Making the Play

Part (1)

Troy Allen from Bel AmiTroy tossed another rock across the water, watching it skip along, until finally it just sank. He felt like he was that rock, just skimming along when suddenly, he just was dropping to the bottom. Strange, to sit here in this beautiful setting, and feeling like his whole world had ended, without really knowing how, or why.

If he was honest, with himself, he knew the reason why he was feeling so alone, so dejected. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out either. He was nineteen, an athlete on a small community college team, had decent looks, and was Gay. Problem was, he forgot that he was in a small school in a small town, that word got around, yet he really hadn’t thought it would get out, least not that fast.

Maybe he had secretly wanted it to? That could explain his stupidity in trusting Tommy, or maybe he was just tired of keeping who he was, a secret? After all, he couldn’t keep on pretending he was straight, faking his taste for women when all he really wanted was a cock.

Leaning back on his arms, he stared out at the lake, at the deep blue water that glistened in the setting sun. It was a bit cool, but he didn’t notice it, as he lay there, wondering why he had opened up to Tommy. Could it have been his eyes, or maybe it was the guy’s long gentle curving blond hair that set his face off, like it was in a flowing picture frame?

Maybe he was just lusting after the guy’s solid frame, and that obvious big dick? Now that made sense, but he had seen guys like Tommy a few times before, and never wanted them, as much as he had wanted Tommy. Yet, he had felt something, more than just a desire to jump his muscular body, and swallow that huge cock in one gulp. There was a look, a way that he kept seeing Tommy staring at him, that made him think that he had found a kindred soul. Least he had convinced himself of that, which was perhaps his fatal mistake.

It wasn’t like he was a virgin but he wouldn’t call himself a pro, or even experienced. He had a few flings back in the day, and his journey to College had made him imagine a whole new world, where sex would be easier to have, to enjoy. His first day at orientation had quenched that thought, and here he was, starting his second year and so far, he had two half hearted experiences.

Looking down at his hands, he realized they had more to do with him getting off, than some other guy did. Two miserly attempts, that weren’t quite right. Oh they had been okay, but hell he could barely remember what the guys looked like, let alone recall how it felt to take them in his mouth, or take the one up his ass. It just wasn’t memorable enough, which is maybe why he had built up that fantasy about Tommy?

While Tommy was a hunk, he was more of what you would call the typical twink. He wasn’t fat, lean really and you could see his stomach ripple at times. He had some muscle, was well defined actually and he thought his curly reddish blond hair was attractive, even if it did give him a bit of a girlish look. Still, it wasn’t hanging on his shoulder like Tommy’s.

While played at the Wide Receiver spot, Tommy was a cornerback, and a good one too. Some even said he might make the pro’s one day, if he honed his skills. Gawd, how he would like to have been the one helping to hone Tommy’s skills, and not at Cornerback either, but at fucking. That was obviously no longer a realistic dream, given how angry Tommy had gotten, from that one little error on his part.

It really wasn’t fair either, because damn it, the guy was a hunk. That and the simple fact that he enjoyed flaunting his natural attributes should be made into his fault. Like, the way he always paraded around the locker room, rarely with a towel over his midriff, and generally sporting a rather good sized boner as well.

Thinking about it, what did Tommy think would happen? Why wouldn’t anyone think he was always occupied with sex? I mean shit, the guy was always first to get naked, last to get dressed. What else would any normal guy think, but that he was showing off and why wouldn’t it get noticed? Yet Tommy had made out like he didn’t even think some guy would get a stiffy over him.

All those nights, when he would dream about Tommy, about being in his arms, feeling his stomach muscles ripple as his hand would caress those perfect rippling muscles. How they would shake to his touch, to his lips lightly kissing them, making them shudder even more. He felt it, every night he would fall asleep, thinking of Tommy, so why shouldn’t he make a play for the guy?

It wasn’t like they were strangers, and in fact, had been friends. Granted that all changed from him being stupid, and from thinking Tommy had wanted it, but fuck, he was a normal guy, with a normal sex drive. All Tommy had to do, was shut the fuck up about wanting to shoot his load, to let it go, instead of constantly harping on it. In some ways, it really wasn’t Troy’s fault, because he would never have summoned up the courage to offer to relieve Tommy, if he hadn’t kept yapping about he didn’t care how, but he wanted his dick sucked.

