Object of Desire

Object of Desire

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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Part (-)

Terry smiled at he older man in front of the counter. He could sense that this would be a sale, that the customer would take the camera. As he leaned forward, his small frame pushing up on the counter top, he couldn’t help but notice the man’s scent, the cologne that wafted across. It wasn’t overpowering like so many others, but had a nice hint of aroma, that was pleasant.

He smiled, and as he reached out to point out a feature on the camera, he was certain that he heard the man’s intake of breath. For a second he thought it was something else, but then he figured it was just the excitement of buying a new toy. A rather expensive one too, but the man didn’t seem to flinch when Terry had mentioned the price.

As he pointed out some of the features of the camera, he could feel the man’s eyes on him, as if he was memorizing every word said to him. It felt a bit strange, the way the man’s green eyes would look at him, how that little bit of frosted white hair at the temples would seem to shudder a bit, and how the long eyelashes kept fluttering. It showed that the man was excited, which he chalked up to simply the thrill of a new purchase.

Yet the more he explained, the more the man would look at him, lean closer even. It was rather strange, but then he was sort of used to that type of attention, least in some situation. Not here at the shop, but he figured he was just imagining things, confusing them from last night. Now that had been fun, least at first, but it had ended a bit flat, for his tastes.

He had been at the local bar, and as usual the game had been on, the older types chasing the younger ones, who played like a well worn fiddle. He wasn’t all that good at it, being just eighteen, and it being only his fifth or so time at the bar. Still, he had gotten the hang of it, figuring out how easy it was to get sloshed without it costing much cash.

Just wiggle the hips, bend over at the right time, and ‘bob was your uncle’ you were in the drinks for the night. Still, it sort of bothered him a bit. The way some of them would really push it, how they would run their hands down their crotches, when a specially well heeled man was looking. He knew that the guy doing the gestures wouldn’t dream of taking it further, but he sure implied he would.

Yet, like most his age, he didn’t mind a bit of fun, bit of being a tease, though he never figured he was the type the older guys would want. Still, the drinks had never stopped coming that first few nights, and last night had been no exception. However, unlike the other’s who played the game, he rather preferred the older type.

Sure they might not have the perfect body, nor the ability to let go totally, but they did know a thing or two. Sure they generally had a belly too, some had more than others, but they were fun to cuddle up to, to just nestle into. Terry liked that part of sex, to just nestle into the crook of an arm, and feel the heart beating next to him.

It always gave him a bit of a tingle. But the other’s never saw it that way. They were after the cash, for those who did take it further, something he hadn’t yet done. He hadn’t found anyone that met his criteria, least until last night. Or so he had thought, but hell, if you didn’t take chances, what good was it going out looking?

The guy was definitely at the max of Terry’s age limit, he had to be closer to 60 than Terry would have liked, despite the friendly banter, where the man kept saying he was just in his thirties. Everyone knew it wasn’t true, though he had to admit, the man hadn’t gone to seed. He was trim, and only the frosty white hair, thin pate, belied that claim.

Still the man, who introduced himself as Harry, had been a bit of a live wire. He liked to dance, though his efforts were a bit, well dated. Still it was nice to see an old guy enjoy the music, the crowded dance floor. Terry kind of figured it was more of how the bodies kept bumping into each other that he enjoyed, but heck, so did he. It had been a fun evening, and while the drinks always seemed to come unbidden, they weren’t rushed either.

It was obvious that Harry had wanted more than just a few dances with him, and his hands did their share of random touches, that weren’t quite so random. He knew exactly where they were going, but Terry didn’t object. It was rather nice to see how attentive Harry was to him, how his eyes were usually focused on him, and not all the other guys on the floor.

Even when they sat at the crowded table, Harry mostly kept his eyes on him, which was flattering. There were a lot cuter looking guys out there, even the waiter was a stunner. Yet when he brought the drinks, Harry would simply give him a quick glance over, then focus once more on him. It gave him a sort of warm glow, to know that Harry found him worth close inspection.

By the time Harry had worked up to ask him to come home, he had been close to asking Harry himself. He enjoyed how he had been treated, how Harry seemed to skirt the sex issue, though never let it be far off. He made jokes, poked fun at some things that were certainly never sexually related, and yet had a hint of naughtiness in them, that sort of made him think of sex. Strange how he did that, but he also had a killer a smile, one that had given him a strange ache inside.

Couple of his friends were there too, and when they had come up to say hello, Harry didn’t skip a beat. Specially when Will stopped by, who was a real looker, Harry barely gave him a glance, his eyes glued to Terry. That was a big hit with him, it also was when he had made up his mind to see if they couldn’t hook up. After all, Will was one of those few could refuse, but Harry had. That was huge in his mind, and he realized now, Harry had known it would be.

