Fiction – Inside the Campaign

Inside the Campaign

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Ron watched as Paul undressed. He saw his firm buttocks held tightly in the pair of white jockey shorts. The lean back showed its ridges as Paul bent over to take off his socks. He had slipped his pants down, glancing over at Ron, smiling that smile that had started it all.

Yet it made no sense. Here he was, a young gay man, only 21 and taking advanced Political Studies at the local University. Not only was it a prestigious school, but it was where a lot of the big shot politicians showed up, even when it wasn’t an election year.

It was how Ron had met Paul. He had shown up with a Senatorial candidate, a Republican no less. He had brown hair, cut in a crew cut style that didn’t seem odd on him. He was tall, lean and yet he looked like he was powerful, even in his suit. And all the times he had met Paul, he was always neatly turned out in a well cut suit. Shirt and tie seemed to fit.

Ron on the other hand rarely wore a suit, though the school uniform was a standard dark jacket, white shirt, and blue tie, the instant classes were over, Ron was in a pair of faded jeans. Yet since meeting Paul, he had dressed up, and he didn’t know why.

Then too, he didn’t know why he had even applied to this school, given its Anti Gay stance. It was a Republican Bastion, but for some odd reason, he had this naïve notion that he could change things, by working from the inside. It was why he had attended the Campaign Rally, and fallen for Paul.

More shocking than him being at the school, or at the rally, was that it was Paul who had hit on him, who had pursued him. Now he was in Paul’s hotel room, watching the 22 year old campaign worker undressing, for a romp.

Paul was the man’s Youth Chairmen, and he had it all. He came from a well off family, and it showed too. He knew how to make people feel like he was their friend, the moment he looked at you. He had those kind of eyes that seemed to always connect, to read your innermost thoughts.

His face was lean, but not haggard looking. His nose was thin and straight, a perfect accent to his mouth. Paul had nice thin lips, pale but inviting. Yet when he smiled at you, the gleaming white teeth seemed like tiny pearls, and it sort of dazzled you. Maybe that was it, he had been blinded by the looks, the passion you could hear in his voice when he spoke of ‘the man’ and his dream.

It was odd, but here he was, his own clothes already off and on the floor. Paul on the other hand was very methodical. His pants hung over the back of the chair, his shirt draped over the back as well, but spread open, so it wouldn’t wrinkle. Even his socks were spread over the top, unrolled.

Ron watched Paul with a sort of awe. First he had been actually introduced to ‘the man’ and had shaken his hands. He couldn’t explain it, but it had felt dirty, and he had kept wiping his hand on his pants afterwards, and each time, Paul noticed. When he would look up, after wiping his hands on his pant leg, there would be Paul, watching him, a small grin on his face. It was unnerving, and it was just a short time later, that it had all happened.

The approach was slick, he had to give Paul that. It was also unique and before he realized what was happening, he was in the elevator heading up to this room, to be with Paul. His own body was a bit excited, and getting off the elevator he could feel his stiff cock, feel the blood rushing inside in anticipation. And now here he was, watching those white briefs slowly being pushed down.

Blake MasonIt was inspiring. The white cloth was being slowly pulled down, deliberately building up the tension. Paul knew how to put on a show. He could feel his cock jerking as it grew more excited, as he watched.

The buttocks came into view, the clear skin a pale white in a V shape close to the crack, a more golden glow further out. It was as if he did a lot of sunbathing, in a bikini type outfit, judging by the tan lines he could see. Then too, the tan line itself wasn’t a brilliant change, and as he thought about it, he was certain that Paul did some nude sunbathing. Totally at odds with his demeanour.

As Paul moved his underwear down, he kept his back towards Ron. When they finally were down to his ankles, he stepped out of the leg holes, one leg at a time, but ever so slowly. It was as if he was doing a strip show at the local bar.

With his underwear off, Paul didn’t immediately stand up. Instead he spread his legs apart, into a wide stance. Then he ran his hands up the back of his legs, towards his butt cheeks. Ron let his eyes follow, not that he seemed to have a choice. It was as if he was being put into a trance, as he saw the hands move to either side of Paul’s buttocks.

They moved across the flesh, the fingers spread outwards, and then they slowly worked their way between the cheeks. He felt himself quiver, his mouth feeling very dry, as he watched Paul slowly pull apart his buttocks. Ron’s eyes opened wider, as he gazed at the opened cheeks, at the tiny pink hole that now seemed to fill his vision. He saw the bunched skin that seemed to sink into the hole, the way it almost shimmered, or quivered.

Paul let his hand go, and slowly he raised himself fully upright. Turning around he had a wide grin on his face, as he let Ron stare at him. The frontal view of him, was as amazing as the rear view had been. He had some small tufts of hair down the centre of his chest. His nipples were a deep wine color, fully erect.

