Fiction – Going Once, Twice, Sold

Going Once, Twice, Sold

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2007 ? All Rights Reserved

He had been set up. Justin knew it right after the second bid had been made, but it was too late for him to back out. Worse thing was that everyone in the room knew it too, which perhaps made it worse for him. Chad had been the one to convince him to put himself up for auction at the local GLBT chapter’s main gala. He had assured him he’d be the winner, seeing as how it would be Justin’s money he’d be using.

Sure as fuck didn’t work out that way. For the entire bidding, he had been sweating bullets, as many of the old queens were bidding for his young body like he was some Stallion. He had seen Chad too, who had opened the bidding at $50 then never made another move to up the ante, or take his prize.

You would think that after six months together, he’d show some compassion, but then that was Chad. Nothing but a self centered bitch, and to dump him so publicly, was not only tasteless, but cruel too. Thank God for Taylor, who had come to his rescue, outbidding two old queens for the rights to Justin for a weekend.

The very night he had first walked into the bar, had attended his first meeting, he had been popular. He was your typical twink, even now at the ripe old age of 24, he still had the looks of an eighteen year old. His long blond hair fit his firm but thin face. Long eyelashes could melt most anyone’s resolve, along with his patented ‘who me’ look.

He kept in shape too, but not like some of the older guys. Justin was just naturally fit. He would run in the park, jog to work but no fancy treadmill for him. His was a natural look, gained by endless hours on the beach when the sun was out, swimming when it was warm enough, and just being a teenager long past his teen years. Justin still walked to work.

His body was the envy of many of the guys he met, which was why he could go out drinking and not bother to take more than cab fare with him. The older crowd seemed to love buying his drinks, even though they learned early on that he wasn’t an easy prey. He had a natural way though, that let most of them down without pissing them off. Justin was particular on who he slept with, which made the betrayal by Chad even more devastating to him.

Chad had gotten inside his Armour. He was tall, an inch or so taller than Justin, and had black hair, with the sexiest brown eyes Justin had ever come across. His face was a bit puffy, the bags under the eyes a sign of his partying ways, even at his young age of 25. Still, he was in good shape, and that first night of sex had been awesome.

Justin had known a few guys, but none could compare with Chad when it came to bed prowess. Chad had an above average cock. It was thicker than most, but had a small bend in it, just behind the head. It was uncut as well, which made it even more exciting. His balls were perfect for the size of his cock, and the way they would dangle underneath, bounce when he was striding across the room, was a total turn on.

In many ways he was an animal too. When he wanted it, he didn’t mince words, or actions either. He was a bit rough looking, scars on his face from a bad bout of acne as a kid, a piercing look that could make you tremble with fear even. It was all part of his mystique, because at times he could be the most romantic person alive. He could show up with flowers one night, then a scowl another.

There were times when he would be so affectionate, that it would make your heart pound for hours afterwards. Then there were his black moods, when he simply took what he wanted. He would walk in, toss his jacket off and before you could finish saying ‘hello’ you were flat on your stomach, your pants down at your ankles, and his hard dick driving deep into your ass. No kissing, nothing, just hard ass pounding, that left you breathless.

It was all that uncertainty that made it all fun. You just never knew what he would come up with. Yet while he had pushed Justin to be in the auction, he had also promised to be the buyer, no matter the price. He had sealed the deal by flashing a wad of bills, and saying that with what he had, and what Justin had, they could not only insure he would be the buyer, but that the charity would get a handsome sum, just for him strutting on the stage for a few minutes.

He had fallen for it, hook line and sinker, and all the sex, all those times when he had let Chad have him, all went out the window in one night. It had started off good, with Chad coming home early, taking him hard too. Justin couldn’t help but feel the ache in his ass, as he thought about how Chad could make him cum, without even touching him.

The way he could walk in, cock his head as he would look at him, smile a sort of evil grin, and then in a seeming mood of complete lust, how he’d push him backwards, towards the bed. How he would rip his shirt off, literally. Buttons would fly all over the hardwood floors of Justin’s studio apartment. They would make a clattering sound that would make Chad’s nostrils flare, as his eyes would glare at him.

