Fiction – Trimming the Tree

Trimming the Tree

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2007 ? All Rights Reserved

Jim stared up as Garrett climbed up the ladder. His eyes were fixed on the cute tushie that filled the jeans, that swayed as he put one leg up and then another on the rungs. His hands held the ladder steady, despite the pounding in his chest. It was a perfect vantage point, as he stared up at the 18 year old. The string of Christmas lights dangling down, held tightly in one hand, while he made his way up to the top of the ladder.

He really felt proud of himself, actually, as he kept his eyes on the firm butt that was getting further away. All those years that he had this huge tree out front, not once thinking of decorating it. Now, thanks to the suggestion by the young man climbing it, he was not only adding to his chances for a decoration prize, but he got to watch Garrett.

It wasn’t that he was a pervert either. Okay, so he was approaching the so called Golden Years quicker than Garrett would, and so what if he liked young men 18 to late twenties, still didn’t make him a deviant. While his age might be a year or two off that magical retirement number, he didn’t look like he was in his sixties.

Sure the hair was snow capped, but he was fit, trim, and still could manage a brisk 5K jog every morning. Now take young Garrett, who was your typical 18 year old. He was out late every night, rarely walked anywhere, even to the local mall that was just four blocks away. Still, looking up at him, he had pretty firm looking legs. Bit flabby perhaps around the upper thigh region, but hell Jim was certain they could hold a body firmly enough.

Garrett was your normal teenager. He had the long hair, bit curly but it suited him. He had a baby face, that was as clean as the day he was birthed. No whiskers yet, while Jim looked like a hobo if he didn’t shave in the morning. How he admired youth, and the tasks they weren’t yet fully burdened with.

While the face was smooth, there were a few tiny hairs showing up on his chest. Jim had noticed them the day Garrett had been bending over the engine of his car, his shirt open. The smooth golden skin had made him drool a bit, but he knew no one else had seen it. Still, ever since Garrett had moved in next door with his family, he had enjoyed sitting out front, watching.

While the younger sisters were rather noisy, always talking, Garrett was the quiet one of the single parent family. His mother was much shorter than him, but always had a warm smile on her face, even if she was busy running the girls all over. An active family, that was rather fun to have next door. Specially with Garrett, who took his role as the ‘older brother’ seriously.

His ancient little pick up needed work constantly, and unfortunately Garrett wasn’t what you would call mechanically inclined. Jim was, and that worked out perfectly. He rather enjoyed the time spent looking under the hood, directing Garrett what to loosen, what to tighten, or how to check the thing a ma jig. It also allowed him to be next to the teenager, to smell his scent of cologne mingled with sweat. It was quite intoxicating, and most times after he spent time with Garrett, Jim would spend time in his bedroom, dreaming.

To have the close up vantage point of watching sweat trickle down his chest, to curl around his young firm little red nipples, had done wonders for Jim’s imagination, and libido. Though with winter coming early, those images were just memories now, as like most thin young men, Garrett was constantly chilled. No stamina, he would say, but then there wasn’t much meat on the young man.

Garrett had a good frame to him, long torso, long legs and arms, but not much meat. He wasn’t thin in the sense you could see his ribs or anything, but when he stretched, the outline of his rib cage was visible. His arms while long, were a bit fleshy up top, but still, nothing out of the ordinary. A combination of being young and being in a family of rather limited means were more of a factor than he was starving himself.

Still, the notion of curling up with him was becoming a constant thought, or desire. When he had suggested the idea of using the big tree for lights, Jim had quickly agreed, on the condition that Garrett helped. He feigned height freight, which worked out nicely. And now he was reaping the reward.

The sudden cry, the loud ‘oh shit’ made him stare up, beyond the now quivering butt. He could see that the string of lights had been let go, and were on a heap by his feet. Garrett was holding his head, as he finally looked down.

Sorry, uh, any chance you can maybe bring those back up for me?

What happened? You okay?

Yeah, a branch was hooked, came free and startled me, I am okay, but I let the lights go.

Jim stood there, feeling like some paternal figure, as he tried to gauge whether to have Garrett come down, so he could take a look, or whether to let him stay up there, and take him the lights. Choosing to take him the strand of lights, he reached down and picked them up, then quickly made his way up the ladder.

