Fiction – Running the Table

Running the Table

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2007 ? All Rights Reserved

Ed took a last swallow of his beer, sat it down, and followed by the others, he opened the door into ‘the room’. He still felt nervous, but the three beers helped calm him down, sort of. He felt his body shiver a little as he fumbled for the light switch, then he stared open mouth at the room.

There were four lights, all of them spots, angled towards the center of the room. The walls were dark, both in color and light, as he stared at the only furniture in the room. A large round wooden table with a massive center pedestal type leg.

He turned around to look at the others. They all had a smirk on their faces, as he expected. Still he searched their faces, seeing if this wasn’t a joke, or if they had been truly serious. After all, these were the elite and it had always been his dream to be a part of their little group. This was his chance, but he felt unequal to the task before him.

To begin with, Ed wasn’t a jock, not even close to it. He stood at about 2 or so inches short of six feet, weighed a puny 135 pounds, and looked it. At times he needed glasses, for reading, for just about any task, including driving. He was what you would call your typical geek, or nerd. He had been on the Honors List in High School and had made the Dean’s List last year, his first at University.

On the other side there was Bo, the leading scorer on the Basketball team. He was at least 4 inches taller than six foot, and he had a reputation for having some pretty mean elbows. The others, Charlie, Sam, Paul, were all stars on the baseball team. They were the cream of the athletes, the best of the best, knew it too, and here he was, being offered an opportunity to hang with them. To go out on cruising the town, to sit with them in the student cafeteria, to have free access to their off campus house. A more or less fraternity home, paid for by a couple of the more well heeled Alumni, who valued sports more than academics.

He knew he was here simply because he was a good student. Each one of them was on ‘academic probation’ and if they didn’t get their grades up, keep them up, they wouldn’t be out on the field, or court. It would mean being out of sight too, because they would lose their scholarships. It was where he had come in. The administration had offered them a chance, a tutor. He had drawn the lucky assignment.

It had seemed impossible, but they weren’t superstars by chance. They had brains, and they had realized the need for him, which had made it easier. Now he was being given the ultimate opportunity, to be accepted fully into their little group, all he had to do was run the table.

His elation had sunk when they had told him that, as he was not good at playing pool. He told them that, but they just smiled, telling him it wasn’t that kind of table. It wasn’t about clearing all the balls off, which seemed to make Sam giggle. Ed didn’t understand why at the time, until Paul explained it to him.

To run the table, he would have to service them all, on their special table. At first he hadn’t tweaked to the meaning, but as he had looked at Paul’s face, it dawned on him. His jaw had fell open, because the one thing he had least expected was that these guys were gay.

Sam chimed in, telling him how he had ran the table, that in fact they all had. It made it all seem so normal, so natural that he found he had agreed without knowing all the details. It was on his second beer that he found out that it was a bit more than being naked on a table. He was relatively naive when it came to sex.

To say he was inexperienced would be an understatement. His only real experiences had been with two hustlers, that he had found in a bar rag. They had shown him the ways, for a price. He had sucked his first cocks, taken his first dick up his ass from them. To say it was less than rewarding was an understatement. He had felt the pain of penetration, the warmth of acceptance and the sort of thrill of having his ass filled by another. To hear them grunting, to feel their sweat dripping on him, then the climax was all good, but in all honesty, he had enjoyed jerking off to the images in his magazines.

He had quite a good collection now, and yet he knew he wanted to experience more. The opportunity the guys were offering him seemed ideal, until he heard the details. It wasn’t just about them shooting their load all over his body.

His job, was to service them, in all respects. To them, ejaculation was the end of sex, all manners of sex. Which meant that not only did he have to suck their cocks, but take them too. His face had fallen, when they had explained how it worked. That he would strip, lay on the table. That each of them would also strip, then the game would begin.

It would start with him sucking each of them, that the table would revolve and he would take whatever cock was in front of him. However, once they were all hard, it would get more intense. The table would turn, and whoever was in front would be sucked, but whoever was behind, would get to penetrate him, to fuck him.

They would take turns, keep taking turns until they were all ready to finally cum. That would be dependent on how good he sucked them, how good he took their cocks up his ass.

The idea of sucking on each of their cocks was thrilling, the idea of being fucked by each of them, over and over again, wasn’t. He didn’t know if he liked anal sex, yet. Still to be able to have them all, to be laid by the elite on campus, was a dream a lot would pay for. He was being given that chance, for free.