Justin would feel his heart pounding as he would stumble backwards, until hitting the edge of the bed. He’d feel his own shirt tugged at, forced open and his pants would already be undone by the time the back of his legs touched the bed.

They would have kissed once or twice by then. Chad would even bit his lower lip, sometimes drawing blood, as he did that afternoon. It hurt, but it was part of Chad’s caveman routine. It was a turn on, at the moment. Afterwards, there were times when Justin felt like it was just over the top too much. Still, he had never said a word about that to Chad.

He should have known that something was up. Normally when they got to the bed, Chad would flip him around, and pull his pants and underwear down to the ankles, then push him on the small of his back, to make him fall forward onto the bed. His body would bounce but before he could bounce a second time, Chad would be on top of him, his cock already stiff and rubbing his ass. He would feel him reaching towards the night stand, the bowl of Condoms that rested there.

Then he would rip a package open, and lift himself up, still pinning Justin down with his body. He’d hear him grunt, as he would suit up, then before he could take another breathe, he would feel the head of the cock wedge into his rectum. Chad would press it, his knuckles and hand holding his hard cock, spreading his cheeks. Then it would be in, no waiting. Chad would just push, and he would always cry out, as the huge cock split him open, driving deep into his body.

This last time, instead of turning him around, he had just planted his hand on Justin’s chest & pushed. He had fell backwards, and as he hit the bed, and began to bounce up, Chad was on top of him. His muscular body forced him back into the bed, and he could feel Chad’s hot breathe against his face. He had looked up, to see the lust glaring in his dark eyes, a lock of his hair over one eye.

His own eyes had been wide open, when he saw the head come down, and felt the hard press of his mouth on his. He could feel the tongue lick across his lips, then the teeth that dug into his lower lip. It didn’t bite into the flesh to break it, but it hurt none the less.

Then Chad was suddenly standing back up, stripping his clothes off and just throwing them aside, as if they were garbage. He stood totally naked, his one hand stroking his cock as he stared down at Justin. The eyes seemed to be smoking, and his face was set in that hard look, that made Justin quiver with desire.

He slowly climbed back on to the bed, straddling Justin’s body. As he leaned over him, his hard cock was swiped across his face, his lips. He tasted the pre cum and looked up to see Chad give him that evil little grin. He began to smile back, when Chad shoved his hard cock into his mouth. He nearly gagged and threw up, as it was pushing in so hard, so deep. His throat closed briefly, but it didn’t stop Chad from pushing inwards.

Justin heard the harsh voice commanding him to suck the cock, which was something unusual. Chad rarely spoke in their sex escapades, yet here he was almost yelling at him to suck his cock. His hand had grabbed some of his hair, and he was pulling back on it, trying to make Justin’s throat open wider.

Slowly he managed to get it relaxed enough to stop the gagging feeling. He could smell that man scent, mixed with the body wash soap. It always made him crazy, and it was working now. His nostrils flared, he sucked in more air, as he reached up with his hands, to hold Chad’s hips. He let him fuck his mouth, the sensation making him moan with pleasure. His chest hurt, from Chad’s weight, and from lack of air too.

His jaw ached, and his own body was quivering with anticipation as he sucked on Chad’s throbbing cock. His eyes were staring, watching as Chad would thrust his body forward, driving his cock deeper. It hurt, but at the same time was exciting. Sweat was beading up on his forehead, when Chad suddenly pulled back, taking his wet cock out of his mouth.

He reached over, grabbing a condom package, ripping it open with his teeth while glaring down at Justin. His face had a strange sheen to it, a glow that he hadn’t seen before. The eyes were darker than normal, as Chad lifted himself up, and unrolled the condom down on his pole. Once he was satisfied it was on good enough, he leaned back towards Justin, his cock in his hand.

