Fiction – Eight Ball, Corner…

Eight Ball, Corner…

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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The heat was on, yet Kyle felt a chill as he stood aside, his eyes watching the table like a hawk. If Jay made the shot, it was over. He licked his lips, feeling the lower one tremble as he stood there with nothing on but his jockey shorts. Jay on the other hand only had his shirt off, still had his pants and socks on.

The other guys were all staring at Jay, and then looking over at him. He could feel their eyes on his trembling body as they waited for Jay to make the call, then the shot. He could see Ron rubbing his crotch, and he knew it was no joke, they had been serious, and like a moron he had fallen for it, so they thought.

As he waited, with the others, he knew that Jay would make the shot. It wasn’t a difficult one, and with it, he would have to either honor the bet, or face the consequences. It hadn’t seemed like a tough call, given his prowess with a pool stick. He had been able to beat them all before, even Jay. Yet as they had racked up the balls this time around, he had sensed a change in the mood.

When they had all picked Jay to play for them, he knew something was up. It was like somehow he had been set up for this moment. In some ways he was angry that he had fallen for the trick. Obvious now, that they had thrown the other games, dragging him into a false sense of security.

Looking over at Ron, he knew it had been his idea. He was the brains of the group, the ‘gang of three’, that was the most elite of groups on campus. Ron was the oldest, maybe 21 or 22 at the worst. He was also the Basketball Teams’s leading scorer and was one of the more popular kids on campus. He also had a body that was a killer. The long legs, the muscled torso, that made him a superstar in his sport. The girls all flocked around him, and the others too.

His transfer to this school was for money. His parents couldn’t afford the private elite Catholic university, and now he was having to adjust all over again. At first he didn’t mind, thinking that he could fit in, given his own prowess at track. He quickly learned that track athletes weren’t on the same social scale as the other sports, like basketball, baseball, and naturally football.

The ‘gang of three’ were the schools top stars in each of the sports. Jay was the leading hitter and pitcher for the baseball team, Ron for basketball, and as hard as it was to believe, Andy was the football great. Hard to believe, because Andy was the runt of the three. He looked so skinny, until you checked out his thighs and legs. They were built like an elephants legs, which is what made him hard to bring down on the field.

He was the star running back, despite his short height, and thin frame. Yet while he looked small, his legs had carried him into the end zone more times than any other running back in the schools history.

Ron had more rebounds and baskets than anyone else, and it was his jumping ability that made him seem unstoppable. Jay was one of those tall lanky types, yet his eye was sharp, for being able to tell what kind of pitch was coming his way. His stance was unorthodox, but it netted him a ton of home runs. He had more RBI’s than anyone on the team, by far. The next two in line still didn’t have as many as he did.

Now here he was, having been asked to join their little group, to make them the ‘gang of four’ which had been like a life line to his sinking spirits.

Public University was different, and it was harder than he thought to get accepted, despite his ability to run, hurdle, and leave others behind. Still, he had coped, until Ron had started to seek him out, to chat him up and then gradually draw him into their small elite circle.

Kyle wasn’t stocky, nor gangly looking. He was full bodied, had good strong legs and arms to match, that didn’t seem overwhelming. His hair was always short cropped, but he had what the Nuns had called an Angelic Face. It was fine featured, with thin lips, a slim streamlined nose, and eyes that always seemed to be darting around, never settling on one focal point.

He was the quiet type, which hadn’t help him adjust either. Kyle did his work, was a decent enough student though no Rhodes Scholar material. Ron on the other hand was on the Dean’s List, and Jay wasn’t far behind him.

Jay’s voice was soft and quiet sounding as he called the far corner. Kyle licked his lips, as he heard the stick hit the ball dead centre. His eyes watched in apprehension as the black ball went spinning along the green velvet towards the far corner. It was a straight shot, one he had made himself several times, and he watch as it hit the banks, rattling just for a second, before dropping into the hole.

The game was over, and Jay was the winner. Looking over, he saw Jay stand up and stare at him. The look in his eyes was strange, but similar to the look in both Ron and Andy’s eyes. They were all looking at him, waiting as he tried to quell the fear inside.

uh two out of three?’ he asked, wishing he could just run from them, knowing that deep down, he didn’t want to.

nope’ was all they all said, in unison. Jay had a strange almost evil smirk on his face as he had said it, and Ron seemed to have a worse one. Andy was tight lipped, his eyes staring right at Kyle’s crotch.

