Fiction – Fall Off, Get Right Back On

Fall Off, Get Right Back On

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2007 ? All Rights Reserved

Doug stared up at Jason, his eyes were puffy, as he wiped the tears from his face. His chest was heaving, and his whole body was still trembling. Looking down his body, he could see his limp cock across his groin, nearly shriveled up to nothing, while his balls dangled below, aching.

His lower lip was trembling as he sucked in air, trying to calm his nerves, to relax. He knew it would be hard, difficult, but he really did want it, and staring at Jason, he still knew he wanted to do it. It was just that he didn’t think it would be THAT big.

Not like he hadn’t seen Jason naked before either. Sure his cock was long, but fuck he didn’t think it would grow to quite that size when it was hard. None of the other guy’s who he had, had ever doubled like Jason. Okay, sure they got bigger, but fuck Jason had a monster when it was hard.

The way the veins stuck out, the head looked like a fucking bowling ball, and the shaft was like the thick end of a damn baseball bat. He should have tried to go slow, to not be so fucking cocky, but as he looked up at Jason, he didn’t seem anger. He could tell he was worried, concerned for him, which helped ease his disgust with himself.

Laying there, he let his legs stretch out, letting Jason still enjoy his naked body. Doug felt a stirring, as his breathing became a bit more regular. After all, he was no virgin. He had been getting shagged by guys since he had been a teenager. Now that he was 21, he considered himself a seasoned veteran. Least he should be, given how many guys he had sucked off or being fucked by.

Doug had always been a horny bitch. Sex to him was as necessary as eating food was to stay alive. And he had the goods to insure he was always well fed. He had grown to average height, had let his body fill out and done a bit extra by doing some basic weight lifting at home. He loved to run, and every morning he went for his wake up jog of a few miles.

At an early age he learned to look after his body. He didn’t drink much, nor did he smoke or do drugs even. Some might call him boring, but he was the life of most parties. He loved to have fun, to dance and shake his tight little butt. It had gotten him some great lays, hell it had attracted Jason.

He never needed to get drunk or stoned to feel great. A good cock in his mouth, or one sliding in and out of his ass, was all he needed to feel like he was on top of the world. It was his drug of choice, sex. Now here he lay, unable to realize his high.

Gimme a few, we can try again.

Jason stared down at him, and Doug felt his body reacting to his gaze. The guy was friggin hot, in every meaning of the word. He was as tall as Doug, but had flowing blond hair while Doug’s was more brown in color, and a bit more course. He really loved the way Jason’s hair felt, the way each strand seemed so fine, so soft, compared to his or other’s he had been with.

Like a true blond, Jason had the most gorgeous blue eyes, that always seemed to be shimmering. They were like liquid pools of sparkling sapphires. He had a thinner face than Doug, more gaunt and lean that matched his long nose and the thin pale pink lips. Gawd he loved tasting those lips, and that mouth. It had been an amazing feeling when Jason had first kissed him, tasted him, then wrapped them around Doug’s aroused penis.

He had felt like he would shoot right then and there, but had held on, and now it was all ruined, but looking at Jason he was determined to not give up. He wanted that cock, no matter how much pain it gave him, because at the end of it, he knew it would be the best ride ever.

You sure? I mean…

I am sure, it is so big and looks so good, I really do want it inside, if you still want to? Do You?

Hell yes, it is just, I don’t want to hurt you. I mean you screamed pretty good there.

Well, yeah, guess it’s the bitch in me, but screw it, maybe if you uh, loosen my ass up first a bit more, then maybe a bit more lube?

If you sure, I really, oh hell Doug you got the hottest ass I ever seen, I really do want to do it, if you think you can manage.

Doug felt his body tremble a little, as he looked at Jason’s cock. It hung down between his legs like a huge bat, and it wasn’t even hard yet. Licking his lips, he felt the desire inside, knowing that one way or another, he wanted to feel that weapon buried in his ass. The ache in his butt confirmed what he felt, as he pulled himself upright, and leaned over towards his night stand.

He opened a drawer and began to rummage around, as he heard the Jason breathing. Doug knew he was being watched, that Jason’s eyes were following his every move, and as he dug around the clutter in the drawer, he felt Jason’s hand on his leg, gently caressing it. It was driving him nuts, because he really like him.

Tonight was supposed to be the climax of his hunt. He had been chasing Jason for almost nine months. At times he thought it was like being pregnant, and tonight would be the birth of their emotions for each other. Okay, bit bizarre but then he wasn’t what you would call typical. He liked to fantasize about things, about guys and Jason had been the longest pursuit he had ever undertaken.

