Anointing of the Man Child (1)

Anointing of the Man Child

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Part (1)

Blake stood there with the others in a perfect line. He felt the excitement growing inside, knowing he had made the list. At long last the trial was over, the verdict in, and he had made it. The journey had been a tough one, and at times he had thought he’d never make it to this point, to be among a select few, waiting for that special moment, when they would take the Oath, would finally become accepted members of the elite group.

It hadn’t been an easy journey, as a lot had been packed into the short two weeks of Initiation, but he had done exactly as his father had told him to do. He had taken it one step at a time, one trial at a time. Instead of worrying about the whole process, he forced himself to do his best at what was before him.

Thinking back, the pride in reaching this point was immense. Heck, he had been totally surprised at even being considered for membership, which had come out of the blue. Sitting at his stool at the Chemistry Lab table, the note had surprised him, and had made him almost knock over a beaker. Then going to the orientation meeting that night, to listen to what would be expected, during the trial phase, the initiation, had given him no encouragement either.

It had all sounded so intimidating, so not him, that he felt that he’d never get beyond that night, let alone the two weeks of tests, of various rights of passage. Fact was, Blake was a loner, always had been, which was never more evident than when he first set foot at the State College Campus. There too, had been an orientation meeting, where he had felt so alone, so not like the others. He had sat there, listening to the Dean talk about the life on campus, on how it wasn’t about the drinking, how they had rules, had standards. It made him shrink into his seat as he saw how the others basically looked bored by the speech, and how they all seemed to be apart from him.

Granted, his looks weren’t grotesque, though he wasn’t so sure of that. He was average height, weight, and while his parents told him he was a good looking man, he never quite believed it. Maybe it was that he had learned early in life that he was different, that his tastes were not normal. Least that is how it was put to him, by the Preacher.

That had been a huge mistake, that drove home the point that he needed to hide, to be careful who he told or who he shared his feelings with. Even his best friend hadn’t a clue about him, though he might have suspected. He felt a bit depressed thinking of Ron, wishing that the friendship had made it beyond Middle School. It might have made High School more bearable, less intimidating.

His parents had tried to help, but they couldn’t. While close with his folks, even them he didn’t trust with his secret. Though he rather suspected his mother knew, he wasn’t about to make the same mistake with them, as he had with the Preacher. That still gnawed at him, because he had so trusted the man. It was maybe foolish, but he had admired the guy, the way he seemed so assured of how things were, so talking to him about the different feelings he was having had seemed so natural, so easy.

The talk hadn’t gone well from the outset, and after it ended, it was the last time he had ever set foot in that Church, or any other Church. His parents had questioned him on it, but he had kept his mouth shut. He had refused to discuss it. While his Father didn’t push, his mother had, for several months, until even she gave up on trying to find out what had happened. How could he tell her or his father?

He learned the lesson well, and while he had liked sports, had enjoyed playing with the other kids, gradually he stopped. Every time someone would look at him, he’d wonder if the person was on to him, or something. Even the horseplay with Ron changed. So much that Ron stopped hanging out with him, not just at home, but in the schoolyard. He became a loner, shuffling to school each morning alone, walking home alone.

Lunch was as solitary as he could make it. A seat in the corner, away from everyone. Even the teachers had noticed, but never once did they ask him, or his parents. They just let it be, as if they knew without asking. After all, they were almost as smart as the Preacher, so they too must know. Stupid to think that, but he did.

Just like how every Sunday when his parents would go to Church, he would spend the entire morning worrying. He would dredge up some strange stuff, think of how he would answer them when they would come home suddenly knowing his secret. He really hated Sunday mornings, and it was apparent too.

Now here he was, about to become part of a group, to once more have friends, or people to talk with, to hang with. In some ways he was still nervous about it, but he had made it, had broken past the fear. Thinking about it, he couldn’t quite decide what it was that had finally made him try, or give it his all.

That first night, it had all seemed like another failure was about to befall him. The way the senior members talked, how serious they all looked. Even those around him seemed scared, which maybe had made him stay. Maybe it was sensing the fear in others, that was like his own, had given him the ability to stay, to not run.

Maybe it didn’t matter why, but he was so used to analyzing every minute detail, he couldn’t quite break the habit, even now. He had made it, had found out that what had happened so many years ago was unimportant today, that he shouldn’t be so worried about how, but he was. He still couldn’t believe that when it had come out, no one had changed.

