Fiction – Santa’s Helper

Santa’s Helper

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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Tory lay there, his heavy breathing gradually subsiding. The pain from his rapid breathing gradually easing, as he hugged his pillow, wonder just what the fuck gave his older brother the right. He could still feel the pain across his buttocks, as he held the pillow close to his face. It was still damp from his tears, as he tried to figure out why he let Adam whip his ass?

Okay, Adam was definitely bigger than him. While he was just under 6 feet, and didn’t have much meat on him for an 18 year old, he still couldn’t understand why he let Adam, only 3 years older, have his way? Sure, it might hurt to get punched or something, but least he’d also be able to give something back, instead of having just stood there, bent over, grapping his ankles, while Adam whacked his ass.

Granted, it wasn’t right that he had gone through the parent’s closet, checking out all the hidden Christmas gifts. It wasn’t exactly sporting that he also made mental notes of who got what either, and then proceeded to burst his little brother’s bubble about Santa, and about the gifts that were waiting for him. But shit, little Jack was old enough to know there was no Santa Claus, that it was their folks who got him all the gifts. And the little shit, did get a ton more than either Adam or he ever got, at that age.

Tory moved, to try and roll onto his side, but the sudden pain from the pressure on the edge of his red buttocks made him wince, cry out a little and he just rolled back onto his stomach, hugging the pillow tighter. It hurt like hell, and he could still feel each stinging blow as Adam struck him. The viciousness seemed like it was turning that prick on, though deep down he knew that wasn’t true. Adam wasn’t a bad big brother, just that lately he took to thinking he was a surrogate for Dad, and that pissed Tory off. Like who made him the man in charge when Dad wasn’t there?

Granted, he had made Jack cry, had burst his bubble pretty good, so okay it was wrong, but damn it, Adam didn’t need to get so physical about it, nor so mouthy. That maybe was the worst of it, the way he yelled at him, or maybe it was how much he threw his whole 200 pounds behind each blow. Man that bastard knew how to whack an ass, and he could still feel it.

The way he had caught him, had cornered him right here in his own bedroom, had gotten right up into his face. Tory had seen Adam mad before, but nothing like this. The way his eyes were so narrowed, flashing daggers at him. His nose had been flaring too, the nostrils going out and in so fast he thought Adam would explode. His thin pale lips were even more tightly wrapped, more pale than ever. His jaw too, was set so hard that it looked like a piece of granite.

Okay he admitted, he blew it, but fuck, the way Adam carried on, about how he was a jerk, inconsiderate and all that, wasn’t really called for. He goofed, he had been pissed at how much loot the little bugger was getting, again this year. He never had such a haul, and okay, it was wrong, it was being jealous, but that didn’t give Adam the right to turn his ass into raw hamburger.

Tory felt a tear rolling down his face, as he recalled how Adam had stormed into the room. How he had jabbed his finger into his chest, pushing him back towards the bed. It was like it had just happened, not a few hours earlier. He still felt the soreness in his chest, from Adam’s ham handed fingers jabbing. He even remembered telling him to lay off, which was wrong. It only seemed to make Adam angrier, as he jabbed harder. It was like taking a monster cock in the ass, the pain was that intense.

Still, compared to what happened after the pushing match, the shouting, the finger jabbing was nothing. Nor was taking some huge cock as bad as the way Adam whipped his ass. God it hurt, as he hugged the pillow a bit tighter, wishing he were dead. The whole day had been screwed, and he knew that his date wasn’t going to be a fun time. Like how was he supposed to get it on with a guy, with his ass looking so battled? No way would Eric want to fuck him, not with an ass looking like hamburger meat. Then too, he didn’t think he’d be able to let anyone touch him, let alone lean on it, because it was still throbbing.

Shit, he even couldn’t roll over to jerk off, if his life depended on it. Adam had gone too far, but there wasn’t anything he could do about it. The guy was right to punish him, he had screwed up, but damn it was like he had taken pleasure in doing it, in going so far.

After Adam had shouted till he was hoarse, he had turned him around, commanding him to assume the position. At first he had resisted, sort of. Not a smart move as it seemed to just make Adam go more rigid, become more stubborn. His voice had been like ice, and his whole body had seemed to grow more taut, like someone tightening a steel rope. He knew he had crossed the line, the way Adam had reached out and twisted him around.

The way he had leaned up to him, and taken hold of his pants, from the backside. How he had snarled at him, inviting him to resist more, as his hand gripped the back edge of his jeans. He didn’t know what he was going to do, but in less than a second he felt his pants being yanked down by the one hand.

Damn Adam, he had yanked so hard that his button had popped. It was his new jeans too, and now he’d have to get his mom to sew it back on, and fix the sprung zipper too. Adam had been like an enraged bull, the way he pulled them down. He had hold of his underwear as well, and suddenly he found his backside naked. Any idea of fighting back ended with that display of anger and power.