Ron watched as Paul licked his fingers, then slowly began to twist and tweak one of his nipples, all the time his eyes were staring at Ron. He saw his fingers grip the nipple, twist it, then run the tip of it over the firm skin. He saw it shake, saw it bend then flip back.

His eyes were captivated by Paul’s motion. They couldn’t avoid watching, as Paul slowly rubbed his chest, then moved down the centre, towards his stomach. The fingers moved around the belly button, circling it then moving further down. Ron didn’t know what to do, other than stand and watch, his own body held captive.

He followed the hand as it moved down, to brush over the dark bush of pubic hairs, and then his eyes saw it. Ron had seen some nice dicks before, but this one made him want to drop down and bow to it. He couldn’t believe how thick it looked at the base, at how the skin seemed mottled by large deep blue-purple lines all over.

Licking his lips, he let his gaze move along the long pole that seemed to quiver in the air, until he came to its end. He saw the skin folded over, a fiery red head with a white centre peering out at him. The one eyed monster was still hiding, not fully erect and it made his own butt cheeks clench and tremble a bit.

It was the longest cock he had seen, and it looked so powerful, just like the man it jutted out from. With baited breath, he watched the hand move along it, the thumb along the top, the forefinger below, as it moved up and pulled back, exposing the whole head to his eyes.

Ron felt his heart skip a beat, his pulse race just a bit faster, as he stared at the amazing cock head. He stood there, holding his breath as Paul began to step towards him, his two fingers holding the skin back, holding the throbbing pole steady.

Paul stood before him, and he glanced up briefly from the throbbing uncut cock, to look into Paul’s eyes. He saw them flicker, saw them looking at him, and he felt himself dropping to his knees. His eyes moved back towards the hard cock, that now stood in front of his face. He was already sweating, his tongue licking at his lips uncontrollably. All he could think of was how tasty it looked, how he hoped he could take it all inside of his throat.

His hands trembled as he reached out, to place them on either side of Paul’s hips. The touch was like suddenly grabbing hold of a burning piece of steel. He flinched, as he felt the hips tremble, realizing that Paul was as excited as he was. One more look up, seeing the face staring down, was enough.

He breathed in deeply, smelling that aroma of a man aroused. It wafted around him, filling his nostrils with its powerful scent. His lungs drank it all in, his chest starting to pound, as the smell made him tingle inside. Ron opened his mouth, and stared at the winking cock.

Moving one hand down, he let his fingers brush over the pubic hairs, feeling them sway to his touch, feeling the muscles below rolling, as he let his fingers slowly wrap around the thick base of the monster cock. His eyes didn’t move one fraction of an inch, as he took hold of Paul’s cock, then holding it steady, he let his head move forward until he could feel it’s warmth. He pursed his lips, then moved that little fraction closer, the lips brushing the tip of the cock head.

His eyes closed shut tightly, his body shuddered, as he kissed the cock, tasting the warm precum on his mouth. He couldn’t hold back, as his tongue snaked out and flicked at the liquid, taking it back into his mouth. He tasted its saltiness, but ignored it as Paul’s scent filled his nostrils, making them flare, making him ache all over.

The lips parted again, to slowly move over the cock head, his one hand now up and pulling back on the foreskin. He felt the throbbing pole, felt it jerk as his lips surrounded the head, gradually enveloping it with his own body warmth. His legs were taut, the muscles coiled up, as his head moved slowly forward, letting the hard cock gradually fill his mouth.

Paul shuddered, then his two hands were on Ron’s shoulders, digging into his flesh, holding him and also gripping him hard. He felt the pain, ignored it, as he continued to slowly let his mouth take the huge cock. His throat protested, making him gag a bit, but he forced it to relax, willing it to not let him down as he took more of Paul’s cock.

His hands moved to hold onto Paul’s hips. The fingers spreading out towards the backside, to grip him tightly, just as Paul’s hand were holding his shoulders. He felt his fingers dig into the flesh, felt them touch bone, as he moved in further, taking more of the throbbing cock inside. His fingers could feel the muscles tighten in Paul’s body. They felt his hips trying to push forward, but held them back. He felt the rolling tremors inside of Paul, felt them through the tips of his fingers, and from the muscles in his throat, as the cock seemed to vibrate. He felt it swell, felt it grow thicker, more aroused, as his nose started to press up against the inner thigh and groin.

It was becoming impossible to hold back, to refuse to give in to the power of the man. He felt his shoulders being pulled forward, felt the man’s hips struggle to release themselves from his own hands. There was a soft whispering moan from above, that tipped the balance, as he let the hips go, feeling them rush forward.

The hands on his shoulder pulled hard, the hips shooting forward at the same time, and the cock in his mouth was suddenly diving deep down into his gullet. He felt it choking him, felt it stopping any air from getting in, and he coughed, gagged, but he didn’t try to pull back until he felt the hips moving back a little.

