Fiction – The Revival (pt. 1)

The Revival

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Part (1)

It had been a dare, one Daniel had laughed at. At first he didn’t believe it was much of a dare, and had quickly agreed to do it, but as he stared at the people around him, at their upraised arms, at the glassy eyed look many had, he felt strangely frightened. He was in among the lions, or so it felt. He could feel the sweat beading up on his forehead, and it wasn’t from the warmth of so many bodies pressed into one huge room either, but it was from being found out, of being pointed to and singled out as the evil one.

Strange, how his imagination was working, how he felt so chilled by the prospect of being outed, when normally he didn’t give a frig who knew he was gay or not. He made no secret of his desire for cock, lots of it too, yet standing here, alone, clapping like the others, he felt like some huge spotlight would soon shine on him, showing a huge G on his forehead, marking him as one of ‘those’. It was odd, scary even, which wasn’t how he was used to feeling.

Sure he had been frightened by some of the dares he had accepted. The bungee jumping nude was one of those. Not being nude, but willingly jumping off some bridge, trusting to an elastic rope to stop him from crashing into the rocks, now that was scary. To jump out of a plane at 10,000 feet and not pull the cord right away, that was scary, trusting that some thin nylon cord was all between him and being road kill was equally scary, but it had been a rush. It had given him a strange exhilaration, that was missing from this particular dare.

Still, standing next to William had its upside too. He had met him when entering, and it was as if the guy knew he was new to this sort of thing. The way he had welcomed him, the smile that he had given him, all made him a welcome from the strange other faces. It was almost as if they knew each other. Strange, but he managed to push aside the fears that kept nagging at him, as they had moved along into the main auditorium.

To be there, amongst all those who preached against him, was odd, not the thrill he had expected. As a brash young 21 year old, he didn’t believe in fear, in being afraid. From the age of 14 or so, he had stopped worrying what others would think of him. He acted as he felt, and if it was girlish, well he was never one to back down from a good old fashioned name calling session, or fight, for that matter. And he had a few of the latter, not because he had said anything, or had acted ‘girlish’ but simply because he didn’t hide his being Gay.

Now here he was, in the Lion’s Den itself, and one of the Lion Cubs was showing him around, explaining things to him. William was his name, and to be honest, he wouldn’t have minded knowing him outside of this place. After all, the guy was tall, had long hair to his shoulder, had a killer smile to go with the lean smooth face. His body was not what you would call muscular, but it was fit. He had a short torso, but damn those legs were hot.

Daniel couldn’t think of anyone who fit his ideal of a good twink than William. Hell, if he had seen him anywhere but here, he would have gone into full cruising mode, which he was considered a pro at being. Hence his nickname of ‘troll’ from his friends. Fact was, he liked sex, any kind of good sex, and it just wasn’t that easy to get. Yet here he was, imagining what it would be like to be all over this straight dude, which was okay.

I mean some of the best sex he had ever had, were with straight boys, course it wasn’t that they really were, they just thought they were. He had shown them the error of their ways, or made a damn good effort at it. Now William, well not only was he a good straight boy, but obviously a religious one.

Yet the way he had come to him, the way he had smiled at him, as he guided him into the huge auditorium, had made him wonder. The guy was so friendly, it felt like he was at one of those gay club social gatherings on campus. Everyone was so nice, so glad to see you, that it never felt right, and this was like that. Everyone smiling, everyone hugging as if they were bosom buddies, or relations.

And it wasn’t just the women doing it. He couldn’t believe how many guys would suddenly be wrapped up in each other’s arms, hugging and shaking the other like they were brothers. Hell, a few of them had done it with William, and it made him a bit jealous. He wouldn’t have minded one or two of them hugging him as well, but just the way they pressed his hand, made him squirm. It was all so faked, so unreal that he felt like he was at a carnival or side show.