The man wasn’t what he would say calculating, but he knew his way around the outer defences. How to knock some of those barriers down, to work his own magic, to get his way. He had done a good job, because before he could finish suggesting Terry come to his place for a nightcap, he had agreed.

Mind you the smile that got him was worth jumping the gun, so to speak, and well, if he really thought about it, the sex had been fun too. It was different than what he had experienced, so far. Terry could feel his uncut dick growing, as he stuttered a bit to the man’s question about the zoom lens, as his mind was still reliving last night with Harry.

As he talked about the magnification rate, he couldn’t help but think back to how that night had gone, how he had been a bit surprised by Harry’s rather large sized penis. For the life of him, he didn’t know why he had assumed it would be average, but then maybe he just needed more experience, so as to better gauge the size of his potential bed mates.

It was strange too, how Harry seemed so confident at the bar, but was rather shy back at his place. How he had sort of worked around the big questions, like did Terry top or bottom, or if he preferred a certain type of condom, and all that other stuff. Funny too, how Harry had quite a selection of cock rings, gels, and even some vibrating toys. It was like going to a sex shop. The variety was rather impressive, and daunting too.

Course Harry simply explained it all away, saying he hated to come home, to find he didn’t have what his special guests liked. That sort of put the glow back, as he joked about just how many special guests did Harry have. He was rather surprised to find out, that Harry actually told him.

It was impressive, sort of. In the back of his mind he began to think of possible complications from someone so experienced, but Harry was good at changing moods. He had sensed his reticence, and reached out, to run the back of his hand across Terry’s face, feeling its softness. The way his eyes looked, as they stared right at Terry, calmed him immediately.

Everyone at the bar had told him how the older guys were always in a rush, even some of the not so old guys, but Harry didn’t seem to rush him, despite the hour of night. Funny, how he simply let things sort of just happen, but in thinking about it, Terry realized Harry had managed it all.

Part of him felt a bit cheated by that, then again, he felt a bit flattered too. He hadn’t wanted to rush, and Harry had obliged. The kissing was something he wouldn’t forget soon, nor was any of the other stuff they did. It was the whole package, and while the ending had been difficult, leading up to it hadn’t been.

He felt his uncut dick getting harder, as he tried to focus on making the sale, as well as remember last night. Terry could feel the foreskin tightening over his shaft, as he tried to talk to the man in front. Yet, the night kept intruding, as It had been perfect in so many ways, that he wished Harry hadn’t ruined it at the end, but maybe it wasn’t as bad as he believed?

Maybe it was him? He could have handled things better, and well, frankly he shouldn’t have been so surprised. After all, they had sex, and well, he was a bar pick up. What else would Harry think?

The way the man’s face had lit up, when Terry had said he was versatile, that he didn’t mind being a bottom, or a top. It seemed to relax Harry as well, and well, the groping got a bit more intense, the kisses a bit more intense. He loved how Harry kissed, while caressing his body. He still wasn’t sure how, but they had managed to strip and were in the massive bed that dominated the small bedroom.

Funny how he really didn’t remember going into the bedroom, or being undressed. He knew Harry had taken his pants off, but the rest was a bit of a blur. Not that he had been drunk either. While Harry had bought the drinks, they just never seemed to be forced on him. He had liked that, so it wasn’t that he had too much to drink. It was just that, well he was too into the way Harry made him feel.

Not just how he kissed, but how his hands would move across his smaller body. The way the fingers had tweaked his nipples, then slid down to rub his belly, then hold him while he would lick at the nipples. It was all part of Harry’s technique, that worked. He had never gotten so hard, as he had while Harry caressed his body.

How he would run his fingers through his short cropped hair, tussle it a bit, then a finger would lightly pass down his face, to circle his cheek, or around the bridge of his nose. It had made him tingle deep down inside, had gotten him super hard too. Glancing down at his cock, he thought it had somehow grown bigger, gotten thicker, but it was an illusion.

Yet the dripping pre-cum was real. He had watched as Harry had tasted it, had glanced up and smiled at him, as he let his tongue lick at the cock head, then lick down the underside of the shaft until it reached his scrotum. How the tongue licked lightly at each of his testicles, how the lips pressed lightly against the leathery sac, then suddenly he felt himself in pure heaven, as Harry took his entire sac into his mouth.

Gawd, how good it had felt as Harry sucked on his balls, at how the tongue kept licking at them, even while they were inside Harry’s mouth. How his buttocks clenched and ached, as Harry began to prod his tiny hole with a finger. The way he moved up and down between his clenched cheeks, lightly touching the soft skin inside.

Barely 18 amateur, in HDHe had groaned, moaned and even whimpered, as Harry had moved between his legs, his head pressing up against one thigh, his mouth sucking the balls, his nose pressed up against the side of his hard pole. How he could feel him breathing, the way the warm breath wafted across the spot between his groin and thigh. He could still feel it now, and it was just as intense.

