Fiction – Joe the Painter

Joe the Painter

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Part of him wished he could have gone with his folks up to the cabin for the week, but then he had met Harley & Joe, the two painters his folks had hired to redo the living room and dining area. His disappointment at being asked to stay, to supervise, dissipated the instant he had laid eyes on Joe.

Coming home for spring break and going to the family cabin had been on his mind for months, and it had been dashed by his mother’s penchant for decorating. How his father had put up with it for all those years still puzzled him, but then his father was a puzzle to him. Even now, at the ripe old age of 22, he didn’t understand him.

It wasn’t like he was dense, he did pretty good in business, was what one would call successful, if the house and all was any indication. Yet he never seemed to stand up to her, but then not many ever did. Those foolish enough to try quickly learned how formidable she could be.

Yet as they had left that morning, the way his father had looked at him, had asked if he was sure he didn’t mind staying, made him wonder just what did his father know? He had that knack, of seeing beyond, getting into a person’s head, but there was no way he could know, not about that. The one thing Vince had learned a long time ago, was how to deflect certain questions, how to cover what he truly felt.

For him it was about survival. All those private schools, the forced endurance at camps for the elite of their society, had taught him a lot. He knew how to hide, how to present one thing, while seeking the exact opposite. College had only heightened that sense of self protection, so no way, not a chance that even his father could know, still. The way he had looked, it was uncanny, but somehow Vince felt like he did know.

He shrugged it off, as he opened the door to the boys. Harley was the senior of the two, and was all business. If there was one word needed to describe Harley, it would be Focussed. He was almost 20, had a solid build to him, though the shaggy brown hair didn’t seem to match his demeanor.

It was his focus that had impressed his mother, which wasn’t easy to do. She had given Harley the job, while at the same time pointing out to Vince that he should be a bit more focussed, like Harley appeared to be. Just like her, and it wasn’t said in private either. He rather did resent her lectures at times, but then he met Joe, Harley’s assistant.

Joe didn’t impress his mother, but he sure impressed Vince. He was just 18, had the same shaggy brown hair, though a bit lighter due to his time in the sun. His skin was more bronzed than Harley’s, and it was a surprise when he found out Joe was actually Harley’s younger brother. In some ways they looked alike, but not in attitude.

While Harley used his words sparingly, Joe was like a non stop faucet of jabber. Not only was he more personable, but damn he had a nice body. One toned by his constant surfing, and being out in the sun. Just one of the few tidbits that had come gushing out from a mouth that just seemed to beg to be kissed. Least that was how Vince saw it.

The disappointment of not going to the cabin for the week was eased by the knowledge that he’d be seeing Joe. To be able to just take him in, to watch him move around would be worth staying in town for. Then too, he did have the wild idea of maybe doing a bit more than just watching.

Maybe it was a gaydar thing, or something, but he felt a connection with Joe, sort of as if they were on the same wave length. The way Joe would stare at him, when talking about surfing, about the time he lost his shorts. How his eyes had strayed down towards Vince’s crotch, just couldn’t be coincidence. It had to have been deliberate, just as his own eyes had checked the 18 year old out, while he talked about it. Specially the part where his fellow surfers razzed him, which seemed to get a bit of rise in the jeans he wore.

While it could be an over active imagination, there was something about how Joe looked at him, talked to him. The way he seemed to never talk about the girls on the beach, only how the ‘dudes’ liked his style or such. Vince could agree to that, as Joe was hot. He had nice sun bleached shaggy hair, locks that seemed to curl naturally, giving him a bit of a girlish look.

Though staring at him, there was nothing girlish about his build. For an eighteen year old, he was built. Nice long legs, that were solid looking, least the way they filled out the jeans indicated as much. His shirt, always a tight fitting t-shirt seemed to highlight his flat stomach and rather well developed chest. Not bad for an eighteen year old, or hell, a twenty two year old. The guy was solid, the arms full, but it was his face that made Vince drool.

The soft golden skin, nary a pimple or even a sign of stubble, as so many wore these days. Smooth as a baby’s bottom some would say, but he didn’t care what they’d say, if he could just run his hand down the side, feel his lips touch that perfect mouth. He would die a happy man, if Joe was his last fling on earth. And that was from just seeing him twice, and now he would be more or less alone with him for a week.

