Fiction – Making An Entrance (pt.3)

Making An Entrance

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Part (3)

Don found a parking spot in front of his apartment complex, not wanting to go to his assigned spot. Call it superstition, or just plain old fear, but last thing he wanted right now was to go to his spot, and perhaps see another car in it. Least this way he could keep the mood, the feeling inside that Alex was totally wrong. He really hated these nagging doubts, and as he walked towards the front door, he realized it was not going to end, even if he found nothing once inside.

The doubts would always exist, simply because he was so much older than Rob. There would be those thoughts, whether Alex or someone else said another word about it or not. It was part of being older, thanks to the notion that old men with younger men was about sex, not love. Society, his society, didn’t seem to accept it as much as the straight world. Walking up, he felt a bit saddened by that realization, wondering how Rob would take it.

Would he throw a fit, or would he understand? After all he was a lot younger, he hadn’t gone through the really painful years of being Gay, and having to hide it. Now it was easier, you didn’t have to look over your shoulder constantly before going into a gay bar, though you still need to be cautious. Still, would Rob understand? He hoped so as he pressed the button to go up and confront the doubts, to maybe put them at ease.

Even if the worst was true, that Rob was turning tricks, or something like that, it wasn’t the end of it all, or was it? Would he understand if Rob was seeing other men, for money? Leaning against the back of the elevator, he thought about it, wondering just how he felt. Did it matter as much, it wasn’t like they didn’t practise safer sex. Condoms were always on hand, but the risks were there none the less. Still, would it make him feel less if Rob was cheating? Was it cheating?

Not like they had exchanged any vows, or even signed any papers to say they belonged to each other, and he wasn’t sure he wanted or needed that type of legal stuff. Sure in some cases it might be practical, but hell he wasn’t about to kick off tomorrow, so what was the worry?

Rob had some pretty definite ideas on that one, and frankly he rather agreed with him. Society wasn’t designed to be monogamous. Advertising sure as hell didn’t cater much to that concept, and neither did the shows either. Though he found he enjoyed just sitting back in the sofa, reading a bit, while the stereo played some non stop music. Rob would read too, another trait that was unusual among the younger generation.

He enjoyed his mystery novels, loved reading them, while he was more of a general fiction type. Though he was reading a few more mysteries these days, which made him grin a bit. See, Alex was wrong, because when he thought about Rob, there was always something to remind him of his affection, his love. Reading a book, just one of them.

They had so many good memories, and really, it hadn’t changed since they met. They were always off making new memories together, things to look back on, to talk about at night. It wasn’t like they ignored each other most of the time, or were doing their own thing. They talked, and okay, yes at times it got physical, but in all honesty, he really could say, that he and Rob, had more than just sex going for them.

Don really hated this, knowing that all these doubts were just that. It wasn’t like Rob had given him reason to doubt him, that it was simply Alex and his more so called mature friends. It gnawed at him, but hopefully walking in now, he could put them aside, feel free from them for just a bit. Maybe he should have stopped to pick up some flowers, or chocolates, and make it one more of those special memories?

Now that would certainly tick Alex off. The idea gave him a bit of a warmth, as he came to his apartment door. He stopped, to pull out his keys, and heard the laughter coming from inside. For a second he felt a bit cold, before realizing it was more likely the television. Still, it had given him a start, as he put his key into the lock and turned it.

Entering, he could smell something cooking, realizing that dinner was already on the go. He could hear the noise now, relaxing as it was indeed the television set. Though a bit too loud, he just felt relieved. He felt like he was on pins and needles, as he walked in, expecting to see Rob on the sofa, ready with his excuse.

The room was empty, with no Rob on the sofa, just the television blaring. Stepping in he turned towards the bedroom door, as it opened and out walked Rob. He was shirtless, and the vision of his bare upper body made the hairs on the back of his arms stand up. He felt like he was on the edge of a cliff, as Rob stopped dead in his tracks.

A look of surprise was on his face, not a smile, just sort of shock. The eyes were wide open, the mouth slightly open, as he recognized Don standing there. Other than shock, there was something else in his eyes, a look Don had never seen before. It bothered him, making him suck in his breath as he looked at the younger man.

His hair was in a mess, and he just didn’t look like he expected him to look. It was as if he had been running and was just pausing to catch his breath. Rob was standing too still, to much like a statue.

Don, you are home early


Something wrong? Man you look like you seen a ghost.

You don’t look much better, more like you just fell out of a hay loft or back of a truck, but no, nothing is wrong. Should there be?

