Story – Fantasy Comes True

Fantasy Comes True

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Part (-)

He couldn’t believe it, the way it had all gone down, nor how he was feeling right now, as he leaned against the back of the closed door. His body was still trembling, the room’s air chilling him, as it cooled the sweat that covered his body. Strands of his damp blond hair curled around his neck, and hung down over his shoulder.

Lonnie shivered as he thought about it all, and he licked his lips as he could still see Ashley’s face, as his body shook, as the first stream of his hot milk came jetting out, splattering all over Lonnie’s stomach. His hand automatically moved down, to feel the dried cum on his belly, and a smile curled around his lips, then he thought of Brad.

Well what could he do? It wasn’t like he had planned it, and if he really thought about it, it was Ashley who made all the moves, and like a love sick cow he had fallen for each flick of those long eyelashes, of the way those thin pale lips grinned at him. Like what else could he do, but give in?

Ashley was just one of those you couldn’t refuse, no matter how strong your will was. If he wanted you, and man had he wanted Lonnie, not even a Saint could resist his charm. The guy had it all, from the perfect six pack, to the well proportioned six foot tall 150 pound body. His arms were just right, his legs perfect, and shit, when he was naked, he was even more desirable.

Christ what was he supposed to do? It wasn’t like he had seduced him, or even thought about it, until Ashley had just shown up, out of the blue. His appearance had seemed innocent enough, until he asked for a drink. Then he should have known, should have refused or come up with some excuse, but the way he tilted his head, the way he had spoken to him. The soft voice, the hidden meaning coming out loud and clear, it was impossible to say no to a simple drink.

Besides, it was Ashley, and he had seen him work the bar, seen how he had never needed to reach into his pocket for a single drink. It was amazing, and he could understand it too. The guy wasn’t just a looker, but he was actually fun to be with, to just talk to. He always looked interested in what you were saying, plus if he was interested in something else, well there was no mistaking that either.

Somehow Lonnie had missed that, as he was really just too impressed by how handsome Ashley was. The blond mop of hair, the flashing blue eyes that seemed to just radiate more, whenever they met his own eyes. It was as if Ashley was as impressed with Lonnie, as he was with him. Least that is how it felt, but he should have resisted, should have said no.

Yet, the one drink had turned into a few more, and before he realized it, Ashley was undressing him. His hands were inside his shirt playing with his nipples, tweaking them, while his eyes seemed to just glitter, his face glowing. He still had no idea how it had begun, but it had, and his own body was refusing to listen to his own mind. It was as if Ashley had somehow bewitched him.

Still that wouldn’t wash, would it?

Though he had to admit, it was true. He still had no idea of how Ashley had somehow wound up sitting next to him on the chesterfield, how he had begun to unbutton his shirt, to run his hand down his chest, the fingers twirling the few tufts of hair he had there. How good it felt to feel his breath on his face, then how the head had tilted to one side.

The eyes seemed to suddenly hold his attention, to be almost like they were devouring him. He found himself licking his lips, as Ashley kept his gaze, held him captive by the glare of his beautiful blue eyes. The eyelashes, fluttering, the way they seemed to be sending his body some secret signal was unreal. It was like being held in a trance, even as the head moved inwards, the lips pouting a bit. Lonnie knew what was going to happen, but he did nothing to stop it.

The touch of those pale thin lips against his mouth felt like an electric shock. His whole body trembled at the touch, at the warmth that seemed to suddenly fill his entire body. He had felt himself shaking, had one brief moment to resist, but it quickly passed. The way Ashley put his arms around his waist, one hand resting lightly on his hip, the fingers spread out to touch his bare skin.

Lonnie had felt passionate kisses before, but nothing like this first kiss from Ashley. It started off so softly, so innocent, and before he knew it, he was tasting Ashley’s tongue deep in his throat. Hell he had almost gagged on the thick tongue, that licked him inside. The way the lips suddenly were pressed hard up against his mouth, how the fingers at his side dug deep into his flesh.