Glancing over at him, Doug knew it was well worth the effort. The guy not only had the looks, the equipment to please, but he had the personality too. He enjoyed life, had fun, without the need of drugs or booze. Not only that, he was a jogger as well. He worked, and took it seriously, just as he did. It was a perfect match, and now he wanted to make it more than just perfect.

At last he found what he was searching for and brought out two long dildos. One was considerably bigger than the other, but both were decent sized. Long and thick, as he handed them over to Jason, then he reached back in and took out the big bottle of lubricant. He sat that down on the table, then rolled back over onto his back.

Those should loosen me up enough, you okay with using them?

Jason grinned as he held one dildo in one hand, the other in his other hand. He glanced at one, then the other, then at Doug. The broad smile on his face was answer enough, as he leaned back a little on his haunches. Doug could see Jason’s cock stirring, seeing it thicken, leaving no doubt that Jason was more than okay with it.

Might be easier if you are on your stomach, with that tasty ass of yours up in the air?

Like my ass do you?

Oh yeah, it is one of the better asses I have had the pleasure of enjoying.


Just being honest, It really is a good one.

Doug couldn’t help but feel pleased with himself. He enjoyed hearing Jason’s compliments on his ass, as he turned over, looking back over his shoulder. He saw the way Jason’s eyes were staring at his cheeks, which gave him a bit of a thrill. He could feel his cock growing harder, as he pulled his butt up, getting up onto his knees.

He leaned forward, placing his head on his crossed over arms. The pillow was under his chin, and he spread his legs a bit wider, opening his cheeks a little. Doug heard Jason suck in his breath, then felt him place his hands on the small of his back. The fingers seemed to quiver a little as they rested there, then slowly began to caress his cheeks.

The hands moved down, slowly brushing across his cheeks, making them quiver a bit. The hands moved around his cheeks for a second or two, then inched over towards they valley between the two orbs. He felt Jason’s fingers caress him, then slowly reach down into the valley. He took a deep breath, as he felt the fingers begin to press into the sides of his cheeks.

As the hands took hold of each side of his cheeks, he felt Jason moving closer, felt his hot breath on his cheeks, then the light press of his lips against each cheek. He squirmed a bit, sighed, as Jason kissed the top of his cheeks, while slowly spreading them apart. He felt the warm breath blowing down his valley,

The soft kiss at the top changed, as he felt the edge of Jason’s tongue flick out, then his whole body shook, as Jason let his tongue run all the way down his valley. His legs quivered, and his heart began to beat a bit faster as the tongue licked at his hole, teasing it was its firm edge brushed around the tiny pink hole.

He moaned as the tongue continued to swirl around and then below the hole, but licking upwards towards the hole. It licked at his sides, then once more began to circle his hole, when it suddenly pressed inwards. The fingers dug in harder, pulling the cheeks even further apart, as the hole spread wider.

The tongue licked inside, dug deep into him, as he felt its raspy edge tickling his insides. He groaned, feeling himself shaking, feeling the amazing warmth rolling up inside of him, as Jason stuck his tongue in as far as he could. His nose was wedged between his cheeks, pressing into him, to allow as much of his tongue to enter Doug. The sensations were amazing, as his body continued to convulse, to tremble.

Two fingers moved closer, as he felt Jason move his hand deeper down into his valley. They held his cheeks apart, the tips of two fingers resting on either side of his hole. He pulled his head back, and Doug heard him take a long deep breath. Then suddenly the head was once more wedged between his cheeks, the tongue deep inside of him, twisting and turning as it licked the insides of his love tunnel. Every nerve in his body was tingling, aching even as Jason licked him deep inside.

His cheeks were shaking, when he felt one being released, then he felt a finger pressing into his body, under the tongue, that continued to lick at him. The finger moved in, then began to twist around as Jason pulled his head back. Doug moaned, as the lone finger was joined by another. Their thickness stretching him a bit more, as they dug deep down into him. He was moaning constantly now, as the two fingers became three fingers that poked at him. In and out they moved, with the odd little twist that made Doug groan his pleasure.

He was sweating as Jason fingered him, then suddenly the pressure inside was gone, but not for long, as once more he felt Jason’s nose pressing between his cheeks, the tongue digging deep inside. His cock was rock hard, as he reached back with one hand to stroke the hard shaft. Suddenly he felt the tongue slowly pull back, lick at his valley, under his hole, then down his dangling balls.