He should have kept his mouth shut, instead of blurting out that he’d give it a try, if Tommy wanted. Like that was a smart move, and while he had gotten a sort of strange look, he hadn’t made much of it. After all Tommy had said he wouldn’t mind, and even joked that Troy was a better friend than he expected. So what was he to have thought?

In some ways, he felt certain Tommy was encouraging him, and as they were alone, why the fuck shouldn’t he have felt that way? Not like there were any of the usual girls around to show their appreciation for the team players, and besides, Tommy had made out like any hole was good, without saying it had to be a girls.

Now here he was, alone and wondering where he could transfer to, because like a sap he had offered. One thing to maybe agree to jack him off, but to suck him dry? No, despite his claims that he was just curious, that it was a thought and not something he had ever done before, it was a stupid move on his part. Worse was how Tommy seemed to egg him on, to keep on asking if he was sure, as if he really wanted him to try.

All that talk about being curious, about experimenting, was just a come on, to get him to commit, to out himself. Man he felt like such a fool, but what was worse, was he really did want to do it, to taste his hard dick, to feel it throb between his lips. More than that, he wanted to taste him, to swallow his cum, and savour its flavour as it slid down his throat.

While he did manage to get a small taste, of what Tommy’s dick tasted like, at how it felt between his lips, it was just that, a small taste. How could he have been so stupid, as to let himself actually get down on his knees, and rest his hands on Tommy’s thighs, and then stare at the hard uncut cock, licking his lips, showing Tommy how much he really did want it. That was his mistake, not being coy or reticent. He should have milked it, and who knows, maybe then he wouldn’t be out here now, thinking of how to get a transfer and get it fast.

He heard the crunch of a branch and turned his head to see the figure coming from the roadway. Troy recognized him, as he balled his fingers up into a fist, unmoving but ready. His eyes stared at the tall figure, as he made his way down towards him, and he could see he was carrying a six pack with him. It didn’t make sense, as he watched Tommy approaching.

‘Thought I’d find you here.’

‘Yeah well, here I am.’

‘I can see that.’

‘What do you want?’

‘To talk.’

‘Why? Think you said it all back there, what else is there to say?’

‘Look Troy, get your head out of your ass man, you surprised me is all, what did you expect me to do or say?’

‘I dunno, just not that.’

‘Yeah, well, feeling your mouth on my dick, I mean Christ man, I had no idea you were uh, were that way. If I’d have known…’

‘You’d have what? Not pushed your dick at me so much? Fuck Tommy, I may like dick, but I don’t like a fucking tease.’

‘Yeah, okay simmer down, I am sorry, okay?’

‘No, no it isn’t okay, I mean fuck man, you were the one itching to get blown, you were the one who said you didn’t care, and you were showing it off, what was I supposed to think?’

‘I am not Gay Troy. Sorry if me having a hardon and wanting to get off made you think otherwise, but Christ man, we’ve always joked around about it, hell everyday in the locker room someone is joking about wanting to get blown.’

‘Yeah but we weren’t in the locker room, there was just you and me, not any of the other guys, so give me a break, it was like you were trying to get me to out myself, happy now?’

‘Fuck, you don’t get it, do you Troy?’

‘Get what, that you like to fuck with my mind?’

‘No, that, well, I am curious, okay, there I admit it. I was curious, you were right, satisfied now?’

‘Huh? I mean, I don’t… why the fuck did you go all ballistic on me then? If you…’

‘I don’t know, guess it was seeing you on your knees, seeing the way your eyes were looking at me, fuck it just, I don’t know, it scared me.’

Tommy opened up a bottle of beer, and took a deep swig of it, then wiped his lips with the back of his hand. He stared at Troy, then handed the bottle to him, while grabbing another from his six pack.

‘Scared, you? I don’t, fuck Tommy, you have me so fucking confused, you mean, you really were wanting me to, but how, I mean…’

‘Shit Troy, from the first day most of knew you were probably Queer, just no one wanted to say anything to you, in case, well, in case you weren’t, or just weren’t willing to trust us.’

‘Everyone? I mean, from the first… fuck, you are just fucking with me, aren’t you? I mean…’

A cold chill ran down his spine, as he tried to make sense of what Tommy was telling him. If everyone already knew, and nothing had happened to him, why the whole scene earlier? What the fuck was Tommy’s game? Was he trying to cause trouble? It didn’t make sense, as he took the opened bottle, and drank down the remaining beer.

‘No Troy, the Coach even had a talk with us, that first time, warning us he’d not tolerate any, you know, hazing stuff.’