He had shook, and Adam had noticed it too. He told him, in a soft menacing voice that he should tremble, because he was going to get the whipping of his life. Tory had tried to tough it out, but his voice had broken, and as he had tried to sound tough, the first hard slap on his ass hit him.

It was hard too, he could feel the sting, even as his body lurched upwards. Soon as Adam told him to bend over, to grab his ankles, he didn’t hesitate. Already he could feel the warmth creeping up from just the one slap. It had taken him by such surprise, and as he stepped back to bend over, the second hard slap came. It made him stagger, as it was harder than the first. He cried out, from surprise, but still managed to keep on bending down.

Looking through his legs, he saw how his older brother had set his feet. He had balanced himself perfectly, and as his own long hair dangled in front of his bend over face, he bit his lip, knowing this was not going to be over quickly.

The next few minutes only made him realize just how angry Adam was. Each blow, each whack of that bare palm on his buttocks told him that. It was so painful, he could feel the tears rolling down his cheek, feel the heat rising up his spine, feel the stinging blows linger, as Adam kept lashing out with his hand. Each blow made him grunt, made him grit his teeth. The hand didn’t move away quickly either, it lingered, embedded into his flesh. His whole body had shook, as blow after blow came.

Tory had held steady, moving maybe a step or so after each hard slap, moving back as soon as Adam had removed his hand. Had raised it back, way over his shoulder, before once more sending it forward, to smash into his upraised cheeks. He could see some of it, from between his legs, and he could see his own cock too, how it would shake as the blows were delivered.

At moments he had wondered, if it had turned Adam on. He always had wondered about Big Bro, if he swung the same way as he did, but he never had the nerve to ask. Even while his ass was being beaten, he was thinking of sex. If Adam ever found out, or his Dad, he couldn’t even imagine what the whipping would be like. He didn’t want to, but the swaying of his semi hard cock, only encouraged him. Despite the burning pain, he couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like, to get his ass whipped, then filled by a big dick?

Would it hurt, or would it soothe the raw pain? As Adam pounded his ass, as painful as it was becoming, he was thinking of one day seeing if Eric would play along. It might be fun, but as the thought passed through his mind, he could hear the panting of his older brother. It sort of brought him back to reality too, as the pain suddenly became more intense, more vivid.

Tory had no idea how long the hand paddling had gone on for. Yet when it seemed like maybe it was over, he felt Adam move closer, then push him hard. He went flying forward, banging his head on the edge of the bed. Turning he saw that the anger hadn’t dissipated. The same scowl, the same set look was etched across his big brother’s face.

Lean over the bed’ he had commanded, and Tory quickly had lifted himself up and stretched forward. His head turned to one side as he watched Adam walk over to his closet, then yank the door open. The anger was still there, as he continued to tell him how mean he had been, how cruel he was to Jack, who hadn’t done anything to deserve such treatment. He kept at it, and inside, he felt his shame, but also his resentment at Adam.

The sound of his belt being lifted and pulled out, made him lift up his face a bit from the bed. He could see the evil glint in Adam’s eyes, as he stretched the belt, made it smack and echo loudly in the room. He felt a tremor inside, as Adam turned to stare down at him.

I love you, but damn it, you need to learn not to torment Jack

I know, I know it is just that…

Just nothing, he’s your little brother, you don’t torment him, I didn’t torment you, did I?

No, no, but I didn’t mean to hurt him, I was just…

No more excuses, we are going to settle this. You will never, I mean never, torment Jack or anyone else, do you understand?

Yes, I do.

I am going to make sure you do.

It was how he said it that made Tory shiver. The way it was so cold sounding, so final. His eyes opened wider as he watched Adam move away from the closet and stand behind him. He wanted to look back, but was too frightened to. His mind was whirling, trying to find a way to stop the coming punishment, to lessen its impact. He failed, as he heard the belt being lifted high up in the air, knowing it was way over Adam’s shoulder. He could hear the air being pushed out of the way as it was propelled forward by every ounce of strength in Adam.

As the thick belt sliced through the air, he felt his body tense up, felt his nerves cringing, waiting for the blow to land. When it did, he cried out loudly, tears welling up at the corners of his eyes. The pain was intense, almost unbearable, as he shook. It had landed firmly across his already tanned ass cheeks. He could feel them quiver from the blow, feel the hard pain rolling up his spine. Every part of him shook, as he bit on his lip, as he reached out with his hands to clench at his bed.

His hands had dug into the pile of sheets and blankets, pulled them up and into his fists. The pain was rolling up and down, as his legs quaked. The second blow landed with more force, as he heard Adam exhale. He felt the heat, felt his cheeks burning, as each blow was laid down across his buttocks.

The belt was one of those double stitched ones. Along both edges, there was a clearly visible double stitch pattern, and Tory could feel the stitching dig into his flesh with each blow. It was that hard. He shook, trembled after each blow, after each hard whack. The pain was one giant rolling wave inside, and he had bitten his lower lip so hard, he was tasting his own blood. Still, it didn’t stop Adam who continued to wield the belt, finding new strength with each crushing blow.

