Fiction – A Bottom’s Nightmare

A Bottom’s Nightmare

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2007 ? All Rights Reserved

Kelly sat at the table, near the back of the bar, sipping another free drink from an admirer. He was accustomed to the free drinks, though they were coming less often, as the word about him got around the bar. It wasn’t that he was unattractive, most men found him pleasing, nor was it that he was a snob, he enjoyed talking, socializing. It was his dick.

He wasn’t tall, rather more on the short side being just about 5’ 7” in stature, and he wasn’t fat either. He was a trim 130 lbs that gave him a tiny beer belly. The rest of him was well toned, plus he worked out a bit. He would walk to places, rather than drive or take a bus. Kelly enjoyed going for hikes, for being outdoors, and it showed in his face too. His hair was bleached by constant exposure to the sun, his face was kissed by the sun, giving him an all year round golden glow.

As the liquid went down, he realized that he was really a catch, even if he did sell his body for money, but the truth was, business wasn’t all that good these days. He wasn’t old, wasn’t a sleaze as some might assume. Kelly had his standards, yet people rarely were repeat customers. Those that did seek him a second or even third time, were okay, they helped pay the rent, but it wasn’t exciting, it wasn’t fun. It was business, just boring business.

He had yet to find someone who wanted him, who would not just want to be pleased by him, but who would want to please him back. It wasn’t like he was hard to please, he was a top, and simply wanted someone who would enjoy his body to the point that they would spread their legs for him.

Back as a kid in school, when he thought he was straight, he would chase the girls, like any normal teenager. It never got past a kiss and a few gropes, before they would back off. It wasn’t much better when he realized he was gay either. Guys would enjoy his body, until it came to pleasing him, to satisfying his need to be a on top, to penetrate them. They all backed off, and in some ways, some form of twisted logic he couldn’t blame them.

Now, sitting here, at the ripe old age of 22, he realized he was still a virgin when it came to anal sex. Oh, not in the strictest of senses, as he had found a few who had taken him, well some of him. He had yet to find that one person who wanted him enough, to let him put it all in. His problem was he was too well hung. His cock was what some called a ‘monster dong’ because it was so out of proportion to his stature.

While he may have been 5ft 7”, his cock was not average. It was a weapon, that when he was fully aroused, stuck out at an whopping 14 inches. It was not thin either, and when he had measured it, he understood why so many had paled at it’s sight. It was a good 3 inches or so thick, and that was at the head. It was bit thicker once you worked down to the base. His balls weren’t huge, but then nothing about him was, except his dick.

There was one other problem, that made his life a living hell. He scared the crap out of people not just with the huge cock, but with his blackouts. According to the Doctors, due to his disproportions of size, when he had an orgasm, his cock took so much of his blood, he actually passed out at the moment of ejaculation.

It never lasted long, maybe 5 or so seconds at worse, but it really scared those who were there. The whole idea of his orgasm making him faint, was comical and disheartening at the same time. He knew he couldn’t be standing and jerk off, because he would wake up on the floor. He always had to lie down, or sit down, to stroke his cock and cum.

Even when someone would just suck him off, the moment he began to experience the rush of feelings, the instant his cock was ready to shoot, he would black out. There was nothing anyone could do, and from what he had been told, he could cum very well. So well that one or two hadn’t noticed he had passed out, until they had pulled away from his flood of cum. It was then that they would notice he was passed out, even though his cock would still be dripping, still pouring out its milk.

It got to the point that people simply stayed away. Now most of his clients were those who wanted their cocks sucked off, or played with. Some would want to fuck him, but he wasn’t a bottom. He never got off on a dick in his ass, which narrowed down the number of clients. There were some who would want to suck his cock, before he jerked them off, or blew them, but they no longer wanted him to cum. It was too freaky many had said, even the damn Doctor from out of town, had been freaked out.

Oh he was quick to say it wasn’t anything for him to worry about, just that he knew he could never handle such a cock inside, and that having it in his mouth, while he passed out, was a bit too much for him. He said it wasn’t anything personnel, like what else could it be? Kelly frowned as he thought about that, about how unfair it was.