The perks were good too, but he was still nervous. He wasn’t any Don Juan, and he didn’t know how much of a sexual animal he was either. Looking at them, seeing how they looked at him, made up his mind. Helped by the beers he was drinking too, one more task he wasn’t exactly accomplished at. He had felt the first beer, now he had a third in his hand, as they had explained his job.

Ed had noticed how Sam kept grabbing at his crotch, and as he took a swig of his beer, his eyes traveled across them all. There was no mistaking the hard lumps in their pants, which gave him one as well. He knew before he had finished his first swallow of Beer that he was going to do it. It just took him time for his mind to accept.

The moment of truth was at hand for him. Stepping further into the room, he noticed the table top was padded, with a rich dark leather. That would be nice, sticky too if he got overheated, which he was bound to do. There were a couple of holes in the arms of the tables, but on closer inspection he realized that they might have been cup holders, they now held a bunch of Condoms.

That sort of calmed him down. It was the one thing he had worried about, but seeing the Condoms eased that fear.

He kicked off his runners, turned to the guys and looked at each one of them very slowly. They were all sporting some pretty hard bulges in their pants, as he looked at them all, wondering what was going through their minds. Did they see him as just a fuck, or did they even care? Strange how he thought that, along with what kind of cocks they all had. Did Bo for example have a cock that was as long as he was tall? How about Charlie, he had a pudgy face, was his cock thicker than it was long?

Do I just get undressed and climb up?

Yep’ they all answered, their eyes staring directly at him. It was almost as if they still weren’t sure he would go through with it, but as he looked at them, he knew he wanted to.

He took his shirt off first, then bent down to remove his socks. He was turned sideways, not giving them a full view of either front or back. Ed knew he was fully erect, worried that they would laugh at him, or worse sneer at his size. It made his small body quiver a bit, as he unbuckled his pants, and pushed them down. He could hear them all watching, despite the silence.

Ed wore the standard nerd issue underwear. Jockey shorts, white and with the flap crossed over at the front. Nothing fancy and for him, they were a bit large. He let his hands rest lightly on the waistband, as he took one more look at the four 20 year old superstars. He wondered if they would make the major leagues, if so, would they think back on their college years? Would they have a more elaborate table in their homes?

He shoved his underwear down, and stepped out of them. Turning, he climbed up on the table and lay on his side, away from them.

Should I uh, be in any special position?

He heard them walking closer, heard someone stripping as Charlie told him to lay on his back. Ed did as he was told, and kept his face looking up. The desire to sit up, to watch was overwhelming, but decided he didn’t want to see, not until they were all ready.

The lights aimed at the table were bright, and hot. He could feel himself already starting to sweat. Sounds of clothes being dropped, of belts being undone, button’s opened and zippers lowered made him tense up. It was weird, laying across this table, while a few feet away, the best looking athletes, most sought after studs at the University were undressing, getting ready to have sex with him, a typical nerd.

The pounding in his chest seemed to grow, as he heard them moving closer. His eyes closed, as he took in a deep breath, smelling their colognes, their scent wafting over him. Opening his eyes he stared up at a long cock. It wasn’t fully hard, but as he looked past it, he saw it was Paul’s cock.

Paul stared down at him, his short dark hair glimmering in the harsh light. His face was a bit haggard, but his eyes were glowing. They stared down at Ed, as his hand reached out to grab his cock, and he stepped in closer, bringing the cock towards Ed’s face. He stared up at Paul, then over at the cock, saw the head becoming a bit darker in color as it came closer. He closed his eyes as he opened his mouth, letting Paul guide the cock in.

His body shook, as the cock moved past his lips. He let Paul push it in, until it banged the back of his mouth. He felt himself gag, as he held his head steady. Paul’s voice telling him to suck made him close his lips over the cock. He tried to move his head back, but it was an awkward position. Yet the smell of the cock, the taste of it seemed to awaken something inside.

He reached out, to take hold of it, and to lift his head up a bit, so he could take it easier. He moved his head back and forth over the cock, his hand gripping it tightly as he did. Paul moaned as he shot his hips forward, twisted them just a bit.

The table suddenly moved, throwing him a little off balance, as Paul’s cock was gone. The table stopped and he was facing Charlie, who grabbed him by the hair, and shoved his cock into his mouth. He didn’t have time to do anything but lean back a little, as the cock was stuffed into his mouth. Again he gagged a little, unaccustomed to the size of a cock.