Then when he pulled back, to just look at him once again with those eyes. The hand now resting lightly on his hip, yet he could feel Ashley’s fingers, feel the tips trembling. It made his own heart continue to beat wildly, yet inside he knew he should put a stop to it, to end it before it went further, but he couldn’t. It was Ashley, everyone’s fantasy boy, and he was the one making the move on him.

He knew that every guy in the bar, in the circles he travelled, would kill to be in his position. It didn’t matter if they were 20, like him, or 80, they’d give their eye teeth to have Ashley sitting next to them, swapping spit. To have the hands of eighteen year old Ashley touching your bare skin would give some of the older crowd a heart attack, one they wouldn’t mind having.

He was that popular, and yet, he felt like he should be above that. Yet as he had stared into those eyes, felt the taste of him still in his mouth, he couldn’t stop. The way his arms seemed to have a will of their own as they reached out and encircled Ashley’s body, the way his hands seemed to be shaking as they touched him, as his chest seemed to pull in, at his touch. All of it made him lose all sense of reality, as this was his fantasy, his dream come true.

It wasn’t that he was a dork or ugly. Guys still showed an interest in him, even if he was 20. He still had that fresh look, despite the occasional five o’clock shadow. His body was still trim, fit. He prided himself on that, but when it came to comparison with someone like Ashley, he felt like the ugly duckling. Ashley was it, and here he was, touching him, feeling him, wanting him. It was a dream, had to be, but the pinch was real, the pain in his chest was real. It wasn’t a dream, Ashley was in his apartment, wanting him.

How do you refuse that?

He couldn’t, and somehow the kiss had turned into a lot more. The way Ashley seemed to become possessed, as he had stripped his own shirt off, to expose his golden flesh to Lonnie. How it seemed to glisten, and he could see the fine hairs down the cleft of his chest, standing up, waiting for his touch, for his attention. It was too much as he couldn’t help but lean forward, to taste him, to lick at the protruding nipples that seemed to waver in the air, to further entice him.

It was the perfect taste treat for him. He couldn’t believe how fresh the taste was, as his tongue licked at the firm flesh of one nipple, then another, then his lips would press down, his teeth would take hold, and he would pull back, teasing Ashley. He heard him moan, and while he was sucking on his man titties, Ashley was holding him, pulling him closer, running his hands across his back, reaching down to the small of his back, trying to work their way under his shorts.

How he survived was unreal. His cock was like a thickened steel rod, and he knew it was close. Still, somehow he kept control over it, even when he found the hand reaching down and taking hold of it, caressing it in a pulling motion. His body had shook, trembled from the rolling waves of pure pleasure that seemed non stop.

From that first flush, that first touch, they hadn’t exchanged a single word. Just grunts and moans of pure enjoyment filled his tiny living room. The way his hands moved, his mouth, as he devoured him was amazing. It made his pulse race, and it seemed like it would never reach its limit. The way his mouth could send his whole body into a spasm, just by the press of the lips on him. Lonnie had never felt so much passion, so much desire before.

His own touching was as frantic, as wild. The way his hands were reaching for that cock, that weapon that would make people drool, just from seeing its outline or press in the pants, was his to actually touch. It was so hot, so alive, that he immediately lowered his head, to kiss it, to fondle it. Just as Ashley held his cock, pulled on it, he did the same to him, but with his mouth. He couldn’t stop himself from taking the whole cock into his mouth, pushing aside all doubts, all notions of guilt. He just let it slide deep into his mouth, down his throat. He felt it shake, felt it quiver as his tongue licked at the underside, as he sucked on it.

God how good it had tasted, how the smell was making him feel so light headed. Breathing in pure Ashley was intoxicating, almost like being drunk. His moans were even starting to sound slurred to his ears, but he couldn’t stop. The way the balls slung up, rubbed against his nose, and how his nostrils flared as he breathed his scent in. It made him want to cum, specially the way Ashley was pulling on his cock, but then suddenly it was all over.

The hand was off his dick, and the cock was pulled from his mouth, and he began to fear that he had failed to please, that he had somehow disappointed Ashley. He looked up, to see the younger man towering over him, a powerful glint in his eyes, that made him shudder. Then he felt the strong hands as they pushed his pants further down, and more or less forced him to turn over.