‘I never, I always, shit, but… why didn’t anyone say anything?’

‘We were going to, but then when you talked about girls, like you knew girls, well, we kinda thought maybe we had guessed wrong.’

‘I still, I mean why now? I don’t get… was this some sick way so you could find out if I was or not?’

‘No, not the way you mean it, just that, well fuck, it’s always been in the back of my mind, and it’s been awhile since I’ve had any, so I thought, shit, do I have to spell it out for you?’



‘Hey, you are the one who says he’s not gay, so why come on to me? I don’t get it.’

‘I am curious, like you said, I’ve heard things, and well, fuck, you figure it out, not like you are stupid.’

‘Am or were curious?’


‘Then, why did you stop me? Fuck I don’t get this.’

‘I don’t know, I thought, I might, oh fuck man, I don’t know, I wanted you to, then I didn’t, cuz well, maybe what they say is true, and maybe, maybe I might like it.’

‘Being sucked off by a guy?’


Looking up, he could see the terror in Tommy’s eyes. He was telling the truth, or at least he looked like he was. Maybe it was what he wanted to see, but he lifted up his hand, and looked at the six pack. Tommy shoved his hand forward, offering him the six pack. As he reached up to grab a bottle, his fingers touched the back of Tommy’s fingers.

Troy felt a sudden shock, a strange jolt, and looking up he could see that Tommy had felt it too. Yet his eyes just looked down at him, his mouth firmly shut. He didn’t know what to make of it all, as he took a bottle out, and flipped the lid open. It was all so confusing, as he took a long pull on the beer, wiping his mouth, just as Tommy had done earlier. It made him shiver again, realizing he was stalling for time, unsure what to say or do.

Then too, the idea that he might still have a chance at realizing his dream, was beginning to come front & center in his thinking. He tried to push the thoughts away, afraid of what might happen if he let them in. He needed to think about this, but with Tommy standing there, so close, it was unnerving. How do you push away your dreams, when they are standing right there, maybe even offering themselves to you?

Looking up, he noticed how his hands clenched the six pack, how his whole body seemed to be stiff, ill at ease. Then too, there was that tell tale bulge, that said that maybe what he was saying, was for real. He couldn’t make up his mind, as his eyes moved up, to see the Pecs sticking out from the shirt he wore, from how his neck was rigid, the vein running up the one side throbbing. His whole face looked like a mask, as if set in stone, and he wondered if it would break, if he just reached up and touched the side of it.

‘I guess I can see that, but now what? You here to make it all right, or you looking for another chance to get your rocks off?’

Tommy stared down at him, a small flicker of the eyes told Troy he had hit a mark. He leaned back on his arms, taking another drink, wondering what he would do, if Tommy said he did want to try again. The idea of actually doing him, after all that had happened, was still rather exciting.

‘I already said I was sorry.’

‘Yeah, you did, so, that mean you do or you don’t want your dick sucked off?’

‘I do.’

Troy felt a lump in his throat as Tommy said the words, so softly. It was as if he was already feeling ashamed for wanting it, for being here, and a quick glance upwards, confirmed it. He could see terror in his eyes, yet also a glimmer of desire, of lust even. His eyes moved back down, to see that the bulge had grown, and he remembered how big his cock had looked, how thick.

He didn’t want to miss out a second time, and surprised himself and Tommy by how he quickly laid the bottle down, and was in place, kneeling before Tommy’s crotch. He heard the intake of his breath, as he reached up and undid the belt and popped open the button of the jeans. Troy could feel the body shaking, feel the tremors racing up and down Tommy’s body, to the touch of his hands.

Glancing upwards, he saw the terror was gone, replaced by an obvious look of desire. The eyes were wide, staring down at him, the facial muscles constricted, and a bit of drool at the corner’s of his mouth, as he watched Troy. The way his body was so stiff, how his legs were just slightly parted, made his own dick throb a bit, as his fingers fumbled with the zipper for a second, then managed to yank it all the way down.

Breathing in, he could smell the scent of the surrounding trees, and lake, but the man scent that wafted across his nostrils was more powerful, more intoxicating than he recalled. It made his heart tremble, his own legs ache, as he continued to breath in the heavenly man scent from Tommy’s wrapped groin.

He pushed his face into the soft flesh beneath the underwear, while his hands yanked the pants down from either side. He heard a small gasp, a sort of moan as the pants slid down, exposing the firm flesh of Tommy’s thighs.

