Fiction – Just Mike (Part 2)

Just Mike (2)

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2007 ? All Rights Reserved

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The night seemed like it would never end. There were an endless parade of men onto the stage. Each one supposedly hotter than the previous one, but Mike couldn’t really tell. He was too lost in realizing that he had been jerked off, in public. More than that, there was the promise of much more to come and not with some stranger either, but with Chase.

It was like he had walked into a whole new world, when he had summoned up the courage to come to this gay bar. If he had only known, maybe he wouldn’t be a damn virgin now, and then that started to bother him, making his enjoyment all the more distant. His nervousness continued to grow, as he sat there, staring but not seeing much of anything.

Everything was in a fog. His mind was reeling still, from the unbelievable ecstasy he had felt when Chase had touched his cock, had began to stroke it. Right there, with others all around, he had reached inside his pants, and made him cum. He could still feel the dried cum and wondered what Chase was thinking. Was he thinking that Mike was easy, that he was some slut?

Yet when he managed to find Chase looking at him, or when their eyes met, he could see him smile a bit wider, see a strange look of hunger in his eyes that banished those thoughts, but only for a moment. The night was becoming a torment, the joy being replaced by his doubts. Yet every now and then, he would feel that spurt of utter contentment.

His body seemed as confused as his mind. He’d be thinking of what Chase would be like in bed, if he would please him, or fail, and his dick would be suddenly hard as a rock. So hard, it hurt, then just as suddenly would be limp as hell, as if it had been immersed in ice cold water.

He would get hot flashes at the oddest moments, then suddenly break out into a cold sweat as he’d steal a glance at Chase. Thoughts about being unsuitable, of not being able to measure up kept tugging at him, making him even more nervous, more unsure if even Chase had been asking him to come home with him. It wasn’t like he had come right out and asked, so maybe he was reading more into it?

Then too, what if the others were going back there too? Would he be alone with him, was he even supposed to be? Hell, did Chase even want him to be? His head felt like it would explode as it explored all the different possibilities. Then to his amazement, he found the lights were all turned on high.

The stage shows had long finished, and he hadn’t even noticed. Drinks were being downed and Mike realized that the bar was closing. The night was at an end, and the moment of truth was rapidly approaching. He had no idea what he was supposed to do, as a couple at the table stood up, stretching and gathering up their jackets. They were leaving, and was he supposed to make like he was to? Was he to meet Chase outside, or go out with him?

Panic was ripping at him, as he struggled trying to figure out what to do when it was all settled for him. Adam and his partner now stood up, grinning at him while clutching at each other.

Later Chase, I can see you have found a date for the night, so we’ll bugger off. Junior here can pay for a cab ride home.

Chase looked over at Mike, then grinned up at Adam.

Bitch, but thanks, catch u later man

Adam and his partner left, and suddenly he was left there, alone at the table with just Chase. He turned to watch Adam leave, among others. He felt the sweat on his forehead, unsure what to do, afraid to look at Chase, in case he said something wrong, or assumed something that wasn’t. Did Adam mean he was that ‘date’ for the night? Or had Chase picked out someone else, was he maybe just waiting for Mike to get up and leave?

Adam can be such a bitch at times, uh, but he does say what’s on his mind, after a few drinks. So, uh, was he right?

Beads of sweat were dripping off his forehead, and he wiped it with the back of his hand, as he fought for time. He wanted to say the right thing, but what was it? He didn’t want to come off looking like a complete idiot, and ruin his chances for tonight.

Uh, right?

Haha, yeah, is he? Do I have a date?

I uh… yes… if you want.

Chase stared at him, his face suddenly looking very thoughtful, as if he was suddenly having second thoughts or something. Mike felt like he had blown it, that somehow he had shown Chase that he wasn’t interested or something. A cold chill suddenly filled his body, and he shook a little, afraid of what he might have done.

Only if you do, uh, maybe I shouldn’t ask, but uh, this is more than just your first time here, isn’t it?