He wanted to feel more of what he had only a taste of. He wanted to just feel his balls slapping up against someone’s ass cheeks, like he had seen in many videos. To wake up, his cock firmly impaled in a totally satisfied person’s ass. So far, he just hadn’t had any luck.

He had written to a couple of porn studios too, including a picture of his weapon. So far everyone had written back, complimenting him on his cock, but telling him they just didn’t have any good bottoms who could handle such a cock. Kelly didn’t quite buy that, knowing it was the passing out that made them shy away.

One studio had been interested, but they wanted him to do bareback porn. Oh they were very explicit that they had strict testing guidelines, but it was not something he wanted to try. He had enough trouble finding dates, clients, that he didn’t think doing bareback sex would help improve that situation.

Looking up from his drink, he noticed the group of men at the other end of the bar. They were all laughing, lifting drinks, and the object of their attention was clearly visible to Kelly. It was the new kid, the one who obviously was making a splash with the locals. He had already cost Kelly business, but he couldn’t complain too much.

He was one of those types, that were natural magnets to men. His appearance was always neat, and sexy. He wore the tight fitting pants, shirts, that showed off his body in ways that made even married couples drool. He had long flowing hair, soft facial features that could light up a room, if given the chance. He was always happy, always a grin on his face, plus he was hung, or so the gossip went. Mind you hung to them meant he was about 8 inches or a bit less, plus he would bottom, for the right price.

Still, it hurt to see his regulars flocking around him, buying him drinks, and totally ignoring him. At times he felt angry, but in all honesty, he rather liked the new kid, Jarrod. Looking back at the party table, he saw him stand up, and stare in his direction, then watched as he started towards him. For a brief second he thought he was coming to see him, but he knew he was simply heading to the John that was near his table.

As he sipped his drink, lost in his thoughts, Kelly was surprised when he saw the shadow across his table, and looked up to see Jarrod standing there. He had two drinks in his hands, and that smile, the one that made heads turn, as he spoke.

Buy you a drink?

Kelly nodded and offered him a seat, which he took. He handed one of the drinks over and sipped at his, as he stared at Kelly. It was rather weird, to be checked out by someone like Jarrod. He was maybe 20 at best, and looked younger. His hair was neatly in place, and his eyes were sharp and focused. Something he hadn’t expected, given how so many drinks were heading to his table.

Your Kelly, right?

Yeah, sorry, not in the best of moods tonight

No sweat, so Brian was telling me about you.

Oh? He is a big mouth Queen at times, hope he wasn’t too nasty.

Brian? Nah, he’s a sweetheart, most of the time, but he did say something that, well I had to find out if it was true.

Oh? Yeah he’s okay, and I can guess what it is too, and yes, it’s true.

All of it?

He looked at Jarrod, knowing exactly what he was talking about. You could see it in his eyes, and once more he knew that he was becoming more of a freak to the so called regulars. They were talking about him, warning others off.


bummer, for you that is.

Yeah, guess so. More business for you, so you don’t have to worry.

The face clouded over a little at his words, and Jarrod stared at Kelly, a sort of hurt expression on his face. His lips looked so damn inviting. Kelly knew he was fantasizing again, wishing for one thing, knowing that it was just that, a fantasy.

I am not that shallow, business is, well it pays the rent, you know?

Yeah, sorry, like I said, not in a good mood, not been a great week.

Not many feeling adventurous?

He stared at Jarrod now, seeing he was determined to not let it drop, to not ignore his freakish ability to have a monster cock, and pass out when it shot it’s load.

Do you blame them?

Don’t know, never tried a dick that size, or faced that type of situation. Uh, you really pass out? I mean when you uh.. when you cum?


He downed the last of his drink, setting the glass down hard on the table. Kelly felt like he was losing his control, losing his touch too. He wasn’t the easy going person he used to be, or thought he used to be. Looking at Jarrod, he realized that he needed to find another line of work. Hustling wasn’t going to pay his rent for much longer, already it was nip and tuck.

Get you another?

No thanks, I am fine.

Drinking uh, effect, I mean… you know.

Huh? No, only had a couple anyhow. Why?

What do you charge, for the full service?

Huh? Why? You got a customer for me?

Yeah… me.

Kelly stared at him. At first he thought it was simple to compare rates, now as he looked at him, he realized that Jarrod wasn’t joking. He was serious.