Troy could feel the man’s warmth, against his face, emanating from the underwear. He could feel the hard pole jerk as his lips moved over it, held tightly by the fabric. As his mouth moved along the long tube, he came to the end, and felt the wetness that was soaking into the fabric, knowing that Tommy was leaking precious precum.

His mind was clouded, as he let his hands move up the firm thighs, to wrap around the underwear, and to pull downwards. The sound of the hard cock popping free echoed, but he ignored it, as he stared at the long pole that was now free. A tiny drop of white at the head, was all his eyes could focus on. His tongue snaked out quickly, gobbling at the precious fluid, that now swirled in his mouth.

He felt the press of hands on his shoulders, as he licked at the underside of the exposed head, tasting the sweat, the dried ooze from before, and as he pushed his face beneath, he could smell him. The rich aroma of his manhood permeated his pores, as he shuddered, as his tongue licked at the tightening skin around the pole.

Tommy’s uncut penis trembled, as his tongue moved underneath, licking at the veins wrapped around the huge pole. He felt the balls brush up against his chin, felt the hands digging into the flesh of his shoulders, as he worked along the underside. His own body was quivering, as his nostrils kept sucking in that aroma, that fragrance unique to men. The mingle of sweat, of cum, of desire, all filled his nose with its deep richness.

He sighed, as his tongue licked at the shaft, at the very root of the huge pole, making Tommy moan, making him tremble. His legs moved apart on their own, restricted from being wide open by the gathered clothes at the ankles. He could hear him moan, in a sort of hypnotic chant, that only made him take hold of the man’s thighs. His own fingers now digging deeply into the soft flesh, pushing aside the coiled muscles.

‘Oh Christ, suck it, take it, please’ echoed across the lake, as Troy moved his mouth over the top of the hard cock. The foreskin had pulled back tightly, the head was poking out, shimmering from its coating of Troy’s licking. He moved back a bit, felt the cramp in one leg, ignored it, as he pulled his head back, to stare at the glistening cock head.

His eyes fluttered as he moved forward, his lips parted slightly, as he felt the hot flesh touch. His body shook, as he opened his lips further, to engulf the burning head of Tommy’s penis. He felt the man shake, felt his body convulse in a spasm of pleasure, as his lips tightened around the skin, as the head of the cock passed between to enter his mouth.

His head began to slowly push forward, as he shut his eyes, the last vision being of Tommy’s pubic hairs growing closer. He sighed, as he felt them brush at his nose, as he breathed in deeply, before his nostrils were firmly planted into the side of Tommy’s groin. The cock was buried deep into his throat, filling his mouth with its throbbing pole, making him nearly gag from its size. Yet he managed to take it all, in one huge gulp, feeling proud of himself, feeling like he was born for this moment.

His throat ached, but relaxed as he began to slowly slide back on the burning pole, as his hands began to relax their tight grip on Tommy’s thighs. He moaned as he pulled back only a small amount, then rushed forward, his lips tightening as he did. He could hear the groan, the gasp as his mouth sucked on the hard pole, feeling the legs vibrate as he moved his head back and forth over the cock.

Tommy’s hand moved off of Troy’s shoulders, and grabbed at his hair, twisting the tight curls even tighter. He felt the press of the hands, felt the shuddering of the man’s hips, as they began to move in sync with his head. The hard press on the back of his head, the hard thrusts of the hips, nearly made him gag, but he held on, as Tommy began to cry and moan in a sort of animal type sound.

The motion was fast, faster than he had ever experienced, as he felt the ache in his own body rise. He could feel the dull ache in his ass, feel the pain as his own cock stiffened to break free from his pants. He felt it all, but also the way the cock inside his mouth was growing thicker by the second.

Tommy’s balls were slapping his chin, as they rose up to press up against the hard pole. He could hear his panting breath, as the motion of hips grew more wild, more determined, as he slammed his whole cock into Troy’s mouth. The hands behind his head moved with the hips, as they shot back, the hands pulled him back, as they pushed forward, the hands rammed his head forward to meet the force of the hips, to help drive the huge cock deep into his throat.

He felt it bang, felt it bounce off the roof of his mouth, then his cheeks, before finding his throat to slide down, then it was suddenly wrenched up and out, then back it would come, faster, and harder. Troy was groaning now, matching Tommy’s wild cries with his own. It was close, he knew that, but not that close, so he thought.

