Fiction – Friday Night’s Fare

Friday Night’s Fare

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Kenny lucked out, as he wheeled the battered old cab into the open spot, right smack in front of the door to the Gay Bar. He pushed a lock of his long blond hair back, off his face, and leaned back into the seat. He was early, but he’d wait, as Charles was one of his favourite fares. The man was nearly always plastered, but in picking him up every Friday night for the last five months, the man hadn’t once puked inside the cab.

Charles was maybe around the late forties, early fifties, and unlike other’s his age, he didn’t hit on Kenny. Oh he gave him compliments, but never with a leer, or with a side barb about coming up to his apartment, or to take a spin through the park. He acted like a gentlemen and he always left Kenny with a small tip.

He wasn’t a big spender, the cab fare was usually between 16 and 17 bucks, but he always handed him 20, telling to keep the change. It was nice, and he seemed to know when to talk, when to just sit back and let Kenny drive. Not all fares could sense when it wasn’t a good time to natter, but Charles did.

Charles didn’t really look bad for a man his age. He had a bit of a belly, but not so it was all that obvious. His clothes fit him, and he was a smart dresser, even when going to the bar. Usually a nice pair of dress slacks, clean shirt, and casual jacket. While he had dark hair, cut short, his face was angular, similar to Kenny. His nose was a bit hooked, but he had the darkest set of eyes Kenny had ever seen.

When Charles looked so squarely in the face, you could see the sparkle in them, but that was it. They seemed so alive, so penetrating, that it was hard to look him right in the face. It felt like you were being examined, examined in a way that you wouldn’t be able to keep anything from the man.

While his own eyes were a pale green, Charles’s eyes were a deep dark black, or so they seemed. He couldn’t help but notice them, even when driving. He would always glance back, and check them out. Funny, but every time he did look back, using the rear view mirror, Charles would be looking back. He would grin too, a rather attractive grin, and at those moments, Kenny found himself interested.

At those moments, he always felt weird. After all, he was half the guy’s age, at least. He wasn’t unattractive, and when he went clubbing, he rarely went home alone. Guys liked his look, his sort of rakish expressions, the way he appeared to be a bit dangerous, a bit wild. The long hair, the not painted on, but still tight clothes, that highlighted his masculinity, his lean muscular body, all added to his persona that made guys look twice, when he walked by. Frankly, he rather enjoyed the looks he got from guys his age, and even from the more senior patrons.

Still his preference were guys his age, usually a year or two younger or older, but rarely more than that. He just wasn’t into old, because he liked to have fun, to enjoy a fast pace, specially in the bedroom. He wasn’t one of those who liked to drop his pants, fuck, pull them up, then have a smoke. He liked to have his fun, prolong it as long as he could, and most of the old codgers he knew, well they usually shot their load within minutes of dropping their pants, assuming they could get it hard enough.

Mind you with all the dick drugs out there, he could imagine them keeping it harder longer, but for what? Not like being older meant they knew how to please, and he liked to be pleased, when it came to sex.

Yet looking at Charles, he rather figured he could please, and not need any little blue pills either. There was just something about him, about how he looked, that made him wish the guy would hit on him. It would be rather fun, to see just what was behind those dark sparkling eyes. Did Charles have the secret to pleasing a guy like him, or not?

Glancing to the door, he saw Charles coming out of the bar. He was staggering a bit, a clear sign that he had gone a bit past his limit. Shame, he wouldn’t have minded a bit of conversation, to try and get to know Charles a bit more, maybe even toss out a hint or two that he’d be agreeable to a pass.

As he expected, the drive was quite. Charles seemed to be off in another world. The occasional cough was the only indication that he was awake, even, and arriving at his house, he seemed hesitant, as if he really didn’t want to get out. He sat there, staring at the old building, the iron gate, as if it was the entrance to some prison or something. Kenny waited patiently, as this was his last fare for the night, but he felt strangely sorry for the man, wondering if he was okay.

