Fiction – Worth $10 Bucks of Gas?

Worth $10 Bucks of Gas?

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2007 ? All Rights Reserved

Tyler leaned back in the seat, as he watched Jimmy run into the mall. He couldn’t help but stare at the cute little butt as it shook, while the 19 year old loped towards the mall entrance. As he reached the door, he turned to look back and there was no mistaking his smile. It was, as usual breathtaking.

The way it would light up his face, crinkle up his cute little nose, make the eyes seem to sparkle, was something to see. Specially after a bit of fun, which Jimmy seemed to always want, crave even. It wasn’t that Tyler objected, but he realized that at 45, he was slowing down a little. Not a lot, just a little.

His own wild days of partying all night, then working the next day were gone. He needed his sleep, and so what if everyone called him an old man. He was, compared to them. Most were either in their mid twenties or just approaching it, like Jimmy.

To think that it all had started with Jimmy needing a ride to work. He shook his head, as he kept staring at the mall door, waiting for him to come back. He was just going to get a pair of pants, but he wondered how long that would take. Would he shop like a girl, ogling every pair till he found just the right one, or shop like a guy and just grab the first pair that seemed the right look?

He had to laugh at that, because he had asked Jimmy that, and got one of his famous pouty looks as he emphatically said he shopped like a man. Course the toss his head, flick of his hair made it all seem academic. In some ways he was like a girl, yet he didn’t look like one. Sure he had fine facial features, but he was also a sports junkie. He played Hockey, baseball, and basketball. He loved to watch the games, as well as play in semi structured leagues. And he wasn’t what you would call tiny either.

Not six foot, but he was all solid muscle, specially that dangling one between his legs. Christ he was hot naked, and like flicking a switch, what was soft became rock hard. And Tyler knew that first hand. His butt still hurt from last night, but then so did Jimmy’s. The kid had stamina, which was more than could be said about him.

He was tired, yet somehow had been conned into being a chauffeur for Jimmy. First it was to take him to mom’s work, to get some cash, then to his dad’s to pick up his cell phone, and now the mall. Then once he finished that, it was off to the arena so he could catch a hockey game. And all this time, Tyler just wanted to get home, undress, and get some sleep. Work had been grueling & long, which seemed to happen a lot these days.

Mind you part of his exhaustion was Jimmy. He was insatiable at times, and always on the go. If it wasn’t playing hockey on Friday nights, it was shopping or going for drinks. There were nights when Jimmy was off with his other friends, and as much as he liked being with Jimmy, those were nights he cherished. It gave him a chance to rest up. Now that had to be a sign of old age, he thought as he saw the doors swing open from the mall entrance, and Jimmy come flying out.

God he was so cute looking, the way his arms would pump, his legs drive his short torso. He was thin but not like some of those you saw on the Porn sites. No ribs stuck out, and his legs were no toothpicks either. His thighs actually were quite large, and he had power there. The way he could hold Tyler between his legs, the way he would wrap his legs around him was an awesome feeling.

He had that energy that Tyler wished he still had. Yet at the same time, Jimmy could be romantic, soft and cuddle like a teddy bear, at other times he was like a man possessed. The way he could attack him the second he would walk into the door, or other times, just smile at him, was what made him keep on coming back for more. That and the simple fact that he enjoyed him. It was like being a kid all over again, and screw the age difference.

Besides, most people still took him for being about 30, not mid forties. He still was lean enough without much of gut showing to pass off as a younger man. The long blond hair helped in that respect, and while the whiskers grew a bit faster, he still had a rather gentle looking face. One that Jimmy referred to as the ‘countrified look’, in reference to the fact that Tyler lived on acreage and kept horses.

Jimmy suddenly was there, opening and slamming the truck door in one easy swoop. He was slightly out of breath, puffing a little as he looked at his watch, then at Tyler.

See, I shop like a man, only took 10 minutes.

He laughed as he started the truck and backed out. He headed out towards the Arena when he noticed that Jimmy was leaning way back, his legs outstretched. His eyes wandered from the road to Jimmy’s pushed out body, and then grew wider, as he realized he was undoing his pants.

What the hell you doing?

Changing of course, why?

Shit, that isn’t safe.

Why? No one can see.

Isn’t that stupid, I might run into something if you don’t cover that up.

Jimmy looked down, to see his cock tenting his shorts. They were rather skimpy ones, plus thin and you could pretty well see most of what his dick looked like. He was proud of it, and loved showing it off to Tyler, as he turned to him, batting his eyelashes.

We have a half hour.

Tyler stared over at him, then back his eyes went to the road. He felt himself getting aroused, sitting next to Jimmy who had given himself a boner again. He had seen it stiffen, and knew how hard it would be. His fingers tapped the steering wheel, as he saw a side road coming up on the highway. He quickly signalled and pulled into the right lane, then signaled again and turned off onto the side road.