Terry had cried out too, as Harry turned him over onto his side, his head reaching between the legs, to lick at the sac, while his hand pumped his dick. How tight it had felt, as he wrapped his fingers around his pulsing pole. How his breath made him tingle, as the tongue licked at the tender flesh just behind the sac, near his buttocks.

His whole body had shook as Harry let his tongue move all the way up. The way it had moved between his buttocks, tasting him, swirling around his tight hole, then poking at it, briefly. Then further up it went, as Harry also moved himself upwards. He felt the tongue traveling up, licking him, while he shook.

The way the tongue flattened out as it moved up the small of his back, all along his spine, right up to his neck. He trembled, as the tongue licked at the back of his neck, then he felt it behind his ear, while Harry’s hands wrapped around his shaking body. How he cuddled him, drawing him closer to his own hot body. Terry could feel the man’s warmth, the way it felt as his backside curved into Harry’s front.

The press of his hard dick was just below his buttocks, the cock head pressing up and under his balls. How it felt as Harry kissed him, just under the ear lobe, then the tongue once more began to lick him, to swirl around the inside of his ear. It was like being under water, the echo or sort of echo. The sound was muted in one sense, yet louder in another, as it echoed inside his ears. The way he could hear each puff, each beat of his own heart, as the tongue licked around and tickled his inner ear.

He had moaned a lot too, and kept pushing himself back into Harry. He had felt that hard cock, and his legs began to spread apart, as he also tried to slide his body down, to make Harry’s cock slide upwards, to trap it between his butt cheeks. Harry began to slide his hand down his side, gently caressing the rolling muscles.

At a few points, the hand would reach around, to rub Terry’s belly, then reach down, and give his hard pole a quick pump, then maybe run down his quivering thigh, or to slap it hard, that made him jump, which only pushed Terry’s bottom into Harry’s groin. He loved the way Harry was taking his time, had made him break out in a hot sweat. Tiny beads becoming rivers of water, that acted like glue. The way their bodies seemed to just melt together added to the sensations that were rolling inside of his body. His mind was reeling from all the different waves of pleasure that overwhelmed it.

The pleasure didn’t stop even as Harry managed to rip open a condom, and unroll it over his dick. He didn’t skip a beat, as he felt the hard pole being pressed up between his cheeks, spreading them, until the head was pressing up against his hole. He had moaned as the thick cock was slowly moved upwards, and he felt a tingle run through his whole body.

Every nerve seemed to be taut, ready to send waves of pleasure through his body, as the cock rested by his tight pink hole. He felt the muscle quiver, as the warmth of the head penetrated his thoughts. He felt his muscles tighten, felt his chest ache, as he held his breath in anticipation. It was like time had stopped, like he was standing on the edge of a cliff looking down, waiting for the rush, waiting for that moment to come.

The sudden jab, the quick push inwards only made him sing out his pleasure. Harry had his hand across Terry’s stomach, as he pushed his hips forward, driving the hard cock past the tight hole. The hand on his belly pulled back, pressed in hard at the same time. His hole didn’t have a chance, as the cock head penetrated him in one quick thrust.

His cries were barely out of his mouth before he felt his body pushing back to meet the thrust, felt the beat of his heart begin to race even faster. He felt the sweat dripping from every pore, as he felt his own hips follow the motion of Harry’s hand, driving his buttocks back towards Harry.

The fullness of the cock was amazing. It felt so good inside, that the pain of penetration quickly passed, as he began to shake. His legs quivered, the muscles taut, as he moved his hips, to add to the wonderful feelings inside. How it made the driving cock twist a bit, bang into the muscles as it pushed past, only made him moan his pleasure, his desire more.

Harry was good too, how he would speed up his thrusts, then suddenly slow them down. He could still feel the pleasure now, as Harry would pound his cock deep into his body, then as it would feel like Harry’s entire groin was trying to work past his small hole, the pressure would hang for a second. Then he felt the pole, slowly slide back out. The press against his hole would ease, just a bit, as slowly he would bring his cock out, teasing him to the where he thought Harry was going to take it all out.

The head would be back, working from the inside, to make his hole pucker, as if about to exit, then suddenly he would feel it being rammed back into him. He would cry out, his heart pounding, as the hard shaft ploughed forward, going deeper than before. Then he would slowly pull it back again, then suddenly it was like a jack hammer was in his ass.

Harry knew the tricks, how to go fast just when he was enjoying the feel of it being pulled back, how to go slow when the hard pounding was driving him forward. The way he moved his hand, to wrap it around Terry’s hard pole, to make it pump the cock in time with the hard thrusts of Harry’s own cock. It made him pant, made the ache in his chest feel like his heart was going to explode out from behind the ribs. Sweat was no longer tiny beads, but more like a raging river, or so it felt, as Harry continued to work his ass, to pound him, then caress him.

