Fiction – Jimmy’s Treat

giving a giftJimmy’s Treat

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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Jimmy had been on the streets for over 5 years now, and tonight was his 19th birthday. Normally he didn’t celebrate those dates, preferring to treat it like any other day. His reasons for living his way were long forgotten now, or so he had thought, until the new kid had shown up.

He liked to keep his life simple. Trouble wasn’t anything he looked for, but when forced to, he could manage okay. Jimmy had long straggly hair, usually unwashed and unkempt. Not easy to always grab a shower, and in some ways, it helped him attract customers. Turning tricks was easy for him, he liked the sex and the money wasn’t all that bad. Least it gave him food, and unlike the others on the street, drugs and booze weren’t a priority. For him, a nice clean hotel room with a hot meal in his belly was more to his liking than some high or buzz.

Besides, being drunk or stoned wasn’t what he called smart, for his line of work. Too easy to get ripped off, or taken advantage of, and he had enough of that shit a long time ago. Besides, it didn’t help his looks, and that was all he had to survive on, that and his wit. He liked to think he had street smarts, and a few brain cells.

He wasn’t typical, so some of those around him thought, but he never cared what other’s thought. Jimmy did his own thing, and keep trim, healthy, was one of them. Besides, it always got him a few extra bucks from the older tricks. They liked their meat young, but not a rack of bones either, and while they could handle a bit of dirt, filth was not a turn on for most.

Sores and needle marks, stench of booze, just didn’t add up to a decent payoff. He might not be his proper weight, but at least you couldn’t see his ribs sticking out of his sides. His hair might be dirty, but it was long and when clean, had a sort of nice blond sheen that got people’s eyes staring. The long face, long nose and deep set eyes that seemed to have a sparkle all the time helped. The way his eyelashes were long, and fluttered on command, gave him a sort of boyish innocence that turned quite a few of the older geezers on.

His thin lips, pale pink color were another feature that got him business, and kissing wasn’t something he objected to. Naturally the big turn on was his long legs, and the always tented bulge in his crotch. The tight jeans he wore when trolling for customers were special, which he kept only for those nights. When he took time off, which he did often, he made sure to keep them off. They helped sell, and it added to his survival. Jimmy was all about that, which is why when the new kid showed up on the corner, he took notice.

Sully was his name, and at first glance he looked hot. Looked too young to be on the street, but it turned out he was actually 18, though you’d swear he looked younger. That alone guaranteed him a few good nights, and rotten one’s for him and the other regulars. The rest of the gang, weren’t pleased with his sudden appearance, and proceeded to welcome him, the way only they could.

Normally he’d stay out of it, not wanting to get into it, but this time, he didn’t. He couldn’t explain why, other than there was something about Sully that struck a nerve, that awaken hidden or repressed memories. Instead of just watching the others, he had stepped in, taking Sully out of their reach, and just steered him away, leaving his own post, knowing it would be claimed by one of the others.

He didn’t care too much, as he had a pretty good week, and besides, he had been toying with the idea of not working tonight anyhow. It was his birthday, and taking Sully away, well it sort of made it feel like a birthday. A feeling he really hadn’t had much, before.

Walking with him, Jimmy realized that Sully was a real rookie. It was like he had just walked off a farm or something, stepping into the big city life without even realizing it. He was a runaway, though at his age it would be kind of hard to call him that. Sully simply had enough, and left home to show up here.

Unfortunately he used all his cash to get here, and you could tell. His hair was still clean, his clothes only showing signs of being worn for a long time, and he didn’t smell. Another sign of him being a rookie. Not too many had such clean clothes, without holes or frayed edges.

Sully filled his clothes nicely too. You could see he had some muscles, the way his legs filled the jeans. He had a nice looking basket, but no way to tell if he was hard or not. His chest filled the shirt out, as did his arms. He had full black hair that hung just over his ears, and the eyes were sort of sad looking. Nice features to match, which would definitely get the old crown drooling. They liked guys with sad eyes, made them seem vulnerable.