They reached a row of seats, and as he moved ahead of William, he couldn’t help but feel his new found friend’s eyes staring at his backside. He wondered if he was checking him out, or gauging if he was some sinner? It was odd, being in amongst all these faithful believers, and yet as he found his seat, and turned to stare up at the huge stage, he felt William next to him. Turning he saw his head tilt towards him, and whisper into his ear.

We aren’t all fakes, some of us really do care.

He felt his legs tremble a little, wondering how he had known what he had been thinking? The way his eyes now stared at him, the way they seemed to sparkle, then grow even more vibrant, as they slowly moved up and down, taking him in. It was a cruising tactic he himself had used more than once, as he looked closely at William.

It couldn’t be the same, or could it? After all, he had found some good shags in the strangest of places, why not at an evangelical road show? It wasn’t like they did any background checks when they took your money for the tickets, so anything was possible. And there was no mistaking that little lick of the lips after the eyes had taken a few seconds in staring at his crotch.

As the whole meeting or performance took shape, he began to wonder, if maybe he had been wrong. The way William would stand up, like the rest, how his hand would be upraised, his head tilted back and eyes shut. It was like most of the others, and he couldn’t help but notice how many had tears streaming down their faces, as they stood up, swaying a little. It was all so strange, so cult like that he felt his fears taking hold.

It was a different fear, than he was used to. In some ways, it was more frightening than thinking about what it would be like if the bungee cord broke, or if the parachute didn’t open. It made his legs tremble, and it gave him the cold shivers, just thinking of being outed amongst all these faithful believers. Still, as he listened to the music, to the endless speeches or sermons, he couldn’t shake the notion that there was something different about William.

As the day dragged on, he couldn’t help but notice how William would steal glances at him. How when he would stand up, he could feel Williams eyes on his butt, checking it out. Nor how he would turn his head away when he would turn to look at William. It was as if he didn’t want to be seen, looking. What was worse for Daniel, was how each time he would think about it, he’d get a bit stiff.

Normally that wouldn’t bother him, but he wasn’t wearing his usual garb of denim. He had dressed up, wearing some casual pants, and every time he got a boner, they would tent up. He was fairly certain that William had noticed, definitely certain that the short brunette on the other side of him had noticed. Strange, because that would normally make him happy, yet here, he felt afraid, paranoid in a sense.

In his head, he knew that the worst that would happen would that he’d be asked to leave, yet somehow in his heart, he felt like he was in physical danger if found out. He couldn’t shake that feeling, which kept his occasional boners to a minimum. Still, he was a typical 21 year old, in that something cute got a reaction. And there were some cute ones out there.

The more time dragged on, the more his eyes wandered. He couldn’t help but notice that people seemed to get up and leave at will, that there was a constant flow of people up and down the aisles. Still, there were always people standing, hands up in the air, and when they would sit, the people next to them would always pat them on the back. It was all weird, as if they had some inner knowledge of what the person standing had been thinking. It also was a bit unnerving. Did the pimply little brunette on his right know what he was thinking? Did William?

The notion that William might know about how he was turned on by his presence, made him take a quick look. It also made him tremble a little, as he found himself staring right into Williams face. It was a handsome face, one that had made him ache a bit, at first, which only seemed to grow, as they had talked throughout the day. While he knew William had checked him out, he really hadn’t. He had been to petrified but now, looking right at him, he found his eyes slowly moving downwards, slowly checking the young man’s features, beyond his face.

He couldn’t help but notice his chest, not overly muscular, but it filled the knit shirt he was wearing out nicely. He could see the nipples sticking out. His eyes stared at that, wondering why they were looking so erect. Then he just moved on, wondering how it would feel to run his hand across the flat stomach, to feel the hidden muscles rolling from his touch.

All the thoughts were making him perspire, as his eyes refused to stop their searching, to stop their prying. He felt his whole body shudder as he finally looked at William’s crotch, at the obvious bulge that was showing. He couldn’t help himself, as he licked his lips, moistening them out of nervous habit. Then his eyes darted back up, to see the slight curl to William’s lips. It was almost like he knew what he was doing, and was approving of it.