He was vocal too, as he groaned with each hard thrust into Terry’s willing buttocks. The way his thighs would crush into the firm flesh of his buttocks, the way the bed would creak, groan in time with each thrust. How it would shake as their bodies crushed into each other, was just a distant noise in Terry’s mind. The roar of his heart, the hot panting breath of Harry on his shoulder, was more intense than any other sound. He could feel the moment coming too.

The way Harry’s fingers dug into his side, no longer stroking Terry’s cock. The way they dug past his skin, to reach his bones, to scrape against them as the body seemed to suddenly vibrate. How the cock buried deep inside of him seemed to pulse, to throb, as it was pushed in harder and harder, reaching deeper than he thought possible.

That final push, was before him as he felt it, felt his buttocks clenching right now, hours later. How it had surprised him, by its sheer force. The way his whole body had been pushed by the driving cock, how the hand holding his hip had suddenly become even harder. The way his legs had suddenly felt the force of the blow, the hard thrust that he had met, yet still found his whole body being pushed forward.

The loud cry had reverberated in the room, drowning out every other sound, including the wild beat of his heart. He had felt the blood in his own arms and legs rushing to his own cock, but not as fast as obviously it was doing for Harry. The way the cock drove into him, the way it seemed to thicken as it moved down his insides, only made him tremble.

It was as if it was growing and growing, and then he felt it. The way it just seemed to explode, to suddenly swell up beyond its ability to stretch. The way his whole insides felt like they too would explode, as the hard cock shook. He felt it all, felt the tremors, felt the way the head suddenly backed up, stopping the hard thrusting motion, then all of a sudden it was racing forward again. He felt the cock thicken, then the body pushing into him, was collapsed on top of him.

Harry’s head was on his upper arm, he felt the saliva of from him, the sweat that seemed to pour from Harry’s head, as it rested heavily on his arm. He felt the cock inside quiver a few times, felt the head jerk forward, rear back, jerk forward, several times. Each time, he heard a gasp from Harry, felt the hand on his hips flex and twitch.

Terry knew that Harry had shot his load, that it was that which was pressing up into his soft lining, flowing back inside the condom. He felt his own body shaking, felt his own cock aching, as he pressed backwards, as Harry’s hot breath blew past his ear.

Looking up, he saw the customer staring at him, with a strange expression. Terry grinned his smile, as he mumbled something then found his focus, and continued to explain the intricacies of the camera focus operation. The man relaxed, as he leaned closer to listen. Terry pointed out a few more things, as the front door to the shop opened, the tiny bell jangling.

Glancing up, he stopped speaking, then quickly recovered, as he saw Harry in the doorway. His body quivered a bit, as he continued to point out the extra features to the man in front. Yet one eye kept glancing away, to follow Harry who was casually checking out the various cameras under the glass shelves of the showcases.

Terry felt his body shiver, and he also felt the wet spot that had appeared, as he had thought about that moment when Harry had cummed. He felt a strange pleasure that Harry had found his way to the shop, even after how they had parted last night.

He was finding it hard to concentrate, which surprised him. He had managed to think of last night without really missing a beat, but now that Harry was there, in the shop, he was stumbling over words, forgetting the question, and he felt like time was dragging on. He wanted the man to stop asking questions, to either buy the camera or not, because, well Harry was there.

It seemed like it took forever, but finally the man stopped asking, and had pulled out his charge card. The camera was wrapped, the receipt in the bag, when he finally felt he could breathe again. The back of the man going out the front door was the final straw as he turned to find Harry right in front of him.

When do you get off work?

Another hour, why?

Thought maybe we’d do dinner, so I could apologize for last night.

You don’t have to do that.

I know, but I want to.


I couldn’t get you out of my mind all day, there was something about last night, that well, to be honest, I haven’t experienced for a long time.

Oh? What was that?


Terry looked directly at Harry, and felt his body quiver. He could remember how good it had felt to have Harry touch him, how hot it made him feel. He saw the way his eyes looked then, and now, and he reached out with his hand, to rest it on top of Harry’s. The touch of his hand over the older man’s gave him a bit of a start.

Looking up at Harry, he felt a strange rumble in his belly, and it wasn’t for food. Terry felt the ache inside, remembering how good it had been, and as he looked into Harry’s face, he realized that Harry had enjoyed it as well. He also realized that what he had said, offered last night, hadn’t been meant as an insult. It was how he figured he could show his appreciation, what most guys his age would expect from someone Harry’s age. He could feel Harry’s desire for him, feel his sincerity, as he smiled at him.

Dutch Treat?

Harry laughed, and he took Terry’s hand into his, squeezing it a little. It was good to hear the man laugh, to see the pleasure crossing his face.

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