Fiction – Making An Entrance

Making An Entrance

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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Part (1)

Don wasn’t what you would call, a looker. To begin with, he was what he termed an ‘old queen’. He had been around the block a few times really, had his flings too. Some of them were damn good, but fleeting. Nothing that lasted, but were part of the memories, something to look back on, until he met Rob.

Rob was 20, while he was 45, and yet they seemed to click. There was a bond, or so he thought, that broke past the age barrier thing, and so what if all his friends said he was robbing the cradle? It made him feel good to come home to Rob, to have a late dinner, because when he did get home, Rob wasn’t into that kind of food. Like how many straight relationships were there where the ‘man of the house’ would come home to greet a horny wife?

So his friends could shake their heads all they wanted, he got laid when he got home. Not many of them could say that, nor could many of them say that they could keep up either. Another of his features that had attracted Rob, his ability to satisfy.

The hair may have a tint of grey at the edges, the skin under his chin was sagging a bit, bit puffy too. Granted, he didn’t have a flat washboard stomach anymore, but the belly wasn’t all that noticeable. His legs were still firm, the muscles still toned, including his arms. There might be a bit more hair, and he still had to shave every morning, but all in all, he didn’t look bad for a 45 year old account manager.

He might sit at a desk, but with Rob, he still managed to get out, do more than most of his friends. Sure, it was to the bar, but not to just sit and drink. They were on the dance floor a lot more than they were sitting at the table.

Saturday mornings they were up at dawn, jogging through the neighbourhood park, running and laughing and talking. It wasn’t like they sat around watching television or sleeping in either. Even Sunday’s were packed with things that they did together, so what if he was never home when his friends called? He was out with Rob, and yes, they did do things together.

Besides, Rob’s friends were all his age, and they didn’t object to the old man joining them, so why should his friends object to Rob? Jealousy he figured, though none of them would admit it. Specially his best friend Alex, who was always throwing digs in about Rob, about how he wasn’t right for Don. Like he knew?

Fact was that Alex was nearly Don’s age, and he had no one to come home to. He lived alone, had his odd fling from the bar, and had a boring routine. He didn’t come home at 6 every night and get greeted by a 20 year old stud, wearing nothing but an apron. Don did, and that pissed Alex off, though he never would admit it.

Still it was becoming irksome to him, not to mention all the warnings. Alex was persistent, if nothing else, and at times Don thought maybe he had a thing for him, or maybe for Rob? Now that was more likely, still, it was becoming annoying. Like yesterday, when they had met for lunch. Alex kept harping on how Rob was nothing but a flirt and only interested in Don because he got free room and board.

He kept nattering too, about how Rob still hadn’t found himself a job, nor that he had yet contributed one red cent to the expenses. It pissed him off, that Alex kept harping on it, despite his insistence that Rob made up for it, in other ways, and not just the sex. Though in all honesty, the sex alone was worth whatever added expenses Don incurred in having him live with him.

Still, it irked him, gnawed at him too because there were times when he would wonder at why someone like Rob would be with him. Why would a 20 year old, that had an athletes body, a handsome face and a definite penchant for unbridled sex, settle for an old fart like him.

After all Rob was the type that when he walked into a bar, every old geezer would turn to stare & drool. The younger group would glare, realizing that real competition for the old men had walked in. While Rob had never given Don any reason to doubt him, he had his moments. Alex was right, Rob was a bit of a flirt, and who could blame him?

Christ, his smile was a killer on its own, the way his lips would curl, his unblemished face simply glow, was enough to melt most men’s hearts. His eyes would sparkle, and he had a way that made everyone always glance at his package. It was a natural reflex, and that package never disappointed either.

It was like Rob was hard 24 hours a day. It didn’t matter if it was early in the morning, after a long night of partying and sex, or late at night, Rob was rock hard. There had been times when Don wondered if he was popping Viagra every few hours, but he knew better. Rob hated drugs of any kind, and he had no need of Viagra. He got it up naturally.

Still, there were moments when he wished everyone would stop drooling over him. The way some would show up at their table, buying Rob drinks, ignoring him. Though Rob was always polite, he also made it clear that he was with Don. It was then that they would notice him, and he could always see the envy in their eyes, the jealousy, as they would think what did he have that they didn’t. Naturally if asked, his answer would be simple. He had Rob, they didn’t. It made their intrusion bearable.

So why was he so bothered by Alex’s constant accusations about Rob? Why did he let it eat at him, to where here he was, leaving work early, to surprise Rob at home? Was it simply because he was an old fool, listening to the gossip of a jealous friend, or did he really not trust Rob?