As he pulled the truck off to the side of the road, he turned and looked at Jimmy. ‘You are such a slut

I know, isn’t it nice?

He couldn’t help but laugh as he reached over and kissed the young man on the offered mouth. He felt his body tingle, as they touched, and as Jimmy’s hand reached out and grabbed at his crotch.

And you are a horny dirty old man.’ He mumbled as he let Tyler’s tongue lick inside his mouth. Jimmy had a way of speaking, even when his mouth was full, that just made Tyler grin, or in this case press his mouth harder onto Jimmy’s mouth.

He felt the young man’s hand reaching for his button, and then opening it, he let his hand dive down into the pants, to grope his own hard cock. He sighed, as he felt the beat of Jimmy’s heart, as his own hand was rubbing the boy’s crotch, feeling the hard cock, its warmth as he brushed over it. His chest was tightening, as he kissed him, then moved to kiss under his chin, at the little peach fuzz that was growing.

His own heart was pounding, as he smelled the cologne, knowing it was his. Jimmy had surprised him not long ago, but suddenly smelling like him, even his hair had the same scent to it. The little bugger had gone and bought the same shampoo, and cologne plus body wash that Tyler used, and it was all rather charming. To have someone like Jimmy care enough about him, to want to emulate him in so many ways.

The hand inside his pants began to press harder as he leaned back a little, to look at Jimmy. He saw how his face was squinted up, how his eyes seemed to flutter as they held his gaze. There was no mistaking his feelings for him, which were returned.

Really want to go to the game?

Depends, you got any food at your place?

Only a hot dog.

Yeah but any buns?

Just yours.

I thought so, but I did promise to meet Jerry and Brian at the game. You know how those two will be if I stand them up… again.

screw them

they ain’t my type

Tyler pulled his head up, as he looked at Jimmy. He saw the hard cock sticking up, the way the eyes were looking at him, wanting him. He felt so wanted, so desired the he didn’t care what the other’s might say. Though both Jerry and Brian were great kidder’s, they knew enough to not push it, least with him. On the other hand, they could be merciless in their teasing.

He felt Jimmy’s hand reach out and take his, placing it on his crotch. The heat was unbelievable, both from Jimmy’s groin and from his look. He could see the desire, see it trying to hold him, to knock down his reluctance. Hell, it was dark out, no one would see, as he grinned, and squeezed the hard cock under his hand.

Jimmy just grinned back, pushing one leg aside, then reaching down and pushing his shorts off, to free his cock for Tyler’s hand. The touch of his hand on that hard piece of flesh made his pulse quicken, as he let it move slowly along the shaft. He could feel the veins pulsing, as he kept looking at Jimmy’s face. The way his nostrils began to flare as Tyler’s fingers moved along the shaft, lightly. The way the lips trembled to his hands press on his body, all made Tyler excited.

Until Jimmy, the last time he had sex of any kind in a vehicle was back when he was 20 or so. Now here he was, doing it all over again. He could feel the awkwardness of it, the limitations as he leaned back to lift up Jimmy’s shirt, to kiss at his belly. He felt it shake, felt the muscles rippling as he licked at Jimmy’s belly, then his belly button. He could smell his aroma, his special scent of arousal that made his own body tremble with desire, with anticipation.

He kissed him all over, slowly letting his head move down, until he felt Jimmy’s hard cock under his chin. He turned his head a little, letting the stubble on his chin rub against Jimmy’s cock. He heard the long moan, as he pushed the cock aside, so it rested by his face. He kissed the soft groin, feeling the pubic hairs brush his lips, tickle his nose. He kissed softly, then hard. He moved around the cock, licking once or twice at the base of it, then kissing the soft flesh. He pushed between the groin and thighs, kissing and licking at the tender young flesh. The groans were louder, the hands were on his head, holding him down, trying to force him towards the hard cock, but he ignored the pressure.

His mind didn’t care about resting, about relaxing. It just wanted Jimmy, to taste him, to have him and to possess him. Tyler’s tongue licked hard between the thigh and groin, tickled the firm balls. Jimmy squirmed a little, as he leaned back in the seat, his legs pushing outwards, his hips jutting up a bit. His hand was pulling his own shirt up, the other still on Tyler’s head, urging him to continue.

The constant squirming was making him excited. His own hand moved up the body, to rub and caress the exposed skin, Tyler felt Jimmy’s body shaking, felt the chest heaving as his fingers moved up the firm body, towards the chest. His finger tip circled one nipple, and then he squeezed it between two fingers. Jimmy let out a small whimper, as he continued to squirm, continued to have one hand pushing Tyler’s head towards his cock.

He let his tongue flick out, pushing at the full balls, his own nostrils breathing in deeply Jimmy’s own body scent. He felt his lungs ache, his heart pound as he brought his face back towards the throbbing cock. He let his tongue lick at the base, then up along the whole shaft. As he did, he felt the tremors, felt the body quiver uncontrollably as his tongue reached the cock head, and tasted the oozing pre cum. His own cock jerked in his pants.