Does it matter why?

Strangely enough, yes, yes it does matter, so why? Trying to satisfy some wager or something?

Jarrod put his drink down, and leaned forward. Kelly didn’t know what to expect as an answer, nor did he know quite how to answer him either. The idea of charging him, was a bit hard to contemplate, given how he actually wanted to be with him.

No, I don’t pull that kind of shit. Okay, I’ll be honest. Sure I want to see if I can handle something that big, I love a hard cock up my ass, it makes me hard just thinking of it, and I suppose part of me wonders about the fainting stuff too, but that isn’t all of it. It is the way those guys all talk about you, how even though they’d never let you near their asses, you please them. I want to experience how you do that, and before you say it, no, I don’t know if I can take it, but I want to try, and I am willing to pay for the experience.

Flattering, but you obviously you know how to please, or you wouldn’t be in such demand, as you are. So what’s the real reason?

He waited, wondering what Jarrod would say. As he waited, he thought about him, wondering if maybe he would be one of the few who might be able to take him, not just inside, but take his passing out? Deep inside, he wished he was right, but he doubted it. Looking over at Jarrod’s table, he could see many of his regulars, see them watching Jarrod. It had to be a bet, he was almost certain of that as he turned back to look at Jarrod.

I guess, it comes to being satisfied.

I don’t, not sure I follow.

I have to please others, do what makes them feel good, and I don’t know, I want to do something that pleases me for a change.

And you think I can do that?

Uh huh.

How? By passing out on you?

No, by fucking me. I love big cocks, always have, and you are supposed to have the biggest cock anywhere, so everyone says. I want a big cock, I want to feel my insides stretched so far apart, that I’ll walk bow legged for a week or so. I want to fill my itch, instead of filling other people’s need. That is what I want from you, course if you don’t think you can…

You can’t take it, believe me, others have thought they could.

I am not them.

Kelly pushed away from the table and stood up. He looked down at Jarrod, saw his eyes checking the bulge out in his pants. There was no mistaking his desire, nor his fear too. He wasn’t hard, but even then his cock was hard to hide.

Let’s find out then, your place or mine?

Mine, its around the corner

Leaving together seemed to get the bar buzzing. Kelly could hear the buzz rising, as they headed to the door, and he could feel the eyes on his back as they headed out. Strange, but it was like they were all in on it, and for a moment he felt like maybe he was being set up, that somehow sweet innocent Jarrod was simply having a go at him.

Still, the idea of spreading his cheeks, of letting his dick touch the golden boy’s ass was rather exciting. It had been awhile since he had felt attracted to someone, and the possibility that Jarrod could take him, was pretty heady stuff. Rare thoughts for someone like him, as he realized they were at Jarrod’s, and he hadn’t even taken notice.

Jarrod flipped on a few lights, but the place wasn’t brilliantly lit. It was softer, more sedate which was surprising. There was some nice stuff too, and he noticed how one entire wall was painted in a mural type. He could see that Jarrod had to be the artist too. It gave him a different perspective, as he walked around, noticing that what furniture was there, was good stuff.

It was a loft type apartment, no rooms really and the bed was certainly the centerpiece of the far area of the room. It also was closest to the big bay windows, and he loved the way you could look out at the skyline. The stars and moon added their own light to the room, which made it all rather romantic.

You into lots of foreplay? You know, kissing and stuff?

A bit, not much though, not if you want to see if you can take it.

Fair enough, uh, one thing.


Well two things actually, first off, you got good Condoms that uh, won’t break if you uh, if you cum?

Yep, the other thing?

If I tell you to stop, will you?


He could see the relief in his eyes. Kelly realized just how nervous Jarrod really was. He also could see that he wanted to try, that it wasn’t just a put up job. It made him feel excited, and he could feel his cock stirring. It hadn’t done that on its own for a long time, which surprised him. He could feel his heart beginning to pound, already aroused by the prospect of maybe this time, being one of those special times.

Jarrod was looking around, showing his nervousness as he tried to think of things to say, or not. Kelly saw how his fingers were tapping the side of his leg, as he stared at the bed, then over towards the chesterfield. He wasn’t sure what to do, or so it seemed.

