Fiction – Just Mike (Part 1)

Just Mike

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2007 ? All Rights Reserved

Mike pulled open the massive door, and he heard the loud music blaring. His ears rang as he stepped inside, to see a burly bald headed man standing off to one side. The guy looked mean, and was built like a frigging linebacker for some NFL team. His arms were crossed, and he wore a tight black t-shirt that seemed a dozen sizes too small for his huge frame. The eyes were looking right at him, and he felt the fear inside, as he moved in, and saw the glance he got from the bulky man.

He hadn’t stepped in more than two or three steps, when the man’s cold voice stopped him dead in his tracks. The guy had a harsh tone as he held his hand, while speaking ‘ID’ and nothing more.

Mike fumbled with his wallet, as he took out his driver’s license and handed it to the burly man. He saw the guy glance at, then up at him. He watched as his cold eyes stared at him, then handed him back the license.

This is a gay bar, you know that kid?

He just nodded. The door opened and two more young looking guys walked in, holding hands too. He gulped as they smiled at the big bouncer, who suddenly grinned at them, greeting them in a friendly voice. The two grinned and then glanced over at him. One smiled and as they walked towards where the blaring music was coming from, he turned towards the bouncer, saying ‘fresh meat’ and laughed.

He gulped because he knew exactly what they meant. It was his first time venturing this far into the lifestyle he knew was his, but had been afraid to explore until now.

Mike had known for a long time that he preferred guys over girls. Way back before he was even sixteen, but until now, at the old age of 19, he had done nothing about it. Sure, he had the odd girlfriend in High School, but that was out of necessity, not desire. He wasn’t an idiot, and kept his secret well hidden. No one thought he was queer, but then he wasn’t a geek or nerd. He liked Chess, but tried out for the football team instead.

He made it too, wasn’t bad but never first string. It kept him out of the limelight, kept him safe. While the locker room was a nightmare, listening to the fag jokes, to the hoots and hollers about this one or that one, about this conquest or that, he stayed in the shadows. Still, all those naked studs, created problems for him, that he somehow managed to keep hidden. Just like everything in his life, he kept it to himself.

Now, he was about to change that. He was taking his biggest risk so far, coming to this place. As he came closer to the loud music, he could hear the buzz of conversations and voices over the music. People were walking past him and he could feel the eyes of the bouncer watching him. It made him sweat a little, as he wiped his hands on his pants. His nerves were ramped way up there, waiting to blow, or so it felt. His mouth was dry and yet there was a sense of excitement that he couldn’t quite explain.

Stepping into the main room, he saw the crowd. The bar was off to one side, long and full of all sorts of people sitting, drinking. To his right was nothing but tall tables, without chairs. People were all gathered around them, various glasses and bottles littered them all. He sucked in his breath, and moved in searching for a place to stand, or sit. He thought about the bar, but it looked too full, too many people and he could feel his sweat trickling down his back. Mike wiped his forehead with his hand, staring at all the men. From young guys his age, to balding old men looking like they had just come from the Civil War era, this place seemed to have them all.

Some wore jeans, clean and pressed, others with patches and faded from too many washes. Others were in dress pants, some even in shorts. Many in t-shirts, others in dress shirts. Some buttoned to the neck, others showing more skin than he ever showed in the locker room. It was unreal as he found a spot off to one side, wedged into a corner.

Mike stared at the people going by, at the waiters moving through the crowd, drink trays held up high as they seemed to dance through the crowds, dropping drinks off here and there like some mystical dance. How they could remember who got what seemed amazing, as he stared at them. Most wore tight jeans, tight shirts. They all looked to be his age, maybe a few years older, but none of them looked to be over 22 or 23.

Settling back against the wall, he began to survey the guys. He felt like he could hold his own over those that he saw. Mike never considered him a looker, not like Chase or Adam were. They had it all, the bodies, the look, and the talent too. Both were great football players, and they weren’t stupid either. They scored well in class, and every female in the school sought them out. He was certain some guys did too, by the way some would stare at Chase or Adam. It made him feel a kinship to them, but he never pursued it. Too risky, but they never glanced at him that way, which was just fine. He never wanted that kind of attention.