He lost track of time, as his mind was in a fog. Inside, he felt his shame, knew he deserved what he was getting, knowing he had hurt Jack, but the pain was so intense, so constant, he found it hard to think. The constant throb didn’t seem to ease, even after the very last blow. It was like it would never end, and laying there he could still feel it, still feel each blow. It was almost as if Adam was still there, still standing behind him, hitting him with the long belt, etching a deep blue purple pattern across his burning buttocks. They were so sore, even the tiny movement of air in the room, made them ache.

The door to his bedroom opened and he moved his tear stained face to look over. He saw Adam standing there. His face no longer mottled with anger, as he slowly stepped in, closing the door softly behind him. He came over, sitting down on the edge of the bed, and staring down at Tory.

He had a jar in one hand, and twisted open the top, then looking at Tory, he dug out some of the paste inside. His eyes seemed like they were brimming with tears, as he pulled a leg up, and leaned over. Slowly he began to apply the paste to the burning cheeks, and amazingly they began to feel cooler, less painful. He sniffled as he felt the soft touch of his big brother’s hand over his naked buttocks.

They moved lightly across the scarred flesh. He felt suddenly better, but still resentful. He couldn’t help it, Adam didn’t need to be so hard, so mean. He felt himself sob, felt Adam’s hand stop, then slowly continue. It was almost as if he regretted the beating too, though he had yet to say a word. As the paste began to work, began to coat his cheeks all over, he felt better, less angry.

I am sorry, I really didn’t mean to make Jack cry

I know, it is just, with Dad away, he doesn’t understand, and losing his belief in Santa, it was all he had to hold onto.

I didn’t think about that, I was just so jealous, I don’t know, I really am sorry.

I know, I was like that too, when Mom and Dad first brought you home, how they showered you with their attention, how scared you were anyhow.

Was I?

Yeah, I guess I just took everything for granted, but when they brought you home, when Mom sat me down just before that first Christmas, to tell me why you would get gifts and I wouldn’t, I was jealous and angry, resentful too.

The memories all came flooding back. He could feel his big brother’s caressing hand over his sore butt, but the joy of that first Christmas was easing the pain more than the salve being applied. It was hard to not forget his fear, how he had been out on the streets, how in some ways he was more of an adult than Adam was back then, yet how he still had this insane belief in Santa. Childish, but then he never really remembered being able to have much of a childhood, until Mom and Dad had come along.

I remember that first Christmas with Mom and Dad. It was the first time I ever got a gift, something that was for me. It was like suddenly, Santa had found me. It felt so good, but I kept wondering if I ever left, would he find me again. I never, I mean I guess I know how Jack must feel, it really was stupid of me. I forgot about when I was the new kid in the house.

I know Tory, I remember how mad I was that they had brought you home, how suddenly I had to share them with you, and how you got what I didn’t.

Why didn’t you ever say anything?

Before Christmas, Dad told me all about you. About how your mother had turned you out to turn tricks, to feed her drug habit, how your dad was some pimp.

It was something he had never told anyone, something he had kept hidden. The pain was there again, but not from his sore buttocks, but from his heart. It had been a long time since that pain had risen up. He had pushed it far down, but now it all came flooding back. The strange men, the way they would look at him, the way his real mother would push him to some, to get money.

It all came back, as he realized how much he had changed since then. He also remember how he had looked up to the tall new older brother. How he had felt like he belonged.

You know? I never, I mean…

Yes, I’ve known since they brought you home, four years ago. I hated you at first, even a bit after Dad told me.

And now?

Now you are my little brother, I love you as if you were a blood brother, just as I love Jack the same way. He’s lucky Tory, he didn’t have to go through what you did, which is why I got so angry. Do you understand?

I guess. I just, it just seemed so unfair, but yeah I get it now. I am sorry.

I know, and I hate to ask, I know you were planning to have a hot date with Eric, but uh…

You know about Eric? I uh…

It’s okay Tory, besides Eric seems nice, but I need you to stay home tonight, to help me get the gifts assembled.

Isn’t Dad coming home?

No, his outfit had their tour extended. He’s not going to be home for Christmas.

But I thought he was on his way home, Mom left to go pick him up at the Airport?

She is out shopping, she wanted me to tell you but you were sleeping this morning, and you were out when Dad had called to tell her. She didn’t want to say anything, to ruin Christmas

Damn, is he okay?

Yeah, he told me to take his place, and well, to get you to help, so, I am sorry, but will you be Santa’s helper tonight?

He leaned over, and fell into Adam’s arms. He was crying, as he realized that his brother really did love him. He was glad he hadn’t tried to fight, it would have only made things worse.

Yes, yes’ He sobbed, as he realized how much he did love his foster family. He realized too, at how much they loved him, Adam included.

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