Jimmy had no idea why, but he had Sully come with him, and even bought him a burger. The look and words of gratitude were making him feel uncomfortable, and yet it did give him a nice feeling. Maybe he was becoming a sap in his ‘old’ age, but when Sully offered to repay his kindness, he actually agreed.

Going back to his hotel room, he was surprised at his quick acceptance of the offer. It wasn’t like he was horny, though he was beginning to feel that way. Sully was good looking, but as he had said, no virgin. Well not in sex, but in selling it, he sure was. Yet Jimmy felt an attraction to him, almost brotherly, which only seemed to excite him.

It was out of character for him, yet in some ways it felt right. His plan had been to maybe do one quickie tonight, then head back after some food, and just soak in the tub for hours. To soak the grime and the street off, and now here he was, staring down at the pink naked body of a rookie, feeling like a love sick teenager. He hadn’t felt this way since before he had left home, course it was because of his lovesick feeling that got him into trouble in the first place. At that age, who knew how to control one’s emotions, one’s hormones?

Still, to be here now, sharing his own special day, by having sex with someone like Sully, was odd for him. He never had felt the need before, yet tonight he did. The offer he accepted gave him a twinge of guilt, but Sully had put his mind at ease, saying he wanted to do it.

He stood there, the towel wrapped around his middle as he looked down at Sully, stretched out naked on the bed. He had milky cream skin, and there were some healing marks around his flanks, a small discoloration around the cheek under one eye, from an obvious black eye. Yet as he lay there, looking up at him, the smile was unbelievable. He looked like such an innocent, and being freshly bathed, he looked so damn desirable, that the towel was well tented.

Sully wasn’t bashful, and when Jimmy had told him he could clean up first, the 18 year old had quickly turfed his clothes, before heading into the bathroom. His dick wasn’t exactly hard, but even limp it showed a lot of promise, that got Jimmy aroused. He had followed after, and the quick shower and towelling off had been a record for Jimmy. Something about wanting to get out there, to be with Sully had aroused him in ways he had long stopped feeling.

The way Sully looked at him, how his eyes would slowly travel down Jimmy’s own naked frame, to fix on his crotch, then to slowly move back up, towards his face, was exciting. It made him shiver a bit, tremble even, as he stood there, letting Sully gaze at him. The little grin on Sully’s face was just right, to make him want Sully even more. He had seen lots of new kids, lots of grins, but this seemed so different, so unusual, Jimmy couldn’t help himself. He was falling for the dark haired boy.

Standing there, he saw how Sully’s cock waved in the air, how it stood so tall, looked so erect. The pink balls that were peeking up from between the white fleshy thighs, all made him tingle inside. His heart was already racing, another strange occurrence. Rarely did he get so emotional about sex, even with a good looking person.

Sully spread his legs apart, just a bit, and Jimmy felt himself holding his breath. His lungs ached, as he stared down at the full balls, at the small little hairs dotting the scrotum, the tiny tufts of hair curling around the inner part of the thighs. How they started off so dark, yet faded to almost disappear above the creamy skin. He also saw the muscles quiver, which only made him reach down, to rub his own aroused crotch.

‘Turn over’ he said, as he licked his lips, knowing what he was going to do, knowing he never did it with tricks, and rarely did it with the few ‘friends’ that he had sex with. Yet Sully was different, he seemed to be the ideal type and as he rolled over, and spread his legs further apart, Jimmy took his towel off, dropping it to the floor.

He stared at the firm buttocks, at the tiny hairs curled around the top of the cheeks, the way the flesh seemed to shake a little. It all added up to an amazing image, one that made him start to sweat. His forehead had small beads of perspiration forming, as he moved forward slowly, watching the naked body loom larger before him.

Sully had his arms to his side, his head tilted to one side. The hair was a bit messy, but the way some of the dark locks curled around the ear lobe, only made him look even more innocent. He was breathing, short shallow gasps, as the excitement seemed to be building between them. It was unreal, as he put his knee on the bed, hearing it squeak as it took his weight. He saw the hairs on the back of Sully’s legs stick up, like they had just been shocked.

