Fiction – 22 Hours, 14 Minutes

22 Hours, 14 Minutes

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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Ronny finished one more ‘stop ‘n go’ and bent over. He was gasping for air, as the cold bit deep into his lungs. Sweat was dripping off his face, clouding the face mask he wore a little. There was no doubt he was winded, which was good. It meant he had been putting out a maximum effort, as he felt the cold start to chill him, despite all the pads and gear he had on.

The huge clock the was on the wall continued to tick away as he slowly recovered his breath. It was nearly 6am, and his time on the ice was coming to a close. He had been coming here for 3 years now, ever since he was sixteen. It was his goal, even then, to eventually try out for the local college team, once he was old enough.

Now that he was, now that he was actually a student here, the long hours of getting up at 2am to do his paper routes, then come here for an hour of skating, of working out, was paying off. Next week would be the tryouts for the hockey team, and he knew he was ready.

Every waking minute, he had dreamed of this moment, of putting on the team jersey, of skating out in front of all those fans, of playing. Others dreamed of football or basketball, but Ronny was a hockey nut. He wasn’t tall enough for football, standing just under 5ft 10in in bare feet, and he sure wasn’t muscular enough either, weighing in a paltry 130 pounds.

He wasn’t a rack of bones, he had some muscles, but just not enough to play anything other than hockey. He was fast, whether on his feet, or on skates. He had absolute control over his young body when on skates, could take a hit pretty good too. But he could dish it out too, which, added to his quickness, made him a natural winger.

His family had never understood his drive, his dream of playing for the hockey team. They thought he was nuts, sleeping after dinner, getting up at 2am, but then his parents weren’t exactly go getters either. Nor were his brothers. To them, the end of High School was merely a stepping stone to heading over to the Mill, getting a job there and finding a girl to marry.

He wanted more for himself than some cheap tract house, a boring dead end job. Besides, marriage wasn’t in his future, seeing as how he liked guys over girls. Ronny doubted if anyone even suspected, certainly not his brothers or parents. His few school friends just thought he was nuts, so he felt safe.

Still, he couldn’t help but dream, of wonder too. His brothers would be stunned to find out how he had even rated them, on his scale of attractiveness, or how he rated his friends. Shit, if Ben ever found out, he’d clock him one for sure. None of them understood his kind, not the teachers, not the kids, no one.

It was a lonely childhood, which is why he drove himself so hard, to make the money so he could take that step no one in his family ever took, the one of going to college. Slowly he stood up, feeling the aches all over, the muscles in his body protesting the motion. He looked at the clock, wondering if he had time for a few more quick runs up and down, feeling his body hoping he didn’t.

As he glided towards the end of the rink, to start a couple more quick dashes, he spotted him again. He was rather tall and gangly looking, a strange reddish hint of hair was about all of his features Ronny could distinguish. The rest was hidden in the shadows. For the last two weeks, he had seen this shadowy figure, watching. He had no idea who it was, and the guy never seemed to come out from behind the shadows. Even when his time on the ice was over, and he would go to the locker room, the guy was never around.

Yet when he would head out the front door, he would hear someone on the ice. He was becoming tempted to sneak back in, to see who this stranger was that seemed to be showing up earlier each morning, to just watch. It was all rather mysterious, which fuelled his overactive imagination.

He shook his head, as he looked away, and stared down the rink towards the other side. He let his mind focus, his will directed at his body, at his legs. His eyes grew glazed as he imagined himself in practice, imagined hearing a whistle blow, and he was off.

Darting down the ice, his arms pumping, his legs forcing him faster down the sheet of ice. He could feel the air rushing past, but his eyes stared straight ahead, his head held up, seeing the advertising on the boards flash past in a blur, and then he was there, approaching the far end, as if about to crash headlong into them. His feet changes, slicing hard into the ice, sending up chunks of shaved ice as he slowed, as his body began to turn.

His eyes now were on the end he had just come from, his eyes narrowed, as he began the motion all over again, of building back up his speed, to dash back from where he had come. His mouth was dry, as his head stared forwards, his arms pumping, his legs driving as the speed mounted.