‘We don’t have to, if you think it’s too much’

‘No, no I want to, it is uh, is there, I mean, shit, this is awkward. Look, this passing out thing, uh is there…’

‘It doesn’t last long, if you take it all, and that is a big if, don’t sweat it. I uh, I usually try to pull out before I cum, I can usually feel it coming, and uh.. I uh… fuck, look, maybe we should just forget it, I mean… ‘

Jarrod stepped closer, and as he struggled for the words, he felt his hands on his, He had his head lowered, but raised it up, to stare at Jarrod. The eyes were soft, a warm glow to them, as he bent down and kissed him on the lips. He felt a shiver inside, as he opened his lips, letting Jarrod’s tongue flick inside, tickle his, and the pull out. He moved his face away, as he looked down, stepping back a little.

‘I’ll figure it out then’ he said, as he unbuttoned his shirt. It was off, exposing his golden skin, the purple blotches around the nipples made darker by the soft lighting of the room. He stood there, his eyes looking towards him, as he too removed his shirt. Then he watched as Jarrod reached down, to undo his pants, push his zipper down, and then bending over, push the jeans to his ankles.

Kelly watched as he kicked his runners off, then stepped out of the pants. His eyes followed his every movement as he reached down, taking his socks off and then standing up to show off his nearly naked frame. The outline of his cock showed clearly underneath the tight white jockey shorts. It was not a small one either, as he licked his lips.

He kicked off his own shoes, and bend over to take his socks off. Placing them in his runners, he stood up to undo the pants button. Jarrod moved in closer, and put his hand over Kelly’s. He pushed it away, as he kept eye contact, and undid the button, then the zipper.

As the zipper was pushed down, Jarrod’s hand moved down inside, to rub along Kelly’s soft cock. It wasn’t totally soft, but the touch of Jarrod’s hand made it stir, made it begin to grow. He could feel the pain in his heart, feel it beginning to race, as Jarrod kept his hand moving along the shaft. Looking into his eyes, he could see the amazement growing, as he realized it wasn’t a dream, wasn’t some exaggerated tale.

‘Christ it is that big’ he said, as he dropped to his knees, and pulled at Kelly’s shorts. He pushed them down, to free the huge python type cock. Kelly stared down at Jarrod, watching his eyes grow like saucers as they took in the size of his cock. He was partially erect, and it did hang down, looking very large. A strange sense of pride came to him, as he felt the hand reaching out, and taking hold of it at the base.

Jarrod’s eyes stared up at him, and he kept them looking up, as he licked at the base of the cock. Kelly felt it growing, felt his head grow a bit dizzy as he leaned forward, resting his hands on Jarrod’s shoulders. As he did, he felt the tremors inside of Jarrod’s body. Strange, how no one else had given him such a feeling of excitement. His eyes fluttered a bit, as he widened his stance, letting Jarrod kiss his cock.

He felt the lips lightly touch his flesh, gently press down, and move all along his long shaft. His body was shaking as he felt the cock stiffen, felt the blood slowly leaving his upper body. He swayed a little, as he tried to stay standing.

Jarrod seemed to sense his discomfort, dropping his touch from Kelly’s cock. He stood up and took hold of Kelly’s hand, leading him towards the bed. He stumbled along, gradually feeling a bit stronger as his cock bounced between his legs. He felt the head striking at his leg, and smiled, as he lay down on the bed.

Jarrod stood up on his bed, straddling Kelly’s prone body while he stared down at him. He could see the hard cock, looking more like a huge baseball bat. It was the longest dick he had ever seen in real life. Asking where Kelly kept the Condoms, he left the bed hurriedly to grab the packages out of the discarded pants. Returning, he looked again at the monster cock, licking his lips that were trembling with both excitement and fear.

He climbed back onto the bed, and leaned on his back legs, as they straddled Kelly’s lower legs. Kelly could feel the hairs on his legs standing up, the thrill of Jarrod’s touch making him stiffen again. The blood was racing around inside, as he felt light headed, yet he couldn’t help but stare at Jarrod. The way his own cock was fully erect, sticking into his leg, brushing at his cock as it wavered in the air. He felt its weight, and then the touch of Jarrod’s hand on it, holding it steady, while he unwrapped a condom over it.

