Fiction – Inventory Taking

Inventory Taking

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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Conversation Color Code: To help make it easier to follow, I have color coded each person’s dialogue with a different color. The dialogue associated with each person is: RORY SETH CULLY

Finally the last customer left, and they could begin the tedious process of taking inventory. Cully felt like just getting his jacket, to head home, but it wasn’t gonna happen. Seth had insisted that both he and Rory made sure they were available for tonight. Besides it was all overtime, and that would come in handy.

Seth was the owner, and a stickler for details. He wasn’t what you would call a ‘geezer’ despite his 50 years plus he didn’t look 50. Sure his hair was a bit white at the fringes, but the eyes still sparkled. His face was lean, as was the rest of him, showing that he didn’t just sit and watch the idiot box all night. He obviously worked out, and that shop lifter last week found out just how fast a 50 year old could run.

He smiled at the image of Seth taking off the punk. The guy couldn’t have been more than 15, but Seth had caught him, held too in a grip that had the kid screaming brutality, though it didn’t wash with the cops. Seth had outdistanced Rory, who was 20 and a wide receiver on the community college team. It was fun to see Rory’s face too, the way it was so pained, when Seth went flying past.

Rory was heftier than Cully, but then he worked out each day, ran several miles every morning, and still Seth at 50 seemed in better shape. Rory had a buzz cut, and Seth loved bugging him about it, as he did too. Now he, he enjoyed long hair, which is why he kept his below the shoulder. Course at work, it was in a ponytail, but the doors were closed, so he could let his hair down, figuratively.

The low whistle surprised him, as he turned to see Rory looking at him. It was nice to watch his dark eyes, as they cruised his lean body. The way they stopped at his crotch, opened a bit wider, was enough of a signal, that he couldn’t help but lick his lips, which Rory picked up on immediately.

It wasn’t the first time that sparks had flown between them, but there hadn’t been any way to go beyond the odd stare. Though Rory had managed a few casual bumps, that were like being hit by bolts of electricity. How it felt, to just have his hips brush past his, or his arm brush across the side of his face as he reached for something was exhilarating.

Ready to count books boys?

Cully turned to see Seth in the doorway of his office. His eyes were gleaming, as he looked at them both. For a mere instant, the briefest of seconds, Cully felt like Seth was actually checking them both out. It wasn’t possible, but it was a thought that just wouldn’t leave, as Rory muttered he supposed so, and he just nodded.

Such enthusiasm, but come on, Christmas is coming, and I don’t want to have to come in over the holidays to count, nor do either of you, I’d wager.

Hell no, but uh, speaking of Christmas, do we get our bonuses soon? I got some stuff still to buy.

Seth’s face went a bit rigid, as he stared at Rory. His eyes seemed to narrow a bit, and his breathing looked a little labored, which seemed odd to Cully. It was like there was some hidden tension between the two men, though he couldn’t figure out why. Seth was a good boss, and Rory seemed to enjoy his work, so what was going on?

Depends, have you been good boys this year?

You know I have Seth, so come on, do Cully and I get our bonuses soon?

Seth’s face grew even more clouded at those words, and he looked a bit angry actually. Something Cully wasn’t used to seeing when it came to Seth. Besides, he always seemed to get along well with Rory.

Cully? Anything to say?

Uh, well I could use the money, its been a rough month.

As soon as he said it, both of the others looked at him with a strange look in their faces. Rory specially seemed to be staring at him, his eyes fixed on Cully’s, but every few blinks, he would glance down at Cully’s crotch, then over towards Seth. There was a strange grin on his face as well, that somehow made Cully feel a bit nervous.

Maybe you would like some extra overtime work?

I could sure use it Seth. I mean, well, if there is any? Doesn’t uh, well Rory is senior to me, and doesn’t he get first shot?

Somehow his words seemed to make the other two laugh. Seth seemed like he would collapse from the mirth, and Rory was grinning like a Cheshire cat. Both of them were trying hard to not look at each other, but each time they did, the laughter only got louder.

Did I say something funny? Is there a joke I missed?