As he drew nearer, he saw the clock, saw the time as he once more turned, to bring his racing body to a stop. His heart was pounding, his pulse racing, and his lungs aching, but he felt good. He had done an extra dash, again. He felt like he was only getting better, as he gulped in the cold air, taking his helmet off, wiping his forehead. His dark brown hair was matted with sweat, as he glided towards the gate, to head once more to the locker room.

As he stepped off the ice, he turned his head, and saw at the far end the stranger. He couldn’t see any more of him, just his shadowy figure, but he knew the guy was looking at him. He could feel his eyes boring in on him, and it gave him a strange feeling inside. He could feel his body reacting, feeling the strain on his cup and jockstrap inside the padded hockey pants.

There was something about the guy that made him quiver a little, made him wish he had the nerve to call out to him, to get him to come out of the shadows. Ronny sighed, as he walked down the cold empty tunnel, to the locker room, pushing the door open, holding it open just a second longer, as he listened. It was dead silence, and he shrugged as he let the locker door bang shut.

The wire caged clock showed he was running late as he stripped off his hockey gear. Placing the skates to one side, he leaned back, against the lockers, then quickly removed his jersey, his pads, and pants. He stood there, a t-shirt over his slight frame, his hockey socks pulled up high. The chill in the room made him shiver as he sat down on the worn wooden bench, to finish undressing.

He thought about a shower, realizing that he was dawdling, hoping the shadow boy would show up. His first class was a few hours off, and he could always skip breakfast, but as he looked over, the door remained shut, the silence telling him he was still alone. Sighing, he began the final stages of undressing, until he was wearing nothing but his jockstrap. He stood up and turned to the locker, to grab his towel and soap, before heading for a nice hot shower.

Just as he grabbed the soap off the top shelf of his locker, he knew he wasn’t alone. Turning around quickly, he could see him, just standing there looking at him. His eyes opened wide, as he finally saw the shadow boy, and he felt his body stiffen.

He couldn’t believe what he was saw. The guy was much taller than him, at least by several inches. He was slender, probably didn’t weigh much more than he did. His hair was long, hanging over his shoulders and it shone with a red tint to it, but streaks of light blond showed in places. It gave his face a soft almost girlish look to it.

The features were fine looking, the nose thin and his cheeks were gaunt even. His lips had a pale tint, thin too. Yet it was the eyes that got him shaking a little. They were a crystal clear amber color, that seemed to just glisten as they looked out from the golden flesh. It wasn’t white, but a soft golden color that only accentuated the facial features.

Looking at him, he saw that the shadow boy’s eyes were staring at him, not at his face, but at his crotch. He found himself looking down, to see he was fully erect, and he felt a sudden sense of panic, as he looked back up at the stranger.

Ronny almost missed it, but he saw the boy lick his lips quickly, then with a strange reluctance, seemed to lift his eyes up, to look at Ronny. There was a strange glint in the eyes, a sort of hunger he had never seen before, other than in his own eyes when he would think of someone he was attracted to. He felt uneasy, as he saw that same look, wondering and yet feeling vulnerable.

He wrapped his towel around his naked midriff, seeing a quick flicker in the stranger’s eyes, a sort of sadness. There was something about him, the way he stood there, just looking, that kept him excited, despite the embarrassment he was feeling.

Hi, I am Ronny’ he said, as he watched the young man twitch at the sound of his voice.

Hi, uh, Jerry’ was all he said, as he sat down on the bench opposite, his duffle bag dropped behind him. It was unnerving, as he seemed to have nothing more to say. Ronny grabbed his soap and headed to the shower, saying it was nice to meet him, or some other inane words.

Quickly he turned the shower on, dropping his towel and looking over his shoulder first. There was no one standing at the entrance to the showers, as he felt the sting of water across his body. He felt weird, not sure what it was. The guy was hot, and judging by the hard on he had, his body agreed with him. It made him nervous, because he was so exposed, but time was ticking.