Finally Charles aroused himself from whatever was troubling him, and reached into his pocket, thrusting two bills at Kenny. He thanked him, telling him to keep the change, and slowly climbed out of the cab, his stance a bit wobbly, but he managed to straighten up, making his way towards his front door.

Kenny waited, then looked down, to tuck what he thought was two ten dollar bills into the pouch under his shirt, when he hesitated. One of the bills didn’t look right, and he looked closer to see that it wasn’t a ten spot, but was a Hundred Dollar bill. He felt a bit flushed, as he held the bill in his hand, then glanced over at Charles making his way slowly up the front steps.

There was no way he had meant to give him the hundred, it was obvious he thought it was ten, and for a second he realized that Charles would never miss it. If he did, he’d not remember, or he’d think he spent it at the bar. Still, it didn’t feel right, and while he didn’t think of himself as a prude or a goody two shoes, he hesitated.

Looking down, he saw his hands tremble a little, as his mind told him to pocket it, as his mind told him the old drunk wouldn’t notice, but it didn’t feel right. Looking up and over at the man, he saw how he was struggling to get the door open, having trouble obviously getting the key into the lock.

Kenny opened his door, and got out, jogged a bit to the gate, where he called out to the older man, who turned to stare at him. His face looked a bit flushed, as he just sort of stared at Kenny, with a blank look.

Uh, sorry, but uh I think you gave me the wrong bills

So you say, you gonna tell me they weren’t two tens?

Yes, well, one of them was, the other wasn’t.

I am not that drunk, you know? I mean you are a nice kid, I didn’t think you’d resort to such a trick, just because I am a wee bit tipsy, I can handle my booze young man, I am not just some old lush.

Kenny stared up at Charles, his face a bit flushed. The man’s tone was definitely a bit acerbic, almost angry, which he had never experienced from him before. He also was a bit put out, to think that the guy would even suggest he would pull a stunt like that.

Uh it isn’t quite what you think Sir.

Oh isn’t it? You going to tell me that other bill is a dollar, aren’t you?

He was tempted to just tell the old guy to forget it, to just turn around and go back to his cab. If he really thought he was that dishonest, well screw the old fart, and he was wrong, he was just an old lush. But even as he told himself to turn around, he knew he couldn’t.

No, the other bill is a C Note, not a dollar, or a ten. I don’t rip off my fares, even if they are rude pricks.

Charles stared at him, his mouth open a bit, as he peered into Kenny’s face. Finally he swallowed, muttered some sort of apology. Kenny didn’t really care what he had said, as he just asked him to give him the 7 dollars due.

‘Uh yes, yes, uh, let me get inside, turn some lights on, so uh, so we can sort this out.’

‘Yeah, fine’ was all he said, as he tried to control his anger, and to push back the strange feeling of being hurt. He didn’t know why, but it really bothered him that Charles would think that of him. He hadn’t given him any cause to think that way. It was really irking him, as he stepped inside. He didn’t notice how suddenly Charles had been able to find the lock and open it.

Inside, he was rather surprised at how neat everything looked. The entrance way had some pictures, and was actually spotless. There wasn’t dust on the frames, or on the little table, where Charles tossed his keys, and then stared at Kenny.

Well Kenneth, or do you prefer Ken, Kenny?

Uh, Kenny, how did you know my name?

Why from your hack license of course. I do check those things out, every time I get into a cab, a man can’t be too careful.

I see, uh, here.

He was a bit confused as he thrust the hundred dollar bill towards Charles. The man didn’t look like the type who would notice his hack license, least not remember what it said. Also, he didn’t seem so blitzed right now either, which was also a bit of a puzzle. And he seemed to be in no hurry to take the mistaken bill from Kenny’s out thrust hand.

Hmm, I think you can keep that.


Small price to pay, for confirming my suspicions about you.

Suspicion, hey what is going on here?

Come into the side room, have a seat, and let me try to explain tonight to you.