His problem was how to get him alone, to get him away from Harley. Then too, to shag him with another guy around, well that too was getting him a bit excited. The thrill of doing someone like Joe, of being caught, was a rush. It made for an interesting problem, and here they were, ready to begin work and he without a plan of attack, yet.

As he tried to think of some scheme, to be alone with Joe, he began to pick up on the strange vibes between both of them. It was while they were putting the fancy furniture into the centre of the room, to drape with protective plastic, that he first picked up that not all was well among the brothers. The way Harley seemed more terse than normal, even a bit angry, while Joe seemed to be a bit more stand offish. Sort of as if they had a fight, and were still fighting, without really saying much.

It was more obvious when they had all the stuff stacked, and covered, and Joe asked him if there was someplace for him to change. Harley glared, and sort of seemed ready to explode, but Joe just ignored him. It also was an opening that Vince seized, suggesting he could use his old room.

Leaving to head upstairs, Harley was shaking his head, and glaring, but seemed like he had accepted defeat. Least that was how Vince was seeing it, and somehow it looked like Joe to was taking it that way. To say it was odd, was an understatement as they made their way up to Vince’s room, where he let him in, just allowing to door to more or less close behind him. He really was enthralled by how good Joe looked in those jeans.

Standing in the room, he was about to leave, when Joe turned around, yapping as usual, but now his eyes focused on Vince, as he also reached behind, to shut the door firmly, to hear it latch. Rather a surprising move, that got Vince’s pulse racing a little.

Before he could even think of speaking, he noticed Joe was already stripping his shirt off. It was as if the guy had wanted him to stay, to watch, which only made the pulse race a bit more. He was a bit taken aback, as he noticed Joe undo his pants, and unzip them. It was then that he began to hear the words, the mile a minute talking that was now talking about him, about how Joe was attracted to him, how he hoped he didn’t mind him being so forward, but he didn’t believe in wasting time beating around the bush.

It was all so fast, so hurried that he wasn’t sure he was hearing him right, and only managed a few stuttering half words, that got him a huge warm smile. It was amazing, but it was like the sun had just burst into the room, and he found himself laughing, feeling totally relaxed, though lost as to what was really going on.

The sound of metal thudding on the floor made him wake up, or at least come out of his trance. There he was, in his room, and there was Joe, standing nearly nude in front of him, his eyes bearing into his, and he felt like he was totally out of his league. The golden skin seemed to just glow as he stared at it, then as his eyes moved down, he saw the white jockey shorts, tented and looking very full.

The hair on his thighs was nearly white, bleached by the sun, but it was the huge tent shape that held his eyes, that made him blink several times. It wasn’t a dream, what he had heard had been correct, the guy wasn’t joking when he said he didn’t beat around the bush. He was stripping, expecting some action, which was beyond Vince’s own fantasies. Looking up at Joe, he saw the smile, the glint in the eyes, and without even realizing it, he was undoing his own pants, pushing them down his legs, as if his hands were acting out of impulse.

As he bent over to pull his pants off his feet, Joe asked if he had any Condoms. He looked up, to see he had already taken the shorts off. Staring at him was a huge cock, fully erect. Joe had one hand stroking it, slowly. It was like a huge spear, the way he kept stroking it, aiming it at Vince. Gulping, he managed to croak that he had some by the bed.

Trojan CondomsJoe only smiled as he turned and walked over. He found the Condoms, and just grinned as he turned towards Vince, talking still, telling him how he liked men who didn’t ask a lot of questions. He kept stroking his cock, that Vince couldn’t stop staring at, while he finished undressing. Standing upright, he felt a bit awkward, realizing is cock was not even close to the size of the weapon being aimed at him.

The low whistle made him feel rather proud, though he knew it wasn’t as big as Joe’s seemed to be. It also began to dawn on him, he was about to bottom for a guy he barely knew, and that wasn’t like him. He rarely bottomed for anyone, and only when he really knew them. Yet looking at Joe, the way he held the condom in one hand, his cock in the other, he knew he was about to be ridden like he had never experienced before.