There wasn’t going to be any reprieve. His eyes moved from one to the other, and in his heart he knew it was about to be one of the more interesting nights of his young 21 years of life. His body shook a little, as he wet his lips, then reached down to hand over the last vestment of clothing he wore. He had lost, and as he pushed the jockey shorts down, his cock sprang out.

He had his head lowered, as he pushed the underwear off, and stepped out of them. As he stood up, to let them gaze at his naked body, he noticed how they all seemed so tense, so interested. It was like they had never seen a cock before, though they were all Jocks, they had to have.

Hell, no one in the room was a virgin, not even himself. He had found a few willing, even if he was a product of private Catholic Schools all of his life. Course, some of his conquests would shock his parents more than the fact he wasn’t a virgin would shock them. Still, it was strange to be standing there, naked in front of these three.

Not all that much different to me, is it Ron?Jay

Looks the same to me, what you think Andy? Catholic boys got anything on the rest of us?Ron

Why ask me? Doesn’t look any differentAndy

Because you seen more cock this year than most see in their entire livesJay

Funny, and like you are Mister monogamist or something?Andy

He felt embarrassed, as they talked about his penis. It was both humiliating as well as exciting. He never had anyone comparing him before, though he had always wondered what some though. Still, the notion that these so called new friends, had set him up to make sport of his dick, was a bit painful.

Jay looked up at him, and he had that grin on his face as he moved from behind the pool table, over to the side. Both Ron and Andy joined him as they all jumped up onto the edge, sitting on the table. Kyle looked at them all, knowing the second part of the wager was now about to be called for. He felt hesitant, thinking that maybe he should just refuse, but as he looked at the three on the table, he knew he wouldn’t.

The sound of buttons popping made his head jerk upright. He saw them all undoing their pants, then he saw them unzip the pants. Ron got off the table first, pushing his pants down to his ankles, then he hopped up onto the table, his feet dangling below. He had a fully erect cock, that seemed to tower up from a dark bush of hair.

Andy was next to get off, as he too pushed his pants down to his ankles, then climbed back up onto the table. His cock wasn’t fully erect, but it looked thicker than most Kyle had seen before. He looked over at Jay, who was grinning from ear to ear.

Looks like our newest member likes what he seesJay

He felt his face flush, as he realized that his cock was sticking out, hard as a rock. He could feel it, the ache from his balls, as he had been staring at the two cocks that were waiting. His eyes met Jay’s who slowly let himself stand up, and carefully push his own pants down to his ankles, where he stepped out of them. Unlike the others, he wasn’t fully erect, but still the limp cock looked enormous to Kyle. He found himself biting his lower lip as he watched Jay climb back up onto the pool table, his legs spread open.

Jay had huge balls. Kyle’s eyes opened wider as he stared at the pair as they rested on the pool table ridge. He found himself thinking of sucking them, one by one, then maybe trying to take them both into his mouth. He couldn’t help it, he was turned on by their size, their look.

Come on, as the winner, I am first up.Jay

That’s only because you can’t hold it backAndy

And like you can? Come on Kyle, you start with Jay there, or you going to back out?Ron

He moved forward, slowly until he was in front of all three young men. His body was trembling as he stared at the three, and then he tried once more, to avoid settling his wager.

You guys really serious?

No, we are sitting here with our cocks waving in the air, to tease you. Fucking rights we are serious, you made the bet, now it’s time to pay up.Andy

Go easy Andy, he’s new, maybe he doesn’t want to fit in, or maybe he just isn’t used to seeing real cock. That it?Jay

No, I just don’t uh, I mean, I just didn’t think you were gay, that is allKyle

Does that bother you? After all, you are too.Jay

Doesn’t matter if he is or not, he made the bet.Andy

It wasn’t a put on, he could see the desire reflected in Ron’s face, the same look he was getting from Andy as well. They were serious, and he had made the deal. He never thought he’d have to pay off, but he had been suckered. Still, the idea of sucking them off, of having their cocks in his mouth was inviting. It was why he had agreed to the strange wager, even though he believed he would win.