Though, as he looked around, he didn’t think he was aiming too high. While he wished someone like Chase or Adam would be attracted to him, he was a realist. He had a good body, not too skinny or too muscular. His legs were long, his arms beefy, not flabby. His face was lean, to match his weight and height too. His hair was a golden brown, more than blond, but it was neatly cut, hung just below his ears. His eyes were a soft milk chocolate brown, not that anyone had really ever commented on them. Well, okay Dena had, but she was looking for sex and would have said anything to get laid.

What cha having?

The question seemed to have come out of thin air. He felt a sudden fear as he turned to stare into the face of a short young man. His eyes were a deep blue, that seemed constantly shifting around. He was cute though, and obviously already looking past him.

Uh, beer, whatever is on tap’ He replied, proud of adding that last bit. He thought it made him seem knowledgeable, even though he wasn’t. It was what he had heard in the locker room, when Chase would be talking about his latest bar hopping, as he had called it.

The waiter merely nodded, already moving past him towards a group ahead of him. His eyes watched as he moved, noticing how his butt would shake, and how tight his pants were. He also noticed how many of the eyes would turn to stare at those firm cheeks. Looking, he realized how much he wished he wasn’t such a wimp. He also realized how turned on he was getting, from staring at the waiter’s firm butt as he moved around.

Following him through the crowd wasn’t easy. He lost sight of him several times, but found others that drew his attention. He could feel his attraction, by the shifting of his cock inside his own tight jeans. It was strange, to stand there, feeling aroused and not have to worry about anyone spotting it.

He began to relax a little and look around, more closely. Mike was like a kid in a candy store, as he saw so many that got him excited, got him thinking about things other than being careful. His eyes were all over, and a couple of times he saw a tall blond moving through the crowd. The way he was so comfortable, as he moved from table to table, as if he knew them all. He looked familiar too, in a sort of weird way. The hair was longish, but had a sort of ragged cut to it. Layered, he thought they called it, but it seemed to suit the guy’s head. Mike tried to watch as he moved around, saw the way his upper body was etched in black by the tight fitting shirt he wore.

He wished he would turn around though, but what he had seen had really gotten him aroused. Mike had never felt that hard before, well okay once or twice, but that was when he would let his thoughts turn to Chase. He had hair like that, which is maybe why he kept trying to find him in the crowd. Chase was Mike’s ideal man. He had it all, the looks, the voice, the face, the body. It was enough to make him crazy, and when in the locker room, as much as he wanted to stare, he didn’t. He simply didn’t trust himself, but this guy, damn he could stare all he wanted. No one would mind, no one would call him faggot or queer.

He was rather glad he had the nerve to enter the bar. It had taken him some time too. Mike had walked around the block several times, before pulling the door open. Now he was glad he did, as he stood there, enjoying the festival of men that paraded past. His eyes lost sight of the tall blonde, but found a nice looking dark haired guy who was just as cute, just as hot. He licked his lips as he watched the guy bend over, saw how his ass filled the jeans, looking so inviting. He also saw someone reach over and pat the ass, which made him squirm a little. Christ, he’d love to have the nerve to do that, hell, to have someone do it to him.

It’s Mike isn’t it?

The voice startled him. He recognized it, or thought he did, as his head jerked around to stare up into a pair of soft blue eyes. The long blond hair layered had a lock over one eyes, that the young man brushed aside by a flick of his head.

Mike, right? 2nd string wide out at George Jefferson High?

He gulped and just nodded. His tongue seemed to suddenly have grown, filling his mouth, making it impossible to speak. His eyes were wide open, as he stared, feeling like his whole life had just been exposed.

Thought so, you here alone?

Uh, yeah

That sucks, why not come join us over at the front?

Us? Uh, well, I uh… okay, sure you don’t uh, mind?

Hell no, more the merrier, come on, the show is about to start.

Mike picked up his beer, and did his best to follow the tall blond. He felt hands brush past his ass, felt a few even brush past his crotch but all he could think about was that he must have died and gone to heaven. It was almost as if his wildest dreams had suddenly come true. He pushed along, his eyes never leaving Chase’ back. Every few steps, he would glance down, see that perfect butt and then lift back up, to see him moving effortlessly through the crowd. Even the idea of there being a show had not yet registered. All he could think of, was that was Chase, and he never had a clue.