Mike just nodded, too afraid to speak. His face lowered, he felt like he was about to cry actually. Had to be the booze he had drunk. Another first for him, having more than one drink of beer. Still, he so desperately wanted to be a part of the guys, that he had tried to keep up with them, now it was all closing in on him. Fear was his companion, and he couldn’t shake the feeling of impending doom.

It would be all over the place soon. Chase wouldn’t want to take him home now, not some virgin dufus like him. His heart ached, as he really did want to go with Chase, but he had blown it. He was certain of that.

Suddenly Chase stood up, towering over Mike. He stared down at him, then smiled. It was a smile he’d never forget, because he could see that Chase still hungered for him. He could see his desire, and everything suddenly felt just right. Even his body seemed pleased, as he felt that tell tale ache in his crotch. Mike stood up, smiling as Chase took his hand out of his jacket, holding a set of car keys.

Car is across the street, we better get going

Mike looked at the keys, then at Chase. His heart was still enjoying the fact that Chase wanted him, and he wanted nothing to ruin the night, but the idea of Chase driving, given all that he had drunk scared him a little. He had heard so much about drinking and driving, and he didn’t want to risk it, even for Chase.

Uh, sure you should be driving?

The words were out before he could stop them. He stood very still, afraid of being laughed at, or made fun of, but he had said it. His eyes continued to stare at his feet, unable to look up.

Why not? Shit, you thought that was booze? Hell man, that was ginger ale, I was the designated driver tonight, next week it’ll be Adam’s turn. So, uh, yeah I am okay to drive, unless you planning to jump my bones when we get into the car?

The laughter and words made him tremble a little. He stared up at Chase, and realized that he had assumed he had been drinking hard alcohol, not that it was soda pop. He felt like a total ass, for even thinking Chase would drink and drive. Yet as he looked at Chase, the sense of foolishness vanished. He was so friggin handsome, and the idea of touching him, was doing strange things to his mind, as well as his body.

I uh, can’t guarantee I won’t… sorry, I mean about the uh…

Forget it, actually, kind of sweet, maybe it’ll be me jumping your bones while we drive? Haha.. don’t worry Mike, I don’t take risks when driving, my dad would skin me alive if I got into an accident. It’s okay, come on.

He just smiled, feeling like he was suddenly part of Chase’s friends. The thoughts from before, well he more or less pushed them aside. All that mattered, was he hadn’t blown it, so far. He was going home with Chase.

The car ride to Chase’s home was a perfect forty or so minutes. It gave him time to settle down, or sort of settle down. Course that was hard to do sitting next to Chase, feeling his body touching his, and just being able to smell him. His scent was amazingly still strong, though it had a bit of a stale smell to it, from the bar.

Arriving at his home, Mike noticed how nice everything looked, even in the dark. The house was rather a large affair, set back from the street. There were two huge trees out front, and more all around the sides. Inside it looked gigantic, compared to his own home, and there was a winding stairway that led up to the second floor level. He could see large pieces of furniture as he followed Chase up the stairs, to his bedroom.

The house had a nice smell to it, a clean scent. His heart was thundering, as he followed Chase. His eyes were darting all over, as he climbed up. They would glance down, see some shadow, then dart back to see those perfect orbs of flesh ahead of him. His mind would be wondering what one odd shape was, then suddenly start wondering what it would be like to touch those perfect cheeks.

He had sort of seen them naked, but only a fleeting look. He hadn’t wanted to tip his hand, but now he could look, and soon would be able to get his fill of what they would be, naked. His body shook at the thought of being able to touch at those cheeks, and more. More and more he wondered just how big was Chase, did he have an uncut penis, or was it cut? Did it even matter, and then he began to feel the fear again.

What if he was horrible at sucking cock? What if he couldn’t handle Chase’s dick in his mouth, or if it was too big to take up his ass? Did Chase have Condoms, or did he not even use them? The fear, the questions, became overwhelming and he almost walked into the wall next to Chase’ bedroom door. Stepping inside, he saw a room unlike his own. The bed seemed to grab his attention, as Chase tossed his jacket towards a chair off to one side.