His eyes watered as he looked down directly at the firm buttocks. The way the cheeks looked like half melons, firm and fleshy, only made his mouth feel drier. He heard the breathing being controlled, saw the muscles along the back of the legs tighten, as he moved himself in closer, both knees on the bed, resting between Sully’s spread legs.

The hands were stretched out now, as he moved in closer. His knees touched the inside of Sully’s legs. Jimmy felt the shudder, felt the electricity passing between them. His own body was trembling, as their skin touched, and he held himself steady, letting the full effect of the first touch race up and down both of them.

Gradually he let his body extend outwards. He held himself up, his legs dangling out over the edge of the bed. His face was hovering over the firm cheeks, as he bent forward, letting his lips touch the young boy’s back, just above his cheeks. Jimmy could smell his scent, and as his lips brushed lightly up against the warm body, he felt the tremors racing up and down the spine. He hard Sully whimper, as he lightly kissed him, then he began to move his body up, gradually letting his body rest on top of Sully’s. His tongue licked at the lower part of Sully’s spine, then he began to move up the back, his tongue licking at the flesh, tasting its saltiness, feeling the ridges of the spine, until he came to the back of the neck. He kissed it, pressing firmly. Most of his body rested on Sully’s and he could feel the tremors. Each one growing, rippling up and down the frame. He could feel Sully shake, as he kissed him on the side, just under and behind his ear lobe. Then he licked at the underside of the ear lobe, feeling the small peach fuzz on the tip of his tongue.

Sully was moaning, his legs spread apart even further, as Jimmy nibbled lightly on the bottom of the ear lobe, then suddenly he let his tongue reach up and dart into the ear lobe. He let it swirl around the canals of the ear, then dig in a bit, tasting him. Sully shook hard, and his small whimpers turned into groans of pleasure. His hands hit the bed lightly, grabbing at the sheets.

Jimmy let his tongue lick his ear a bit longer, then he pulled it back out. He kissed the ear lobe, bit it lightly and pulled it with his teeth. Sully groaned again. Then he moved back, kissing and licking at him all across his back. He ran his tongue down from under the head, straight down his spine.

Sully moaned now, as Jimmy was licking at the base of his spine, at the top of the valley between the cheeks. Jimmy moved his hands to rest on either side of the cheeks. He rubbed them lightly, until he had spread his fingers apart, the tips resting inside, between the two orbs of flesh. He felt the warmth, as he let his fingers slowly dig into the hot flesh, then ever so slowly, he began to pry open the pair of cheeks.

He sighed, breathing in Sully’s scent, as he leaned forward, kissing his lower back, then he let his tongue flick out, licking at the skin just where the spine joined his buttocks. Sully moaned.

Jimmy let his tongue run down the valley. The tip curled tight, as he stroked the insides of the skin, feeling and tasting it as he continued to move down, until his tongue felt the depression, the warm hot pink hole itself. He let the tongue skirt around the hole, let it tease the hole, that puckered and unpuckered, while he licked, pressing a bit harder around the edge.

Sully was moaning, crying ‘oh yeah’ as he let his tongue flick out, tasting the centre of the puckered hole. He spit as he withdrew his tongue, the sound echoed over the soft moaning from Sully. His own body was fully aroused, as he flicked his tongue back out. He tasted his spit, as he drove his tongue forward, at the same time pulling the cheeks back even more.

He buried his face hard into the space between the cheeks. His nose was pressing hard into the flesh, as his tongue drove deep inside. The small pink hole had surrendered entry, and he was licked hard inside, tasting him, making him squirm as he twisted his tongue around. His hands held the cheeks apart, pulling them even further apart, as he filled Sully’s hole with his tongue. Licking and probing, he felt the young man squirm, felt his own cock growing harder and harder, as he licked harder and harder.

His heart was racing, the pounding thunder drowning out the loud moans from Sully. His body shook, as he quickly pulled his head back, then drove two of his fingers hard and straight into the wet hole. He heard the grunt, heard the escape of air, as he twisted his fingers around, then quickly move them in and out several times. He fingered him for several seconds, then added a third finger. Sully moaned, his body twisting under his fingers. Jimmy moved them fast, digging and twisting.