What the fuck is that supposed to mean?

He could see the spark of anger in his lover’s face. The way his eyes now narrowed, his mouth set firm, the chin jutting out a bit.

Nothing, you just get out of bed?

He saw the shot hit home. The way he suddenly stiffened, his arms going rigid, his whole body becoming more erect. Even his eyes seemed to suddenly smoulder, as if there was a fire lurking behind them, as they darkened.

Yeah, and alone too.

I didn’t say anything about there being someone else in there.

No, your look did though, so come on, go inside, see for yourself.

Rob turned to one side, letting a space show between him and the doorway. Don could feel the anger, almost see it, touch it, as he just looked at the young man. He was pissed, something Rob rarely showed. In fact, in all the time they had been together, it was Rob who had the cooler head, who never showed anger. Least until now.

Christ, you are half naked, what else should I expect?

Don moved away, turned his back on Rob and headed over to the sofa. This wasn’t going the way he wanted, besides, why the fuck was Rob so suddenly defensive? Did he have someone in there, or had before he got home? Sitting down, he stared back at the glowering younger man, wishing he had stayed at work, wishing he had turned the car around, anything but what was going to turn into a major battle.

That’s why you are here, isn’t it? You think I am doing some one else, don’t you? Come on, admit it, you are here checking up on me.

It isn’t like that, look, this is getting out of hand…

Out of hand, shit Don, you come home in the middle of the afternoon, accuse me of having someone in the bedroom simply because I don’t have a shirt on? Fuck man, sometimes I walk around in my undies, doesn’t mean I just fucked someone in the bedroom.

No, no I know that, it is just that, I uh…

What? You didn’t come home to check up on me? I am not stupid Don, give me some credit.

Fine, yes, yes I did come home to check up on you, happy now, make you feel better?

Hell no, I just don’t like being lied to, anymore than you do.

I haven’t lied to you.

Then what is this about? Why suddenly do you feel the need to check up on me?

I don’t know, maybe the talk from others, maybe it’s not wanting to fully believe my luck, I don’t know, just that I had to, to put it to rest.

Talk? What from some of the perverts you call friends? Who? Bet I know.

Look, calling them names isn’t going to help, and they aren’t perverts, they are my friends.

Yeah right, real good friends you got there, and Don they are perverts, Christ how many times I have… look, you can believe what you want about them, I just, I know better, okay? And I don’t cheat.

What’s that supposed to mean? How many times what? Don’t imply something without giving me the details? I have a right to know.

‘Oh, do you?’

Yes, damn it, I do.

and I don’t?


Not like you are telling me what they are saying behind my back, now are you?

Don looked up at Rob, saw the way his nostrils flared, realizing just how angry he truly was. It was hard for him to not feel like shit, but he couldn’t just let it all drop now. Too much had been said, and yet he couldn’t help but admire the guy. It was like he was lashing out, not from a guilty conscience, but because he really did care, because he really was hurt by the notion that Don thought he would cheat.

I didn’t want to piss you off, besides, I didn’t know how to bring it up

Yeah sure, but you believe them.

No, not really, okay, maybe a bit, but…

I wouldn’t do that to you Don, you should know that.

The anger was gone, and Don could hear the sadness in Rob’s voice. His head seemed to hang down, to stare at his feet, as he just stood there.

I should, I do, deep down inside, I do, it is just the age thing, it crops up and…

Screw that shit, you and your friends are the only one’s worrying about age differences, not my friends, sure as shit not me.

I suppose.

Suppose hell, ten to one it’s Alex doing most of the talking too.

Yeah, he the one being a perv?

Yeah, but I can handle him.

In your undies?

Rob smiled at that, and moved closer. He sat in front, on the coffee table, facing Don. He couldn’t help but check him out, which kept the smile on Rob’s face. Yet there was a serious side to him, one he hadn’t really appreciated before now. The anger in his face, was more from hurt, something that made Don feel ashamed. He should never have let Alex, or the other’s get to him.

Hell yes, give the creep a thrill and a heart attack, all at once.

You are sick

He’s your friend

Yeah well, he does have some good qualities.


Right now, damn if I could say.

Look Don, I like what we have together, I don’t want it to change, do you?

No, no I don’t either, but the whole age thing, it’s not easy.

I can see that, but, I am not that way Don, I am a one guy man, I am not a tramp, never have been, I just can’t do that.

You really walk around in just your undies?

Yeah, why not?

And if someone comes calling?