The bed was a bit rumpled, but had a blue blanket on it. Two pillows were propped up at the head of the double bed. There was a small night table, with a clock radio on it, and a lamp. Chase had moved towards it, switched it on and Mike saw a bluish light cast its light over the top.

Chase turned towards him, smiling. The panic left him, as he smiled back, stepping inside. He closed the door, out of habit, and looked around, commenting on how nice it was. He commented on the computer sitting by the window, and the posters, which only seemed to make Chase grin more.

Nervous fellow, aren’t you Mike?

Me? A bit I guess, sorry.

It’s okay, look, don’t worry, okay? I won’t do anything you don’t want to do, I don’t do shit like that, okay?

Uh, sure, I uh… just I uh…

The bathroom is through that door, you can undress in there if you want, there are bath towels you can use too, okay?

Well I do have to pee, but… thanks.

He stood over the toilet, trying to pee. Mike felt a bit giddy, and as he tried to do his business, he found it hard with a stiff dick. Christ, he didn’t want to take forever, and finally he managed to pee. Pulling his zipper up, he looked around, saw the towels hanging. He began to unbutton his shirt, but stopped at the second button.

While he was indeed nervous, he also realized that part of the thrill, was to see the other person get naked. He was missing seeing Chase that way, because of his own shyness, or fear. He wanted to see him that way, knowing it was too late for that, but not for Chase to see him. Glancing over at the mirror, he hoped Chase wouldn’t be disappointed.

Mike entered the bedroom. The blue light over the nightstand still burned, but the other room lights were all off. He stared over at the bed, saw Mike’s curly hair and thin face looking at him. The head was propped up on one naked arm. He sighed, wishing he had spoken up before, but he closed the door, and walked over to the bed.

Chase looked up at him, his eyes questioning him. Mike thought he looked like perfect, laying there. His eyes moved down, saw the form hidden under the blanket, feeling a bit giddy as he reached up, to unbutton the last two buttons of his shirt. He could feel Chase’s eyes growing bigger, as they bore in on his shaking figure.

He couldn’t look at Chase, least not his face. Instead he kept staring at the middle of the bed, where he could see Chase’s hips pushing the blanket up. He wasn’t sure but another fold in the blanket looked more like a stiff cock, than just a fold. His mouth felt dry, and he licked his lips, remembering how he had bitten it when Chase had his hand on his dick, under the table back at the bar.

His own cock was already hard, but it seemed to grow more taut, as he took his shirt off, letting it fall to the floor behind him. His shivered a bit, kicking his runners off his feet. Then he bent over, to take his socks off. He let them drop on top of his runners, then he straightened up. So far Chase hadn’t said a word, but he heard him hold his breath, as his hands moved down towards his pants.

His fingers felt stiff, as he fumbled with the button, until it finally popped open. The zipper was quickly pulled down, and he started to push his pants down his legs. He bent over a little, glancing over at Chase. He could see his eyes, they looked like huge saucers, as they stared at him. A final shove, and the pants were down at his ankles. He stepped out of them, and then couldn’t help but stare up at Chase. The fold in the bed had seemed to grow too, but he wanted to see if Chase really was watching, was turned on or not. Had he been right in not undressing in the bathroom?

The look across Chase’s face told him he had been right in not using the bathroom. He sort of grinned, as he reached for the waistband of his shorts. His own eyes were devouring that handsome face, as he pushed the shorts down, feeling is cock spring out. His eyes saw Chases eyes almost pop out as his cock came free, to stick straight out, almost pointing at Chase. He saw him lick his lips, and then the flash of white, as his teeth were bared.

With his shorts at his ankles, he stepped out of them, then stood upright. He moved towards the bed, when Chase simply grabbed the blanket and lifted them up and over, pushing them off to one side. In that instant, Mike was able to see the soft glow of blue tinted flesh. His eyes moved from Chase’s face towards the exposed crotch, and he saw what he had only dreamed of, until now.