He also felt suddenly nervous. What if this was a sham, what if Chase was here to find others, to maybe out on them? Shaking his head, he tried to calm down. He was being paranoid. After all, no straight guy would come into this place, and stay. Plus, he had a table at front, no straight guy would do that. He’d be off hiding, if he was just here to snoop.

Finally they broke free of the throng of people, and came to a table with four or five others around. His eyes nearly popped out of his head, as he recognized them all from school. They all looked up as Chase grabbed a chair from somewhere, placing it next to the empty one, which seemed to be his.

Hey you all know Mike?

Everyone nodded, which seemed incredulous to him. He doubted if many knew him, yet they all greeted him, said hello even, and smiled too. It was like being in the entrance to the locker room, where the so called ‘in crowd’ always met before going inside. Now he was sitting with them, around a table in a gay bar. Life either was playing one hell of a cruel trick on him, or he had died and gone to heaven.

Sitting down, he had a good view of the stage, but better than that, he was close enough to smell Chase. His aroma, his scent was unbelievable. There was the smell of his shampoo, the smell of his body wash, and his cologne, that seemed to just make him feel unbelievably happy. Then too, there was the closeness, the feel of his warmth too, and the odd touch of their thighs. It was closer than he had ever been, and it effected him strangely.

He could feel his erection pressing on the pants, feel it threatening to burst his zipper, but he didn’t care. Not like in the locker room, where he did his best not to look, not to feel. Here, he felt like it would be okay, if he let himself feel, and judging by his body’s reaction, he certainly was doing that. It also made him nervous, as he kept glancing around, wondering how he had missed so much. Not once, had he thought that these guys were gay, not once did he suspect. Yet here they were, so it had to be true.

You come here often?

He turned towards Adam, saw him staring at him, and he felt his mouth going dry. The guy was hot, not as hot as Chase, but damn close. He had his arm around Mark, another of the first string players. They seemed like a couple, which surprised him.

Uh, no, no this is my first time

You got a boyfriend?

Mike lowered his head as he answered ‘Me? Uh, no, no one special’ He felt suddenly in the spotlight, as everyone was watching him. His palms were sweaty again, but he was afraid to wipe them on his legs, being so close to Chase.

Leave him alone Adam, not everyone wants to be tied down to a ball and chain like you, even if it is a cute ball.

The others laughed as the guy next to Adam just grinned and patted Adam on the top of his head. Adam grinned back, and to Mike’s surprise, turned and kissed the other guy full on the lips. Adam leaned back in his chair as he stared out at the others, his eyes focused on Chase.

Least I don’t go home alone.

The sound of a drum roll stopped the conversation. Everyone suddenly turned their attention to the stage, where a spotlight now glared out and the room lights dimmed even more. A woman seemed to appear, that made Mike’s heart stop for a second or two. It was the last thing he expected to see in a gay bar, until he took a closer look. It really wasn’t a woman, but a guy dressed up to the nine’s in female clothing. Even his voice had a huskiness to it as he welcomed everyone to the club, and proceeded to introduce the first act of the show.

Mike couldn’t believe his eyes as a tall man slowly made his way to the stage, to a round of applause. He was fully dressed, and looked damn hot. The lady left as the music began to play, and slowly the young man began to dance. He moved across the stage gracefully, his body looking rather hot, but not as hot as Chase’s.

As the music got faster and louder, the dancer began to slowly remove some of his clothes. Mike’s eyes popped open wider, but not from the strip tease in front. It was from the sudden press of a hand on his own thigh. He licked his lips, not daring to turn around, as the hand on his thigh began to caress it.

He knew it was Chase, as he felt the hand move over to rest next to his groin. His body was trembling, his eyes watching the young man shake and turn, all the time wondering about the hand on his thigh. He could feel the fingers pressing down, feel them slowly push at his leg.

Everyone in front of him had their eyes glued to the man stripping. No one could see under the table, as he felt Chase’s hand moving slowly more towards his crotch. He turned his head, to see Chase looking at him. He saw the eyes peering at him, the lips curled into a small warm smile. He smiled back, and as he did he felt the hand slide up and rest on his crotch. His body shuddered, as he realized just how excited he was. Sweat was beading up on his forehead, as the hand began to gently push and prod at his crotch. Mike swallowed hard, turning away from Chase’s face. He knew he’d blow it if he didn’t, but the hand never left his crotch.