Kelly couldn’t believe it, couldn’t comprehend that Jarrod really was going to try to take it, to let him inside. It made his heart beat faster as he felt the ache growing in his lungs. He was sucking in the air quickly, feeling sweat breaking out on his forehead as Jarrod unrolled the extra long condom, feeling the thin material as it was unrolled down his cock. His body was twitching, his legs growing cramped by the lack of blood, by the thrill.

Jarrod leaned forward, letting his lips go over the plastic covered cock. His tongue licked at it, just under the head, as he took several inches into his mouth, coating it with his saliva, then he moved up, to press his whole body against Kelly’s.

He moved up Kelly’s body, kissing his belly, then his chest hairs. He let his tongue lick out at the nipples, his teeth nibbling at the firm nipple, then he moved up and kissed the neck, licking at the hollow part. Kelly felt his whole body shake, as Jarrod reached over him, grabbing a pump bottle.

He sat up, his buttock resting just over his groin. His hard cock was not standing upright, its weight holding it down but Kelly could only look up, to stare into Jarrod’s face as the man reached behind him. Kelly could feel his hand cross his groin, as it reached upwards, as he began to poke at his own hole, with the lubricant he had smeared on his fingers. Jarrod grunted a little and Kelly could see his face constricted, as he lifted his body up a bit, to drive more of his hand inside himself.

All he could do was lay there, his heart was already pounding faster than he ever recalled. He watched as Jarrod pumped more lubricant on his hand, then reach back, this time grabbing hold of his throbbing cock. He felt the slippery lube coating all of his cock, as Jarrod’s hand moved around the cock head. His body shuddered, as it felt the hand work the lubricant around his head, around his pulsating pole.

Then he sucked in his breath, as he felt Jarrod lift his body up, and pull at his cock. He felt it rise up, felt it touch the shaking buttocks, felt it suddenly enveloped in a strange warmth, as Jarrod wedged it between his two cheeks. Kelly felt the cock tremble, felt the hard shaft shiver as the head was positioned by the twitching hole. He closed his eyes, as he felt the tight fit, felt the tension around the tiny hole. He could feel it tremble, just as he too shook.

Oh Fuck’ echoed in the room as he felt the press of Jarrod’s body on his shaft. He could hear the pain in the words, and yet Jarrod didn’t stop. He continued to let his body sink down onto his cock. Opening his eyes he saw Jarrod leaning up and over him. He could see the sweat, feel it as it dropped onto his body. The eyes were shut tight, the nose flaring, and he was biting his lips, as he lowered his body onto Kelly’s cock.

He had been at this point with others, as he waited. His hands moved up and rubbed the scrunched up stomach muscles. He could feel their tightness, as Jarrod continue to lower himself, to let the huge cock stretch his insides. The sweat was like a rainfall, as it constantly dripped down onto Kelly’s head. His eyes were misted as he stared up, realizing that Jarrod had taken more than most. He was groaning now, a sort of mix between determinate stubbornness, and absolute pain. Still, he kept his body lowering down, kept pushing down and shifting his position ever so slightly, as he spread his legs even wider.

The sheets underneath him were soaked from his sweat, and that of Jarrod. His body was squirming, as he felt the muscles inside of Jarrod’s body clinging to his cock, then being pushed aside, as he continued to lower himself onto the hard cock. His balls were aching, as was his own rectum. He felt his own cheeks clenching as he suddenly felt himself arch upwards. He drove his cock up, feeling the surprise in Jarrod’s body as it pushed upwards.

He heard the cry, heard him bite it off, as he let his hand grab hold of Jarrod’s hips, pulling him down to meet his thrust. Kelly felt the rolling pain that was running up and down Jarrod’s spine, and he felt something else. His cock was nearly all inside, and he felt exhausted already. His whole body was trembling, along with Jarrod’s. The sensation was unbelievable, as he felt the hot flesh slowly crushing down onto his groin. Jarrod had him all inside, he felt it, felt the way his cock throbbed, felt how tight it was being held.

His eyes flickered open, to see a shadowy image of Jarrod. His mind was growing dark, as he felt the body on top of him shift, felt it twist as he shook. His balls were up, hurting as he felt one hand fall to his side. He couldn’t keep it up, as the body on top began to move up and down. Very slowly Jarrod was riding his cock, each push down making Kelly shudder.