That only got them laughing more, and he couldn’t help but think he was being played. The more he stared at his co-worker, and his boss, the more he thought there was something missing, something he should be picking up on.

No, just sort of an inside joke, tell me Cully, you are what, 19, 20?


You know Cully, traditionally Christmas Bonuses aren’t huge.

Uh, every bit helps Seth, I do really need anything I can get.

That bad Cully?


He sort of hanged his head down, feeling like the world was caving in, but he didn’t want to say anything more. The silence was a bit painful, as he wondered what Rory and his boss were thinking. He had only been working here for a few months, thought he was doing okay. Still, the prospect of earning some overtime was appealing.

Looking up he saw how Seth kept looking at him, as if he was on the brink of some important announcement. Then he felt Rory next to him, and despite his discomfort, he was a little excited. He could smell him, his cologne, and then he felt Rory put his arm over his shoulder. It was strange, but he felt suddenly relaxed, at ease.

Girl trouble? Or uh, boy trouble?

He looked up quickly at Rory, then over at Seth. It was like they knew, or maybe they just guessed. He felt trapped, unsure how to answer them.

Neither, uh family, I uh, I really don’t want to, well uh.

How much do you need Cully?

Five hundred

That’s a lot of money Cully, is this for a drug debt or something?

NO, no I don’t do that shit, it’s, well it’s for my folks, my Mom is sick, and they need all the cash I can spare, Dad’s insurance doesn’t cover it all, and well, I may have to take a year or so off, to save the tuition.

That sucks man, why didn’t you say anything to me or Seth before?

I uh… I don’t know.

Cully, let me talk with Rory alone for a bit, maybe we can work out something for you. Just hang tough kid.

Cully just nodded, as he watched Rory go into Seth’s office. He didn’t know what they were talking about, or how they could even help. Okay, maybe some overtime, though how much could that be? Besides, it would never be enough, as he leaned against one of the pillars.

Life had a way of kicking you, he thought. Here he had scored a decent job, had a good co-worker that was hot, but more than that, nice. It was screwed up, to think of wanting Rory, when things sucked so much, but he was only 20, this sick stuff, it was not something he knew quite how to handle.

Minutes seemed like hours, as he waited. His forehead grew warm, tiny beads of sweat were popping up, and he felt like shit. He was tired, tired of it all, and not knowing where to turn. His family was everything, he owed them so much. Not just that they were paying for college, but when he had come out to them there wasn’t any yelling, no shrieks of horror. Instead both of his parents had hugged him, telling him it was okay.

Man he had been scared back then, but they had made it easy for him. Now they needed his help, and he felt helpless. He had argued with his dad about College, and while he knew he would take the time off, his father was still insisting he stay in school. He couldn’t, knowing they need the money. If only he had studied harder, gotten a scholarship or something, but he hadn’t.

The door opened, and Seth called him over. He told him to take a seat, and Cully noticed that Rory was still inside, sitting on the edge of the desk, while Seth went and sat back behind the desk.

So, we’ve talked this over, but first, I need to know something.

Sure, what?

If I call your folks, will they confirm your story?

Yeah, they’ll not be happy, but yeah, why?

Seth needs to know its for real Cully, he’s a soft touch, and in his position, well, you can understand, can’t you?

Position? I don’t…

Being an older gay male, a lot of young guys try to hit on him, for some quick cash, and being in business, well he doesn’t need any scandals, understand now?

You are Gay?

You didn’t know?

No, I uh, I didn’t. Should I have?

Cully sat there, his face changing with each comment given to him by both Seth and Rory. He was confused, even a bit scared at times, and also aroused. He was facing a choice, that Seth was very careful to lay out for him. It was obvious that both were hoping he’d opt for the one option, but he wasn’t certain.

Then he would look at Rory and his dick would get a bit stiffer in his pants, then he would look at Seth and while it didn’t get his dick any harder, it didn’t get it any softer either. In fact, he was rather coming round to enjoying the idea of the older man touching him, having him, along with Rory.

