stared down, then slowly let his hand rest on Troy’s shoulder. It was like suddenly a light had been thrown on, as Troy watched Philippe move towards the door, and latch it shut, then flip off the room’s main light.

He saw the shadow figure move slowly over to him, and kneel down. A hand moved up and touched his shoulder, then moved up to lightly run against the side of his cheek. The tips of the fingers moved across his lips, then down to his chin. All the time he was touching him, his eyes never seemed to leave Troy’s. They just stared into them, sparkling every now and then, as the hand moved down and under the chin, then down towards his chest.

Somehow the room seemed much warmer than before, and he could feel tiny beads of sweat forming on his forehead, as Philippe’s hand moved lightly over his chest. The tips of the fingers touched and lifted, as they lightly passed over his flesh, making him tingle in a way he hadn’t felt before.

None of his early exploits had come close to how he was suddenly feeling now. Philippe had such a soft touch, as the finger moved across one of his nipples, making him almost whimper in appreciation. How light it felt, as it passed over the rubber like flesh of the nipple, how much it made him quiver, as the tip of the finger moved across and around it.

Letting himself roll onto his back, he let Philippe take the lead. It was hard to concentrate, as there were so many strange emotions inside, so many new feelings, as Philippe just continued to let his finger run down Troy’s body. He could feel the tip brush over his stomach, feel his muscles quake and roll under his touch.

‘Make love to me’ he heard being echoed lightly in the room, realizing it was his own voice. There was some hesitation, the hand near his belly stood still, shaking a bit, as if it was absorbing the words he had quietly spoken.

to be continued…

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