His legs were numb, he couldn’t feel much, other than the pleasure that seemed to be coming into his body from his cock. He could feel the head, feel the tiny muscles inside as they struggled to hold his powerful cock from moving, failing. His eyes stared up and then down over to Jarrod.

He saw he had grabbed hold of his own cock, and was stroking it furiously as his body moved up and down on Kelly’s cock. He saw the face constricted, the eyes shut tight. He noticed the thin lips, the white teeth biting down on the lower one, as he rose up, then came crashing back down. It wasn’t fast, or hurried, but it felt unbelievable.

His heart was pounding, his ears echoed to its thunder, as he licked his lips, watching Jarrod riding his cock. He felt the legs around his thighs, how they clung inwards, pushing his legs in, making his cock ride higher over his body. It all was making him dizzy, as he felt his chest heaving, made his eyes see shadows. Jarrod no longer seemed to be visible. He was more of a blurred image, as was his own cock. His face looked down his heaving chest, as he watched the blurred motion growing more blurred with each flicker of his eyes, with each beat of his heart.

Kelly felt the hand burning past his belly. He could feel the shaking motion coming from Jarrod, but he could only see a dim figure in shadows. His blood was rushing from everywhere, to fuel his cock, to keep it digging upwards, to keep it stretching Jarrod’s insides. He heard the groans, the harsh shrill moans as his cock was forced in deeper. He felt the press of the wet buttocks on his groin, and then he heard nothing. A strange silence seemed to blanket his mind, his eyes could see nothing but flashes of strange lights. His heart ached, his lungs were empty, as he felt his lips drop open.

His hands went limb at his sides, as he felt the orgasm rolling up inside. It was odd, he had never felt this way before, not even when he would jerk himself off. There was a strange glow inside, a strange warmth that made him sink back into the bed. His whole body was suddenly floating, suddenly free of everything. He could see nothing but strange flashes of light, feel nothing really as his body just seemed to hang there in suspended animation. His heart no longer seemed to be roaring, thundering as it threatened to break out of his chest. Instead he felt a strange calmness, a strange happiness.

He could feel his toes tingle, feel every muscle inside of his body uncoiling. It was making his whole body shake, he knew that, yet it felt so nice, he didn’t want it to end.. It didn’t worry him, or frighten him, but felt soothing, calming.

Kelly heard nothing, just a sort of empty rustle as if a wind was blowing through a forest. The rustling sounds of leaves, the whistle as the wind passed through branches that swayed to its power. It had replaced the thundering roar of his heart. It too felt comforting, soothing.

Kelly felt like he was on a cloud. Nothing was pressing against his body, he was just floating. It was an eerie feeling, and yet not frightening. He felt safe, felt at peace, as he just floated. Then just as suddenly as it had come on, it began to end. He heard the heavy panting sounds of laboured breathing, felt a strange stickiness around his groin and all across his chest. He felt a strange pressure on his ears, like when you came off an airplane. The lights that flashed before him were replaced by a sort of greyness, as he felt his eyelids flickering, then the soft light of the moon seemed to fall across his face.

He looked up, blinking several times, and peering down at him was Jarrod. Suddenly it all made sense as he felt his body quiver. Jarrod’s face was drawn, anxious even, but in his eyes he saw something he had never seen before, a strange look of satisfaction.

As he regained his bearings, he felt the cooling wind across his body, felt the sweat being dried, and he could feel across his chest, the drying coating of cum. His eyes stared up at Jarrod, who slowly leaned forward, his body slowly giving Kelly his cock back. He heard it fall out, felt it too, and stared over at Jarrod, who now lay at his side.

Jarrod let one hand fall across Kelly’s body. The arm was across his chest, trembling still as he leaned in closer, made his body snuggle into Kelly’s. His lips pressed up against his shoulder, kissed it as he rested his face on Kelly’s upper arm.

Christ, that was amazing’ was all he said, as he fell asleep. Kelly didn’t move, as he slowly closed his own eyes, feeling his exhaustion taking hold. He too felt that it had been amazing, as his chest began to rise and fall in an even manner, his cock resting across his leg.

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