Fiction – Barney’s Dalliance

Barney’s Dalliance

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Another month over, another month where he led the pack in sales. It felt good, to know that his streak of making the most sales was intact. It had been close last month, but he pulled it out of the fire, and damn it felt good to have that extra cash too. There was no doubt now, that he was the ‘man’ as they said.

For a record 16 months he had out sold everyone else in the shop. The boss was happy, so was his bank account. His days of living from pay check to pay check were gone, and he had the cash in the bank to prove it. Only 35, but he had more liquid cash than guys in their fifties. He could out sell them too, and he knew how to work the body language, something they couldn’t.

Barney worked out each morning. He jogged to the local gym, lifted weights, used the equipment, then jogged to work. At first the guys had joked, a guy selling cars jogs to work, but it kept him in shape. He still looked like he was maybe 22 or 23, and it paid off. It got the older crowd drooling, and that meant sales.

He wasn’t tall, didn’t have any special features that would make him stand out, other than his fit body. He didn’t have any fat showing, no rolls of blubber over his belt, like a few of the other salesmen. His butt was firm, and he filled out his clothes just right. His pecs showed in the knit shirts he liked to wear, and the pants were always well formed around his waist, buttocks and upper thighs.

For those who were into guys, he was an attraction. For those women who wanted youth, he fit the bill. It all added up to having the best of both worlds, and frankly sex was just a tool of the trade. If a woman wanted to brush past his firm butt, or some guy, he didn’t care. If it helped make the sale, it was worth it. He didn’t feel repulsed by either advance, and to be frank, he had a lot of fun making those sales. No matter the personal price.

His boss would have a fit if he knew just how many of the straight laced customers he had bedded, before and after making the sale. Hell, there were still a few he saw and while they were enamoured by him, he didn’t have feelings either way. Sure some where good in bed, like Sheila. Then too, there was Frank. He was just as good in bed as Sheila, if not better and to Barney, that was what counted.

Old man Stanley was a horror in bed, so was that creep Jon Paul, but both had bought some rather expensive models, so he kept them happy. Didn’t matter to him, as long as when it came time to buy, they did, and from him. His friends thought he was a bit merciless, but a guy had to eat, and he enjoyed Filet, not ground chuck.

Now Rodney was different, way different. To begin with he was Jon Paul’s latest fling, a real looker too. He was maybe 24 or 25, had ear length brown hair. His face was perfect, not a blemish on it, and the little ear ring that dangled from his left ear was unique. It was a simple but expensive piece of jewellery, that was obvious a gift from one of his admirers.

He had the brightest pair of semi green eyes, that seemed to just held your attention as he would look you over. The tiny sparkle inside drew you in, made you ignore everyone else around. The thin lips, always set in a sort of semi pout were attractive, and always so inviting. The way he would lick the lower lip or corner, when talking, was most attractive. The thin nose, that only flared when his eyes were fixed on you, added to the sense of danger, of excitement, that seemed to be Rodney. Course he preferred to be called Ron, but Barney knew his full name, from the paperwork.

It had been a risk too, to fall for someone like Rodney, given his association with Jon Paul. Yet too, that was part of the attraction, to be with someone like Rodney and knowing how angry it would make Jon Paul. That too gave him a bit of satisfaction, to be bedding Ron, right under Jon Paul’s nose. Course if they ever got caught, it could be dicey.

Still, as he surveyed the lot, looking for someone to kick start the month’s sales with, he couldn’t help but think of Rodney. How their last little fling had been amazingly hot. Taking it up the ass had never been one of his pleasures, and for the most part, the old guys preferred to bottom for him, which suited him just fine. After all, he was in it for the sale, not because he liked it. Least that was what he kept telling himself, but with Ron, it seemed different.

The feeling inside, when Ron had turned him over, had lifted his legs up in the air, and grabbed the Condoms. It all made him shake, even now. He also could feel it excite him, which was a rarity. Money excited him, power excited him, but sex? That rarely excited him, and for him, thinking of how much his commission would be, is what got him aroused. It is what gave him the raging erection that had pleased several different people, women and men.