His eyes moved back down, and for an instant he thought they were playing tricks. The bulge seemed thicker, seemed more pronounced than before, but that couldn’t be. If true, it would mean that in this pride of Lions, he had found one that had the same tastes as he did. It wasn’t possible, yet that bulge, the way the pants just seemed to have a tell tale hump to it at the crotch, was undeniable.

Daniel couldn’t help but wonder what was behind that bulge. Was it thick, long, or was it both? Could it be uncut or would it have a large or small cap from being circumcised? Thinking about it was giving him his own boner, and somehow he just knew that the kid next to him would notice. Turning around, he caught the flash of hair moving, and he knew that he had almost caught him. Still, it was William that had his interest and as he turned back, he found William bending towards him.

There is a nice coffee shop a block from here, interested in a bit of a break?

The words said one thing, but in his mind he was hearing something different. It was almost as if he was hearing himself, in one of those countless situations when he had tried to make contact, to get the ball rolling, so to speak.

Yeah, I could use a break.

I rather thought so, uh, just follow me.

Before he could ask what he meant by that remark, William was moving out and he quickly moved to keep up. It was weird, following him, and seeing him move so quickly. It was as if there was some fire or something behind, but he couldn’t help but notice how firm his ass looked. It was the first time he really got a good glance at him, and it only made an already hard boner, a bit harder.

Walking behind, he couldn’t help but wonder why he was so attracted to the guy. It wasn’t like he had any outstanding features, any special look or stance that made him stand out, and yet he did. It was all odd, as he tried to keep up to the other guy, thinking of what it was that had him willing to go out for a coffee with an obvious untouchable? Like yes, he was horny, but he wasn’t stupid. He knew there wouldn’t be anything else to it, other than maybe a pitch to join some club. After all, that was how it worked, or did it?

Mind you he was enjoying the walk, the fresh air. It also was rather pleasant, to follow behind, to watch those butt cheeks move as William walked. It let him dream, which he figured wasn’t so bad. Okay, it might keep him a bit hard, but he could always explain that away by all the females they were passing. So he let his imagination run free, thinking about how it would be to peel those pants off, to lower whatever underwear he was wearing.

For his money, he figured they would be tidy whities, simply because of his association with all those bible thumpers. Then again, the way he walked, the way his own basket hadn’t shown so fully, maybe he was a boxer man? He loved that game, trying to guess what was worn underneath, but he doubted he’d ever find out. Still, the notion that he was wearing nothing but white jockey shorts, holding his basket tightly in place, was a rather intriguing thought.

Then too he wondered if William was cut or not? The fact that he was with all those religious types tended to make him think he would be cut, but he had known a few who weren’t. There were those Mormon twins he had met awhile back. Neither of them were cut, and man, could they fuck. It was like being in a whirlwind, the way both of them took after him.

He had never been so satisfied as when those two had gotten down to business. The one, Jason, loved to suck cock, while Mark, well he was a butt man. He loved to play with Daniel’s ass, while his twin brother was working on Daniel’s cock. Geez, the way he had sucked him was amazing. How he had simply gone down, and swallowed him whole, then the fun really began.

Both of them were blonds, short cut above the ears. They both had the cutest dimples you could ever hope for, and the way their Adam’s apples bobbed when they were excited, was thrilling. To see it move up and down their long necks, to see the skin move, gave him an instant hard on. And they noticed it too, which naturally made them more excited, which got that Adam’s apple moving even faster.

Slender, though Mark was a bit chunkier around the middle, but it didn’t matter. Both of them were well built, had great bodies, and naked, they were more than a handful. The way their thighs would quiver, as they stood there, letting him drink in their natural beauty, was a sight he wished he could have again.

