Fiction – Not Prince Harry

Not Prince Harry

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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In some ways it was flattering, in other ways rather irksome. He was 21, had dark hair and a pug face, certainly no where near the looks of Prince Harry, though at times he wished he did. It would certainly make his sex life easier, but then he had no complaints.

His abilities as a fullback for the ‘Marauders Rugby Team’ made up for his lack of looks. Though he wasn’t a ‘pretty boy’ as some seemed to prefer, he had that certain look that at least had some looking. He got the nickname because his name was Harry, and because on the field, he was a Prince. He seemed to always find a way across the opponents line, or breaking free from the pack when no one expected it.

Having the last name of Tudor only added fuel to the name calling. Roger, the Team Captain had coined it last year, and it had stuck. Course Roger was a bit of a tease, and at times Harry was certain he knew about Harry’s preferences. Though he never said anything, it was the way he would look at him, that made him wonder.

The game was already in the bag, as he stared out at his replacement. The Coach had taken him out, not wanting to risk injury, but frankly Harry was still in game mode. He liked the way he could lower his shoulder at times, then deke out the defender as he would appear to head for him, then at the last turn away and gain more ground. It always worked, and today had been a lark. He had already made several try’s and they were so far ahead, the second unit was on the field.

The wind was blowing, and he felt the chill cooling his sweat soaked body, as he shouted encouragement to his side, watching the other team bravely try to prevent another score. It wasn’t going to work, as he watched the play unfold. As he knew, they scored and he relaxed more.

Teams had been known to come back, but not from this drubbing. He was elated, as it took his team one step closer to securing a spot in the league finals. They had missed them last year, but seemed a lock this year. Largely due to his running, his play. The chants of ‘Prince Harry’ filled the small stadium these days, which always excited him.

In fact, it also had improved his sex life. Some of those wankers who had ignored him before, now sought him out. It was pleasing to make them beg for a taste of his dick, to make them chase him for a change. It gave him a sense of power that he rather enjoyed. Like today, he had met an old school chum as he had been heading to the locker room. Nigel was one of those ‘pretty boys’ back in the days of school, and Harry always had a thing for him.

He was a looker. The long hair that hung just below his ears, neat and always in place. His lean face, thin lips and deep blue eyes all conspired to make him a star among the student body. Nigel was tall, and slender. Not thin, but well proportioned that matched his long arms and legs. He had a basket on him that made every girl turn their head every time he walked past them.

Turned his head too, but back then Nigel rarely had the time of day for the likes of him. He wasn’t well proportioned. His legs were thick, stocky even, but he had a solid frame to hold up. It wasn’t that he was fat, because he had nothing but muscle, just that it wasn’t pretty.

Nigel was built like a fine tuned European sports car, while he was more like an older model Land Rover. Not pretty to look at, but rarely did it let you down. He was like that, and now good old Nigel was chasing him. It gave him a bit of pleasure, that he couldn’t hide. A small smile was on his lips, as he watched the scrum taking place, wondering if Nigel was as big in the crotch, as his basket used to imply, when he was doing the chasing?

He was so absorbed in thinking of Nigel, he didn’t notice the coach come up. As he listened to the Coach repeat himself, telling him to hit the showers, he couldn’t help but think of Nigel. The guy was one of those you never forgot, or in his case, dreamed about.

The idea of one day, having him on his knees, taking his cock in his mouth, of doing whatever he wanted, was a fantasy he had from the first time he had seen Nigel. Seeing him as he had entered today had awakened those thoughts, and as he headed down the ramp, towards the Locker Room, he spotted him at the rail.

Looking up, he saw him staring down at him. His eyes seemed to be glazed over, and a thin smile was across his mouth that made Harry think about how those lips would feel wrapped around his cock. He smiled back, and of a spur of the moment, stopped, and invited him to join him. He noticed the look of others around him, as they pressed forward, wanting to touch him, chanting ‘Prince Harry, Prince Harry’ as Nigel climbed over the rail, to jump down onto the cement pad.

