Fiction – Pound of Flesh

Pound of Flesh

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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Yani closed the door as he was ordered to, and slowly he walked into the room. His eyes glanced around as he slowly made his way to stand before the desk. He could taste the fear inside, the way his body was so taut, so on edge. Nigel was sitting to one side of the desk, his black eyes studying every movement Yani made, only adding to his apprehension.

He had met Nigel back in the summer, and while he was 21, Nigel was at least in his late twenties if not early thirties. Though he didn’t look old, he had the build of someone who obviously had been around. His arms were thick and muscular, while Yani had the typical build of a still young man. Then too, he didn’t work out like Nigel, or like man behind the desk.

His was a party life, traipsing from one bar to another, in search of fun, of sex. For the most party he got what he wanted, but it wasn’t cheap. Drinks were expensive, and most who offered him free drinks, just weren’t generally his type. Like Mr Walingford, the man behind the desk. He was much older, and it showed. He might have a fit looking body, but his face told you he was old.

While he usually managed to go back to his flat with company, it wasn’t because he was some hot looking twink. Far from it, as he was usually the last choice, as he just didn’t have the right look. Oh his body was lean, and hairless for the most part. His face was average, and he knew how to please another man, but nothing he had seemed to make him stand out, except his willingness to spend money.

Money he didn’t always have, which never seemed to stop him. Then there was Nigel, who facilitated Yani’s cash needs. It came with a price, and here he was, finally caught up in the trap everyone who borrows beyond their means winds up facing. It was the holiday season, and he had gone overboard, he knew that now. Even Nigel had warned him, but like most his age, he never listened to advice from those older. Now he was stuck, in a spot he didn’t want to be in.

Oh he had been late with payments before, received a stern lecture from either Nigel or Mr Wallingford, but this was different. He could feel the anger in Mr. Wallingford’s eyes, in just how he sat at the desk. Yani was sweating, as he stood there, head cast down, waiting for his doom. God he hoped it wouldn’t be too painful, as he really wasn’t into pain, least not the kind he imagined Mr. Wallingford was going to dish out to him.

He could feel the twitch in his right leg, as he waited for someone to speak. It was unnerving, to be in this rather Spartan room. There was only the light on the desk, and the walls were brick, their red dulled by age. It was in the cellar of an old warehouse, empty and forgotten. Whatever was about to happen, wouldn’t be heard outside, of that Yani was certain. It only made him more nervous, as he felt both Nigel and Mr. Wallingford staring at him.

you owe me a hundred quid

yes sir

you got it?

no sir, I uh, I know it is way overdue, I uh…

I told you last time I wouldn’t accept any excuses, and I meant it.

I know Sir, but it is just that…

I don’t want to hear it.

Yani stopped talking, his heart feeling like the end was here at last. He knew he should have not pushed it, but the party was supposed to be the Christmas Party of the decade. The money he had saved to pay back Mr. Wallingford had been burning a hole in his pocket, he couldn’t refuse the chance to attend the party. Spending it and winding up with nothing to show for it was bad enough, facing Mr Wallingford now was a thousand times worse.

Nigel cleared his throat, which made Yani jump a bit. His eyes were wide open, like a deer in front of headlights, as his head swiveled to face Nigel.

Mr Wallingford has been very generous to you Yani

I know, and I really do appreciate it, honestly, I do

Doesn’t seem like you do, now when can Mr Wallingford expect his money?

I get my pay packet next Friday, I can pay some of it then.

Not some of it Yani, Mr Wallingford expects to have all of his money.

But that would leave me totally skint.

That isn’t Mr Wallingford’s problem, now is it?

Yani turned, thinking maybe he could plead directly with Mr. Wallingford, but one look at the older man’s face told him it was useless. He had no choice, really. He felt totally dejected, realizing that in paying all of his debt, he’d have nothing left over for any food, let alone a night out.

The older man stared at him, then he rested his head on the tips of his fingers, still staring. His eyes moved up and down Yani’s body, settling on his face. The eyes were stark, threatening even as he waited.

Now Nigel, let us not be cruel. The lad does need something to live on.

I suppose.

Yes, perhaps we can come to some satisfactory arrangement with our young friend here, to say let him have perhaps 20 quid for his expenses.

That is very generous Mr Wallingford.

Yes, I know, don’t you agree Yani?