Chad slapped his cheeks with his hard cock, his eyes flaring with each slap on his face. He rubbed the condom covered cock over his lips. He slid down his body, and as he positioned himself between Justin’s legs.

‘Lift ‘em up Bitch’ he had commanded, and he pushed the legs upwards, back towards Justin. He had reached out, to grab hold of his legs, as he felt Chad tower over him. His body was leaning forward, and he felt the hot breath as he looked up into Chad’s face. There was a look of anger, that made him shake a little. He hadn’t seen that look before, as he felt Chad suddenly stick two of his fingers into his ass. He cried out, as he didn’t even bother to moisten them. He just shoved them into his hole, digging in hard, then twisting them around. It made him cry out several times, and then as they were pulled out, he felt Chad’s cock push in between his cheeks. He looked over at Chad, saw the same look, as suddenly he felt like he was on fire.

Chad penetrated him hard, driving his cock straight in once it was touching his hole. He felt like his body would be split in two by the force of the penetration, and the thickness of the cock, as he drove it in.

He was acting like a man possessed. The way he would drive his cock into him, the way he would twist and turn as he pounded him. Every other time he would slap his upraised ass cheeks hard, with the palm of his hand. Justin would feel himself shudder with each whack on his cheeks. He would feel the cock lurch in a bit further, and there were moments when he was certain it would poke up into his throat, the way Chad’s body would grind into his.

It was never ending, or so it seemed. He was biting his lip, as the pounding only got harder with each thrust. Justin had felt the pubic hairs, felt his balls as they slapped up into him, as if Chad was trying to drive them into him as well as his throbbing cock. His whole body was shaking, and dripping from rivers of sweat that dripped all across him.

He could feel his stomach crunched up, feel the pounding cock drive in and twist. It was making him twist and squirm which only seemed to make Chad go faster. His body was a blur the few times he managed to open his eyes, and it was totally unreal as he heard the grunts echo over the thundering of his own heart. His body was convulsing when Chad screamed.

Suddenly he felt the cock pull out, heard the ripping sound of plastic, then as he opened up to watch, he felt the first stabbing splash of hot cum across his chin and upper chest. His eyes bulged open as he saw Chad holding his throbbing cock, saw the head dart inside the foreskin briefly, then push out, shooting a steady stream of white cum.

His body trembled as the hot milk flew across and splattered across his rolling muscles. His nerves were tingling, as he watched the cum hit him, then he looked up to see Chad’s constricted face. The eyes shut tights, the brow creased in utter concentration. He could see the nose flaring, breathing hard, the lips held tightly shut, as he unloaded more of his cum onto Justin’s body. The mouth was firmly shut, and his chest was heaving as the last of his cum had dripped out onto Justin’s belly.

Chad leaned back, totally spent. His eyes were glaring, but still glazed as he sucked wind. Justin watched in awe, as he slowly regained control over his body. It was unreal, and he waited for his turn, but was surprised when Chad got off the bed, and headed to the shower. As he made his way, he stopped half way, turning and telling him he had an appointment to get to, and he’d see him at the auction.

He should have known then that something was up. Yet he was too exhausted to think, but now, looking back the signs had all been there. Still, in some ways it had worked out. He had been saved by his long time friend, Taylor. They had been friends from before Justin had come out, and they had even fooled around together a few times, though nothing ever serious, until this weekend.

It was the least he could do, he thought, as how Taylor had managed to outbid the others. It had saved him from a weekend of fending off the advances of the others, so it was natural for him to show his appreciation to Taylor, who really hadn’t objected. It had felt good too, and was totally different than when he had been with Chad.

Taylor was a romantic, had even arranged for Roses in the cabin, where they were spending the weekend. It was supposed to be him and Chad, but Taylor was perhaps better suited for this type of weekend. He was gentle to begin with, not totally into himself, as Chad was.