All he could do was grin, as he walked towards the bed, and climb on, looking over his shoulder as Joe merely smiled. Vince saw Joe’s white teeth, the way his nostrils were flaring as he kept checking Vince out, specially his ass. He had to admit to himself, it was one of his better body features, as he turned to lay on the bed, and spread his legs apart. He put his head to one side, grabbing his pillow, and stuffing it under his chest, as he felt the bed creak, sag a little as Joe climbed up behind him.

The first touch of his hands on his back made his whole body tingle. His eyes flickered as he tried to stare back, as the hand moved along his back, then down his cheek, and down his leg. Damn, it felt so soft, so light, that it was giving him the shivers. The way the fingers were just barely touching his skin, brushing lightly over his leg hairs, making them tingle, along with every nerve in his body.

Vince felt like he was in some dream world. Every touch by Joe was so soft, so sensual, he couldn’t believe it, nor the way his body was feeling from it. The lightest touch, and his legs would tremble, the slightest pressure and he found his legs spreading open wider. The pain in his ass was unreal, as he felt the anticipation building up inside.

He wasn’t a fun of being poked, yet as Joe seemed to prepare him, he was almost ready to start begging for it. The way his two cheeks were twitching, the sort of strange ache between them, making him sweat a little. It was abnormal for him to feel this way, as the fingers just moved up and down his legs, then down and around between. The way the tip of the finger slid across his cheeks, just a bit below the surface of them, not really along the actual valley.

Vince felt his body shaking, felt the rising anticipation, as the finger moved down, then lightly across the base or root of his cock, then along the scrotum, to tease his balls. He felt them shiver, felt the tremor coming as the fingers moved lightly over his testicles, then back up, more inside, more forceful.

The finger pressed up, spreading his cheeks, making them tremble, as it slid upwards, towards his puckered hole. The tip of the finger found it, then slowly circled around it, teasing it, making it quiver, then it went away, further up. He relaxed just for a second, but that was enough, as suddenly the finger was back down, at his hole, and this time it pressed inwards, it spread the hole open, and in a corkscrew motion, was suddenly inside, digging past his surprised muscles.

He cried out, stunned by how quick the penetration was. His body shook, as it also sunk down further into the bed. Groaning, he could feel the finger deep inside of him, pushing his insides wider, and wiggling around, as it slid along the velvet like lining of his hole. It stopped, then began to slide out, as his buttocks quivered, and just when it felt like it would come all the way out, it was suddenly joined by a second finger. It spread his hole even wider, gave him a quick jolt of pain, that was quickly replaced by racing tremors of pleasure.

Both fingers moved in fast, hard and fast, then back out, then in. It was like a mini jack hammer, as he felt them dig in, then pull out, then come back inside, twisting a little, then stop. He felt Joe’s knuckles up near his hole, felt the whole hand spreading his cheeks as well as hearing the man’s grunts, as he twisted his hand around.

Vince could feel himself breathing hard, his chest was starting to hurt, as Joe dug his fingers in hard, then pulled them out, before driving them in again, and again. It made him squirm a bit, then it was over. The pressure was gone, as he drank in the air, filling his nearly empty lungs. Sweat was dripping off his forehead, onto the bed, as he relaxed, but only for a moment. He heard the rip of plastic, and he knew what was coming.

In his mind, he could still see that massive cock, the way it wasn’t dwarfed by the hand that was stroking it, aiming it at him. He could see the rippling veins that surrounded that thick piece of meat, and he bit his lower lip, wondering if he could even take half it, let alone all of it. His legs twitched, as he felt the sudden press of something hot and thick between his cheeks. He heard the spit, then the wet finger push into his hole, then the hard pole was being slid down, wedged tightly between his cheeks.

Gritting his teeth, he waited an eternity, or so it felt, as the massive cock was slowly pushed down between his cheeks. He could feel his legs tighten, feel the muscles grow taut as the hot cock was slid down over his tiny little pink hole. The muscles around were tight, tingling from what was about to happen. He felt it press, felt the enormous pressure of the cock head all across his little hole. He wanted to cry out, to stop it, to not take it, but instead he bit his lower lip. His legs grew even more taut, his muscles even tighter, as Joe began to slowly press down.

