Fiction – Just Sex (3)

Just Sex (3)

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2007 ? All Rights Reserved

There was a strange glint in Tyler’s face. The eyes were narrow, the nostrils were flaring as he breathed in, and Kyle could feel the cock being slid down his cheeks, to be wedged tightly up against his hole. He could feel the sticky cum from Cameron’s ejaculation being smeared down his valley, to surround and mix with the pre cum oozing from Tyler’s cock.

His own eyes were glazed, as he felt his body shake. His legs were taut, as he held them up and above his head. Tyler’s head moved down in between, his eyes closing as Kyle felt the lips press against his, then the mouth open and he felt the teeth nibble at his lower lip, the tongue then darting inside. He tasted Tyler, tasted him and felt his hot breath as it swirled around inside his mouth.

Kyle felt the knuckles of Tyler’s hand up against his cheeks. He felt a hand reach inside, grab his balls and squeeze them, then he felt another hand caressing his chest, tweaking his nipples, while he just stared up at Tyler. The eyes fluttered as he felt the kiss end, as the head moved up and stare down at him. It was eerie to see the lifeless glint inside, then in a flash it was gone.

His body shook, as Tyler’s cock pressed in, the hand holding the cock steady, keeping it from sliding down. The press of the cock head against his tiny hole made him wince, as Tyler slowly penetrated him. He heard his own groan, saw the eyes above flutter, felt the hand on one nipple squeeze him hard, as his body shook.

It was a huge cock, and it spread his insides apart until they were screaming for him to stop. It hurt and yet ached in a way that made him moan, not cry out. His head was bathed in sweat, as the cock slowly pushed aside his inner muscles, slowly made its way along his velvet tunnel, pushing his love corridor open wider. Tyler grunted, as his cock pushed in deeper than the other two had gone, with still more to go.

His eyes flickered a little, then closed tightly as his hands pulled back on his legs, his body aching at the hips, as they moved apart as far as possible. Tyler’s cock continued to fill him, to stretch his very insides, until finally he felt the pubic hairs scratching across his cheeks. He felt the groin pressing inwards, felt his body groan, as Tyler’s huge cock was firmly impaled inside of him.

His legs quivered, as Tyler began to slowly pull back, then push inwards again. It was slow, painful, yet each time he pushed in, Tyler seemed to grunt, the cock seemed to dig in deeper. He was covered in sweat, felt the drops from Tyler’s body, as slowly he began to twist and turn his cock, while pulling it out, then he would push it in hard and fast. Slowly he would pull back, twisting his hips, making the cock twist and jerk deep inside of Kyle’s body.

Long strands of hair swept lightly across his chest. A hand was still caressing his chest, and he knew it wasn’t Tyler’s. Another hand was pulling on his cock, jerking it, as Tyler continued to drive his cock in and out of him. Another hand moved along his upraised leg, caressing him, and he could hear strange sounds of ooohs and aaaahs as he squirmed underneath Tyler’s hard pressing body.

Tyler stared down at him, his eyes blank, his expression equally dull and lifeless, as his body continued to fill Kyle’s ass. Every now and then he would bend forward, kiss him hard on the mouth, then he would lift his head back up, toss it to one side, his hair becoming tiny little whips, that sliced across his body. The hand on his chest began to get rougher, as Tyler began to move his hips faster. The cock suddenly becoming harder and thicker inside, moving faster. The sensation of it burning was making Kyle moan. He wasn’t sure if it was the cock pounding him, or the various hands touching and poking at him that made him groan, but he felt the rolling waves of pleasure inside of him.

His heart was beating faster, his breath coming in short gasps. His chest was heaving, as the cock inside began to hurt, began to move much faster. His legs ached, the fingers around the ankles becoming white from the pressure.

The hard sound of Tyler’s groin slapping into his cheeks echoed in the room. He could hear his gasping breathes, feel his body shaking as his cock drove deep and hard into Kyle’s willing body. He could feel the head swelling up, feel the balls as they struck his tailbone, feel the sweat now pouring onto his belly, as his body began to move with each hard thrust. He tossed his head, as he also bit his lower lip, as Tyler shot his cock hard and deep until it hit his prostate.

The touch of that hot cock head, deep inside made him cry out, made his hand fall to the side and pound the back of the chesterfield. His whole body was shaking, his buttocks clenched tightly, holding the throbbing pole deep inside of him. It was too much, and he heard Tyler scream out, felt the cock inside tremble, then shudder. The cock head was buried deep yet he could feel it pull back, shrink even, then suddenly it was jerking forward, and moving hard.

He felt the vein on Tyler’s cock swell, felt it and the whole cock tremble, then the long hard cry echoed out, and he could feel the stream of liquid moving past his prostate. He felt the cum filling his hole, then gradually encasing the whole cock.