Like Alex perhaps?

Yeah, like Alex

Well see, he can’t get into the building without buzzing, so naturally I’d let him in, go and put on a suit of armour and everything would be fine, now if it was maybe the paper boy, well…

You bitch

Hey, it’s not easy waiting till you get home.

I have seen our paper boy, and let me tell you hun, he ain’t no boy. Hell, he’s older than me.

Yum, I like ‘em older, didn’t you know?

He couldn’t help but laugh as he felt the tension easing. Rob was smiling a bit now, no longer looking like he could kill someone, and the lines around his mouth, his forehead were softer now.

So I hear

Yeah, well next time, don’t use your key, buzz, and who knows, you might get invited to the party.

What party is that?

This one’ he said, as he stood up and more or less leaped onto Don. He felt his body press him hard into the back of the sofa, and his mouth was firmly pressed onto his. It had taken him by surprise, yet as he felt the hands urgently moving up and down his body, touching him, he realized just how lucky he was.

They kissed hard, as he felt his lips pushed apart by the urgent demands of Rob’s tongue. The rush was unbelievable, as he tasted Rob’s breath in his mouth. There was a lingering flavour from the toothpaste, but also something more, almost a musky type scent. His body was being pressed back hard, then suddenly Rob was standing.

Don glanced up, as he saw that glint, that evil little smirk that Rob would get every now and then. In the back of his mind, he knew that this afternoon was about to be one of those times.

His eyes moved down Rob’s body, following the motion of his hands, as they ran down his lean body, towards his waist. They lingered around the belt, then Don watched as the belt began to slide out. He had missed it being opened, and now it hung down, draped down the thighs on either side.

The fingers were at the button, and he heard the pop, then the metallic sound of the zipper being slowly pushed down caught his attention. At the same time his eyes kept noticing how the pants were growing, how they were not flat, but beginning to show a definite bulge to them. Don felt himself licking his lips, as he glanced upwards.

Rob’s face was peering down at him, a soft warm glow coming from the eyes, the face. The little smirk around his lips was a bit more pronounced, as the pants were flung open, revealing the pubic patch of hair. Don sucked in his breath, realizing Rob wasn’t wearing any undies

He looked up, his eyes questioning Rob’s, as he felt his own body beginning to become aroused. His face was feeling flushed, as the smile grew across Rob’s face.

Sometimes, I don’t wear anything.

As he said it, he dropped his pants down his legs, showing off his fully hard cock. It looked as hard as a rock, and seemed to stare right at Don. He couldn’t help but gasp, realizing just how thick it looked, from that angle, and more than that, how full it looked. To think, he had that effect on someone like Rob, well, screw Alex, screw them all he thought, as his doubts were cast away.

Don stood up, and grabbed hold of Rob, surprising him. He pulled him close, kissing the side of his neck, groping him all over. His hands moved up and down the naked flesh, caressing it, feeling it as his own body arched inwards. His arms were pulling Rob into his own body, as he felt the hard cock against his thigh.

Time seemed to have disappeared as his emotions took over from his reasoning. Don wanted Rob, then and there. His whole body seemed to shake, as he literally ripped his shirt off, tossing it to one side, while reaching and undoing his pants. It was like he was in some sort of frenzy, as he stepped out of the pants and underwear, before Rob could utter more than a gasp of surprise.

Quickly, he took Rob into his arms, kissing him again and under his chin, then his Adam’s apple, then he pushed him away, still holding him firmly by the shoulders. He looked squarely into Rob’s eyes, saw the surprise, saw the lust too. He knew Rob wanted him, as much as he wanted Rob. That was all he wanted to see.

Taking Rob firmly, he quickly turned him around, so that Rob’s backside was to the sofa, and with surprising force, he guided him down onto it. Not once did he let his eyes leave Rob’s, as he let himself rest on top of the younger man. His own hard cock pushing Rob’s to one side, digging down into the side of the thigh, to rest between the soft inner thigh and the leathery skin of Rob’s sac.

He felt so alive, so full of life, he lost track of all that was happening. His whole body was nothing but a mass of rolling waves of emotions. Every time he touched Rob, or Rob touched him, it was like being hit with a bolt of lightning. His breathing was ragged, his chest ached, as they kissed each other.

It was almost like they were just discovering each other, the way their bodies shook, moved to meet the other. His mind was lost, confused, dazed, as it struggled for control. His body refused, and soon his mind stopped trying, enjoying, instead, the flow of emotions that passed through. His heart raced, and he couldn’t believe how strong it felt, how loud it sounded in his ears.