He could hear it shake as he climbed up, until he was a rung or two below. Garrett’s legs were level with his eyes, and he couldn’t help but stare at them, and feel their warmth, as he leaned inwards. It was rather a nice position, as he struggled to lift the lights up, to the down reaching hand. He knew he would have to move up one more rung, and he did, making his head slightly above the firm buttocks.

Breathing in deeply, Jim inhaled the fresh crisp air, a slight hint of Garrett’s scent in it. He sighed, as he lifted his hand up, to put the string of lights into the young man’s hand. His fingers touched, and he didn’t quite understand it, but he felt like he had just been shocked by a huge electrical jolt. His legs quivered, his whole body seemed to tremble as he glanced up.

Garrett was peering down at him, his eyes looking so alive, so full of life, that he couldn’t help but smile. It was then that he noticed the small red line across his forehead, and the small oozing of red liquid. The branch had caught him just above one eye, and had broken the skin.

You are bleeding

It’s nothing, you okay, you look a bit shaky

Huh? Oh, uh, yeah, look, hang the string over that branch, then come down and we’ll tend to that cut. Don’t want it to get infected.

It’s okay

Humor an old man

You aren’t old, least I don’t think so.

You are nice, but I am 3 times your age, that makes me old

Nah, just seasoned, but okay, I’ll let you play Doctor.

The way he was looking at him, the way he said the words, all gave him a thrill, made his imagination churn, as he slowly climbed down. Garrett was right in step, above him, and he couldn’t help but notice how he was looking down at him. There was a strange glint in his eyes, a sort of naughty grin on his face, as he lowered himself, keeping in step with Jim. It was almost as if he was insuring that as he came down, he remained close, his legs still level with Jim’s upper body.

He led the way into his home, and opening the door to his bedroom, he realized it was the first time that Garrett had been inside. It also was a mess, and he quickly glanced around the large master bedroom, hoping his magazines weren’t all over the bed. Jim tried to make it seem all natural, though his heart was beating like a drum. It was all so unreal as he led Garrett into his bathroom.

Take a seat, I’ll clean the cut first.

play doctor with these twinksYes Doctor Jim’ he replied, that made Jim turn and stare at him. It was said in jest, he could see the huge grin on his face, but there was something else glistening in his eyes, as he sat on the closed toilet seat. The way his eyes were watching him, it was almost as if Garrett was actually checking him out.

Jim got a small cloth, ran the hot water and then leaned over the young man, dapping at the cut, getting the dried blood loosened up, then wiped away. The cut didn’t look too bad, but he knew how those things could fester. As he dapped at the cut, he could feel the young man’s eyes on him, and he felt his own body acting naturally.

You have a gentle touch

Thanks, now hold still while I put some ointment on

As he turned to grab the tube of antiseptic cream, Garrett reached out to grab hold of his arm. He held it in his, making Jim turn to look at him. As he did, Garrett moved the hand down, to place it on his lap. His eyes stared deeply in Jim’s, as he just looked at him. Jim felt the tingle, the excitement in his body, as well as the shock. His hand was resting on Garrett’s lap, and he could feel the warmth, the lump that was generating the warmth.


I am old enough, and yes, I know what I am doing.

Uh, I am sure you uh, uh it is just that…

I am not your type? Come on Jim, you and I know that isn’t true.

It uh, it isn’t that, just that I uh…

If you say old enough to be my grandpa, I’ll hurl. We both know what we want, I’ve seen you looking.

I didn’t think it was that obvious.

Garrett just smiled as he pulled Jim’s hand over his crotch. There was no mistaking the hard lump, nor the look in the young man’s eyes. It was a hungry look, one he knew from experience. Garrett wasn’t playing him, he was serious and Jim could feel it.

He stood up, still holding Jim’s hand and headed towards the bed in the other room. He had a wicked grin on his face as he turned to face Jim. They were at the edge of the bed, his face beaming, as he looked at Jim, from his snow colored hair, to the bulging crotch, then back to Jim’s face.

I may have gotten a scratch down here, maybe you’d like to make sure it isn’t bleeding? Doctor?

He didn’t know what to say, part of him wanted to just laugh, and he was grinning until he felt his hand released, noticing Garrett was unbuttoning his pants. His eyes suddenly grew wide, fixing on the way Garrett was slowly moving his hands. The sound of the button popping, then the zipper being slowly pushed down gave Jim a bit of a start. He licked his lips, glancing up at the sparkling eyes that seem transfixed on his face.