As he walked out of his little office, telling his secretary he’d be at home if anyone wanted him, he thought about it. He felt guilty, in leaving work to go check up on his lover, but damn it, Alex had gotten to him. He knew in his heart he shouldn’t listen to him, but he had known Alex since Junior High. They had been through some rough times together, like the time he had hooked up with Marcus, a real piece of work.

God, just thinking of that time in his life, still gave him chills. The guy had been such a shit, but at the time he hadn’t seen it. He had taken the crap, the abuse really and not even realized it for what it was. Alex had seen it, had made him see it too, and he owed him for that. Maybe that was why he hated it so much when Alex talked about Rob in the same way as he had about Marcus.

But Rob was different, least he thought so. It wasn’t like Rob smacked him around, or took money without asking. It wasn’t like he tried to keep him from talking to his friends either, as Marcus had done. Sure, he liked to be alone with Don, but he also encouraged him to call them up, to invite them over. Hell, he even had arranged a surprise birthday party for him, with all of his friends. Now Marcus never did that. Yet Alex made it sound like Rob was the same as Marcus, manipulating him, owning him.

Inside, in the depths of his heart, he didn’t think it was anything like that. Still, there was doubt, but was it because of Alex, or was it simply that he really didn’t understand how a 20 year old stud could want a 45 year old queen?

He hadn’t believed his luck that first time they had met, and to be honest, he still found it hard to accept. Maybe he was hung up on the age thing after all, but shit, the guy made him happy. It wasn’t like he used Rob either, he did give him his freedom, and yet Rob never seemed to take it, to go out on his own, or with his own friends. Sure, once in awhile he had gone out with his friends, but he had always asked Don to go with him, to join them.

Most times he had, and found himself enjoying the wildness of being with a group of 20 year olds. The partying was a bit much, and lately he had begged off more than gone along, still it was his choice. It wasn’t like Rob made him stay home. And as he told Alex, it wasn’t like it was all that often either. Rob liked being with him, sharing things with him. So why couldn’t Alex accept that? Why did he question it so much?

He felt angry as he climbed into his car, turning the ignition on and screeching the tires as he pulled out. Damn Alex and his innuendo’s. He would put an end to it now, by going home, by proving that Rob wasn’t laying around doing others, or being an idle do nothing. He would be cleaning, or reading, or something, but he wouldn’t be screwing around. Then he would make sure to let Alex know, and to put an end to it all, to the hints, the nasty little smirks.

Alex was wrong, even their first meeting hadn’t been what Alex thought. It wasn’t like Rob jumped into his bed that first time, or even went home with him. Hell, they hadn’t even exchanged phone numbers then. Sure, they had groped each other a bit, more from Rob’s perspective than his, but Alex didn’t buy it. All he said was it was a good tactic, as if Rob had singled him out, to work him like some Con Artist would do.

Granted, the way Rob had acted did make him trust him. Hell, it wasn’t like he was a kid, he had been around the block. So, sure when Rob played hard to get, it made it seem easier, seem more real. But Alex should know he wasn’t a soft mark. He had pretty good instincts, most of the time.

That first time, they had simply sat together, talked about things. Not about others, or about mundane crap either. Rob had a good mind, knew current events, and he had opinions too. He wasn’t some blond air head, he had a mind, which impressed Don. They talked, they danced, and they drank, but not a lot either. Plus, Rob only let him buy him one drink, and he returned the favour too. Alex didn’t seem to take that into account.

When it was time to go, Rob didn’t try to force himself either. He gave Don a quick kiss on the cheek, and a smile. Okay, so he mentioned that he hoped to meet Don again, that maybe he’d seem the next night, sort of enticing him to come back to the bar, but hell, that wasn’t a set up. It was genuine, a simple desire to see if there was interest.

There was too, and the next night had been better than the first meeting. They had danced, touched each other a bit more, and yes, Rob had a hard on, but then so did he. How could he not, the guy was a dream, and he loved to slow dance. Not many his age did, which was another plus in his favour. Never did he just stop when a slow song would come on, and he didn’t try to keep space between them either. He moved in close, rested his head on his shoulder, and just moved with the music.

It excited him too, because Don could feel that whatever he had in his pants, always seemed to get harder & bigger, when they slow danced, when he held the young man in his arms. It felt good, to feel his warmth next to him, to feel his body sway in time with his own. Not once, did it seem to feel odd, or wrong. Rob just fit, and maybe it was that which got Alex bent out of shape?