Too bad they had moved away, because the few times they had met, was like heaven on earth. How Jason could suck, make him come right up to the very edge of cumming, then let him down, keeping every drop inside, until he was ready. It was both intensely pleasurable, as it was painful. To get so close, then to be pushed back, was hard on him, even while brother Mark was doing his ass.

Each time they had sex, he didn’t know if he was coming or going. The way they played him, kept him on edge, bringing him closer each time, then making him fall back, only to bring him back. It was the stuff dreams were made of, as he could attest to. He still dreamed of those twins, of the way Jason could take his cock, then his balls, and make them ache, and throb at the same time.

How his tongue would work his cock to the point where it felt like it would either fall off from the heat, or simply explode from the rushing blood. It had made him so horny, that when finally Jason would let him shoot his load, it was always both a relief, and a very draining moment. He never could sit up right after shooting his load with those two, and yet they could.

He could still feel the thrill as his whole body would shake, tremble with the mounting pressure inside. It would be like how a mountain must feel, just before the volcano would erupt. The steam, the pressure inside, it all fit, until that precious moment when he would hear his voice screaming, here his heart thundering, as his whole body shook and shuddered.

How his legs would ache, tighten to where they would hurt, yet the rushing of his blood would dull the pain, push it aside, as the orgasm built inside. He could still feel it, still feel the rush of excitement inside, as his body was finally allowed to surrender to its needs. The way his arms would shake, his head roll on his shoulders, all of it merely adding to the excitement, to the moment when finally his body just couldn’t hold back.

The way the twins would know, how the lips over his cock would tighten, or how the tongue in his ass would dig deeper at just the right moment, so they too could experience every part of his orgasm. It was totally unreal, as they would always know, could sense that exact moment.

It wasn’t just how good they could do him, it was also how good they made him do them. It was like a circus act, the way they could move around, to where he would be sucking on one of their long throbbing uncut cocks, to when suddenly he was sucking the other’s cock. How they would make his cheeks clench, as they would rub their cocks across his shaking buttocks.

Those two were never a quick fuck, but were hours upon hours of pure sex. Maybe William was like that? He sort of tried to compare him to the twins, but he just couldn’t. Somehow he didn’t think William was the kind to be uninhibited as the twins were. And for the record, they both wore those tight boxers, that looked like spandex. Man it sure showed off their packages, which always seemed to be straining at the fabric.

As he struggled to regain his composure, to not let the raging hard on grow or worse, take him to that place in his head again, he smiled. He tried to focus on William, realizing that his first meeting with the twins, was also because of a dare. Maybe he’d be as lucky this time around? Now that would be worth the hours he had spent listening to all that Glory Talk.

It had been a fair walk and he had enjoyed every minute of it, thinking of the twins, of William, as they rounded the corner, to see a closed up coffee shop. He felt a bit deflated, but was surprised when William pulled out some keys, and continued towards the front door. Daniel watched as he opened the door, and reached around to enter some code in the alarm system, then stood aside to let him enter.

Nice place, your family own it or something?

No, just where I work in the summer. The owner is down in Florida for the winter.

Daniel watched as William filled up a coffee pot, then began to make the coffee. It was strange, to watch how easily he moved around behind the counter, from the sink to the coffee machine and back. His eyes couldn’t help but notice his hips move, how they seemed to just glide from side to side, as he turned to do this and that, while making the coffee. It was so effortless, rather erotic too. Least his body seemed to think so, still aroused from his recollection of the twins.

He noticed the way William was looking at him, and it made him suddenly think of the Twins. His cock was still rather excited, as he stared up at William, who placed a steaming cup of coffee down in front of him. He pulled up a stool from behind the cash register, and sat down, looking at his own cup of coffee. Daniel watched as he just stared at the brown liquid, then glance up to find him looking at him. He seemed to be nervous, as if about to make a giant announcement or something.

He waited, as William looked back down at the coffee, swirled in some sugar, then without even looking up he made Daniel almost fall of the stool he was sitting on.

What’s a gay guy doing coming to a Revival Meeting?

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