There was no other sound. He could only hear the water running, feel it cleanse him, as he tried to ignore that there was another one in the locker room. His erection annoyed him too, as he thought it would give him away, but as he soaped himself up, felt the roughness of his hands rubbing his body, he couldn’t help but notice how Jerry had been staring at his cock. It was almost like he enjoyed it, or something like that.

It was hard for him to ignore how good looking Jerry was too. The way his face looked from under that mop of hair, how it all seemed to be a perfect fit. The nose, the lips, the eyes, and while he thought about it, his body seemed to become warmer, more aroused. Soaping his legs, he could see his hard cock, feel it tremble as his mind would flash him an image of that face, of the pink tongue darting out and licking at the pale lips.

Ronny shook his head, realizing that he need to stop thinking this way. It would be risky, and to go back in there, still with a hard on, would be very dangerous. He reached up, shutting off the hot water, feeling the sudden icy chill as his body was splattered by the cold. He felt himself shiver, and his mind no longer dwelled on the handsome face, the long red hair and the notion of him having a fistful of that hair entwined in his fingers, while he guided that thin angular face towards his cock.

The cold water was doing its trick, as he finally shut it off, reaching out and wrapping the towel around his middle. He wasn’t about to dry his body off, and risk arousing himself again, as he headed back to his locker, his body dripping as he hurried across the floor.

He turned to go down the pathway, to his locker when he stopped, dead in his tracks. He saw Jerry’s head suddenly jerk up and look over at him. His own eyes bulged wide open, as he stared at the naked young man.

Jerry was sitting on the bench, his body was devoid of any clothes, and Ronny saw his one hand, clutching at a huge throbbing cock. He also saw how his eyes were glazed, and how he had been looking at Ronny’s locker, at his clothes that were laid out on the bench in front. He saw how Jerry had been staring at the pair of underwear, that were folded across the bench.

His eyes moved from what Jerry had been staring at, back to Jerry. He saw how his legs were spread apart, sticking forward, while his one hand was at the base of his cock. It looked rather long, much longer than his, as he felt it stirring under the towel. His mouth was open a little, as he took it all in, and then he looked up at Jerry, saw the fear in his eyes, saw also that same hungry look. He knew he too had that look, but his was right there, as he couldn’t help but let his eyes go back and stare at Jerry’s penis.

Ronny hadn’t had much experience, most of what he had known of other men was from magazines, the Internet, and the odd porn flick he had managed to find. To actually see a hard cock, other than his own, was rare. To see it hard, was even more rare. He felt himself licking his lips, as he stared at the still erect cock. He knew he should say something, but he didn’t know what.

All he could do was look up at Jerry, and as he did, he saw the face go white with fear. He knew exactly what was going through his mind, as he had felt that same fear many times too. It would be exactly how he would be feeling if the situation were reversed. If it was him sitting there with a boner and Jerry where he was now.

Jerry’s body seemed to give a small jerk, then another as Ronny could see the fear taking hold. He didn’t know why, but he let his towel drop, and Jerry’s suddenly twitching body stopped. He could hear the quick intake of breath, but he was afraid to look back up at Jerry. Yet he knew he had to, as he felt the desire inside, the need to be touched by another man taking hold of him.

His only experiences had been in the dark movie house in the next town. Only a few times had he ventured there, never feeling right about it afterwards, but it was all that was available to him, if he wanted to keep his secret. Now, here he was, dropping his guard in front of a stranger, in his own town, in a locker room where anyone could just walk in.

There was no mistaking the look that now showed in Jerry’s face. The eyes had bugged open wide, the lust clearly visible as his hand suddenly moved, jerked a little. Ronny could see the cock quiver, as if I anticipation of something even Ronny had yet to decide.

Slowly he moved forward, the towel forgotten as his own desires grew, as his own eyes fixed on the young man’s crotch, the throbbing cock that lay there before him. It looked so inviting, so desirable, that he couldn’t help himself, as he slowly let himself kneel down in front of Jerry. His own hand reaching down to grab hold of his own erect cock. His eyes stare up at Jerry’s.