With Ron, it seemed so different. To begin with, he didn’t need to think of commissions, to get erect. His average tool seemed to be always ready for Ron, always in a state of erection. In some ways, that bothered him, in others it didn’t. He didn’t think it made him queer, but at times he did wonder. Specially after a night with Ron, who had ways that just made him quiver, even long after he had returned to Jon Paul’s bed.

Perhaps it really was just the thrill, the risk, that got him so excited, so ready for anything. Ron certainly liked that, to play, to touch, to experiment. It was an odd night, when they would meet, when they would have sex. There was little doubt in Barney’s mind as to why Jon Paul had Ron around. The guy knew how to make you feel special, make you feel so amazing, afterwards. He felt drained, even now, as he watched an old couple walking along the line of new cars.

From just looking at them, he knew that they were shopping, and that he’d wait till they were down the line, towards the less expensive models. He was good at that, just as Ron was good at making him horny. He couldn’t stop thinking of him, of how he wanted to see him again, how the last time was so special.

Didn’t matter how many times either, each last meeting always made him yearn for another, and another. He grinned, feeling like he was back in College. Still, the notion of him and Ron, was tantalizing. He wouldn’t mind having him as a steady, but the risks. Damn they were hard to ignore, though each time they met he managed.

Maybe it was that long uncut cock, or those pure white butt cheeks? Could be the firm nipples or the rolling muscles of his stomach, or maybe it was just the whole package? Whatever it was, it had him hooked. He was so much older than Ron, but for some reason, it never seemed to matter, other than in their horsing around. The way Ron would call him old, afraid to take risks. It was a good line too, which always resulted in him giving in to Ron’s wishes, like last night.

God, it was still unbelievable, at how they had horsed around, had played. The way they would laugh together, then suddenly embrace and hold each other, as if their very lives depended on holding on. It was odd, how it made him feel so safe, so secure, and yet, also afraid.

The smell, from the cologne that was $50 an ounce and the sweat, still hung in his memory, as did the whole evening. It had been amazing, to just lay in his bed, to run his hand down the lanky body, to see the fine hairs on his body stand up to his caress, to feel the muscles below his touch quiver. It made him hard, just thinking about it now.

How Ron had rubbed his crotch up against the side of his leg, how he had ran his hand along Barney’s chest, tweaking the nipples, twisting them every now and then. How he had kissed him, tenderly one moment, hard and violently passionate another time. How he simply kept switching from gentle to urgent, all were part of just being with him.

The soft words whispered into his ear, then the sudden licking of his ear lobe, of the tongue swirling around inside, then the teeth nibbling at his lobe. It was all fresh in his mind, as he stood there now. He could feel the rush of air even now. He could feel his body shake, feel it tremble as the tongue would lick around, and then under his chin, then suddenly find Ron’s lips pressed against his own.

How he had suddenly be on top of him, his whole body pressing down on his, while his hands moved up and down his sides. The lips pressing harder, the tongue pushing Barney’s lips apart, to work its way deep down into his mouth. When he had taken his face between both hands, and kissed him so hard he thought he would fall through the bed, had made him moan. Had made his whole body shake.

Ron slid his body up and down, his hard cock rubbing his, the heat almost burning his own flesh. How it felt, to feel the pre cum on his belly, as Ron’s erect penis slid back and forth, moving all over him. The way he kissed him, touched him, all of it made him sweat, made every nerve inside tingle.

It was natural, to feel his body taking charge, to feel his own desires being in control. The touch of fingers near his crotch, the touch of those moist lips across the hollow of his neck, all made him shiver, made him moan. The feel of the hands grabbing hold underneath his thighs, of them holding his flesh, then pulling them apart, to spread his legs. Every part of it was like being on a roller coaster. One minute ready to explode, another just aching, anticipating the coming thrills.