Just as he wondered if he would swallow his load or pull back before, the hands gripping his hair yanked on them, almost pulling them from the roots. The loud cry filled the quiet lakeside, as he felt the cock rear back, felt it being pulled out from his mouth. Troy struggled to hold it inside, his lips tightening as hard as they could. He felt his jaw closing, desperate to hold the dick inside, but he failed.

As the head passed from his lips, he felt the stinging stream of cum strike his mouth. The hot goo was pouring out in a huge stream, that splattered across his lips & chin. He opened wide, to take what he could of the hot milk, as it poured out in a wild spray of stinging shots. He felt a gob pass into a nostril, another strike the tip of his nose and splatter upwards across the bridge of the nose.

The sounds of Tommy’s shrieks echoed, as more hot cum splattered across his upper lip, and off to one side of his face. He felt the hot liquid splash across the corner of his mouth, where his tongue snaked out to try and gobble at the dripping fluid. He could taste some of it, from the first stream that made it past his lips, and he felt his body shaking, as it was splattered by the streaming cum.

Troy could feel his skin tighten, as the cum began to dry. He smelled its aroma, which made his own cock jerk, made his own balls throb from the need to unload. Every muscle in his body was screaming at him, as the hands holding his head let go, as the body before him stumbled backwards a bit, as the last of the cum dribbled out.

His eyes opened, to see the moist head sliding back into the fold of foreskin, half of it still exposed. The skin hung a bit around the head, looser than a few seconds ago. The head still glistened, as he stared at the softer cock, at the dangling balls that looked empty and much smaller. He felt the pain in his throat from the wild pounding it had taken. His hair tingled too, from being pulled so hard, as he leaned back on his legs.

The numbness was easing, and he felt the cramping muscles loosen, adding to his aches. His toes were uncurled now, no longer pushing into the bottom of his shoes, as he struggled to breath a bit. The cold crisp air hurt, as he breathed in deeply, his heart gradually slowing its rampant beat.

Tommy just stood there, a bit back from Troy, his underwear and pants curled around his ankles. His legs were coated with dried sweat, as they trembled still but it was his eyes that made Troy quiver. They shone so brightly, still held in the glow of the orgasm that had pulsed through Tommy’s body. Then his head moved a bit, the trance broken, as he looked down at Troy.

Instead of pulling his pants up, he just sort of let himself all down, and sit on the cold ground. His eyes were still sparkling, his chest heaving still, as he just stared. Then he gave a huge shudder, as he moved his legs further out, and leaned back on his arms, just as Troy had been, when Tommy had shown up.

They just looked at each other, as their bodies slowly came back to normal. His breathing was easier, the pain in his chest eased, as he looked over at Tommy, enjoying how he kept looking at him, kept glancing down at Troy’s crotch. He didn’t want to move, or say anything that might spoil this moment. Part of him wanted to ask, to find out how he felt, if he had enjoyed the sensation, as much as he had. Yet he didn’t want to break the mood, to maybe ruin it, so he waited, just as Tommy did.

The darkness was starting to surround them both, and still Tommy hadn’t made a move to pull his pants up. He lay there, exposed, which was fine with Troy. He liked what he was seeing, and as the time grew, he could tell that Tommy was still feeling a bit aroused, still maybe, basking in the glow of his orgasm.


‘Yeah, I do that too.’

He hadn’t meant to be so flippant, as he saw the eyes narrow, but despite the way Tommy had said it, he couldn’t help himself and make a smart ass remark. He had expected a comeback, but instead he saw how the eyes opened a bit, how the semi hard penis in his lap jerked a little.

His own eyes moved back up and Tommy averted his gaze, for a moment, as if he had been caught at something. It was almost as if maybe, he had taken Troy’s remark, as a possible offer. His heart made a sort of hesitant jerking thumb, as a bit of adrenalin pumped into his body, with the idea of what it would be like, to fill Tommy’s ass, or better yet, have him fill his.

‘I ain’t that curious.’

‘To take it, or do it?’

Troy didn’t know why he said it, but he had. Now he stared intently at Tommy, wondering if he had gone too far, if all that they had just shared, would be ruined by his brash remark. Yet even as he felt nervous, he couldn’t help but notice that Tommy didn’t reach for his pants, or even attempt to cover himself up. In fact, he noticed how his cock was a bit stiffer, the foreskin a bit more drawn back, as if the body was showing its own interest, in the insane proposition.

To be continued…

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Part (1)

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