He managed to suck on it a few seconds, before once more he felt the table moving, almost making him fall forwards. Then he was facing a huge thick cock. Looking up, he was surprised to see it was Sam’s. He really didn’t think he would have such a thick penis, but it made his jaw hurt, as Sam too grabbed his hair, as he pushed his cock into Ed’s mouth.

His lips struggled to wrap around it, and his throat constricted, as the size of the cock was too much for his mouth. He tried, as he reached up, taking hold of the throbbing pole, stroking it while he sucked on the cock head. He heard a moan, but it wasn’t from Sam.

The table moved again, and it stopped by Bo. As he looked, he saw the hard cock aimed at his mouth. He watched, wide eyed, as it came towards him, a small little dot of white on the tip. He also noticed it was not like the others. There was loose skin around the head, realizing that Bo was uncut. The cock touched his lips, which he began to open as the taste of the little white stuff made him tremble a bit. It was the first pre cum he had really ever tasted, and it was salty.

The cock didn’t look as long as he had expected, and his cheeks puffed out a bit, as the cock pushed inside, poking his cheeks. He felt his tongue licking up, and this time he heard a soft groan come from next to him, knowing that Bo liked the feel of his tongue.

The table kept moving and he kept tasting cock. He began to get more excited, more aroused too. As he would suck on a cock, he would let his free hand play with his own cock. He would stroke it, as he sucked, as he experimented with his technique. When he did something, that pleased, the moans would come, which made him even more excited.

He became more active, licking at the cock shaft in front of him, kissing the cock head at times, before letting it into his mouth. He would stroke it sometimes, while leaning forward to lick at the balls that dangled beneath the offered penis. Each pair were different, but the moans were the same when he would suck one testicle, then another, then suddenly swallow the cock.

While he was sucking, he could feel the others touching him, playing with his balls, his cock. He let his legs spread open more, as the table continued to swirl around. The lights were hot, he was sweating huge amounts, but he no longer worried about anything. He was enjoying the taste of dick, enjoying the way it was always different with each turn.

Someone began to play with his ass, which felt strange, yet exciting. He felt a finger pressing up around his rectum, felt the tip pressing up against him, as his body trembled. Then it was replaced by another hand, that rubbed his cheeks, a pair of fingers sliding down his crack.

The table moved again, this time as the cock was fed to him, a hand turned him over, so he lay flat on the table, they pushed his legs apart, and he felt the wet finger this time, as it poked at his rectum. His ass was aching in a way he had never experienced, he could hear himself moan as the finger kept pressing until finally it suddenly poked inside.

It was a sharp jabbing pain, that quickly disappeared. The finger was inside, pushing slowly further in as his legs shook. He felt the pleasure inside, felt it going up and down his body as he spread his legs further apart, as if to take more of the finger, when the table moved again.

The cock in his mouth felt like it was being ripped away as the table shook as it moved. His eyes fluttered as he saw the cock over his face, felt it slide across his lips, as he kissed it, reaching up to take hold of it. He licked at the balls underneath, holding the cock shaft out of the way.

As his tongue licked at the cock root, then began to lick at one of the balls, he felt the jabbing pain come back to him. It was harder, and it lasted longer too. He felt the pain, as his hole was suddenly filled with something bigger than a finger. As he pulled his head away, a hand reached out to grab his head, to force it back onto the saliva coated cock.

The pain in his rectum was replaced by a sort of warmth. Like being full, that made his head a bit dizzy. Ed realized that there were two fingers pressing up into his body. His insides twitched a little, his legs were drawn up, his knees up, as his feet were pressed up close to his buttocks. The two fingers dug into him deep, as he felt the knuckles pressing up against his cheeks.

The table moved again, and now he felt something else pressing between his cheeks. His legs were spread even wider, then pushed upwards, and he looked down his body, to see Sam leaning in. His eyes were shut, his face drawn, and he felt the hard press up against his rectum. His eyes grew wider, as he felt the hard pain come rushing into him. His pulse quickened, as the pain made him cry out, made every muscle inside of his body coil up, tighten. His lungs ached as he felt the hard penetration of Sam’s cock. It dug into him and made his body tremble. He cried out as the cock pushed further inside, stretching his insides.

There were several quick hard thrusts, before the table suddenly moved again. There was no time to think, as once more he felt the hard pain of penetration. Bo was shoving his cock in, driving it in so hard that Ed began to cry out, to beg him to go slow, but he didn’t listen. He drove his cock in hard and fast, until it seemed like it would come up through his throat. He felt the hard slap as Bo’s crotch crushed into his cheeks.