He pulled them out, diving forward, wedging his face back inside. His tongue was already digging in, twisting and licking at the velvet insides. He could feel the muscles inside, feel them push up against his tongue, then fall back. He could feel the nerves tingling, feel the body shaking as he licked hard and deep. He could taste him, and it made his own body quiver.

Sully’s body was twisted, as he reached back with both hands, grabbing at the top of Jimmy’s hands, then reaching for his own cheeks. His hands dug in and pulled, spreading his buttocks open even more. He was moaning, as Jimmy continued to dive in deeper, to force his tongue further inside. He would stop every few seconds, to drive a finger in, then pull it out and press his tongue back inside.

Back and forth he went, between his tongue and using his fingers. Sometimes he would use two or three fingers, other times one, but each time he penetrated the hot wet hole, Sully would cry out. Jimmy was sweating as he had three fingers working and twisting deep inside, his knuckles pressing up against the pink hole, stretching it even more. He felt his own body shaking, and he pulled his fingers away. His hand went down between the cheeks, to reach up and under, to stroke Sully’s hard throbbing cock, then after two or three hard pulls, he moved his hand away, letting it reach under his own body, to grab hold of his pulsing cock.

Jimmy pressed his face back between the cheeks. His tongue darted back into the opening, while his hand grabbed hold of his hard cock. It began to stroke it furiously, while his tongue moved in and out just as quickly. He felt his body aching, felt his heart pounding as more and more of his blood began rushing towards his cock.

His balls slung up, aching as they slapped up against his cock root. His whole body was dripping from sweat, tiny drops falling heedlessly onto Sully’s cheeks. His long hair soaked and falling across the cheeks. The strands of hair dragging slowly across the cheeks only made Sully moan louder, made him squirm more.

His body was shaking too, as he licked hard and fast. His hand was a blur, as he couldn’t hold back any longer. Crying out, he lifted his head up, and shuffled forward while still stroking his cock. The sound of his hand moving along the hot pole filled the room, followed by his sudden cry. His balls exploded, the cum came flying out between his fingers.

Jimmy felt his body shake, felt the orgasm begin, as his cock shot its first stream outwards. Hot blobs of his cum splattered up near the shoulders, then further down. The second stream was already flowing out when he heard Sully moan. The body beneath him began to buck, as it felt the hot splashes of cum strike.

Sully’s voice was hoarse, as he lay there, shaking to each drop. The body flinching as Jimmy poured his cum out. Shot after shot striking all across the back, and then the top of the quaking cheeks. He saw the splashes, between clenched eyes, seeing the skin flinch. His whole body was one giant quiver, as he unloaded a day’s worth of cum over the creamy white flesh.

He was exhausted, as the last of his cum dribbled out, oozing between his fingers to roll down the hand. He fell off to one side, panting as his body continued to tremble. The orgasm inside continuing to roll up and down his body. He could barely feel his legs, or his arms, but he could feel the tremors inside, the way they held his body and shook it. Like someone shaking a doll.

His own hard breathing made his lungs ache, as he lay there, one arm draped over Sully’s still shaking body. He could hear him gasping for air, as he too tried to slow his pulse, to regain his composure. He felt Sully turn and twist, and then as he let his eyes open again, he saw Sully staring across at him. His face was just above his, as he watched him move in closer. He could smell his breath, then he felt the lips lightly brush his, kissing him while a hand now lay over his stomach.

The hand pressed lightly over his belly, as they kissed. Sully pulled back, his eyes searching Jimmy’s, his face glowing as he shuffled his body in closer, to where he was touching all over. The warmth of their bodies held them, as Sully let his finger trace a small pattern around Jimmy’s belly button.

Happy Birthday’ he whispered, as he leaned forward again, kissing him fully on the mouth. His body resting on top, his hard cock pressing hard into Jimmy’s upper thigh. Jimmy just sighed, enjoying the moment, enjoying the affection that seemed to cloak his entire body.

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