While his balls were being kissed, he felt something pressing up into his rectum, felt it slide past his moist hole, as Jason sucked on one of Doug’s aching balls. He was still stroking his cock, his head lifted up as he moaned loudly, then fall back down. He was squirming as the object in his ass began to press further inside, past the levels of Jason’s tongue, past the point where his fingers had been. He cried out softly, feeling his whole tunnel being forced open, to take the hard object as it moved deep, deep into his body.

Jason sucked each of his balls, making them ache in ways he had never experienced. The press of the dildo inside only made him enjoy it all the more. His hands were under his shoulders, holding him up a little as his ass squirmed while being slowed fucked by the plastic toy. He felt it move in and out, never too fast, never too slow. It made him feel every ridge of the plastic ribs that were along its long shaft. He groaned as Jason slowly pulled it out, but then he felt the other dildo being slid down his trembling valley.

He arched his buttocks backwards, wanting to have it up his ass. He was slobbering a little, as he felt the hard press, then the sudden stabbing pain as the head of the dildo penetrated his body. He was breathing hard, feeling the pain rolling up his body, but it was a different kind of pain. He leaned back even more, forcing the thick cock to spread his insides even more, as Jason slowly pushed it inside.

The huge dildo made him feel like he was on fire. It ached, but in a good way, as Jason continued to press it in. One hand rested on his buttocks, then suddenly it lifted up, and he felt a hard slap across one cheek. As he felt the slap, the dildo pressed in a bit faster, moving in deeper and then he felt the hand against his hole. He had the huge dildo all the way up inside, and he was moaning louder now, as Jason began to gently pull back a little, then push back in.

He kept doing it for what seemed ages. Doug was dripping with sweat now, as he felt the constant movement inside his body. The huge dildo had stretched him wide, but he felt so full, so hot that he couldn’t help but groan his pleasure with each push in. His legs were soaked, his back was glistening from the sweat that coated him all over. His hair hung down over his eyes, as he buried his face into his hands.

Now oh God Jason, take me now, please, please do it now, oh Christ now, I want it all, please’ he cried out, but Jason kept the dildo moving in and out. He didn’t pull it out, making Doug beg more and more. His hand was hitting the side of the bed, his teeth were biting on the pillow as Jason kept pushing the dildo in and out.

He would bring it almost out, then push it in hard all the way to the hilt. Then he would again slowly bring it back out, almost. He kept repeating it, changing speeds every now and then, as Doug continued to plead for Jason to fuck him with his cock. He was near tears, as his desire was making him tremble with each movement of the dildo inside. His body was aching and screaming for the real thing, as Jason twisted the dildo a little, making it jerk inside.

Doug was pleading, every other breath he would beg, plead, even yell, but Jason ignored it. He was leaning over Doug, his hair would tickle the backside, sweat would drip off onto Doug’s arched up back. His pulse was racing, as suddenly he felt totally empty. There was nothing inside of him.

Before it registered, he felt the press again up against his rectum. He was still pleading for Jason to fuck him with his cock, when the pain came. The penetration pain roared into his body, as he felt his hole being split open.

It made him cry out, no yelp of pain, just a primal scream as the pain took hold of his body, then made it shake. He realized it was Jason’s cock, and suddenly the pain just disappeared. It had been roaring all through him, but now a strange warmth seemed to fill his body, as Jason slowly pushed forward.

Doug felt his heart pounding. The rush of thunder in his ears made him moan loudly, as he heard his own voice off in the distance, wanting more, urging Jason on. Every muscle inside of him was coiled, he felt his body tighten as the huge cock was slowly pressed inside. His already stretched lining was stretched even more. It ached, felt like every part of his insides were being ripped apart as the huge cock slowly drove further and further into him.

He felt the press up against his bladder, against his prostrate. His legs quivered, moved apart a bit more, and once more he felt the hard slap of Jason’s hand against his cheek. Then another whack on the other, then another again, as he began to slowly gyrate his hips. The cock inside didn’t just fill him, but it began to jerk around, to dance from side to side,

Pain mingled with pure pleasure as Jason’s cock twisted and jerked inside, then began to slowly pull back. He cried out ‘No’ wanting it to stay, but Jason continued to ignore him, as the huge cock was sliding out. He tried to hold it inside, tried to clench his cheeks tight, to hold the throbbing pole, but he couldn’t as he felt the huge cock head reaching his hole.