Waves of pleasure were rolling all through his body. Every nerve was tingling, twitching even, as Ron would kiss him, would lick at the base of his cock, as if worshipping it. It was like some ritual, how he would lick around, at the balls beneath, but not touch the shaft. It made him ache in ways he had never felt before, it made him beg too. He could still hear himself, begging Ron to suck him, to take him.

He couldn’t believe how much he ached, how even his rectum was twitching, was aching. His cock had never been so hard, as it was last night, as Ron licked around it, at his pubic hairs, at the insides of his thighs. Barney could still feel the thrill, still feel the almost painful rush of pleasure that was transmitted through his whole body. It made his leg shake, twitch. Even now, hours later, he still felt the thrill, the excitement.

For a second he closed his eyes, and there before him was it all being replayed. He could see the head moving, feel the tongue as it licked around, then suddenly moved up the underside of his cock. He felt the raspy edge as it slowly licked up until it was right at his cock head. Barney felt his body shudder, as the tongue moved around and over, tasting his pre cum, and not even stopping. There was the sensation of pure pleasure that made every part of him quiver, made him beg for more.

God he must have sounded like a little kid, the way he had begged, and pleaded with Ron. And it was then that he felt his legs being pushed up, pushed back up over him, to spread apart his buttocks. Barney felt his buttocks slide up, felt the two hands moved up and down the back of his thighs, then slide over to his upraised buttock.

His cock was banging on his own stomach, his balls were suddenly pushed upwards, and then he felt the hot breath against his cheeks. ‘Oh Christ’ he had called out to the empty room, as Ron’s tongue flicked out, tasting the side of his buttocks. Strange new feelings were suddenly racing up and down his spine. His legs were shaking, as he felt Ron between his legs. The way he moved, the way he had both hands holding his legs way up in the air, while his face buried itself between his upraised cheeks.

It was too much, it made him moan, groan, and squirm. The touch of his tongue, the press of his lips against his anus was too much. Never had he felt such a thrill, as the tongue curled up, then poked at his hole, at his very insides. No one had ever touched him that way, never dared. He felt himself quiver, felt the rolling tremors that seemed to only grow in intensity, as Ron’s tongue licked at him, dug past the very hole itself.

His head rolled from side to side, as Ron licked him. Then it was the gone, a finger had moved inside, then another, and he cried out, in total rapture. ‘More’ he begged, as he struggled with the probing fingers inside. ‘Oh yes, more, more’ he had cried out, and Ron had given him more.

The fingers inside pushed, drew back, then pushed back even harder. They twisted around, making him bite his lip, still moaning for more. They moved slow, then jabbed in and out like a boxer spotting an opening. Hard quick thrusts, in, then out. He felt his insides quivering, felt himself begging for more and more. It was insane, he never let anyone touch him this way, never let anyone probe his very insides as he was begging Ron to do.

Trojan CondomsBarney could feel the wild beat of his heart, even as he heard the ripping sound of plastic. Even as he knew that Ron wasn’t going to let him off this easy. And he didn’t care, he wanted it, he was begging for it. Even for the brief moments when the fingers were out, when the condom was being slid down Ron’s throbbing cock, he still wanted it, afraid of it, but desperate for it.

Thinking about it now, it was no different. He hated having done it, and yet couldn’t wait for the next time. His mind still was replaying it, still showing him the sweat dripping from Ron’s forehead, falling onto Barney’s own trembling chest. The way it was heaving, the way Barney was grasping for air, was all in front of him, once more.

His body had ached, felt empty while Ron got ready, while he positioned himself, so he could stare down into Barney’s face, while he entered him. It was exciting, in its own way, as he felt the press of Ron’s cock against his body.

The touch of it sent shock waves through his whole body. He felt the shaking, as the cock was pushed between his cheeks, as he lifted his own hands up, to pull back on his legs, to spread himself open even more for Ron. As the cock was pushed upwards, buried between his butt cheeks, he could feel the drops of sweat falling onto him. He looked at Ron, saw the way his face was constricted, the way his eyes were narrowed, almost slanted even. How the nostrils on his nose flared as he pushed the cock up towards Barney’s rectum.