He pulled back, one free hand now cupping the two dangling balls, playing with them, pulling them down, as he felt the cock sliding out from his mouth, but then he felt the hands tighten on his shoulder. He sucked in as much air as he could, as he felt the cock shudder, stop, then come rushing forward again.

With even more force, the hard cock was roaring into his mouth, banging against the roof of his mouth, his cheeks, then down his throat. He felt his tongue flattened by its force, felt the hot skin as it slid down his throat, once more choking him, but only for an instant. Then again it was being pulled back.

A hand moved off his shoulder, to grab hold of his hair. He felt the fingers wrap several strands of his hair, then the hand rested flat on the back of his head. The hips shook again as they stopped, then once more began the rush forward. The hand holding his head began to push forward, to meet the onrushing hips. His mouth was open wide, his jaw aching now, as it took the cock once more full force. It went deep down into his throat, and now the hand began to pull at his hair, the hips move out, but then back came the hips, the hand pushing.

Ron barely had time to take a breath, as only a third of the monster cock had been pulled out, before being rammed back inside. His head jerked backwards, the hand trying to hold it steady, as the hips ploughed into him. His lips pressed up against the pubic hairs, his nose flattened by the inner thigh.

His own hands had dropped to hold onto Paul’s upper calves. To hold him from being pushed over onto his back by the hard thrusts of Paul’s hips. His body ached, as his head kept snapping back with each thrust forward. Each deep drive of that cock into his mouth made him stagger, even while on his knees. He felt the rug beneath him heating up, knowing his knees were already red hot from the friction of the rug rubbing back and forth.

Sweat was dripping off his forehead as Paul fucked his face hard and fast. It was like a piston driving into his mouth, as the motion only seemed to grow faster with each thrust, and his head was being jerked backwards, each time. His neck ached, his legs ached, every part of his body was throbbing, as Paul continued to drive into his mouth with every ounce of his weight.

Ron began to hear the moans growing louder, to feel the body under his hands shake more, as the thrusts grew more furious and more intense. Sweat covered his whole body, as it too began to shake while being rocked backwards.

Paul suddenly placed both hands behind Ron’s head. Both hands were entwined together behind his head, and began to pull hard with each inward thrust. In time with each thrust, his head was forced into the oncoming body. His lips were crushed, barely holding onto the hot cock as it slid past into his mouth, down his throat.

He felt the cock shake inside his mouth, felt it quiver, then he heard the loud cry from above. His whole body suddenly grew tense, as he felt the tremor beginning. Then he could feel it grow, feel it rise up to a raging pulsing jolt as it moved along the whole cock shaft towards the cock head wedged down his throat. He felt the head rear back, heard the mournful cry, then felt the cock suddenly swell inside his mouth, felt the hands yank on his head, burying it deeper into the crotch.

The stream of cum choked him, as it filled his throat and mouth in a millisecond. His body convulsed and struggled to break free, as the stream of hot milk flowed out from the corners of his mouth. His mind grew blank, as he tasted the salty sweet mixture, then felt his throat swallow. Again and again it swallowed, trying to take it all, feeling large amounts escape from the corners of his mouth.

His lungs were threatening to explode, as he gasped for air. His arms were numb, and there was no feeling left in his legs, as the body in front of him shuddered several times, then began to pull back. The loud cry still echoed in the room, but was distant, and weak.

His chest heaved, as the cock broke free, as cum still dribbled down his chin, and he leaned back on his haunches. The pain making him groan a little, as he wiped his mouth with the back of his arm. The tingling from numbness wearing off made his whole body shake, as he opened his eyes to stare at Paul. He watched him sway a bit, stagger even, until he reached the bed, where he promptly fell down on. His legs were spread wide, as his upper body fell backwards. The cock was still standing upright, not as thick or hard as it was moments earlier, but still powerful looking.

Ron leaned backwards onto his hands, letting his legs come forward and stretch out, from their cramped position. He felt himself sucking in the air, as his chest still was heaving a bit, his heart still racing a little as he continued to taste the cum in his mouth.

The sound of the phone startled them both. He saw Paul sit up, glancing down at Ron. He had a warm smile on his face as he reached over for the phone, and began to speak softly. There were a lot of ‘yes sirs’ before he hung up, the smile gone from his face. Turning to Ron, he looked suddenly very sad, and even his eyes seemed to be filled with sorrow.

Standing up, he stared over at Ron. His eyes were a bit misty, but his cock was considerably smaller now, as he moved over to where his clothes were. As he pulled his jockey shorts off the chair, Paul turned to Ron.

Don’t answer the phone, the door, anything, just wait for me, okay?

Ron’s face broke into a huge grin as he nodded, standing up to sit on the bed, one hand holding his cock, casually stroking it. Paul’s pleading tone had made his heart quicken its beat, exciting him.

I’ll be here.

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