The first test, had almost been the last for him. It really wasn’t a hard test, everyone was lined up with a tape measure in front of them. Each candidate was to strip naked. They were each given exactly one minute to get a full erection, which is when one of the Seniors would walk down the line, taking the measurements.

Another would record the details, points would be awarded to those who lead in both length and in width. He had immediately broken out in a cold sweat. The idea of so many seeing him naked, seeing him with an erection, was, scary. Here he was, on the outside a normal eighteen year old, and this would be the first time anyone but he, had touched his genitals. The others would surely be rolling on the floor if they knew, but he couldn’t leave now, or they would know.

Stupid maybe, but it was that fear of being found out, that made him stay. He did, like the others, and stripped, and waited, his head staring straight ahead. He could feel the sweat dripping from his forehead, as he heard the one call out the measurements. As the voice got closer, he couldn’t help but turn slightly, to stare at the proceedings.

There were 20 in the class, and he could see all those hard dicks. He had figured he would be tossed out, as until that moment, he knew he was as soft as a wet noodle. Yet the moment he stole a look, he felt the blood rushing, felt the ache inside, that always told him he was having an erection.

As the two Seniors came closer, he watched as the one would reach out, pulling the erect penis out at a 90 degree angle from the body. He watched as the end of the tape measure was placed on the top, near the groin, then stretched out to the tip. The number was then called off for length. Next the guy wrapped the measure around the penis, right up against the pubic hairs, then about midway, then up under the head. Each measurement shouted out, which only made Blake squirm a bit.

He had no idea how big he was, or wasn’t. Yet as his eyes wandered along the line, he noticed that most of the guys were still hard, that even after being measured, they hadn’t gotten soft. Then too, he felt his mind comparing what it was seeing, to what it knew his own dick to be like.

Funny, in Middle School and all through High School, when he had the opportunity to look, to check the other’s out, he never had. He had been too afraid to look, for fear of what was happening right now, which was to get an instant hard on. Sure, he had the odd porn magazine that gave him some idea of others, but he figured most were altered, that guys didn’t have dicks that big, or in that particular shape.

Staring down the line, he realized that maybe those photographs weren’t all faked. There were a few who seemed to actually be a bit bigger than some in the pictures. It was all rather exciting, and his cold sweat, his fear, had changed. He was actually feeling more than just aroused, as he felt the flush of warmth, as a few noticed him looking.

He should look away, he thought as his eyes met the guy next to him. If his memory was right, the guy’s name was Trent or something like that, and Blake thought he was rather hot looking. To have him notice him checking him out, made him quiver a bit, but unlike other times, he didn’t look away. He was rather glad he didn’t, because instead of a scowl, Trent’s face lit up and he smiled at Blake.

He also managed to look down at Blake too, to check him out, which gave him an even stranger feeling. He knew he was blushing, that his cheeks would have a red tint to them, but he didn’t care. Least for the moment, he didn’t, but as the two came closer, as their words grew louder, he felt ashamed. The old memories wouldn’t leave him, as he looked down one more time at Trent.

Instead of feeling guilty, he felt even more aroused. He noticed how Trent’s penis seemed to be even thicker, how the skin was very taut. He could even see the blue of the veins better, than earlier. It was almost as if by looking at him, Trent had gotten harder. That was a strange notion, and he was so absorbed by it, that he failed to notice that his turn for being measured had come.

His first realization came as he felt a warm hand touching his own hard pole. His eyes suddenly opened wider and he was staring at a strange face. He could feel the hand grasping his dick, and the tape measure being pushed up into his groin a bit. The voice called out seven and three quarters, which surprised him. He hadn’t thought he was even close to that size. Still, while it wasn’t the largest number he had heard, it also wasn’t the lowest. In fact, he was fairly certain that it was up there with some of the larger numbers.

It was over before he could do more than blink. The next part of the little ‘get acquainted’ test, as the Seniors called it, was for everyone to get down onto their knees, to note that their erect penises would be lined up with the long yardsticks set down in front of them.

Once everyone was in position, carefully checked by the Seniors, they found out what they would be required to do next. As he listened, he felt his heart quicken, felt his body tighten. Once again, he would be entering new territory, as he listened, his jaw hanging open a bit. This was something he had never done before, least in public.