In that second, as the hands pushed him, Lonnie knew he hadn’t disappointed, but that Ashley wanted to take him, to be inside of him. It really was like being in heaven. It was everything he had ever dreamed about, and it was Ashley too.

Thankfully he had Condoms on the end table, and he felt the hot breath of the younger man on his shoulder, felt the weight of his body on his, as he reached over to grab a package out of the bowl. He was grateful too, not feeling like he would have stopped him if he hadn’t reached for the condom. Bareback wasn’t his thing, but it was Ashley. He knew he wouldn’t stop him, but he didn’t have to worry, as he heard the condom package being ripped open.

Looking over his shoulder, as he lowered his front end, raising his buttocks higher, he could see the thighs, and that amazing cock. Licking his lips, he saw Ashley’s hand grabbing the cock, and the other hand pushing something over the top of it. The sight was truly arousing, as he felt his own cock shake a bit, jerk a little, as he watched how carefully Ashley slid the thin plastic over his throbbing cock. Lonnie breathed in deeply, then out, as he let his eyes travel upwards, to see the firm belly, the chiselled chest.

Staring upwards, he saw the glazed look in Ashley’s face, saw how he was biting on the lower lip as his hands unrolled the condom to its base. He couldn’t help but see him raise his hand, the one that had covered his cock with the condom, and spit on it several times. The muscles inside his body began to tighten, as the hand moved down, and smeared the spit over the condom, then once again the hand was taken up and spit on.

The hand moved down, between his cheeks, as he felt the two fingers slide down straight to his hole. They didn’t wait, didn’t tease him, but entered him quickly. He grunted a bit, as he felt the penetration. The two fingers dug into him, pushing his body slightly forward from their entry into him. Then he felt them twist and turn as Ashley’s body leaned fully onto his upraised backside.

Groaning, he turned his head, letting the fingers explore his inside. It felt so good, so hard, that he couldn’t help but groan. The muscles in the back of his thighs seemed to tighten, to coil as the fingers moved in and out, then they were out. He felt the press of the thick cock head being pushed between his cheeks. Lonnie turned his head to let it rest on the sofa, on his side. He took his arms, reaching backwards, to grab hold of his buttocks, to help Ashley find his hole, and penetrate him.

His fingers dug into his own ass cheeks, and pulled back, opening his body to Ashley’s throbbing cock. The head was pressing up against his tight hole, and as he pulled his cheeks back, he felt the sharp jolt of pain travel up his spine. Ashley was already pushing inwards, splitting his hole, making it surrender to the superior force of the hard pulsing cock.

Lonnie cried out, feeling the pain growing, as Ashley continued to push inwards, continued to spread his insides apart. The cock head was digging in, still being resisted from Lonnie’s tiny pink hole, but then it was past. The pain roared up his spine, making him cry out, making his whole body shake and shudder. His arms quivered, as they held his cheeks open, as the cock drove deep inside, barely stopping as Lonnie’s insides tried to deny it’s entry.

He felt Ashley’s groin push into his buttocks, felt his body move forward a bit, then he felt the hard throbbing cock pull back, and suddenly it was driving back inside. In and out, in quick hard thrusts, made him continue to cry out. His heart was pounding, as sweat was dripping from every pore in his body. Lonnie couldn’t believe how good it was feeling, how the pain had been so quickly replaced with all those wonderful waves of pleasure.

His chest ached, as he struggled to breath, his hands slipped from his sweat soaked buttocks, as he lay there, enjoying each hard thrust into him. The drops of sweat that fell onto his own back, from Ashley, only added to his pleasure, as he tried to hold onto the thick cock that pounded him. Every nerve inside was tingling, was making him squirm, as the hard cock drove in and out in ever increasing speed. He could hear the shallow breathing from above, feel the drops of sweat becoming more and more like a steady rain.

The hard thrusts suddenly came less often, then he felt totally empty. Lonnie felt panic, then two hands, pulling at him, trying to turn him over. He obliged the urgent tugs, and was now on his back, staring up at Ashley. His eyes opened wide, as he felt the strong hands now grab hold of his legs, pushing them back over Lonnie’s head.