He felt a bit apprehensive, unsure what Charles was up to, but he put the hundred dollar bill in his pocket, for the moment. There was something odd, and he couldn’t help but notice how lucid Charles suddenly was. His speech wasn’t slurred, nor his gait unsteady as he led him into the side room.

It was a rather nice little room. The furniture looked not just comfortable, but rather pricey as well. There was a small side cart, with several fancy crystal bottles, and glassed, which is where Charles made his way towards.

Drink?’ he said, holding a fancy bottle of Scotch in one hand.

Uh okay, just a small one, I have to drive

Yes, but then, I am your last fare for the night, so unless you have to rush off, let’s have a drink, relax, and I’ll explain my actions, if you don’t mind?

Okay, yeah sure, uh, wait, how do you know you are my last fare?

There are lots of things I know Kenny, a man in my position has to be careful, has to know about those around him.

Uh look, I don’t know what is going on, but…

Patience my young friend, give me some time to explain, all will be made clear to your satisfaction.

Okay, I guess I can at least listen to what you have to say.’

Thank you, you are kind, as well as honest, Do you know how refreshing that is to find in a person these days? Let alone a most handsome one at that.

Blushing a little, Kenny just nodded, sipping at the drink Charles had given to him. He was fond of Scotch too, which made him suddenly stop sipping. How the hell did Charles know to pour him a Scotch, without asking? He looked up at the man, to see those eyes peering at him. They looked so alive, so full of mystery that it made him shake a bit, as he put the glass down.

You seem to know a lot about me, why?

Intelligent too I see, but…

Thanks for the flattery, but uh, I really would like to know, why? What is this all about?

Charles leaned back in his chair, and just stared at Kenny, over the top of his glass. He was sipping it, and yet, it was as if it was merely a prop. Something for him to fall back on, while he took his time having to answer any questions. In some ways, Kenny felt like he was at a job interview, and the palms of his hands were staring to sweat.

It is simple really, I would like to get to know you.

Uh huh, by ‘getting to know me’ you mean have sex, don’t you?

haha, straight to the point, like so many your age, but yes, while that is part of the meaning, it is only part.

Now it was his turn to play for time, as he sipped his drink, keeping his eyes fixed on Charles. There was that little grin when he had been blunt, but it was how the eyes had lit up when he answered, that held his attention. He was interested, and despite the late hour, despite how it all started, he felt rather excited. There was a mystery to Charles, that was just waiting to be unravelled.

I am not for sale.

Nor do I pay for sex, it happens, or it doesn’t, but there are no rewards afterwards, monetary or otherwise.

Then why the games? If you want me, why not just ask?

I am, in my way, as to the games, well it is no game for me. I have been disappointed too many times, I merely like to prepare, to not be surprised afterwards.

I see, so this is your way asking if I’d like to sleep with you?

Is that the term these days? Sleep with me, no, perhaps have a taste of your young body, yes. But I am a cautious sort, so for now, I merely am curious to see if you can satisfy an old Queen’s desire for some fresh cock.

The mystery seemed to only get deeper. He could tell that there was a lot more to this, that Charles was looking beyond just sucking him off, which he found rather appealing. He squirmed a little in his seat, wondering what it would be like, to just whip it out, have it sucked?

Giving me that Hundred, that was no mistake, was it?

No, it wasn’t.

And if I had kept it?

Nothing, but you didn’t, so that is not an issue, now is it?

And now you want to give me a blow job? Bit of a leap that, isn’t it?

Oh not really, I have always wanted to, from the first time I met you, as for the test with the money, well, as I said, I am the cautious type.

And secretive

Only for now, but if things work out, as I think they will, well, you’ll see.

You are a bit of tease, you know that?


I am not into older men, least not usually

I know, but you must admit, you are curious, as well as a bit interested, aren’t you?

Yes, I am.

Well then, how about we satisfy each other’s curiosity? Unless you want to think about it, or well, refuse?

First things first.

And that being?