Then he saw how the eyes began to shine, as the glint inside grew the instant that Ron’s cock was pressing up against Barney’s tight virgin hole. He felt his body grow very still, as every muscle tensed. It was like someone had wound them all up, beyond the safe limits. His whole body was like that, the muscles aching as they waited, as they tightened eve more.

The veins on his arms were bulging, as he felt his eyes lock onto Ron’s own eyes, that now peered down at him. Through the wet strands of hair, he saw the glint, saw the desire too. He could feel it, feel it as his heart was silent, as his chest held his lungs back, as he held his breath. The way the eyes just looked deep into him, he knew he wanted it, knew he couldn’t hold on much longer.

It was at that moment, when Ron let his body plunge forward, as he let his body drive his wedged cock deep into Barney’s body. The pain was unbelievable. For a second he thought he’d pass out, as it just filled his whole body. The cock drove in hard, ignored every restraining muscle inside of him, and he cried out. He could hear the echo of his scream, then the loud cries to stop, that fell on deaf ears.

His body felt like it had been pierced by a rocket. The long tube of Ron’s cock ploughed deep into him, making his insides quiver. It sliced through, making Barney tremble. Even as he cried for Ron to stop, he was pounding the bed and his body was lifting upwards, taking it all. As he felt the cock stop, his body shook, shuddered so hard that it made him moan, and his eyes. Oh god how Ron’s eyes looked, at that moment, when he looked down at Barney pleading. It was then that Barney knew he didn’t want it to stop, that he wanted to feel even more, that the harsh pain of penetration wasn’t pain, but a new form of pleasure, that he hadn’t experienced fully before.

It was just a thought, but he could see Ron recognize it, seize it as the hard cock inside began to pull out, and panic gripped him. He didn’t want it to be taken out, he wanted it inside. His voice cried out, and before he could even form the words, he felt Ron pushing back, driving his throbbing cock back into him.

He felt the hips pushing, felt them slide from side to side, as the cock drove deeper into him. He felt the pain, felt the pleasure. It all made him crazy, made him sweat more and more, as he felt his insides turn to mush. The hard throbbing pole made his whole insides quiver, made every nerve inside tingle. Barney could hear himself, begging for it harder, begging for it deeper. It didn’t make sense, as he lay there, feeling the cock go in and out, feel it become like the end of a jack hammer.

Looking up he could see the glazed look in Ron’s face, the way the hair dangled down, the way the sweat simply poured down onto him from Ron. He felt how his own body was shaking, how his own cock had already covered his belly with its cream. Not even that had penetrated his thoughts, as all he could feel was the thick pole throbbing.

The way it moved effortlessly inside of him, how it stretched his very insides, pushing his lining away, as it filled him. In and out it went, faster and faster, until he felt like his body was being invaded by steel girders. Each thrust made him cry out, made him grit his teeth. Blood from his lower lip curled down the corner, as he still cried for more, still demanded it harder, as Ron willingly acquiesced.

His whole insides were in a raging inferno. His body was on fire, as the hard pounding seemed to go on for hours and hours, but it hadn’t. The moment he felt suddenly empty, was replaced by the hard splatter across his upper chest, then his stomach. His eyes stared up, then down his trembling body, to catch the stream of cum flying from the unwrapped cock. He saw the tiny hole expand, saw it widen, then fill with white, that came flying out, towards him. His eyes bugged out, as he watched the final stream of Ron’s cum fly out, to lay splattered across his own belly.

It had taken them both nearly an hour, to be able to move, to just look at each other. The cum long dried, still crusted his naked stomach, as Ron dressed. He didn’t want him to leave, and even now, he wished he had spent the night. As he watched the old couple moving towards the economy line of cars, he really did wish Ron would leave Jon Paul, would be just his, but as he headed to greet the two older people, he knew it would never be.

He simply couldn’t afford Ron, least not yet. Putting on a warm smile, adjusting his pants to push aside his erection, he called out to the older couple.

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