Chase had a big cock, least in Mike’s mind. It seemed so swollen, so long that he felt a bit of panic, but only for a moment. Instead he felt himself growing very warm, felt sweat beginning to once more bead up all over as he moved closer towards the bed, and Chase.

He wanted to just reach out and grab that cock, and yet he also wanted to just climb into the bed and lean all over Chase. He wanted to kiss him, to taste every inch of him, but that cock looked so damn inviting. He gulped, as Chase moved his body closer to the wall, to give Mike more room, and that made up his mind.

The desire was too much. His dreams had been bad enough to deal with, now he had the real thing in front of him. The real cock, not some dreamed up emaciated little pole. A live cock, that jerked and had real hot blood flowing through its veins. His mind was overwhelmed, but instead of just climbing in, like one would do to go to sleep, he leaned over, and kissed Chase on the lips. He held his head between his two hands, as he kissed him full on the lips, tasting him only briefly, before he let go and climbed onto the bed. He rested on his knees, as he moved his head straight down towards Chase’s cock.

He smelled him, that special aroma of a man aroused that only could come from his crotch. Licking his lips, he let his hands touch the golden flanks of flesh, feeling a strange jolt of electricity run up and down his arm. He felt it running along the flank too, as he bent over to kiss at the spot where the legs joined the torso. There was no mistaking the intake of breath from above him, nor the slight trembling of the body as his lips lightly kissed the soft flesh. He could see the cock under his chin, feel its warmth against his neck, and he began to move his mouth down, across the pubic hairs.

The hard cock was jerking a little and he could hear the shallow breathing from Chase. He had put one hand lightly on his head, as he had kissed him down there. Now the hand was pressing his head with more firmness, and he knew that Chase wanted him to continue, to take him. He felt a moments fear, then the sight of that throbbing pole banished it all away. His eyes opened wider, his mouth also opened, as he let his tongue flick out, touching the side of the hard pole. It shook, moved as the edge of his tongue raked the long pole. It curled up around the head, then slowly marched down the entire throbbing shaft, till it curled around the root of the cock. Chase groaned, the hand pressing harder on Mike’s head. He felt the hips shoot out, felt the cock pressing forward, as he let his hands run down the flank, feeling and touching the hot flesh.

His own body ached, as he let his mouth kiss the hard shaft, then move along it, till the head was now in front. He pursed his lips, as the hand grabbed a handful of his hair, twisting the strands in its hold. He felt it hurt, felt some of his hair ripping out, but he didn’t care. It was a feeling, somewhere out there, as all he could feel was the hot breath of the cock before him.

His eyes were taking it all in. He saw the veins pulsing as Chase’s blood poured through them. His nostrils flared, taking in the rich scent. His own chest was heaving, aching as he leaned forward, his lips suddenly grazing the huge head. Every nerve in his body was screaming, then shrieking as he felt the jolt racing up and down his body.

Mike’s legs were feeling cramped, as he slowly stretched out, until most of his lower legs were dangling over the edge of the bed. His head was leaning over Chase, as he kissed the cock head a second time. There was a strange liquid around the centre, that he felt on his lips. It had a salty taste, and as it filled his senses, he felt the need for more of that taste, knowing it was pre-cum. His body shook, as he licked at the cock head now, feeling it tremble, tasting it too.

His pulse was racing, the hand on his head pushing him down hard now. Chase had rolled over, onto his back, the hard cock stuck upwards, straight into the air and now Mike shuffled forward, his one arm encircling Chase’s lower waist. His hand rested on the small of his back, as he leaned down, letting his mouth kiss again the hot burning head. His eyes fluttered, unable to stay open, as his mouth spread open, his tongue racing out to lick at the head. A long low murmur came from Chase, but Mike ignored it, as his own body was trembling with excitement. His first taste of a cock was more than he had hoped it would be. It was making him giddy, making him desire and crave more, and soon Mike’s tongue was licking at the huge pole, as if it was a popsicle.