Take your hundred back, and give me the $7 bucks still on the meter

Charles leaned forward, and took the offered bill back. His eyes were like tiny explosions of fire, as he stared into Kenny’s eyes. There was a sort of electrical charge in the room, as he reached into his pants, and pulled out a ten dollar bill, handing it to him. He had it all the time, and it was like this too was part of his test, his game. Yet, thinking about it, looking at all the stuff in the room, he understood the man’s reasoning. He didn’t agree, or think it was exactly nice, but he thought he understood.


You are welcome, now I suppose you will want to leave?

Leave? Without satisfying my curiosity?

But you gave me back the money?

I told you, I am not for sale. Besides, you said you didn’t pay for sex? Or did you mean, you didn’t openly pay for it?


He saw the way Charles looked at him. There was no mistaking his interest, nor how thoughtful he looked. The little grin across his face only added to his charm, his mystery. For all of his talk, the man was acting more nervous than he was feeling. The way his lips kept being licked, the way he was wiping his hands, only made Kenny feel more attracted to him. There was indeed something special, and he decided it was time for him to take the lead. Besides, he was curious, could an older man like Charles satisfy him, let along keep up with him?

Kenny rose up, and for a second he was certain he saw a look of disappointment cross Charles’ face, but it changed to one of awe, as Kenny didn’t move towards the door. Instead he reached down to his groin, and rubbed it a bit, before unbuttoning his pants, sliding the zipper down, while Charles merely swallowed some saliva.

His legs trembled a little as he kicked off his runners, then slid his jeans down his legs, to rest at his ankles. Stepping out he noticed how Charles’ eyes were bulging, fixed to Kenny’s groin. The lump was very noticeable, as he brushed over his semi erect cock.

Bending down, he picked up his discarded pants, and turning he placed them neatly over the arm of the chair he had been sitting in. He could feel Charles’ eyes boring into his buttocks, feel them trying to see beyond the material of his boxer shorts. Kenny smiled as he reached out, to grab hold of his waistband, and he began to slide the shorts down his legs.

He heard Charles whimper a little, as he unveiled his firm cheeks. There would be a tell tale V shape, as he enjoyed his sun bathing, and had a nice tan line, showing he didn’t wear boxers while sunning. He could almost feel the excitement oozing from Charles, as he lifted each leg up, to let the shorts fall free of his feet.

Looking down, he could see that his strip tease was also exciting him. He was nearly full aroused, judging by the way his cock was sticking out. He smiled, wondering if Charles knew if he was cut or not? Looking over his shoulder, he could see the way Charles was looking, how he already had one hand near his own groin, as he enjoyed the view of Kenny’s butt.

You like uncut cocks Charles?

His words startled the older man, who glanced up to look at Kenny. He merely nodded as he sat there transfixed by Kenny’s nude body. Slowly he began to turn, to let Charles see his front, and as he finally faced the older man, he could tell he was a hit. The man had a very pronounced bulge in his groin, equal to the stiff cock that stood out from his own groin.

Reaching down, he stroked his cock, pulling back the foreskin each time, to show the pink head hidden beneath. Each time the head peeked out, Charles would lick his lips. His hands were gripping the arms of the chair, as Kenny looked down at his cock. He took hold of it, shook it a bit, then sort of pulled it away from his body, sort of pushing it forward, directly at Charles.

His own eyes were flashing, as he realized Charles was in a recliner. Quickly he moved over, surprising the older man, and then he leaned over him, looking him squarely in the face. As he did, he search for, and found the handle, that he then pushed forward, making the chair recline. Charles was laying back, as Kenny climbed up onto the chair, his knees on either side of Charles.

The chair was a bit wobbly, and not very steady in supporting both Charles’ upper body, and his full weight. Yet he dared it, as he took hold of his hard cock, and stroked it in front of Charles. He heard the older man moan as he slid back down, so his back was resting on the man’s lap, his head dangling between the man’s spread open legs. His own legs were up in the air, on either side of the man’s head, as he closed his eyes, stroking his cock.

He felt the man’s hands against his thighs, as they clenched them, then slowly caressed him. Glancing upwards, he could see the man staring down at his bare crotch. Kenny squirmed a bit, as he tried to lift his body upwards, to slide up the man’s chest. He felt the two hands grip his hips, then pull while he pushed.