He reached up, to take hold of his own ankles, as Ashley spread the legs apart, opening up Lonnie’s buttocks. He then reached back down, and was already guiding his cock back down the open valley, until the head was once more wedged up against Lonnie’s hole. Looking up he saw the sweat dripping off his forehead, as it leaned forward, coming straight for him.

The kiss was hard, and a surprise. He lifted his head up a bit, to meet Ashley, and he felt himself shake, as their lips touched, as Ashley’s tongue pushed past and inside. He moaned, as Ashley kissed him, and drove his cock inside. The pain was just as intense as before, but he ignored it as he bit Ashley’s lower lip, pulling it back, licking at his chin, as the head moved back. The eyes were narrowed, as they stared down at him, as the hips began to twist and gyrate a bit faster.

It made the cock inside twist, jerk that only made Lonnie groan even more. He could see his own chest rising and falling, as if in time with Ashley’s. His lungs hurt, as he tried to breath, as his cock flopped on his belly. The pain inside once more turning to pure pleasure, as Ashley’s cock drove deep into him, splitting him wide open. His legs were numb, as he hung onto them, as his own head began to roll from side to side, enjoying the waves of pleasure coming from deep inside.

His body was shaking, as was Ashley’s. Lonnie could see it, see how the sweat was running down his body, some falling onto him, the rest flowing along the glistening skin to somewhere else. He saw the nostrils flaring, saw him bit his lower lip, as his hips continued to push in and out, with an odd twist to the side, every now and then.

His eyes watched in utter amazement, as he saw the veins on Ashley’s forehead throb, saw the eyelids close, saw the head tilt back. The mouth was slightly open, the tongue barely sticking out, as Ashley drove his cock hard and fast into him. He could feel the head as it pushed past every single muscle inside, as it dug deeper and deeper. He felt its fire, its burning heat, as it pushed into him, like a hot knife going through butter.

His legs were numb, his arms throbbing, as he felt the full weight of Ashley’s body on his. His eyes fluttered a bit, as he saw the muscles in Ashley’s face begin to contrict, to tighten the face into a bizarre twisted look of pain, of concentration. Then he felt the cock being taken out, but before he could do more than recognize it, he saw the head glance down at him, the eyes totally glazed over.

The hand had ripped the condom off, and was stroking the cock furiously. He could barely see it move, it was so fast, and then the loud cry echoed in the room. The harsh sound made him jump, then he felt the hot splash on his belly, on his chest, and up to his neck. It stung, as it hit, burning too.

Ashley had his eyes closed, his nostrils were flared open, and his mouth was hanging down, open. The face was totally constricted, as more of the hot stinging splashes covered his belly, sizzling almost as they struck. His own cock was jerking, as the hot cum coated his belly, making the muscles inside quiver.

As Lonnie felt the cum splattering on his groin, he felt the full weight of Ashley, who collapsed on top of him. He could hear his panting breath, his struggle for air, as he leaned exhausted on his own completely drained body. The exhaustion was unreal, his arms felt like lead weights, but Lonnie managed to lay them over the trembling body on top of him.

He felt Ashley’s head nuzzled into the crook of his neck, felt the way he breathed, his lips lightly brushing past his cheek. It was unreal, how quickly it had gone from a single drink, to the wildest sex he had ever had. His whole body ached, as he felt the total exhaustion creeping through every muscle, every nerve.

Just as quickly as it had happened, it was suddenly over. Ashley was up, and with a quick hard kiss on Lonnie’s lips, he was sitting up, dressing. It was as if he was once more ready to go again, though Lonnie was totally drained. The ache in his crotch was making his head spin, as Ashley was suddenly up and heading for the door, thanking him for the drink.

It was like nothing had happened, as he stumbled up onto his feet, to see his guest out the door. Now as he leaned on the door, he still wasn’t sure what had happened, or how. He knew though, that he would have tell Brad, but how?

The guilt was setting in, as he walked slowly towards the couch, and his pile of clothes. The used condom was on the floor, reminding him of his transgression. Christ, he couldn’t believe he had let Ashley do that, but he had, and now he would have to tell Brad. After all, Ashley was Brad’s boyfriend, not Lonnie’s. Or was he?

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