The room had been filled with sunlight when he walked in, but now it was like being in a rainbow itself. The colors that flashed all around him, made him groan, made him whimper even. He felt Rob’s thick cock, felt his own as their bodies shifted, and moved. He could feel the tightness around his cock head, felt it being strangled by the firm hold of something.

Pentrating action from Blake MasonHis eyes glanced down, to see himself penetrate Rob’s tight pink hole. The lights grew brighter as they were reflected off the rubber sheath, that he hadn’t even recalled putting on. All he could feel was the love that held his cock, that made his entry slow and steady. Tossing his head back, he saw his hands gripping the ankles of his lover, holding them up and over his head, as his body filled the warm hole.

Maybe later, he’d remember the details, but for now all he could do was feel the passion holding him, stare at the hard pole pressed by his own stomach against Rob’s flat one. His own dick moving slowly inside of Rob. It was a feeling that just overwhelmed everything else. His eyes were coated from the dripping sweat off his forehead, but he didn’t care. He could even see the drops as they fell to splatter against Rob’s heaving chest.

It was all there, he could see it, feel it, and yet it wasn’t. The way his whole body seemed on fire, as if about to melt, yet his heart only raced faster, his lungs aching more. The muscles grew hard, feeling like they would break from the strain, yet on it went. His head was dripping sweat, pools gathered and rolled down the rolling flesh of Rob’s bare torso.

In some ways it was like watching a rolling wave coming to the shore. Endless line of white crests, coming on and on, despite the rocks, the outcroppings that stood in their way. On it came, as his body continued to pound, to act on its own and yet not.

Every sinew in his body was screaming, even his lungs were crying out and somewhere, lost in all that internal noise, was his own cries that seemed so soft compared to the rest. He could hear Rob’s pleading tones, feel his heart as it matched wild beat to wild beat of his own heart. It all was there, but his mind couldn’t cope, couldn’t decipher all the various signals.

He heard the cry, just as his eyes seemed to clear. His whole body was on a precipice, as if he was standing on the shore, watching a towering white capped wave looming over him, then come crashing down. Don felt his heart stutter, felt it tremble, as the power from within came rushing out, out powering everything else that was happening.

His mind was blank, his heart was like a racing engine suddenly thrown off kilter, struggling to regain the high ground, to stop from slipping, racing faster and faster.

His legs were about to crack, the bones inside stretched past their tolerances, as the crashing wave enveloped him. He heard his spluttering cries, felt the cold water cover him, sizzling as it struck his burning flesh. Steam swirled around his eyes, as the white water seemed to just close all around him, the flashing lights dimmed and made more amazing by the transparent coating of the water..

It was an illusion, he knew it, but refused to accept it. He felt lost among the crashing waves, felt himself falling, felt his whole body being buffeted by the force of the crashing wave. No longer could he feel his legs, nor his arms, as he felt himself twisting and falling. Nothing was there, but the swirling water, as he blinked, as his body finally surrendered to the power inside, that now exploded around him.

Everything was dark around him, and the noises were like some one huffing, as if their lungs were starved of oxygen. There were sounds of moans, as if a major catastrophe had happened, and the injured were crying out, when he finally realized the noises were of his own making. His eyes flickered, and light poured into the tiny slit, blinding him, making him recoil a bit, causing his body to move.

The pain shot through his whole body as he finally managed to look up, to see the dark wet strands of hair that were next to his mouth, the golden glare of skin, glowing red as if a fire was dying down within. His body shook, as he felt the pain in every muscle of his body, as slowly he turned his face, to find himself staring into Rob’s face.

The lips were parted, the nostrils flaring and the look in the eyes were like red orbs of burning embers. Don felt himself tremble, as he lifted his head up, the skin sticking to Rob’s as he slid onto his side, next to Rob. His heart was still beating a mile a second, and he could see Rob’s chest rising & falling quickly, struggling to catch it’s breath.

Looking into Rob’s face, his mind began to slowly unwind, slowly began to process all that had happened. The wetness all over his naked body was cooling in the room’s air, and yet the fire inside, seemed brighter, hotter, than ever. His arms were like lead weights, as he struggled to lift himself up.

Rob’s eyelids fluttered a bit, as he stared deeply into Don’s face. They were filled with a glow he had never seen, or felt before, as he just stared back. At last Rob moved a bit, giving Don a bit more room, as one arm now rested over Don.

I think you should start checking up on me more often.

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