His own body was eager, he could tell. He moved forward, looking first at Ron, then at Andy, finally up at Jay’s face. Kyle could see his growing anticipation, as he placed his two hands on Jay’s thighs. It was like touching a hot stove, the heat radiating from the thighs into his own body, making him tremble even a bit more.

He looked up at Jay, saw him watching, saw him lick his own lips as he waited. Then he saw him reach down, grab hold of his cock, and swing it across Kyle’s lips, his eyes seemed filled with laughter as he rubbed the long soft cock across his mouth.

‘come on, take it’ Jay

He reached out with one hand, to take the offered cock and he held it at the base, as he lowered his head. He could feel it, smell the aroma from between Jay’s legs, as he opened his mouth. His eyes kept their focus on Jay’s face, as he let his lips touch the head. He felt a sort of exhilaration inside, as he tasted the flesh. It had a bit of a salty taste to it, as he let his lips wrap around the head, then slowly he began to move his head further down Jay’s limp cock.

Kyle felt the pole shudder a little, saw a flicker in Jay’s eyes, as he moved his head down the pole. He kept his lips pressed hard, as his nose pushed past the belly, and dug into the soft pubic region. He could feel the tremors, as he began to pull up, moving faster now, his own eyes flickering, as he sucked on Jay’s cock. There was a strange sensation being transmitted to his mind, as he felt the blood rushing through the veins around the cock. His lips felt the rush, felt the thickening of the flesh as he sucked on the pole, gradually feeling it stiffen. His tongue licked at the head, just under it. He saw Jay slowly losing his focus, as his eyes became glazed over. They were dull looking, and the face became constricted as his tongue licked at the now hardening cock.

It was like being a porn movie or something. Three hot studs, waiting for him to suck their cocks. Yet as he bopped his head up and down Jay’s now fully erect cock, he felt disconnected from it all. He could see out of the corner of his eyes, the glassy looks coming over both Ron and Andy’s faces. He could feel them watching his head bop. Each movement down, seemed to get them excited, and he knew Andy was stroking his own cock, in time with his head going up and down on Jay’s pole.

He felt himself getting more turned on, than he had ever been. His mind was struggling to keep him focused, his eyes starting to flicker as he felt the cock growing, felt the head begin to ooze a little. The taste of Jay’s precum making him gurgle a little. Jay was moaning now, as he licked his whole cock, then flicked his tongue at the huge dangling balls. Jay moaned louder, and Kyle noticed Ron turn his head to stare at the baseball player.

Kyle couldn’t help himself, but his own cock was hurting too much for him to ignore it. He reached down to grab it, to start to stroke it as he continued to suck on Jay’s. He could hear his heart beating wildly inside his chest. Felt the pressure too, as he struggled to breath, yet all he could think of, was how good the cock tasted inside his mouth. The press of the head deep down into his throat, the thick pole that pressed his tongue flat and the ache in his jaw from being open so wide didn’t matter. It was all good, he thought, as he began to suck in earnest.

His mouth would occasionally let the cock slip out, and his hand would quickly grasp the hard pole, stroke it quick and firmly for two or maybe three pulls, while he sucked in air. Then he would lower his head again, and each time he did, Jay would groan. His body was trembling, that only added to the whole unreal feeling that kept him mesmerized.

At times he could see Jay’s face, see his head tilt back as he twisted his head around the throbbing pole, or as he pulled back, sucking hard so that the flesh would crawl up the cock. His whole focus was on making Jay enjoy it, he wanted it more than anything else, which surprised him, as sucked. He ignored everyone else, despite their hard groans. He knew Andy was close, but he didn’t care as he sucked on Jay, who seemed a way’s off yet.

The sound of Andy’s panting breath made him pull up, his hand working on Jay’s cock. The deal was clear, and yet it didn’t matter. He leaned over, took Andy’s cock in his free hand, and pointed it towards him. Leaning over, he took the hard cock into his mouth, felt Andy stiffen, felt his legs tighten under his elbow, and he knew it was the right move. Andy’s cries were loud, and he could feel Jay looking over at Andy, then down at him. He could feel Ron’s eyes bulging open as he sucked on Andy’s cock. He could hear his own slurping sounds, when Andy’s voice yelled out, his words jumbled together.