His crotch was as close as they could get it, which seemed close enough. Charles reached out and began to fondle the two large balls that rested on the older man’s upper chest. His fingers probed the sac, then moved to either side, caressing the moist flesh between the crotch and the thighs. Then the one finger moved further down, and slid down the valley between his two cheeks.

Kenny continued to stroke his cock, smearing the oozing pre cum over his burning skin. He felt the skin tighten, as he slowly moved his closed hand over and under his cock, while Charles lightly caressed his valley. The finger moved lightly between the two cheeks, barely brushing his flesh deep down between them. He groaned, feeling surprised by how sensual the touch felt, how light it was.

Every tiny hair between his cheeks seemed to be on edge, seemed to be moving by the lightest touch ever. His body was already tingling, a sure sign that he was aroused. His insides were aching, as if they knew what was to come, but weren’t letting the rest of him in on it. His legs trembled a bit, as the finger moved over his pink hole, making the muscles shiver. It felt like it was opening, and closing as if in a spasm, as the finger teased it, moving just around the fringes of the hole.

Lifting his head up, he could see the concentration in the face, then the desire glimmering in his eyes. He sank back down, his head aching, while his hand moved a bit faster along his pole. His skin was becoming warmer, and tighter, as he felt Charles’ finger barely brush over the centre of his hole. His legs seemed to jump, then stiffen, as the hand between his cheeks suddenly moved to hold his legs. They pushed them further apart, forcing Kenny to lay the flat of his feet onto the chair top.

He felt his hands leave his cock, and reach for his legs, to take hold of them just above the knees. Kenny felt his fingers dig into his flesh, then pull back, lifting his rectum up and moving it closer. His body began to quiver, as he heard and felt the man spit. Biting his lower lip, he stifled a groan, then pulled even more on his legs, opening his body as wide as possible. The chair creaked, but held, as he suddenly felt the warm breath blowing down the valley between his cheeks. He felt it waft across his hole, making the tiny muscles shiver, tingle even.

The first lick was light and quick. It went from just below his hole, to right up to the base of his balls. He groaned loudly, taken by surprise by the quick stroke, then as he started to collect himself, he felt the tip of Charles tongue against his skin. He could feel his breath, feel his nostrils breathing warm air between his cheeks.

The sound of his long groan surprised him, as he felt the tongue flick at him, then settle along his skin, and slowly but firmly lick up until it came to the hole, where it circled around a few times, then moved upwards once again. He felt the tip dig at his cock root, just under his balls. He groaned again, as the long began to move back down, still pressing firmly into his valley.

As it moved over his twitching hole, the tip darted forward briefly, spreading the muscle ever so slightly. He cried out, as the tongue moved away, back down the valley. He could feel his chest heaving, as the tongue suddenly was pressing between his cheeks, near and around his tiny pink hole. The edge was curled up, as it licked around the tiny muscles, flicking out at each one, tasting it, teasing it, as it circled, like a lion stalking its prey. He felt his legs tighten, felt his heart begin to pound, as the tongue lunged forward.

It struck his hole hard, splitting it open quickly and wide. The whole tongue was suddenly buried inside of him, and he cried out, stunned by the rolling waves of pleasure that surged into his body. His arms grew numb, as they held the legs up and apart. The knuckles became white, as blood was drained, rushing towards his cock, as Charles licked him deep and hard. The tongue pushed down deep, pushing the tiny muscles aside. It twisted and turned inside, touching every part of his lining, of his tunnel, making his whole body shake.

5 Gay Memberships for 1 PriceJust when he thought he couldn’t handle it, the tongue was suddenly out and licking at his balls. It tickled them, then he felt both balls being dragged, sucked into Charles’ mouth. The wet warmth enveloped them both, and he cried out, stunned by how quickly his balls were inside of the man’s mouth. His legs quivered, his heart pounded even harder, as the balls were released, one at a time. The room’s air cooling them quickly, but making his whole body tremble.