There was a look of pleasure on his face, as he waved, signed a few books thrust at him plus he could feel Nigel’s eyes on him. It was strange, but it felt rather exciting, as he waved, and tossing his head, headed into the dark tunnel. He passed a grounds keeper who gave him a hard slap on the shoulder. It was great to be at the centre of the crowds pleasure.

Entering the Locker Room, he glanced around before heading to his cubicle. His street clothes were all hanging neatly, as he began to toss his kit off, knowing it was exciting Nigel. He wasn’t sure how he knew, but he knew. Maybe it was the hungry look in those blue eyes, or how he kept wiping his hands on his pants, but he knew that Nigel wanted him, and he also knew he wasn’t going to disappoint him.

Turning around, he pulled his shorts off, standing in front of Nigel, his stocky frame looking a bit yellow in the room’s light. He saw the look, saw how the eyes immediately moved down his body towards his crotch, where his jock was. With a small smile curling around his lips, he took his hands and dug his thumbs into each side of the waistband. Then he slowly slid the jock off his body, watching Nigel’s eyes all the time.

He saw him lick his lips, as his cock came free, sticking straight out. It was hard, not totally, but enough to give a good indication that Prince Harry was no average bloke. Like the rest of him, it was thick, but unlike his stature, it was also longer than average. Nigel was definitely impressed, as Harry noticed his jeans bulge a bit more.

Harry stretched, lifting his hands up over his head, pushing his hips forward, as his cock grew even firmer. He was enjoying it, as he looked over at Nigel. His old school chum slowly looked up, to stare at him. He smiled, then Harry looked down at his erect cock, then back up at Nigel. He nodded, as he stretched again, moving a step closer, watching Nigel’s eyes widen then look back down at the offered treat.

They hadn’t said a word, and he didn’t think he would have to say much, as he watched Nigel staring at his cock. His eyes, his whole face, seemed absorbed by the display of his erection, and he knew that Nigel did want it.

You got 10 minutes, mate.’ Was all he said, as he widened his stand. He stared straight at Nigel, who now looked up at him, his eyes showing his hunger, his desire. It was a sight he had always dreamed of, and now was about to be realized. He could see his hesitation, as he stepped closer, until he was standing within a few inches of Harry.

Harry could smell his cologne, remembering that fresh scent from his High School days. Nothing had changed, as he breathed in, his cock bouncing up a bit. He let his breath out, as he just stared at Nigel who kept going from looking at his face, to the hard cock. He wiped the palms of his hands on his pants several times, before he slowly let himself kneel down.

His face tilted up, watching Harry, maybe waiting to see if it was a put on or not. But Harry just kept his face passive, his eyes watching Nigel. He had a small smile on his face, as Nigel lifted up one hand, to reach out to the long pole in front. The eyes lifted up quickly, then lowered to stare directly at Harry’s cock.

He moved his head forward, the eyes now firmly fixed on Harry’s face. Harry just nodded, and watched as the blond hair hid his view. He felt the brush of Nigel’s lips on his cock head, felt the wet lips part, as they slowly wrapped around his cock head. He felt the sudden exhilaration racing up his body, his legs tighten.

The lips pressed softly at first, then as they moved further around his cock head, they grew firmer on his flesh. He felt his body tremble a little, as the lips moved further down his cock. He could feel the tongue licking at his head, at the slit in the centre. His legs grew even more taut, as the feelings were now rushing up his whole body. It was his dream coming true, as Nigel’s mouth enveloped his cock head.

The tongue was licking at his head, just underneath, as the lips continued to push down the shaft. His veins in his cock were suddenly filled by his rushing blood, as he reached out and placed both hands on Nigel’s shoulders.

Touching him, he felt the old friend shiver, felt his body shake to his touch. The intake of breath made his chest ache, as Nigel slowly took his whole cock into his mouth. He felt his nose tickle his groin, then press into the soft flesh. His cock was fully inside of Nigel’s mouth, and his fingers tightened their grip on the young man’s shoulders.