Kyle didn’t need to know what he said, as he could feel the cock in his mouth rearing back, feel the head suddenly bulge, then the stream of cum came shooting out splattering against the back of his throat. He gagged for a second, then swallowed quickly as more of Andy’s cum shot into his mouth.

His throat took it all, trembled just a little, and some of Andy’s milk dribbled out from the corner’s of Kyle’s lips. He didn’t care, as he sucked hard, draining Andy’s jerking cock.

Andy’s breathing was hard and ragged, as he leaned back onto his arms, his legs still quivering from his ejaculation. Kyle sucked the last of his cum, then lifted his head up and off. His hand still stroked Andy’s pole as he looked up at him. His other hand still slowly pulling on Jay’s pole, as he moved away from Andy, to stare up at Jay.

He saw his eyes open wide, as he lowered his head. Just as he had done at the beginning, he kept his eyes on Jay’s face. Saw his face constrict, as he felt his lips around the cock, then the surprise in his face, as he realized Kyle hadn’t swallowed all of Andy’s cum. He could feel it cover his own cock, and his body shuddered to the realization. Kyle used Andy’s cum to coat Jay’s throbbing cock. He felt it shake, felt it thicken as the blood suddenly was racing through it.

Kyle could feel Jay’s thighs stiffen, and he knew it was time. He pushed his face all the way down, gagging a little on the long cock, as the head was pushed down into his throat. His nose dug into the soft belly, slipping off to one side, to bury itself into the shaking fleshy part of Jay’s inner thigh. He heard him cry, heard him whimper and then felt his whole body suddenly arch upwards.

It drove his cock further into Kyle’s mouth, and as it did, he could feel the balls underneath explode. It was like a dam bursting, as the cum came shooting out, and he gagged. His mouth was suddenly flooded with cum, tastier than Andy’s but so much of it, that he had trouble swallowing it all. His eyes flickered open, to see Jay’s sweat soaked face constricted, his mouth wide open as he yelled out. His body was trembling, as he kept his hands underneath, holding his cheeks, keeping him impaled in his mouth.

As Jay shot his second load of cum, he slowly began to let his body down. His teeth raked the cock as it slowly came free, his cum filling his throat and stomach. He swallowed constantly, taking every drop he could, as he let Jay’s cock finally slide all the way out. He stared up at Jay, then down at the cock, and he kissed the head, then licked around the head, under the cap. He felt the shiver go all the way through Jay’s body, and saw him lean all the way back onto the table. His chest was heaving as he lay there.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the wild look in Ron’s face. He smiled as he looked over, then he stood up while reaching over with his hand. He took Ron’s throbbing pole between his fingers, stroking it hard as he moved in between the outstretched legs. He looked up at Ron, saw the glazed look, as he reached down with his other hand, to cup Ron’s balls. He prodded them and then bent his head down, and sucked each one, pulling on the testicles, licking the stretched sac. Ron moaned, then groaned, then cried out ‘oh shit’ as he sucked them both at once.

He released them, then began to lick at the underside of the cock, moving his head to one side. Ron reached out, and grabbed his cock, pushing it towards Kyle, and moaning. Kyle took the cock, and as soon as it was between his lips, he felt it jerk, felt his tremble as the head grew.

Quickly he tried to stuff the cock into his mouth, but he couldn’t manage in time, as cum came flying out, just as the head pushed past his lips. He felt the stinging blow of the first stream and gagged. It had taken him by surprise, and he could feel the hot milk pouring from around his lips.

It was quick, and short too. The cock shuddered once or twice more, before suddenly becoming lifeless in his mouth. He licked at it, feeling Ron shiver, feeling his body shudder as he let the head slip back out of his mouth. He felt totally exhausted, as he stepped back from the three young men. There was a chair to one side, a nice arm chair, that he fell back into. His legs were spread open, his chest heaved as he stared at the three puffing men on the pool table.

He had a small smile on his lips, as he stared over at the ‘gang of three’ and he knew it was now the ‘gang of four’, if they kept their word. Somehow he knew they would, and maybe sometime later on, he’d let them in on his own secret. That he was a ranked pool player in the Under 25 category, nationally.

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