He licked, and kissed, while the moans grew louder behind him. The hand continued to try and press his head down, to move it over the cock and finally he gave in to the hard pressure. His mouth opened, as he lowered his head, the press of the hand urging him to go faster. He tried, feeling the hot flesh pass his lips, felt his teeth scrape the head, then he felt Chase squirm a little.

Mike pulled back, then wrapped his lips over his teeth, lowering his head again over the cock. He felt his mouth tighten around the throbbing pole, felt the loud groan more than heard it, as he filled his entire mouth with Chase’s cock. He could feel his throat protesting, feel himself gag a bit, but he ignored it. He forced his throat to open wider, to take the dripping cock head inside.

He felt his legs go taut, felt light-headed, as he swallowed more of Chase’s cock. He felt the veins throb as they passed his mouth, felt the head diving further into his throat, felt his muscles protesting, but he didn’t care. It was Chase’s cock, something he had always wanted, now could have. He wasn’t going to stop and slowly his throat gave in to his will. The muscles retracted, letting the cock slide in and out without protest. He felt his head moving up and down, felt his hands clutching at the balls, squeezing them, poking them. His arm around Chase drew inwards, making Chase lean into him.

Back and forth his head moved, licking and sucking at the cock. His other hand now kept rubbing the inside of Chase’s thighs, then the balls. He could hear the moans, but he wasn’t sure if they were his or Chases’. His body was suddenly tense, as the hips began to shove forward, then pull back. He felt the cock moving faster inside his mouth, and his nose was poking hard into the soft belly as he heard Chase’s voice, heard him say something, but he didn’t understand.

The cock in his mouth jerked from side to side. The head banged into his throat side, then it felt like it was pulling out, but instead it suddenly sprang forward. He felt Chase’s body stiffen for a second, felt the cock suddenly swell up and then his whole mouth was awash with something hot and salty. He gagged, his throat trying to close as the hot liquid filled him entirely. He swallowed by reflex, tasting the semi sweet, salty mixture slide downwards. Some began to drip out of from the corners of his mouth, as he felt the hard press of Chase’s entire groin into his head.

The hand on his head, jerked, then suddenly no longer held his head. His hair was a mess, dangling across his face even, as he felt the throbbing cock growing then shrink, then grow again, then shrink again. Each time it shrunk, more of the hot liquid would pour into his mouth, most of it now flowing out from his lips.

He was panting as finally he pulled back, his stomach rumbling. He had swallowed some, but not all of the cum. It was his first real taste, and it was a strange feeling, as he licked his lips, raised his head, and leaned on his hands. His legs were numb as he slowly struggled to shift them onto the bed, moving himself upwards, so he could be level with Chase.

The room was spinning as he felt a hand reach out and circle around him, under his chin. He felt himself being drawn down, and soon he was feeling Chase’s breath on his face. He could see strange dots of colors before his eyes, as his body was still trembling. He was trying to assimilate it all, when he felt the lips on his, felt the tongue lick out and then he was on top of Chase once more. His whole body was over him, and he felt the quivering, felt the shaking.

I want you in me

His heart was racing, as he lifted his head a little, to stare into Chase’s face. It was as he had heard, he could see it in the eyes, the way Chase was pleading with him. Mike wanted nothing more than to do as Chase asked, despite the fear that was rising up again. Chase just looked at him, the eyes pleading.

Condoms are in the first drawer

He sat back, his hands on Chase’s arm, seeing that look of confidence, of desire. His own face was grinning, as he turned around, to fumble with the drawer. He felt the box, and pulled it out, letting it rest on the night table. Mike could feel Chase watching, as he opened the box, taking out a strip of Condoms. He held them in one hand, turning slightly to look at Chase.

I uh… you sure?

The eyes sparkled, the head nodded as a hand came up, taking the Condoms and Mike watched as Chase put one package in his mouth, ripping it off the strip, tossing the others back towards the night table. Still holding the package in his teeth, he ripped it open, and lifted himself up, to stare down at Mike’s crotch, at his fully erect cock.

Oh yeah, I am sure’ he said, as he reached down to grab hold of Mike’s cock.

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