It was a tough call, and while he was no virgin, this was way out of his field of experience. On the one hand, it meant lots of extra money, and not just for tonight. It meant he could maybe even stay in school, on a scholarship type basis, that made him grin as he thought about it.

Be the first ‘porn scholarship’ in history, but it would work for an explanation to his folks. There was no doubt that Seth had the bucks, but would he be able to do his part? That bothered him, but then looking at Rory, seeing how his crotch was bulging, feeling his own aching groin, he figured he’d manage just fine.

Seth leaned back in his chair, and Rory settled back a bit on the desk while he looked at them both. They were waiting, and it felt odd. No one was pressuring him, and he did have the option of working overtime at the book store, but what he’d get for a week’s worth of work, would be what he would get for one night like tonight.

Staring at Seth, he could see the concern in his face. He was a comforting looking man, and the face might be a bit pudgy under the eyes, a bit wrinkled in spots if you looked closely, but you’d never guess he was old. His body was fit, and more than that, Cully knew he could trust him.

Glancing over towards Rory, his heart was pounding. If to get Rory, it meant doing it with Seth, well as far as he could tell, Rory was certainly worth it. He kept looking from one to the other, feeling the desire growing, feeling the urge growing, and realizing that it would solve a lot of his problems.

Cully stood up, knowing there really wasn’t any question of which he wanted. He stared at Seth who looked up at him, a worried look on his face. Licking his lips, Cully walked around the desk, his eyes focused on Seth. He stood next to the man, and then reached down to take Seth’s hand into his.

He placed it on his belly, just above his belt.

I much prefer dick to stacking books

Seth laughed as he let his hand take hold of Cully’s belt, and pulled him closer. Rory had moved off the desk and was behind Cully, his body leaning into the younger man’s side. His hands held him by the hips, as he leaned over and kissed Cully on the cheek.

It was like being shocked by a gazillion volts of electricity. His whole body quivered, as he felt the button on his pants pop. Looking down, as Rory kissed him under his cheek, he saw Seth undoing the zipper, his eyes focused totally on his hands. He didn’t even glance up, as he pushed the pants apart, to stare at the large lump that showed through the boxer shorts.

Rory reached out and had his hands down by his hips, pushing at the pants, while kissing the side of Cully’s neck. Cully felt thrilled, the way two hot guys were touching him, were eager for him. He had been desired before, but never like this, never by two at once.

His heat was pounding, as he let his hand move away from his side, to lightly caress the side of Seth’s face. His touch made Seth glance up at him, a warm smile across his face. He kissed the hand, then turned back, to finish pushing Cully’s pants down. Rory was helping from behind, and Cully just enjoyed the sensation.

With his pants at his ankles, he stepped out of the pants, and reached down to pull his shirt up and over his head. As he lifted the shirt up, Seth’s chair creaked as it rolled in closer, and then Cully felt Seth’s face against his stomach.

Rory was caressing his buttocks, feeling them shake to his touch, while Seth began to kiss his stomach. It felt so good, made his whole inside quiver, and he couldn’t help but whimper a little. His cock was aching, stretching the shorts, but no one seemed in a hurry to do more than just enjoy his bare upper body.

He leaned back a bit, into Rory. He felt his buttock up against Rory’s shoulder, as his co-worker was caressing his legs, feeling his calves, his taut muscles. Seth was kissing his belly, his tongue licking at his belly button. He didn’t know where to look, as so much was happening, such strange feelings were filling his mind. The touch of four hands on his skin, the raspy edge tongue licking at his belly, was making him hot.

Sweat was beginning to drip from his forehead, and he could feel it gathering under his arms and between his legs and groin. Then he felt Rory tugging at the shorts, pulling them down, so they rested under his buttocks, yet were still up at his waist in the front. It pulled at his hard cock, making it stick out more.

Seth began to caress the pole, through the shorts. Rory was kissing his cheeks, then nibbling a little at them, biting them in a teasing sort of way that made him shudder. His legs were taut, as he tried to spread them out a bit. Then he felt Seth’s hands around his hips, holding him tightly. He groaned then, his head tossed back, as he felt Seth’s mouth move across his hard cock. He could feel the man’s breath through his shorts, felt the teeth nibble at both the cock and the cloth holding it.