He felt himself tremble at the words, wondering just what sort of arrangement Mr. Wallingford had in mind, as he nodded his agreement. There was no mistaking the gleam in the older man’s eyes as he watched Yani acquiesce.

Of course, we do need to make sure that our young friend here understands the gravity of this, as well as the generosity of the reprieve I am offering him.

Absolutely Sir, perhaps some disciplinary action is warranted, along with some uh personal gratification, in accordance with the 20 quid gift.

There was no ignoring that evil grin on Mr. Wallingford’s face, nor the expression that was pasted on Nigel’s face. Yani felt trapped, but in reality he had no choice. While he wasn’t sure what the form of discipline Nigel had in mind, he had a good idea what he meant by gratification.

Excellent suggestion Nigel, so young Yani, are you in agreement?

He nodded his agreement, biting his lower lip, wondering what would happen next. He felt the cold of the room, as he stood there, watching the smile grow larger on Mr. Wallingford’s face. It added to his fear.

At last, a smart choice Yani, now you will be so kind as to remove your shoes and socks, then go stand by the chair.

He did as instructed, and as he came to the chair, Nigel stood up and turned it around, so the back of the chair faced Yani. He stepped aside and walked over to stand beside Mr. Wallingford. Yani stood there, until he hard Nigel order him to remove his pants, then grab hold of the back of the chair.

The cold draft made his legs break out in goose bumps, as he took hold of the chair. Nigel was suddenly behind him, pushing his legs outwards, as well as out from the chair so he was more or less leaning against the chair.

Nigel’s warm breath was blowing across the nape of his neck, as the man’s hand ran down his back, towards his buttocks. He felt the fingers brush across his cheeks, then take hold of his jockey shorts. The hissing words ‘keep still or it’ll only be worse’ only made him fell more anxious.

Yani nodded his understanding, then felt the fingers pulling on the back of his shorts, stretching the fabric up, pulling his penis and balls backwards. It was like being back in grade school, as Nigel gave him a wedgie.

Then he heard the man’s footsteps going away, and a drawer being opened. He didn’t turn around, but stood there, feeling the awkwardness of his position.

The sound of Mr. Wallingford’s chair creaking, made Yani tense up. He didn’t know what was to come next, but he felt the sweat beading up on his forehead, despite the room’s coolness. The first stinging shot that seared into his buttocks made him jump. The pain was running up his spine, as he sucked in his breath.

Before he could even figure out if Nigel was using a paddle or his hand, the second blow crashed into his already shaking cheeks. The pain was even worse, as he cried out, his body shuffling a bit forward, from the force of the blow. The legs of the chair grated across the floor, as he felt the tears welling up at the corner of his eyes.

Yani could feel the warmth from the hard strikes beginning to creep upwards, as the third blow landed loudly across both of his cheeks. The pain was bad enough, but keeping his balance was becoming difficult. In quick succession, Nigel landed a fourth and fifth blow across both cheeks.

His cries of pain mixed with the echo of the blows. The loud smacking sound of wood against flesh nearly drowned out his cries of anguish.

Stand up’ the voice commanded, and Yani did as he was told. The pain still was rolling up and down his backside. His legs were aching, feeling the tension of the moment. As he stood upright, he felt Nigel’s hand grab hold of his shorts, then slide them down to a spot just above his knees. Then Nigel pushed his leg between Yani’s legs, pushing them out a bit.

Grab your ankles, come on, bend over and grab your ankles

Doing as he was told, he glanced through his legs, to see Mr Wallingford in his chair. He was staring at Yani, his chair moved clear of the desk. There was also no mistaking the rather large lump showing in his pants either, as he stared.

Nigel stepped back into Yani, his legs pushing Yani’s further apart. The thin white fabric of his shorts was stretched taut, keeping his legs from moving too far apart. His cock and balls dangled free, as he stood there, bent over.

In some weird way, he felt rather excited by it all. He couldn’t explain it as he tensed up, knowing that more blows were to come. Yet at the same time he felt his nerves tingling, as his exposed genitals swayed beneath his spread legs. The blood was rushing to his dick, as he breathed out.

The blows across his bare buttocks made it hard for him to stay still. Each hard whack made him stagger forward, then shuffle back into position. Each hard whack sent pain racing up his spine, and it never seemed to grow less in intensity. He found himself biting his lower lip in between, and attempting to strangle off his cries of pain.