They dug deep into the flesh, and pulled back a little, making his cock press in further. The tongue was underneath, trying to lick at his shaft as it passed over, as it made its way down the throat. He heard a soft murmur, a gurgle maybe, as he pressed his hips forward. Nigel’s throat was wrapped around his cock, his head down as far as it could go, when Nigel began to slowly pull back.

Harry moaned, his breathing getting a bit shallow, as slowly Nigel pulled back, to where only the head was still being held by his lips, still inside of his mouth. Then quickly the head moved forward, the mouth driving fast along the throbbing pole. Harry was surprised, as once more Nigel’s nose was buried hard into his groin.

As Nigel began to slowly pull back his mouth, the tongue was arched up, as the shaft was pulled back over it. Harry felt his body quiver, as the raspy tongue grated along the underside of his cock. He groaned, his fingers digging in hard to Nigel’s shoulders. Then he felt the head moving back down, then up. His body shook, as his cock came free, and Nigel licked around the cock head, under the cap of his head, then down his shaft. It pressed hard on his flesh, as the tongue licked at the root, tasted him, then suddenly was gone to lick at the oozing pre cum at his cock head.

The cock was once more thrust into Nigel’s mouth, and Harry lifted his hands up, to grab hold of that perfect mop of blond hair. The fingers pulled at the strands, wrapping around them and pulling the head back down towards his groin. His body was tense, was wound up like a hard steel coil, as he began to push and pull the head, to make it go faster. He could hear the slurping sounds, as his cock moved faster and faster between the lips, banging against the throat, then filling the mouth.

Harry took a deep breath, as he began to gyrate his hips with each inward thrust. He could feel Nigel having trouble taking it all, but he didn’t care. Harry continued to push in and pull out, his hands yanking on the hair, keeping the head moving and taking his cock. He shoved hard, feeling Nigel’s nose bury itself into his groin, before being pulled away.

He knew he was getting close. The rolling waves that kept his heart pounding, making his pulse race were becoming more intense. His eyes were shut tight, as he tilted his head backwards. His chest heaved as his breath came in short shallow gulps. Each thrust of his hips made him tremble as he felt his balls sling upwards. Harry could feel the tightening of his sac, as his body pulled back, then suddenly shot forward on its own.

Crying out loudly, he gripped Nigel’s head and thrust it towards him, at the same time shoving his groin forward, smashing it hard into the face. The pain of Nigel’s nose into his groin was barely noticed, as his body exploded. He could hear the chants, see stars exploding behind his closed eye lids. His head rang, as he yelled, as the head under his hands struggled to pull back, unable to, due to his strength. He held Nigel’s face close, as his cock jerked and spewed its hot milk directly down the throat.

Nigel gagged, as his throat and mouth was filled by Harry’s milk. He struggled, to no avail, as the Harry’s body bucked and quivered. Every muscle held taut, as the heavy cream continued to shoot out of his trembling cock. He suddenly grew weak, releasing his hold, as his body uncoiled, as the last of his cum dribbled out of his cock.

He staggered back, until his back was resting against the wooden lockers. He was panting as he slowly opened his eyes, to see Nigel leaning back on his legs, cum coating his thin pale lips. The eyes were flashing, filled with satisfaction. He could see the look, feel it even, as he felt his body still shaking.

It had been one of his better orgasms, as he puffed a bit. There was no doubt that it had been worth the wait, as he stared down at Nigel, seeing him lick at the dried cum on his lips, and then stare at the softening cock dangling now, from Harry’s groin. Harry smiled, wondering if he should invite Nigel to come back to his flat or not. There was so much more he wanted the ‘Pretty Boy’ to do.

Grabbing a towel, and heading towards the shower area, he turned back to look at Nigel. He saw him still panting a little, and wiping the back of his mouth with his arm. He had a sort of small evil grin on his face as he spoke.

Be half a mo, then you can buy me a beer, before we head back to my flat.


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