Back down his valley the tongue went, and once more penetrated his rectum. His toes curled in his socks, as the sensations grew more intense inside. His whole mind was feeling overwhelmed, as the tongue licked at his insides. Twirling and twisting, the tongue went deep inside, then back out, then down and up his valley. His cheeks were shaking, trembling really as the tongue licked at his cock root.

He wanted to grab hold of his cock, to stroke it, but he didn’t want to let go of his legs either. The different sensations were too much, as he groaned constantly. The man licked him, then tongue fucked him, then licked him again and again. Then back into his insides, to poke, prod, and turn his muscles into quivering wrecks of desire.

His head was twisting from side to side, when he felt the hand grab hold of his cock. His foreskin was taut, it was thick with the rushing blood from his entire body. The man’s head was wedged between his upraised buttocks, and now one hand held his manhood tightly in its grip. He cried out, as the hand moved up and down his cock, the tongue fucking his hole hard. The eyes closed tightly, as tiny explosions of lights flashed across the insides of his eyelids. His whole body was a massive rolling wave of tremors, that seemed unending. Charles kept his tongue licking, twisting inside of him, while his hand stroked Kenny’s cock, twisting it and pulling on it. His cock head was fully exposed, his balls ached, as his chest heaved from the lack of air, and from the pounding of his heart.

He was struggling for air, when he felt the explosion beginning. Kenny tried to hold it back, to deny Charles his taste, to prolong it, but he couldn’t. His body was no longer under his control, but was a slave to the old man’s manipulations. He felt his buttocks clenching and unclenching, as the tongue dug deeper. It was as if Charles had sensed the moment, and the dug dove in even deeper.

Kenny struggled to lift his head up, but he didn’t have the strength. His cries filled the room, as his body shook uncontrollably. It was like he was the epic centre of an earthquake. Every muscle shook, every nerve shrieked, as his body surrendered to the older man’s desire. His legs were numb, as his hand released them, as they banged the sides of the chair.

Yelling his surrender, he found the man beneath him moving, then felt the man’s hands pulling his body, spreading his legs even wider. Then he felt the press of warm lips over his cock head. It was too much for him, his control was totally gone. He surrendered completely, as he felt his body lurch up, felt the rush of his milk as it sped up from his scrotum, to speed through the centre of his throbbing pole.

As the last of his scream died off, he felt the explosion. Kenny could feel the lips tighten just under his cock head, around his burning shaft. His balls were deflating, as his first stream of milk came gushing outwards, into Charles’ mouth.

He heard the muffled moan, then felt the muscles of the man’s throat contract, then open. He felt the hands holding him tighten, dig deep into his flesh, as he bucked and heaved. His cum flooded the man’s throat, then mouth, then dribbled out around the corners of the man’s mouth. He could see it all through the haze of his amazement. His body was shaking, he could see the various muscles shivering, as the explosion took him completely. He felt it, saw it, and was stunned by its force. His whole body was still shaking, still trembling as the last of his milk dribbled out, as the man leaned back, cum dripping from his lips.

Kenny felt the ache in his chest, felt the wild beat of his heart, as he lay there. He also felt the same tremors, same shaking from Charles body beneath his. His eyes kept flickering open, to stare at the older man, to see his cum drying on the man’s lips and chin.

Gradually he felt strong enough, barely, to extradite himself from his upside position. He stood up shakily, then slowly collapsed onto the couch next to Charles. The man’s eyes were closed, but gradually opened and stared over at him. The thin smile on his face grew larger as he pushed the recliner back to its normal upright position.

Wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, the older man stared at Kenny for several seconds. His eyes were sparkling, as he just looked. Kenny waited, wondering what was next. His own breathing was a bit more controlled, as finally Charles spoke to him.

Very Tasty, much better than I expected.

Kenny leaned back in the sofa, exhausted, and pleased with himself. Maybe now, he’d find out what it was that Charles was really wanting from him.


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