Waiting at a red light, he realized that on that second meeting, he had two drinks the whole night. Rob hadn’t any more, and he never bought him one either. They simply had a night of fun, without the need for booze. And they closed the place down too, staying beyond last call. And it was then, and only then that he got Rob’s phone number, and Rob his.

He knew that Rob liked him, yet he didn’t push it, he didn’t even suggest going home with him. Not your typical 20 year old, as he was interested, sexually, but he wasn’t wanting it then and there. If he was, he sure as fuck didn’t show it. Rob was certainly sexual, and ever since they had begun to go out, he proved it every time they were together. Again, something that maybe Alex was jealous of.

Don had to admit, when he was Rob’s age, all he could think of was getting off, was seeing who he could fuck or blow, and then move on to the next target. Rob’s attitude had surprised him, been different enough that he found himself actually thinking of him at night, at the beginning. Hell for the next few days, he enjoyed going to sleep, to dream about Rob, about what his dick looked like, about how he would feel touching him, or being touched by him. Hell, he had a wet dream Monday night, thinking about Rob, and at that point, all they had done was dance & talk. Alex was wrong, it wasn’t a set up. He had to be wrong, because damn it, it felt good.

Besides, he was the one who phoned Rob, later in the week. It was his idea to go out together, to have dinner somewhere, then a movie, not Rob’s. Okay, yes Rob was the one who suggested dinner at his apartment, that he would cook something, and yes, it had led to more, but it was him, Don who phoned.

Alex was right in that he had fantasized a great deal about Rob, before phoning him, and yes, it was those dreams, those thoughts, that made him pick up the phone & call. Still, he wasn’t one to do that, to just call someone up out of the blue, but he had. That was a good thing, Alex should have been pleased, not disapproving.

He had no intention of having sex that night either, though he had to admit. He did want to, and when the opportunity came up, well, who would refuse? Christ, Alex would have stripped in a second if Rob had offered himself to him, never mind cook him dinner first.

And he had cooked dinner for Don. It wasn’t anything super fancy, but it wasn’t cheap either. Yet he never asked Don to pay for it, or bring the fixings over. And there was no way that Rob had a lot of money, as he only worked occasionally. Yes that was a drawback, in Alex’s eyes, in his too, but not like how it was with Alex. Still, he did wish Rob would try a bit harder to get a job, to sort of shut the others up.

Yet he always did manage to have money, and he knew it wasn’t all coming from him. Rob’s answer was that he had saved some, plus he did do odd jobs here and there. Like when he had surprised Don with the birthday party. Every thing had been paid for, by Rob. The cake, the party decorations, the small platters of food, the booze even, had all been looked after by Rob.

So he had kept it a secret, had earned some extra cash from delivering papers, and a few other odd jobs, didn’t make him a con, a leach. It was nice, thoughtful even, but Alex didn’t see it that way. He was so damn negative, that it was becoming a hindrance to their friendship.

The dinner Rob had made for him, was not a trap. It was decent food, good company, that led to more. Why couldn’t Alex see that? The whole night was still fresh in his mind, as if it was yesterday. The way Rob had answered the door, sweating and a bit unkempt, but that was from cooking.

His apartment was clean, not a pig sty, like how most guys his age kept their places. The coffee table had real magazines on them, not porn sheets. There weren’t beer bottles all over, in fact there were none. He had some nice stuff, not much, but some. It was all clean, dusted too, which he couldn’t say for his own place. Least not then, sure could now, and that was because of Rob, not him.

That whole night had been simply amazing. He had been nervous, but so had Rob. The way he kept wiping his hands on his pants, to wipe the sweat dry, was noticeable. Yet, the night had been special, even sitting at the table had its moments. Rob had gone out of his way to make it nice, to even make it romantic.

He had some soft music playing, classical actually which had surprised him at first. Then the small table had a table cloth, some candles and wine glasses on it. In some ways, it was like eating out at a secluded little Bistro, off in a corner, where you were hidden by the shadows. It certainly set the tone for the night, and it relaxed him as well.

Don felt his mood change a bit, his anxiety ease, thinking about that third date, that made everything change in his life. It was special, no matter what other’s thought. No matter how much they nagged, or picked at it. He had that night, they couldn’t take that away from him.

The whole night seemed to be a mirage, a dream. The food had been good, but it was the conversation, the atmosphere that made it special. Rob knew how to engage him, to talk with him. It was a rare gift, and after the ice cream & cake, the idea of going out seemed rather, well pointless.