In and out it went, then suddenly he was twirling around, totally empty inside. It didn’t last long, as now Paul was at his feet. He felt the slight push, then the hard jabbing pain came back. Paul drove his cock in hard, until Ed heard him grunt, then he began to twist and move around, the cock inside jerking this way and that, making his whole insides shake.

In and out he went, fast and hard just like a jack hammer would be like. He cried out again, feeling the sweat forming small rivers across his body. A hand reached out and was stroking his cock, as he felt his head twist from side to side. The cock inside continued to pound his ass, when once more he felt it being ripped out of his body. The emptiness was barely registering, before he was suddenly being impaled on another cock. IT drove in hard, making him cry out again. He bit his lip, as he felt the cock pounding his ass hard. In and out it went, and the hand now on his cock was moving even faster. He felt the hand grabbing his cock, squeezing it hard as his body bucked and shook.

The table creaked, as he turned his head to see Charlie on top, kneeling over him, pushing his cock towards Ed’s mouth. He felt it open, take the hard member inside, that began to quickly gyrate, twist and turn as it dove deeper into his mouth. Another creak and the cock was taken out, but didn’t move far. A fresh cock was now coming at his face from the other side, and he took it, opening his eyes wide to see Sam. Who was fucking he thought, as his ass continued to feel the pain of hard thrusts.

The cock tasted from him, he knew it as it was a strange musky scent. Yet he licked at it, then felt his head pulled to the other side, where Charlie stuffed his cock back into Ed’s mouth. Bo was fucking him, he could feel it as his body continued to rock, to shake as his head was turned one way then another. A different cock shoved into his throat each time.

He heard Bo cry out and then looked up to see the giant basketball player standing over him. His face was constricted, as he was stroking his cock hard. Ed could see the lines across his forehead throbbing, feel the hot breath as Bo suddenly leaned forward, his cock aimed right at Ed’s face.

Ed saw the coming spurt. He saw the head rear back, then the growing whiteness as Bo’s cum came spurting out towards him. He felt himself moan, as the first splatter of cum hit his nose, dribbling down one side. The second shot hit him lower, just off to the side of his jaw. As he waited for the third, he felt Paul’s cock drive deep into his rectum. As he cried out, Bo’s second stream of cum began to splatter across his chest, but a fresh stream suddenly came from his left side. He turned his face, as the fist shot smacked into his cheek, just under his eye. He stared at Charlie, as his cock was aimed at Ed, and was dribbling more cum from the head.

The cock in his ass was pulled out, and he heard the ripping of plastic, then he looked up to see Paul leaning up and over him. His cock was pushed right up close to his mouth, as it began to rear backwards, then it shot forward, the cum splashing across his mouth and chin.

His hand was around his own cock, as Paul’s cum dribbled past his lips, a little into his mouth. His body was shaking as he felt his hand stroking his own cock, as the last of Paul’s cum was wiped across his face. Bo had already climbed off, and he could hear his rapid breathing. Sam was also off the table, and now Paul had left. He could hear them all panting, as the table moved and he looked down, desperately pulling on his own cock, his face constricted as Charlie’s face came into view. He was near Ed’s legs, and as he lifted his head up to stare down his cum splattered body, he saw Charlie reach up, and felt his fingers at his rectum.

The hard pain was back, as he felt Charlie drive his fingers into him. He cried out, his hand was now a blur, as he felt the pain of entry, felt the fingers moving into his body, twisting and turning as they moved in. His balls ached, and he felt them slinging upwards, while Charlie’s hand was stretching his insides.

The explosion was something he had never experienced. He was having an orgasm, as his whole body shook uncontrollably, as his own milk was spurting between his fingers, shooting off in all directions. His legs were quivering, vibrating as the table shook.

Lights were exploding in front of his face, his lips were sore and he thought he could taste blood. His jaw ached, and every hair on his head hurt. He could feel his chest heaving, see it even. His legs were numb, cold and devoid of any other feeling. His toes felt like they had been twisted off, as he sucked in air, panting.

As the last of his cum dribbled out, he lay his head back down onto the table. The hand up his ass, slowly pulled out, and his legs slid down, still spread open, but flat on the table. He began to realize that he had run the table, and it had felt good. His body still ached, as he turned his head, to see Sam leaning against the wall, just staring at him bathed in the lights.

As his body began to cool, Ed wondered when they would allow him to run the table again.

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