The task was simple. They would each stroke their dicks, until they ejaculated. They were to try and aim their ejaculation to fall along the line of the yardstick, to in fact, ejaculate out from their bodies. The farthest drop would be recorded. To insure that each person had their ejaculation properly measured, there would be a Senior standing behind them, who would then proceed forward once the deed had been done.

There were 20 of them taking part, so the Senior in charge told them that they would do it, in groups of five at a time. He directed his subordinates to take position, and he couldn’t help but watch. To see how close they crowded the candidates, then he watched as the order was given to commence.

For the first time he was able to watch other men jerking off. He couldn’t keep his eyes off the first group of five, and he noticed how the others were also watching. It was rather odd to listen to how some were huffing, as their hands moved up and down their hard dicks. He could see one who tilted his head backwards, his hips jutting out.

In a way, Blake thought that the guy was doing it, so he could stare up at the Senior behind him. It was like he needed the inspiration, and he could feel his own attraction to the guy. He also noticed how his neighbour, Trent, kept looking at the group of five, then would glance over at him.

As he tried to take it all in, he was a bit surprised at the sounds they were making. He also was a bit surprised at how they looked, at how their whole bodies seemed to tighten up, to look so hard. The furthest away had a nice build to him, but as he got closer to shooting his load, Blake noticed how much his muscles were suddenly bulging. In fact, the guy suddenly took on the shape of a body builder, as the muscles bulged.

Then the cries began. It surprised him at how loud some of them were, as their bodies exploded. As their cum was finally released. He also noticed how the resulting shouts of numbers were so small. Heck, the one at the far end, who had made the most noise, got a zero. Seemed his load merely dribbled out and fell to the floor right under the head, and as he had cum, he had leaned backwards.

He was still huffing, his chest heaving, as the Senior behind him had leaned over and called out the zero. Blake also noticed how he had leaned over, how his crotch was right over the guy’s head. It was something that reminded him of a photo spread in one of his magazines, how the guy would stuff his naked crotch over the other guy’s face, how the balls were sort of mashed downwards, crushing into the other’s face.

The next five were started, and he couldn’t help but feel the excitement building inside of him. In fact, he was finding it hard to not reach out and grab hold of his own dick. It was like when he would get a particular magazine, and while flipping through, would begin to get the urge to touch himself. Problem was, this was real, not glossy photographs, but real guys. It gave him a bit of start, to realize that he was a part of it.

As the second group worked up speed, as the hands flew a bit faster, the heavy breathing became louder, he realized that he was actually having his first real sexual experience. Oh sure he had jerked off, but this was a first for him. He was among other guys, naked guys. That had happened before, but then it was always after Gym.

While there had been lots of talk in the locker room, he had made his time in the room as little as possible. His fear had kept him from the conversations, from the talk, and had also kept him from learning too. Maybe if he had stayed, he wouldn’t be here now, watching his first circle jerk.

Oh he knew the terms, after all he was an avid reader. It wasn’t a lack of knowing all the technical stuff, it was from having any real first hand experience. He had toyed with the idea of finding a hustler, but then he had no idea where to look for one. It was the one thing his magazines couldn’t give him.

He had tried online too, but every time he found an ad, he backed off. While he had never been with anyone else, not a girl, not a guy, he wasn’t totally stupid either. There were risks, and he just didn’t have the nerve to take that kind of risks. Then too, there were supposed to be places where guys could find willing sex partners, but where? Okay, so public washrooms was one, but how the hell was he supposed to know which one?

There were signals, and he had realized that as much as he wanted to get laid, the risks of it being a cop or something was too scary. Hell, look at that Senator that had gotten into all that grief, from supposedly making the wrong signal in the wrong place. Like he really needed some cop phoning his parents, explaining he was being charged with some sex crime. That would be a worse feeling, than the one he had from his talk with the Preacher.

Yet here he was, among 20 naked guys, with a hard on, about to jerk off. Like this wasn’t him, but while his mind was telling him to get up, to grab his clothes and run, the sight of all those hard dicks was too enticing, to arousing, for him to listen.

He had been lost in his thoughts, and the loud cries coming from close by, startled him. He turned his face, to notice that the third group was about finished, that soon it would be his turn, along with the other four who were last in line with him. Blake took a closer look at them, wondering what they were thinking, wondering if anyone in the room was a freak like him?