The pants were shoved down past his knees. Jim looked down, at the pair of white jockey shorts. He could see the long tube resting inside, the way it pushed the white fabric out, and by its look, he knew it was no pair of rolled up socks. The young man was as big as he had imagined.

Licking his lips, he stood there, watching as Garrett bend over a bit, and pushed the pants off his feet. He had kicked his runner’s off, and now stood back up. His eyes continued to just look at Jim, a mischievous glint in them, as the hands pushed at the waistband.

They didn’t grab hold right away, but he put his fingers inside, pulling the band out slightly, letting the excitement build. He let them move around, inside, then he slowly took hold of the band, and began to shimmy them down his thighs.

Jim’s eyes couldn’t help but stare, but he noticed every detail. The way the belly shook a little, the muscles underneath rolling and scrunching up the golden colored flesh, the belly button shimmering in the room’s light. He saw it all, but his eyes never moved from the painfully slow removal of the shorts. The pain in his body was almost intolerable, as he was about to realize his dreams, to see exactly what he had so far only imagined.

Holding his breathe, he watched Garrett slowly push them down. He could see the skin now, the top of the long pole showing, the cock stretching the fabric, fighting it really. His eyes narrowed, as he stared at the growing bend, as the waistband pushed down, against the hard shaft. The tiny bronze pubic hairs were bristling as they were freed. Not a large collection, but enough to make him shake.

Then the cock suddenly sprang out. The last resistance of the shorts removed, as they were quickly pushed down once the cock was free. His eyes stared at the long shaft, at the fiery look of the cock head. Jim noticed the vein underneath, the way it wrapped around the whole cock, and stood clearly out from the skin. It was a deep purple, almost black, as Garrett’s blood was rushing through it.

The cock head was now aimed at him, the wide slit running from top to bottom had a small bit of grey color to it, that was growing. Jim knew it was the young man’s pre cum, slowly oozing out, as Garrett shook his legs a bit, letting the shorts fall to his ankles without him having to bend over. He stepped out of them.

Reaching out, he took Jim’s hand and pulled it up, so that the palm rested on his belly. Jim could feel the warmth, feel the thrill of just touching that bare skin. He looked up, to see the young man smiling. It was insane, he was nearly 65 and Garrett was just 18. But he couldn’t stop himself, the touch of his hand on that flesh was making him sweat. He wanted it, and as Garrett moved his hand, directing it downwards, he knew that Garrett wanted him the same way.

A quick look up, then back down at the stiff cock was all he could manage, before he let out a small moan. He dropped to his knees, to face the hard cock. He could see every detail, storing it all in his memory for later, as he let his hand caress the boy’s body. He didn’t need any further encouragement, or guidance. His hand moved lightly across the skin, brushing the tips of the pubic hairs. Garrett moaned, and Jim could see his body tremble to each move of his hand.

Bringing his other hand up, he began to caress both thighs, his eyes fixed on the hard cock, everything else blotted out from his sight. His hands felt the tiny hairs on the legs, felt them tingle even. The racing of his heart, its loud thundering beat was filling his ears as he watched Garrett shuffle forward a bit. The touch of the young man’s hands on his head making him shudder. Breathing in deeply, he could smell that aroma, that scent of a man aroused.

One more quick glance up, then back towards the cock that was so close, so inviting. For one brief second he thought about pulling back, but Garrett was right, he did want him, and it was clear that Garrett did as well. His tongue licked his lips, feeling how dry they were, while his body grew tense, knowing that he was going to give in to its demands to its desire. Jim’s eyes focused on the cock, on the widening expanse of grey, as Garrett’s hands began to play with strands of his hair.

His eyes closed, as he felt his head being forced forward. The fingers now held strands of his hair in their grip, and were pulling them towards the young man, making his head move forward. He smelled it, could feel the heat, as the eyes flickered open, saw the looming cock head, then closed as he let his head move all the way in. The touch of his lips against the moist hot cock head sent tremors of joy rushing up and down his body.

Jim found his lips opening, found himself tasting the hot sweet sticky liquid on the tip. Once more the tremors were racing inside, fuelling the dissipating ones. They became one, growing in intensity as he felt his teeth graze the top of the head. The hands holding his head tightened their grip, and he could hear a soft whimpering type moan off in the distance, over the roar of his own heart.