He wanted to please Justin as well, which made for a switch. And better for Justin, Taylor didn’t mind being a bottom, something Chad rarely ever agreed to. Hell, so far in the two nights they had been at the cabin, he had fucked Taylor more times than he had Chad in six months of being together. Oh, he had rolled over quite a few times himself, as Chad called it, but it was never a hard jack hammering that he got from Taylor. He liked to take his time, to make sure Justin was ready for him, which he was thankful of.

Taylor wasn’t small, in fact he had a cock that was a lot bigger than Chad’s, and yet it never hurt when it went inside of him, it never made him cry out in pure pain. It made him moan his pleasure, whimper at times, but it always felt so good, so filling. It was never like he was going to be split in two, which let him fully enjoy the whole experience. There was no rush, and it was amazing at how long Taylor could keep it hard, driving it in and out of his ass. The way he could speed up at times, then make it go very slow.

He could feel the vein underneath, the way the blood would push it out, as it rushed through and around Taylor’s cock. It was a sensation he hadn’t been able to enjoy with Chad. Now he could, as he could feel every pulse of Taylor’s heart, from the vein that would slide in and out slowly, letting him feel.

Justin could still feel it, from earlier in the morning, and as the sun began to shine into the room, he looked over at Taylor. It had been a perfect weekend, and until now he hadn’t even thought about Chad. He turned to sit up, realizing that they had today and tonight left, before having to head back to the city.

He looked over at the vase, that held the roses he had been greeted with. He smiled at how surprised he had been, when suddenly it hit him. His face grew taut as he stared over at Taylor’s sleeping figure. How the fuck had he arranged for the roses, for the whole thing, if he had only decided to help Justin out when he noticed Chad wasn’t bidding?

Christ’ he thought, as it hit him. He had been set up, not by Chad, but by Taylor. He reached for his pillow and slammed it over Taylor’s sleeping body, waking his friend up, who quickly moved out of the way of a second pillow slap.

What the fuck?

You Bitch, you set me up. How much did it cost to get Chad to not bid for me?

I don’t know what…

Like fuck you don’t. I may be blond, but I ain’t stupid. You never liked me being with Chad, so give, how much?

‘Okay, calm down. He never cared for you, and you fucking know it, this was an easy way to safe your stupid romantic ass. Yeah I paid him, okay, but think about it, if he cared, he wouldn’t have taken the offer, would he?’

Justin stared at his friend, and let the pillow fall back down. Taylor was right, and he knew it, and as he thought more and more about it, he felt his sudden anger fade away.

I guess, so how much?

Got him hooked up with a dude who had a supply of pills, plus a few hundred.

How long you known he was doing pills?

From the beginning

You didn’t say anything

You weren’t in any mood to listen

No, guess not.

Taylor leaned up onto his elbow as he looked at Justin, who stared back. Justin could see the worry in his face, see the concern as he realized that what he had with Chad, was just sex. He knew Taylor was right, that he wouldn’t have listened, just as he knew that Taylor had never warmed to Chad. Now he knew why, and strangely, it felt rather nice. To be thought of that way, to have someone want to protect him like that.

He looked over at Taylor, saw the worry, but he also saw the love too. Strange, but he could still feel him inside of him, the way his cock had moved in and out, had made him tremble but not from pain, but from utter pleasure. It had been more than just getting off.

I was going to tell you

I know.

Are we okay? I mean…

Yeah, we are. Uh, you really want this? I am a stubborn bitch at times.

Tell me about it, but yeah, I’d like to, if you do?

Justin smiled as he grabbed Taylor and pulled him over to rest on top of him. He looked up into his friend’s face, feeling strangely at peace. The humiliation of having Chad not bid on him no longer mattered. He had something else, and for the first time, it felt better than anything he had ever had before. It just felt right as he smiled up at Taylor.

Only if your promise me, that if you decide to break up, you’ll find a nicer way than not bidding on me at some silly auction.

Taylor laughed, and leaned down to kiss him, then he pulled himself up and stared down at Justin. ‘I promise, but bitch, I ain’t ever letting you be auctioned off, you is mine.

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