The red head furthest from him was busy watching the guy next to him stroke his dick. You could see his forehead was stretched, as he watched. It was easy to see that he was intent on watching it, as his nostrils flared a bit, his jaw was obviously being held tightly closed, as the guy stared at the hand stroking. The guy he was watching, had the biggest dick of them all, if he had heard right.

Blake’s own eyes wandered towards the guy and noticed how even as his hand flew up and down the shaft, you could sure see a lot of his dick. Man it looked like a giant pipe, so thick, so straight looking. Yet the guy himself was one of the shortest guys in the group. The Senior behind him, was bending over him, and his crotch was way above the other’s head. Yet he too was intent on watching that monster dick being worked.

You could see how his hair hung over his face, and he didn’t move a finger to move it out of the way, lest he miss seeing something. In fact, as he took a quick glance around the room, he couldn’t help but notice how so many of the others were watched the guy. His name was Brian, or so he thought, and everyone had been impressed by the size of his dick. Now they were all watching, expecting a giant flood of cum, least Blake was.

He could see how Brian’s face grew whiter, how the already white skin grew even more pale, as his chest heaved in time with the violent pumping of that massive dick. You could see the veins in the forehead, but more than that, you could see the sweat dripping off his face, and coating his entire body.

It was like a strange glow, as his whole body glistened from the sweat. Every muscle in his body seemed extended, as he worked that huge pole, as his body rocked back and forth. The way his upper body shook, as his face grew taut, made Blake tremble a bit, made him want to reach down and take hold of his cock. It also made him want to be kneeling in front of him, or laying underneath, to catch what was about to stream out. Least he was certain it would shoot out in a stream. So did everyone else, judging by their intent look.

In his mind, Blake was certain that not only had Brian one the points for the having the biggest, and thickest, but would soon win the most points for shooting his load the furthest. The hard panting sound was becoming louder, and he could see Brian’s upper body shaking, rocking even more, when he saw the jaw fall open, saw the way his eyes rolled back into his head, as he fell backwards, his cock gripped tightly in the one hand.

The gurgling sound echoed in the room, and he heard the gasps, as the milky white cream was suddenly there. He blinked, realizing that Brian had fallen backwards, his whole upper body falling back onto his haunches, pushing the Senior behind him, backwards. The agonized cry was chilling, as he saw the glob of cream fall from the tip of the mottled colored cock head. Brian had his fist wrapped around it, squeezing it, as it flowed out.

In some ways it was like watching the pictures of lava oozing out of a volcano. It didn’t jet out, like he had thought, but simply flowed out of the expanded slit, and fell downwards in a long stream. It didn’t come out with any force, but it was still oozing long after the cry had changed to a harsh panting sound.

While it was in some ways disappointing, in other ways it was more exciting than if it had been a huge jet stream. The way it just kept oozing held everyone’s attention, including the other’s in Brian’s group, who had long since cum. The scent of cum was filling the room, but only know was Blake noticing it. As his eyes stared intently at the dripping penis in Brian’s hand.

He felt his own body tremble, as he continued to watch. Brian was shaking, you could see his whole body shake, as his cum continued to ooze for several seconds, or longer. Least it felt longer, as they all watched, in amazement. Such a big cock, and while the load was huge, it hadn’t travelled very far. The Senior above seemed stunned and he kept looked down, at the almost prone body beneath him, at the huge cock that was staring up at him. Cum was dripping down the still throbbing pole, Brian’s hands were off to the side, twitching a little, as his small chest rose and fell quickly.

The room was silent. There was no doubt that Brian’s display of prowess, had taken everyone by surprise. Some appeared disappointed, others looked on in awe at the slowly softening penis, that even when soft, was bigger than many who were hard.

The silence in the room was finally broken by a single cough, as Brian managed to sit up. He looked so pale, but you could tell color was returning to his face. You could also tell that he had been close to passing out, as the blood had rushed to his monster dick. Blake couldn’t imagine what it would be like, to experience such a big dick, but he had an insane urge to want to know. His eyes were still fastened on Brian’s penis, when he realized that his group was to have its turn.

Blake turned his face away, as he stared at the Senior, who was still looking a bit in shock, from the result of Brian’s effort. Zero rang out from the Senior behind Brian, and the Senior in charge, made note of it in a rather subdued voice. He also reminded everyone, points went to those who could shoot their jizz the farthest. It was rather strange to think about, but as he waited for the signal to begin, he felt like maybe, just maybe, he had a chance at doing okay. It would be nice, to be the envy for something.

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