He saw the desire, felt it even, as his heart began to thunder. He licked his lips as he slowly lowered his head, still watching the eyes, still looking for a sign of rejection or repulsion. None came, just a seeming desire for him, as the hand held the hard cock before him. Ronny could smell him, smell that scent he had read about.

His nostrils flared at the aroma, he breathed it in deeply, as felt his pulse quicken, his body tremble. This wasn’t like any of the other times, this was very different, as he saw Jerry lick his lips too, in anticipation. He looked away, to stare at the rippling muscles, at the quivering flesh that swayed a little, as his breath blew across the cock head in front of his mouth.

It felt like he was in a trance. The way the cock seemed to be calling him, to making him bend to it’s will. His eyes were fixed on that head, the little slit at the top that was oozing precum. Licking his lips, he felt the cold floor as his knees rested on it, as his body shivered, though not from the cold. Every nerve in his body was expecting to hear Jerry shout, to hear him pull away in revulsion, but no words came. Instead he could hear the heavy breathing, that wasn’t just from him. He wanted to look up, but couldn’t, the image of the hard cock holding his focus.

His hands trembled, as they reached out, to touch the naked flesh of Jerry’s thighs. He felt the shock, felt the body react to his touch, felt his own body react by a deep rumbling throughout. He licked his lips again, as he smelled that aroma, that scent that made his head feel light headed. His nostrils were flaring, as he sucked it all in, as he shuffled a bit closer, feeling the hot warmth coming from Jerry’s groin.

The pounding in his head was from the roar of his heart, as he began to lower his head, to get closer. He felt terrified, that someone might walk in on them, or that Jerry would push him away at the last second, but he couldn’t stop himself. He felt a strange craving, an over powering need to take the cock, to let his lips cover it, then let it slide into his mouth.

His lips touched the head, and he felt his head rear back a second, then push forward again. His legs were aching, but all he could feel was the racing blood in his body. The thunder of his heart, the pounding of it against his chest made him shudder, as he let his lips taste the small drop of precum. His head became dizzy, his eyes losing focus as he tasted that salty sweet mixture.

A groan echoed in the empty room, and he knew it was his voice. He could feel Jerry holding his breath, waiting, as he slowly let his lips spread open, to let the head begin its entrance into his mouth. His hands reached out, to feel the trembling stomach muscles, then he put one back down, to grab hold of his own cock. It was hurting as he felt the racing tremors inside his spine.

There was a strange moan, a whimper really, as he let the hot throbbing cock enter his mouth. His tongue was eager to taste it, as he lit it pass between his lips. Ronny felt Jerry’s hands on his head, felt the fingers curling around his hair, then slowly pressing down. He wanted him to go on, as much as Ronny ached to.

His nerves were tingling, as he opened his mouth wider. As he slowly let his throat open, and guided the huge cock inside. It seemed like an endless pole, as he tried to take it all, but he couldn’t. His throat refused to let it all down, making him gag. The sound giving him a second’s hesitation. Then he moved his one free hand, to grasp at the pole, around the base. He let his fingers wrap around and hold it tight.

Through his finger tips, he felt the blood pulsing through the veins as it stiffened the cock even more. He began to bop his head up and down, his lips pressed tightly against the burning flesh. He could hear Jerry moaning now, could feel him shudder to the feeling of his lips moving up and down the hot flesh. His own hand was a blur on his cock, as his head moved quicker and quicker with each moan, each groan that seemed to roll into each other.

His body was numb, as he sucked on the cock, feeling the head bang into the side of his throat. His jaw was aching, but he refused to stop, to let it relax. His hand grew tighter on the pulsating cock, his eyes shut firmly as he enjoyed every rolling wave of pleasure that filled his body. He sucked, and sucked hard as Jerry began to tremble. He felt it begin, felt it as he held the cock firmly in the one hand, stroking his cock with his other hand.

Ronny groaned, a muffled sound, as his body began to quiver, as Jerry’s cock began to thicken even more. He felt it, felt the blood rushing past his fingers, past his lips, as he held tightly to the cock. His teeth raked the head at one second, his throat felt stretched the next as he kept bopping his head, his lips running up and down the hot pole.