The hand moved up, he felt the fingers rubbing on his belly, pushing at his shirt. He could feel increased pressure too. Every nerve in his body was on edge now, fully awake. His blood was becoming hot as it rushed everywhere inside. He had trouble looking ahead, his eyes growing clouded from the sweat dripping off his forehead, as Chase continued to caress his belly.

He felt his lungs collapse, pushing the last of his air out, as Chase’s fingers moved under his shirt, pushing lightly inside to let the tips rest on his bare skin. He could feel the tightness in his chest, as he stared ahead, enjoying the attention, but frightened of it too. His body was stunned, but enjoying it.

As the music continued to blare, the dancer continued to discard pieces of clothing, Mike barely seemed to notice any of it. All he could do was hear the roaring of his heart thundering in his ears. His body was tense, as the hand inside of his shirt moved out, and began to push at his pants, to play with his button. Swallowing hard, he felt the button pop, and his eyes suddenly grew wide like saucers. His head twisted around, staring to see if anyone else had noticed, but they were all glued to the dancer on the stage.

With his button undone, he felt the zipper slide down a bit. As it did, the hand moved inside, the fingers ignored his shorts, pushing under them as well. The touch of the hand on his belly, his groin was almost too much. He realized he was panting and fear took hold. He looked around, but saw no one paying attention to him. Quickly he glanced over at Chase, who was smiling, his eyes staring at him, then moving off to look at the stripper. The hand continued to push down inside of Mike’s pants. He felt the fingers searching as he sucked in more air.

His eyes were so clouded over from his sweat, that he had trouble seeing the stage. He wanted to wipe them clear, but was afraid to move, as he felt one of Chase’s finger tips touch his erect cock. His body shook, his legs were trembling as the finger tip slowly rubbed along part of his throbbing cock shaft. His balls were aching, his buttocks was clenched tight, as Chase just slowly ran his finger along the hot flesh.

He looked away from the stage, staring at Chase. His tongue flicked out, licking his dry lips. Chase was staring at him now, intent on reaching further into Mike’s pants. The eyes were sparkling, as he put his whole hand down the opened pants, the fingers reaching for his cock, touching and wrapping around it. Mike was astonished as he felt the hand around his cock, was stunned as he felt his body quiver. The waves of pleasure at this first ever experience was making him drool a little.

For a second he though he saw Adam turn and stare at him, but when he looked, Adam was resting his head on his boyfriend’s shoulder. His attention was on the show, and Mike looked back at Chase. His eyes were staring at him, the lips curled into a semi smile, his nostrils were flaring, as Chase’s hand began to slide a little forward, then back. He felt the knuckles, felt the hard fingers press into his groin. He wanted to scream, but all he could allow was a small little whimper.

His legs were numb, and one kicked out in a spasm. His head was foggy as Chase moved his hand upwards, Mike’s shorts stretching to accommodate the hand, and his hard cock. Mike didn’t know how to move, what to do, as he felt his body trembling. He could feel it, feel his balls aching, feeling the strange elation that was soaring inside, and he closed his eyes, his lips shut tight. He bit down on his lower lip, as his body was no longer his to command. Mike felt the hand pulling on his taut skin, felt the heat, felt the desire too. He let out a small sigh, biting it off, as it escaped his lips.

The hand suddenly grew tighter, and he felt his whole groin jerk and then jerk again. His body was in torment, the ache inside almost too much, as he realized he had cum. It made him open his eyes wide, afraid and terrified that others would know. His body was tense, as he felt the last of his cum dribbled out.

He wanted to turn, to look at Chase, but the fear was too much. The hand inside of his pants, slowly let go. The pressure of the fingers lessened and finally Mike turned his face. His eyes bulged as he felt Chase take his hand out of Mike’s shorts. He stared in amazement as Chase’s eyes seemed so alive, so sparkling. His own head was throbbing, unbelieving what had just happened. Mike could taste the blood from his bitten lip, as Chase leaned over to him, and whispered into his ear.

I have the house to myself.’ Chase then gave him a small kiss on his cheek. Mike turned, looking into Chase’s eyes, feeling elated, thinking that dreams do come true.

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