It was hard for him to stay standing. His hand moved outwards, to rest on Seth’s shoulder, as the man kissed and fondled his cock. He groaned, and this time, he heard a soft moan coming from in front of him, then he felt his body tremble. He felt Rory kissing his buttocks, but closer to his valley, to the soft skin between the two shaking cheeks. He felt his hands reaching inside, gradually holding and digging into the soft flesh inside. Cully felt his cheeks being pulled apart, opened.

Rory spat, and the saliva found its mark at Cully’s rectum. Then he let one finger caress the hole, working his spit around the tight hole. Cully was shaking, moaning as Seth suddenly reached up and pushed the boxer shorts all the way down Cully’s legs. His cock sprang out, and was quickly grabbed by Seth.

UK NaKed Men sucking cockCully stood there, shaking, as he watched Seth get out of the chair and drop to his knees. He had never seen a man get down so fast. His eyes were bulging, when he cried out. Rory had moved his finger to from teasing to poking. He felt like his butt hole was suddenly on fire, as Rory’s finger pushed past his muscle. At the same time, he felt the warmth envelop his cock.

Looking down, he saw the head of his boss, the bald spot he had never noticed, that now was in his view. His protruding cock was hidden by the man’s head, as his hips shot forward, and he could feel it. The man’s lips were wrapped tightly around his pulsing cock, the force of the finger in his ass had rammed his cock past the man’s lips.

Cully cried out again, as the finger inside twisted, and turned, as it probed deeper into his rectum. His legs were shaking, trembling really as his body was assaulted from front and back. He couldn’t process all the strange new feelings that were raging inside. His heart was pounding, then skipping beats, then pounding harder. His pulse raced as his chest heaved, with each push of the finger.

Soon he felt a second finger, felt them both twist and turn inside of him, making him bit his lower lip. Then suddenly it was ended, the fingers were out, but were now joined by Rory’s hands, that gripped his cheeks, and spread them apart until he felt like they were about to be ripped off his frame.

His cock was being methodically pumped, first by Seth’s mouth, then his hand, as the older man caught his breath. Then his mouth would once more wrap around his throbbing cock, sucking on it. As he groaned, he felt Rory’s head begin to rest near his buttocks, the hands pulling harder at his cheeks. He could feel his nose between his cheeks, pushing into his soft valley, then something wet and rough lashed out at the soft lining.

Cully shivered, as the sensation raced up his spine. The rough sand paper like object began to lick up and down his valley, teasing his hole, just as the finger had. He realized it was Rory’s tongue, as it licked at him, tasted him, while Seth sucked on his cock. One hand cupped his dangling balls, the fingers stretching his sack, pulling on it, then pushing it up.

He didn’t know how he was able to remain standing. His legs felt like jelly, as suddenly his ass began to throb. He felt the tongue near his hole, circle around it, licking and teasing, then suddenly it dove inside. His muscles were taken by surprise, as the rolled up lip of the tongue pushed inside, and began to probe his inside tunnel. His hole was open, as the fingers dug deep into his buttocks, touching bone, or so it felt. His head ached, as his hair flew around, as he bit his lower lip.

UK Naked Men sucking big dicksSeth was going faster along his cock, his nose banging hard into the soft pubic region. He felt it push deep into the flesh, felt the air puff out, felt the lips tighten and grip his pole, then slide backwards, pulling at his skin that was taut over his shaft. His balls began to ache, his eyes were shut tight. Cully’s hands were clenching Seth’s shoulders, digging hard into the flesh, scratching at the man’s collar bones.

Every nerve inside was tingling, as Rory licked him deep and hard. He felt the tongue swirling around inside of him, felt his cheeks try to clench back, to hold the face between them. His toes ached, as they tried to curl up in his sneakers. He wanted to spread his legs wider, but his pants and shorts kept him from doing it. Cully could hear himself groaning, hear his own voice above the other sounds.