The tip of tongue licked at the tiny hole, tasting him, and licking around it. He could feel the cock shake, feel the body underneath move from side to side, as he heard the distant sound of Jimmy’s groans. He could hear off in the distance cars rushing past, but he ignored those, as he licked at the cock head, then around it in growing circles, as he licked under the head. His hand held the cock at its base now, as he lifted his head up, then kissed the cock head.

His lips stayed on the head, as he slowly let them open, gradually letting the cock enter his mouth. His teeth raked the sensitive head, making Jimmy moan louder. He felt the young man’s hands on his head, twisting at his hair, as he tried to hold back. His eyes fluttered, and he felt them open briefly. In front of him was this huge pole, shimmering a little, but it was his trembling skin that made him ache. The way the soft rolls were bunched together around his belly, the way his pubic hairs were swaying, all added to his growing pleasure.

Tyler let his head move down, taking Jimmy’s cock into his mouth. He could feel it slide past, feel the blood flowing through the veins that jutted out all around the pole. The head was still oozing pre cum, but inside his mouth. His body grew taut, as he began to feel his nose press into Jimmy’s groin. He felt the boy grip his hair harder, pushing down as well.

He began to pull up, then push back down, keeping the head and most of Jimmy’s cock shaft inside his mouth. He felt the head banging against his throat muscle, or pushing his cheeks out, as his bopped up and down on the throbbing pole. He could feel his balls shaking, feel the belly shaking constantly as he held the cock steady.

Jimmy was moaning non stop. His hands would twist his hair one second, then be pushing his head down, then reaching around and rubbing his shoulders, or his back, as he brought one leg up and over his leaning body. He shifted so his head was wedged between the door and the seat, while his other leg was underneath.  He could hear his breathing coming faster, in more shallow breaths, as the fingers played with his hair, or caressed the side of his face as he sucked on the cock.

Suddenly both hands were on his head, pushing him down with all their force. He tried to resist, but couldn’t as Jimmy also arched his hips upwards. He felt the cock being driven hard into his mouth, as he struggled to relax his throat enough. Tyler knew what was happening, as he tried to make himself ready, tried to hold onto the bucking body. His own hands were clenching the young man’s hips, his fingers digging in, as Jimmy arched his body up even more.

The loud cry echoed just as the cock head inside reared back, then shot forward, propelling his cock deep down into Tyler’s throat. As it did, it began to spew its milk, a heavy thick stream of salty sweet cum was being shot down into his belly, filling his throat with its warm taste.

The cum filled his mouth, dribbled out from the corners of his lips, as the body heaved, bucked even as it shot more and more of the tasty milk into his mouth. He was swallowing as fast as he could, taking as much into his stomach as he could. His own body was like a steel spring, waiting to uncoil, to lash out. His arms were numb, and his jaw was hurting, as he felt the penis begin to stop driving forward. The hips were no longer pushing up, but had dropped down, settling deep into the seat.

He could hear the heavy breathing, hear the sounds over the beat of his own heart. He let his head move slowly up on the shaking pole, until it was free. Then he leaned forward, letting his tongue lick at the head, feeling it quiver as he licked the last remnants of Jimmy’s cum.

Tyler leaned back towards his side of the truck. His chest ached, as he looked over at Jimmy. He too was still panting, but he was looking at Tyler, with a strange gleam in his eyes, one that Tyler knew all too well. His body was exhausted, as he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

He watched as he pulled his underwear back up, covering the now soft penis. He reached behind, showing his belly a little to grab the bag behind the seat, then he pulled out the pants, and wiggled into them, bringing them up his legs, until he could zip them up and button them. He patted the sides, and looked at his crotch, then over at Tyler.

So, think they look good?

Yep, they look fine.

The pants, or what is inside of them?

Tyler laughed, as he stared over at Jimmy, He had already more or less fixed his hair, and looked as if nothing had happened. He was grinning, as he kept his eyes fixed on Tyler.

He turned the headlights back on, and as he checked to see if anything was coming, he pulled the truck off the side, and made a U-Turn towards the highway, to head to the arena.

Both are fine.

Good, so you picking me up after the game?

He turned into the highway, and gave the truck gas, lurching forward a bit, as he turned to look at Jimmy for one second, before returning to watch where he was going.

What am I? Your damn chauffer? Do you know how much it costs to haul your horny ass around all the time?

Jimmy grinned at him, and as they came to a stop light, he waited till Tyler turned to look at him, before replying in a coy little voice, his eyelashes fluttering.

Yeah, but think of all the fringe benefits you get for a measly ten bucks of gas.

Tyler just laughed, as he knew he would pick Jimmy up, after the game.

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