His cheeks clenched together tightly, to try and hold the flood inside, but failed. He felt the weight on top, opening his eyes to see Tyler laying on top of him. His chest was heaving, and they were stuck together by their sweating bodies. The hot breathe on his chest only made him quiver, as he found his arms wrapped around Tyler, the hands spread open on Tyler’s backside.

Kyle lay there exhausted, as slowly Tyler moved off his body. His legs were still shaking, as they lowered, stretched out on the chesterfield. His toes were cramped, his arms numb, as he felt his chest ache, and ache as he struggled to regain his breath. He thought it was over, and slowly he began to lift himself up, when the shouted order to lay back down, to not move froze him.

He glanced over to see the Camera man glaring, to see Tyler over at the table, bending over something. He lay back, as Cameron was suddenly on top of him. His body was raised above, his legs spread wide, as his hand was quickly pulling on his cock. His face was constricted as he continued to jerk on his cock, then he began to moan, his body was trembling, as his hand was just a blur.

Kyle watched as Cameron tossed his head back, then his hand was aiming his cock at Kyle’s face. He felt his body shake, then saw the spurt of cum. It hit him in the right eye, blinding him, making him blink as more of the hot cum splattered across his face. He felt his own chest ache, as Cameron leaned forward, wiping his spent cock across Kyle’s cheek, smearing the splattered cum down his cheek, then across his lips.

Suck it’ he heard, and found he was opening his mouth, which was quickly filled by Cameron’s soft cock. He could taste the drops of cum, as the cock was inserted into his mouth, then pulled out quickly.

Tony’s cock was then suddenly inside his mouth, and he could taste the cum from it as well, not to mention smell his own body, as the cock was wiped across his mouth, then slapped across a cheek. He felt his body slowly regain its composure, as he stared up at Tony’s face. It too was blank, lifeless as he moved away.

That’s it for now, go shower’ the voice commanded, as Kyle lifted himself up. The light crew were turning off the high power lights, the camera guy was already nearing the door, to leave, his face not looking quite so angry. He glanced over his shoulder at the room, looking almost directly at him. It felt odd, to feel those eyes on him, then it was all over.

You are done kid

Tito was standing beside him, handing him a towel to wipe himself with. He reached up and took the offered towel, and began to sit up. His body hurt, the pain in his ass was dull but there.

You can shower in there, I put some clean jeans & stuff on the chair for you. Sam will be waiting to give your cash when you are dressed.

Uh, thanks. Uh, is that it?

Yeah it is, look, none of my business, but can I offer you some free advice?

Kyle was wiping the sticky dried cum off his chest, and from around his buttocks. He glanced up to see the man’s face, that looked so sad, so unhappy that he wondered if maybe he had done something to offend him.

Uh sure

You appear to be a nice kid, when you leave her, go get yourself tested, and if you are lucky, and are clean, don’t come back here, no matter how much you need the cash

He stared at Tito, as he heard the words. They sounded so harsh, so final, that for a second or two he didn’t quite understand, then it all came to him. The fog in his mind was clearing, the memory of the penetrations began to replay in his mind.

I don’t understand, wasn’t I any good?

You still feeling a bit dazed, go have a nice hot shower, then run the cold water until you feel it.

I don’t…

You will, trust me, you will.

He shook his head, as he slowly made his way to the showers. He did as Tito had said, running the hot water and letting it soak through every pore. He soaped his body, using first the antiseptic soap, then the more regular perfumed soap. He scoured his body, until it was nice and pink, and he could smell himself.

He was thinking of not turning off the hot water, but something in Tito’s voice made him turn it off, to let the cold water spray splatter across his naked body. He stood there turning slowly around, as the fog in his mind began to slowly dissipate. He found himself starting to shiver, and as he reached for the tap, turning it off, his whole body suddenly shook.

Kyle stood there, frozen as the water dripped off his body. He felt a cold chill inside, not from the water as he realized what he had done. The words echoed in his mind, as they suddenly made sense to him. Fear gripped him, as he stepped out and quickly toweled off.

Stepping out, there was some fresh clothes, which he quickly put on. His mind was reeling, his thoughts were all over the place, as he stared around the room. He saw Tyler standing by the drinks, he was bent over the counter, and he knew he was doing a line of cocaine or something similar. His eyes opened wide, as he looked around the room, finally realizing how shabby the place truly was, now that the lights were off.

He shivered, as he buttoned up the shirt, and then slipped on the runners. His eyes moved over towards the door, where Tito was standing. Kyle stared at him, until their eyes met, and in that instant he knew what he had done. He shook, as he understood the words Tito had spoken.

Slowly he moved towards him, stopping as the man opened to door for him. His eyes looked into Tito’s and he saw the sorrow there.

Maybe I will be lucky, but either way, thanks, and I won’t be back.

Tito smiled at him, and watched him go down the stairs, feeling a bit easier in his heart. He hoped he would be lucky, that the tests would all come back negative, but as he turned to look back into the room, he saw Tyler. Somehow he just didn’t think that the all the tests would be negative.


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