Kai Rj from Blake MasonGradually he felt the young man’s weight pressing on him, felt the huge cock splitting his hole open, forcing the muscles back, shredding them even, as the thick head began to enter him. Tears welled up in his eyes, sweat was now pouring from every pore in his body. Every single muscle inside of him was wound up tighter than possible. The pain wasn’t a quick jolt, Joe was making him earn the moment. Torturing him really, as he slowly fed his cock into him, slowly making the muscles release, slowly making him feel the penetrating pain.

It was like a rolling peal of thunder. His body shook, as the cock pressed into him, opening him wider than it had ever been opened. His legs automatically tried to spread further apart, and Vince felt like a wishbone, about to be snapped.

The pain was constant, hard and menacing, yet as it continued to fill his mind, it also felt bearable. It was hard, but it was something his body was willing to accept, to even get accustomed to. His hands were balled up into fists, and he kept clenching them, then releasing them, then clenching them, as Joe continued to slowly feed Vince his cock. It hurt, ached, and then suddenly the worst seemed over, as the cock head was past his muscle, now inside.

In a slow but constant motion, the whole cock was slid deep into his body. He cried out now, feeling the release of his emotions. His chest ached, his heart was pounding as his legs quivered, as the whole cock was gradually driven into him. His cheeks were shaking, sweating too, and the drops of sweat were filling and running around the thick pole stuck inside of him. Vince was moaning, as Joe began to slowly pull out, then push back in. It was slow and careful, and methodical.

His body began to tremble, as he felt the slow rhythm like motion, and soon began to move in sync with it. As Joe would push down, his body would push up, as Joe pulled out, his body would fall down. He felt the drops of sweat on his back, from Joe, and he could even feel the odd brush of his hair as he began to move his body in and out faster. His breathing was hard too, blowing across his back, cooling the rivers of sweat that were running along his spine.

Joe was huffing, moaning almost as much as Vince was. It was amazing, but he had taken it, had that huge pole in his ass, and damn it felt good too. The pleasure was intense, the way the waves rolled up and down inside of him, making him moan his enjoyment. It was all amazing, as the motion grew harder, faster even. Joe was starting to pump hard now, the odd little twist, making the cock inside jerk, making it strike against his insides.

Everything seemed dark too, his eyes were as tightly clenched close as his mouth was. He could taste the blood from his lip, where his teeth had bitten into the soft flesh, but he didn’t care, as he felt the bed rock to the steady even motion, that only grew more intense. His body was in perfect harmony with Joe, and each downward thrust from Joe, was met by the loud smack of flesh striking flesh, as his own body shot upwards, to meet.

He could feel the cock inside of him, feel the huge pole throb, as it dove into him, pull out, then dove back in. Soon it was short quick thrusts, quicker and shorter, as the breathing became labored, more shallow. He felt the body on top of him tremble, felt his own body shake, then suddenly there was a huge cry, and the thundering pile driving sensation was gone. He felt strangely empty, but even as he tried to fathom what had happened, his body shook, as the first hard splatter of warm liquid careened across his backside.

It wasn’t until the second splattering stream had nearly finished, that he realized Joe was shooting his load across his back. His cheeks clenched tight, his legs shot out, as the muscles in his back seemed to just ripple, shiver, as more of the sticky milk was shot across his backside. He cried out, trying to turn over, and managed to just in time to see the last shot of cum fly from the thickened cock head. He saw it leave, the small grey blobs as they exploded outwards, down onto his own stomach. Vince felt them strike, felt their heat, as the liquid splattered and spread across his belly.

Then it was all over, and Joe was staring down at him, a look of exhaustion across his face, as he leaned back on his haunches, his cock starting to soften. His eyes however, seemed to be full of life still, as they stared down at Vince, as they looked at the drying cum on his belly.

Vince watched as Joe slowly stood up, and reached over to grab the folded pair of coveralls he had brought up with him. He managed to climb into them, while still staring over at Vince. The smile on his face told him he was pleased, and as he slipped into his runners, he looked over at his fallen street clothes. He then looked up at Vince.

Okay if I leave them here? I’ll pick them up after we call it a day, and uh, maybe I can snag a ride home with you later, I think Harley will be leaving early, if that’s okay?

Vince just smiled, feeling the emptiness inside of his ass, wondering what it would feel like to have Joe back inside, and for a bit longer.


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