The cry startled him, made him stop. His hand was motionless on his own cock, his head stuck in mid stroke as the sound reverberated in the empty room. Then he felt the head rearing back, felt the head jerk and suddenly his mouth was being flooded by more salty sweet liquid.

His body shook as the cum filled his mouth. He choked, as it just kept filling his throat, his mouth, dripping out of the corners of his mouth. Before he could swallow, he felt the head moving back, and he knew more of that precious milk was about to fill an already filled mouth.

Despite his choking, the tightening of his throat, he swallowed what was inside, feeling it slide down his throat, even as the cock head inside came roaring forward, more hot milk pouring out in a torrent. His own body was quivering, and he could feel the deep tremors that were racing up and down Jerry’s body. He held on, taking the second stream easier than the first. Ronny continued to swallow, to barely taste the jizz at it rolled down his throat, into his stomach.

The hard gasps for air weren’t his. He realized as the last of Jerry’s cum dibbled out into his mouth, that Jerry was finished. He leaned back, onto his feet, to finally open his eyes, to see the lanky body still shaking. He felt the harsh saltiness in his mouth, but rather enjoyed it. It made him finally look up to see Jerry’s face, his eyes closed, his nostrils flaring, his mouth open. He looked totally spent, sweat was dripping down off his forehead, and his long hair looked damp, as he quickly took hold of his own cock.

He began to stroke it harder than before. His eyes were glazed still, as he stared at Jerry, as he felt the taste of his cum still in his mouth. He looked at him, amazed at how handsome he still looked, when he saw his eyes flicker open, saw them staring off into space, then slowly come into focus. His hand was moving faster and faster, his breathing was more rapid, more shallow.

The eyes were sparkling, flashing even as they came into focus. Ronny saw the eyelashes flutter, then he watched as they looked downwards, to stare at him, at his hand that was wrapped around his own cock. He saw him stare, saw him lick his lips as he watched Ronny jerk his cock.

The sight of him watching, the taste of his cum still fresh in his mind, made him suddenly close his eyes. His body shook hard, his chest heaved, his breath was suddenly gone. It was like he had been kicked in the gut driving out the last of his air. His head felt light, as he felt his balls feel like they were about to explode. His hand tightened even more, moved even faster, as he felt himself surrender to that image.

He could hear a cry, hear a distant scream, as he shook and shuddered. The roar in his head was louder, as his body surrendered, as he felt the cock in his hand shake, tremble, then shoot. The sticky cum was pouring through his fingers, flying past and out. He didn’t know where any of it landed, as he shook, hearing himself groaning now, as every nerve in his body seemed to explode.

Little dots of colors were dancing across the insides of his closed eyelids, as he struggled to breathe. His heart hurt, his cock hurt, as the last of his own cum slowly dribbled between his clenched hand.

Ronny was leaning on his hands, his back leaning at a forty five degree angle to the floor. His legs were cramped, aching as he slowly opened his eyes. His chest heaved, as he struggled to breath normally, still unable to focus fully as the light of the room seemed to burn his eyes.

Staring at him was Jerry. He had a thin smile on his face, as Ronny breathed in the smell of cum, that seemed to be all he could smell. His body was slowly recovering, but looking at Jerry, he saw his chest was still heaving a little. He watched the left nipple, as Jerry’s chest rose then fell then rose again. It was so stiff, so firm, that he wanted to lean forward, to nibble at it, to taste more of Jerry.

I get here at 5am’ he heard himself say, and saw the eyes light up on Jerry’s face.

I’ll be here’ was all he said, as he slowly stood up, looking at Ronny. His cock was still a little bit hard, and it stood out from his tall body. Ronny looked at it, then up at Jerry.

‘Hope you aren’t late.’ Ronny smiled as he said it, standing up to reach for his shorts, his eye glancing briefly towards the clock. In his head, he heard himself say ‘only 22 hours, 14 minutes

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