Just when he thought he would lose it, Jason suddenly fell forwards onto the small of his back. His sudden weight rammed the huge cock back down into Doug’s body. He cried out, as the huge pole was like a guided missile, the way it was suddenly once more banging up against his prostrate. He fell forward a bit, the hard weight on top making him lose his balance.

Jason’s hand now reached out and pulled him back up, and as he did, he began to pound his ass hard. Doug felt the pain, felt the rolling waves of pleasure too. His eyes were shut tight, as he felt the hips smacking into his cheeks, felt them shudder, felt his body try to move forward, held in check by Jason’s hands.

Sweat was flowing onto his back, and he tried to lift his head up, to look over his shoulder, which he managed briefly. The pain inside, the hard driving press of Jason’s body into his own was too much, but that one glimpse was enough. He saw the fire in his eyes, those lovely blue eyes. He felt it inside too, and the mouth was open, and he could almost hear his hoarse moans through his own groaning voice, through the wild beat of his heart.

Jason’s hair was hanging over his forehead, and his nostrils were flaring as Doug turned back, lowering his head, as his body continued to be pounded. His bed was groaning along with him. The squeaks were loud, as the headboard continued to bang into the wall, in time with the hard banging inside of Jason’s throbbing cock.

Doug could feel it, feel the veins as they filled with blood, thickening the huge cock even more. He felt his muscles break away, as the cock drove past them, like knife though butter. His whole body was jerking, shuddering, as the hard cock ploughed into him.

He wanted to reach underneath, to grab his cock, but he couldn’t. The wild pounding of his ass was too much, as it seemed to go faster with each thrust in. He felt it shake, felt the cock jerking and banging along the sides of his tunnel, of his insides. It felt like it would burst through, come up his throat, as Jason adjusted his position.

Doug felt the hands on either side pressing down on the bed, felt the arms next to his sides, as the body lifted up. He could feel Jason’s legs shoot straight out, feel them tighten to where they were as rigid as beams of steel. Then the pounding in his ass became even harder. It was like being under a jack hammer. The drilling was hard, fast, and he couldn’t keep track of whether the cock was going out or in. The sweat on his back was like being in a rain storm. It kept splattering onto his flesh, as the cock was driven harder and faster.

Then he heard the loud single cry, felt the body above shake. Felt the cock inside of his ass jerk and tremble, then it was suddenly out of his rectum. The ripping of plastic, the hard loud cry coming again, as he felt the first hard splatter of Jason’s cum against his back. Huge gobs of cum seemed to be striking his back, all over. As they hit, as they splattered it was like hot wax dripping onto his body. It burned, then cooled, on the outside, while still warming him.

Doug heard Jason’s sobbing breath, as he felt his cock resting on the small of his back. He felt the cum being wiped across his own shaking body. Then he felt the hands reaching around, and felt his whole body being twisted and turned over.

Suddenly he was on his back, his leg up and over Jason’s body, who leaned forward. Jason took his cock, and was furiously stroking it as his eyes looked up towards Doug’s face. All he could feel was the ache in his balls grow, feel his body trembling uncontrollably, as Jason jerked his cock.

The balls were slung upwards, as he felt his body lose control. He cried out, as he felt the coming explosion from deep inside, then he felt the warm wetness surround his cock. His body lurched upwards, as he felt himself explode, felt the constant waves of pleasure filling his whole body. His rectum ached, but it was nothing to the immense warmth he was feeling inside of him.

His eyes were shut, but he saw the flashes of lights, tiny dots of color exploding against his eye lids, as he felt his body release its milk. Doug cried out, opening his eyes to see the room spinning a little, then down at his jerking cock, that was hidden by the hunched over upper body of Jason. Doug realized his cock was inside of Jason’s mouth as he shot his load.

He felt it leaving, felt his cock head jerk back, then fire forward like a bullet, spewing his milk into the waiting throat. He felt the lips around his throbbing cock, felt them tighten as his cum gushed out, and flowed back around his cock head. Doug cried out, as Jason swallowed and swallowed again, taking Doug’s cum.

He lay back on the bed, totally exhausted as the last of his cum dribbled out of his cock. His body was bathed in sweat from both of them, as he felt Jason slowly fall across his legs, then slowly move up on the bed, to lay next to him. Doug twisted his head to stare at Jason’s face. He saw the eyes staring at him, the smile across his mouth, that made him wiggle in a bit closer, letting their bodies nestle into each other.

You really do like my ass, don’t you?

Jason smiled more as he reached over with his hand, wrapping it around Doug’s still body. His hand moved down till it rested over the hip.

It’ll do

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