Sweat was dripping from his forehead, as each blow continued to leave its mark across his cheeks, seeming to never be the last one. In regular beats, they came and made him jump, made him groan, but he kept himself from screaming out. Tears were also dripping from his eyes, as he held onto his ankles. He could see the pools of water, a mixture of tears and sweat, forming at the floor in front of his feet.

He managed to look back a few times, to see Mr Wallingford’s hand rubbing across his groin, rubbing himself while his ass was paddled. It seemed to make it a bit less painful, after the blows had struck. Yani could feel the heat from his buttocks, as it filled his insides. His legs were growing stiff, and each time he was forced to stutter forward, to stop from falling over, they hurt more. No one seemed to care, as the blows continued.

Finally the next blow didn’t come. He could hear Nigel breathing hard, as he stood there, bent over. His legs were trembling as he was ordered to stand up straight. Yani found it hard to do, the pain in his body becoming even more intense. The legs were throbbing, as he stood upright, his arms were drawing and the blood seemed to rush from his head. He grew slightly dizzy, staggered a step or two, then held his ground as Nigel ordered him to turn around.

He slowly made his way, to where he now could look at Mr Wallingford. His expression was unchanged, though his face seemed flushed. A red glow on his cheeks, and the eyes were focused right on Yani’s groin. He felt a bit self conscious, but he stood there, his hands at his side.

The pain from the paddling was still racing up and down inside, he wanted to reach behind, to turn and look at the damage, but he didn’t dare. The silence was pressing, as all he could hear was his own heavy breathing, the panting breath of Nigel, and the occasional wheeze from Mr Wallingford.

He watched as the man nodded to Nigel, who then turned towards Yani. His eyes were alit with some strange glint, as he licked his lips. His head moved slightly as he looked at Yani, from head to toe, then back to the head, until finally settling at staring at Yani’s groin.

Jerk it off’ the man said, softly but with a hint of malice. In one hand was a long wooden paddle, the wood tinted by a reddish hue, and Yani knew it was from blood, his blood. He knew his skin had been broken, as he stared at Nigel, at the paddle.

Looking down, he saw his cock, realized it was close to being totally erect. He let one hand move from his side, to hold it with trembling fingers. Yani let his eyes glance over at Nigel, then over to Mr Wallingford. He saw the older man licking his lips, as he began to stroke his cock, his eyes unsure of who to look at.

Yani wanted to spread his legs wider, but his shorts kept his legs closer than he liked. He moved the free hand to help push them down, but the order to leave them was quick and uncompromising. His hand froze then retreated back as he started to stroke his cock.

His eyes moved from Nigel to Walingford, then back as his hand pulled on the hard cock. He could still feel his ass, the way it burned, the way it seemed to shake as his hand moved up and down his throbbing cock. The pain was becoming duller, as his mind looked from face to face, his eyes blank, as his mind wandered back, to other times, to other men.

The rush of excitement was taking control, his legs quivered as his body sought the memories of Buck, of Simon and others. His eyes grew clouded, as his mind flashed images of others, of their hard cocks, their dangling balls swinging as their mouths had worked on his cock, as their cheeks had parted for his own cock.

The eye lids closed, flashes of light began to explode on the back of the closed skin. His breathing was rapid, shallow, his chest heaving, as his hips stuck outwards, his cock throbbing under the blurring strokes of his hand. His balls ached, then he felt the explosion beginning. The tremble of his legs, the slinging up of his balls, then their quick descent as the milk came rushing forward, seeking their route of escape.

He cried out, his head tilted back, as his body shook, then shook again and he felt the hot milk spurt through his fingers, as his cock released its heavy load of cum. His legs quivered, his arms grew more numb, as he saw the lights flash and shiver before him. His body was leaning forward, as the cum flowed then dribbled from his burning cock head.

As he shivered, as his body surrendered to the memories, the heat from his paddling seemed to grow inside. His eyes fluttered, as he slowly let them open, to stare at the blurred faces of both Nigel and Wallingford. His chest was still heaving, as his hand dropped from his drooping penis.

You can let him keep 30 quid Nigel, but the rest must be paid, is that clear my young friend?

Yani sucked in his breathe, as he nodded his agreement.

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