His hands, holding the quivering thighs, reached out, spread apart. The fingers began to dig into the soft warm flesh, holding the legs steady as his mouth moved over the throbbing cock head. He could feel the blood under the skin, feel the jolts that he was giving Garrett. He dug in harder, as his head moved in more, taking more of the pulsing penis.

Garrett’s hands held his hair tightly, pulled at them, as Jim slowly fed himself the long pole. He gagged briefly, when the tip of the head struck the opening to his throat, then he settle down, as he let his lips tighten around the quivering cock shaft. He could taste a bit of salt, then a bit of sweetness, as he continued to feed himself the young man’s penis.

One of his hands moved down the trembling thigh, and reached across to rub and push at the dangling balls. Garrett cried out, his hands now moving off Jim’s head, to clench at his shoulders. The hips moved in, pushing the cock further down into Jim’s open throat. He felt the fullness, felt it as he lowered his hands, digging hard into the flesh while also pulling towards himself. Garrett was now leaning forward, his head obviously forward, his own curly hair dangling down, as his cock began to move in and out of Jim’s mouth.

The sounds coming from Garrett barely registered. He knew he was panting, could feel his short breaths against the top of his head, could hear the almost constant moans too, but it was off in a distance. His own roaring heart, his own panting breath was too loud. He felt his racing pulse, as he sucked on Garrett’s long pole. Each thrust of the cock into his mouth made his whole body shake. His legs were numb, the hands that held his legs were stretched taut, as they held onto the shaking legs of the young man. His eyes were shut tight, as he sucked on the hard throbbing pole, feeling it grow thicker, feeling it pulse as it moved past his lips.

The groans became louder, but he wasn’t sure whose they were. His or Garretts, as the hands on his shoulders dug in more, pressing hard into his bones, as the hips now moved faster, the cock slamming into his mouth quicker. His body shook, the tightly shut eyelids displaying a brilliant light show, as the cock was pushed in faster, deeper. His throat hurt, as the huge cock banged against it, as it filled his mouth.

Jim heard the cry, set his body, as he knew that sound, knew that mournful sound. The thighs he was holding shook hard, then grew extremely rigid. The hands on his shoulders pulled him forward, the hips in front ramming forward into his face.

The cock in his mouth suddenly banged the side, then the top, then as it began to push its way down the centre, he felt it rear back. He felt the sudden bulging of the head, as it came rushing forward now, as if it had burst. The harsh salty sweet taste of cum filled his entire mouth. One second it was empty, now it was filled with the tasty liquid.

It oozed between his teeth, across his gums. It puffed out his cheeks, filling every crevice inside, and it filled the opened throat. The cock inside was suspended among the flood of cum, until he swallowed. As he did, he felt the groin pressing hard into his face. The pubic hairs scratching under his flaring nostrils, the scent of a man filling his mind with its aroma, with its memory. His mind was reeling, the waves of pure pleasure were racing up and down. His legs had no feeling, as he felt the cock inside rear back again, felt the steady stream of hot milk flood his mouth and throat. All he could do was swallow or choke, as his hands held the swaying body in front.

It seemed like an eternity, but finally the flood of jizz ended. His jaw ached, as the encrusted cock pulled itself out from between his lips. He could still taste him, as he licked his lips, and leaned back on his elbows. They felt weak but held as he stared over at Garrett. He saw the gleam in his eyes, as he staggered back, sitting down on the foot of the bed. His legs were spread apart, the cock dangling between the still quivering legs.

He looked at Jim, a small smile on his lips.

Where do you keep the Condoms?

Shock suddenly crossed his face as he realized he was out. Before he could speak, Garrett seemed to sense his panic.

Out? Geez, some Doctor you are, how you going to examine me properly without them?

Look funny boy, the store isn’t that far.

I know, neither is the glove box of my truck. I got a strip left, I hope, otherwise we gonna bust a speed record going to the drugstore.

You think?

Yeah, I do, you know though, maybe you are right, that you are old.

Huh? What’s that supposed to mean?

Sure sign of old age is not being able to find your glasses, and forgetting to stock up on Condoms. You do know where your glasses are, don’t you?

For a second he looked cross, then he burst out laughing.

Who cares, I have no problem seeing what I need to.

Garrett just grinned.

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