Instead, he had been surprised to have Rob get up and put on some slow dance music. Nothing loud, but rather romantic. To see him now, standing in that small living room, the coffee table pushed aside, his hands open, beckoning him to come to him, to dance, was still a regular part of his night dreams. Even though he had the real thing, it was still a magical moment.

To have this handsome young man, waiting for him to come to him, to dance with him alone, was still enough to excite him. Hell, they still did that on occasion. Rob would now and then, just look at him, and walk to the stereo to put on some music, and then turn to open his arms, to draw him into them to dance.

It had been so amazing, so arousing, that he could still feel the lump in his throat, that it had given him that night. The way his forehead had suddenly beaded up in sweat, the way his heart had pounded with the thrill of it. How heavy his feet had felt, as he pushed the chair away from the small little table, how the candles flickered as he stood up. How Rob looked at him, how his eyes sparkled, as he waited, with those long arms extended towards him.

It had given him the hardest erection he had ever experienced, one that Rob clearly noticed too. It only made him smile wider, tilt his head to one side, and wait. While his own body had reacted so physically, he had notice Rob’s own body wasn’t ignoring the moment either. God, how hard he looked, how hot he was, standing there.

Going from the table to Rob, had been like floating on a cloud. It seemed so timeless, so effortless, despite the heavy feeling in his legs, the lump in his throat, the ache in his crotch. He could still feel it now, as he thought about it, even saw it flash across his face. For a moment, he thought he was there, but quickly focused on his driving. Wouldn’t do to have an accident, but as he wheeled the car around a corner, he knew he had to pull over.

He wasn’t far from home but he needed to stop, to think about what he was doing. He also wanted to keep on thinking about that night, about that first dance. How his whole body had quivered, how it shook when his fingers first touched Rob’s fingers. It was like being shocked by a sudden jolt of electricity, but more than that.

Everything had been perfect, and now it was beyond perfect. The way Rob had taken his hand, put it on his hips, moved in closer to where Don could smell the hint of grape from the wine they had just shared. It was all their, on his breath, as he let his body move in closer, to rest up against Don’s own. How his legs seemed to tremble as it brushed up against Don’s, at how his eyes seemed to glow the closer his head came to Don’s face.

It all was there in front of him now, as he felt himself perspire.

Don could hear the soft sounds of music, the way it had somehow filled the entire room with its sweet sounds, its haunting melody as they began to move to it, their eyes locked on each other’s face. How Rob tilted his head and let it rest on Don’s shoulder for a few turns, then how he lifted it up, to gaze into Don’s face. The way his eyes fluttered, then closed, as he moved in closer. How the sudden press of his lips against Don’s made Don’s heart race, his blood boil. It was all there, in his memory.

As good as his memory was, it couldn’t match that night. He knew it in his heart. The way Rob had just brushed his lips against his, how it felt to feel them touch. The way his whole body seemed to just ache, how his arms encircled Rob, holding him suddenly very tightly, close. How it felt when Rob let him, didn’t even resist, as he opened his own mouth, and let his tongue flick out, to taste those perfect lips.

How Rob’s lips parted, to let him inside, to let him taste all of him, and how he did. The way it felt, the way it all happened wasn’t an act, it was real. His heart knew, still knew it now. It raced then, as it as now, beating wildly, thundering in his ears, resonating deep in his very soul. It touched him in a way no other living being had. Even the feel of him, the way his chest throbbed when held next to him, was all part of it, all of what made him hold on even tighter. It also made Rob hold him just as hard, just as tightly, as if afraid to let go.

There was no mistaking the feelings they had for each other, the way Rob held him & he him. It was like they were made for each other, how their legs entwined into each other, how their bodies seemed to just fit perfectly together. A perfect match of height, of everything. The way his body throbbed, ached for more of Rob, yet he could feel that same desire, that same need in Rob.

It wasn’t sex, it wasn’t the wine either, it was real. He knew that, deep down in a place he doubted Alex ever bothered to search in himself. He had felt it then, still could feel it each time he took Rob into his arms, or Rob took him. Each time they kissed, each time they just looked at each other, it was still there, just as potent as that night.

Don leaned back in his seat, looking out but seeing that night. A drop of sweat dripped from his forehead, as he stared out the windshield, recalling that first deep kiss, that embrace. He could feel it now, as he licked his lips, still taste him, still smell the wine they had shared. His body shuddered, as he let the moment flow over him, as it once more engulfed him in its warm embrace.

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