The slurping noise as Seth sucked him, his head moving almost in a blur as it went down on him. He briefly saw the hair flying around, the bald spot glistening from sweat, as it moved in and out over his cock. His balls were aching, pillowing up, as they filled with his juice. His legs continued to quiver as Rory’s tongue was buried as far as possible inside of him, the hands clenching his cheeks, keeping them open so more of the tongue could find its way into him.

Cully could feel the hot breath as Rory breathed, as he licked at him, then he felt the teeth over his cock, raking his hot burning flesh, making him shake even more. His hands were white at the knuckles as he cried out, and kept on crying out. His hair was like tiny whips that were flaying his backside, as the sweat continued to pour down his entire body.

He felt it coming, felt the growing tremor rising up deep inside of him. His hands grew tighter on Seth’s shoulder, his legs became rigid like steel bars, as the rolling waves of his pleasure came bubbling upwards. His eyes closed shut again, the last image of Seth’s head moving in a blur, etched on his memory.

He was rocking, his hips pushed back, forcing Rory’s mouth and tongue even more into his crack. The tongue was deep, and he could feel Rory’s finger near the hole, pulling it open even more as his hips pushed back. They hung there for a micro second, then came rushing back forwards. His hands held Seth’s body, as the full force of his body came crashing into the man.

UK Naked Men do deep throatHis cock went jetting forward, pushing all the way down into the man’s throat. There was a strange gurgling sound, but he ignored it, as his whole body reached that tip over point. The blood in his extremities began to rush down towards his cock. He felt it thicken, felt it grow thicker, felt his balls striking up and then suddenly, just hang there for a second.

His eyes fluttered, but remained shut, as a strange eerie silence over took him. Even the sound of his pounding heart seemed to just end. His chest seemed to ache, but remained still, as the moment came. Like being in the eye of a force five hurricane, it all grew strangely silent, strangely calm.

And then it all came back. The sounds, the thunder, the pain, the pleasure, all rushed back into his thoughts as his body released its pent up emotions. Everything came at once, as his body shook uncontrollably. Cully could hear his cries, sounding more like shrieks, as he felt his cock shake, felt it jerk against the sides of Seth’s throat, then it reared back, but only for a second. Then it seemed to race forward, trying to break free of his crotch.

Join UK Naked Men hereHis body exploded, as he saw nothing but brilliant flashes of light against the back of his eyelids. His head ached, throbbed, as it shook along with his entire body. His whole body, arms, legs, torso, were all shaking as his cum spewed out and down into Seth’s throat. At the same time, he felt his rectum burning, felt the fire inside as the tongue began to twist and turn, desperate to remain buried inside, as his lower body shook.

Cully couldn’t believe how long he stood there, shaking, quivering non stop. His whole body was a mass of tingles and strange rolling waves of warmth and pleasure. There was no feeling left in his legs, or his arms as his body gave once last final shudder. The last of his milk dribbled out of his cock, into a sea of his cum, then it too vanished.

Seth was swallowing hard, when finally Cully was able to open his eyes. The dim light of the office hurt his vision, but he saw Seth lean back, a grey substance running down his chin, from the corners of his mouth. He felt himself slowing falling backwards, but in a sort of floating way.

He heard the grunt, as he fell to the floor, realizing that beneath him was Rory, who had his arms around his mid section. He sat there, feeling totally drained as he tried to catch his breath. His chest ached, and heaved, as he looked over at Seth. Cully could see his chest heaving too, and now could hear his heavy panting breathing. He also could hear Rory’s shallow breath next to his neck, as he sat on top, still shaking. His legs were slowly coming back to life, making him still tingle, still quiver a bit.

It took several minutes before he could think about speaking, wondering what was next. He slid off of Rory’s prone body, and saw the sheen of sweat on his co-workers face, as well as the warm satisfied smile that ran across it. Glancing over towards Seth, he saw a similar grin on his bosses face, and he found that he too was now smiling.

From behind him, he heard Rory moaning, then felt him rest his head on Cully’s shoulder.

He’s a keeper Boss


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