Fiction – Payback


By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2007 ? All Rights Reserved

His finger hovered over the send key. His eyes were dark and moody as he stared at his finger, watched it twitch and shake as he thought about all that would happen, once he hit that one little ‘send’ button. It wasn’t that he was afraid, no one would be able to tell it was him, even if they did trace the email to this computer. It was at an internet café, one he wasn’t known for frequenting, so they couldn’t trace him that way. He used cash to pay for his time, so no credit card to trace either.

The pictures never showed any birthmarks, or facial shots of him, just the other guys, so again they wouldn’t be able to trace it to him. Course the four jocks could point to him, but then what proof did they have? It would also mean they’d have to admit that it was them in the pictures and videos. Besides, by the time it got around, even if they knew it was him, he’d be on a plane heading to Europe, and it would be years before he’d even think of returning to this hateful little town.

His finger steadied as he thought about the last year of High School. 18 and a Senior was supposed to be a high light in one’s life, but all he felt was disgust and disappointment. School had been a nightmare, having to walk the halls with people sneering, people who were once his friends, turning away from him as he approached. That was the routine, day in and day out, except for the gang of four.

They went out of their way to make his life a living hell. They weren’t satisfied with just sneering, but they took every opportunity to ridicule him, to deride him. Not one day did they let his being gay go unnoticed during the school day. Whether in class, in the cafeteria or hallways, they made it a point to seek him out, and torment him. The teachers did nothing, even when he complained to them. They would simply say it was nothing but harmless teasing.

Harmless Hell, he hated getting up in the morning, hated the thought of going to school, but he did. He even managed to score high on all the academics, which is why he was leaving. He had scored high enough to go to any University in the world, and he was taking that opportunity. Anywhere but in his own country had been his goal, and he had succeeded, but he wanted to leave a present for those ‘special friends’. He wanted his revenge.

Clayton stared down, wishing that he could be around to see everyone’s faces when they got the email, saw the pictures and videos of their heroes sucking cock, begging for it up the ass. It is what had gotten him through the entire spring, the idea of getting even with Russ, Bradley, Chase, and Skylar.

They were all big men on campus, simply because they played football. The whole town seemed to worship at their feet, for that reason only. Granted, Skylar was not like the other three, even though he was their leader. It was Chase who was the worse, always looking for ways to torment whoever he felt like picking on. Problem was, he liked picking on Clayton, but he also sure liked having his cock sucked every damn Friday night.

During football season, he wanted a damn site more, and he made Clayton do it, for fear of worse hazing if he didn’t. He never understood the other three, who would get a kick out of it, of watching him get on his knees, and take Chase’s cock out of his pants, and suck it, till Chase would shoot his cum.

They all claimed to be 100% straight, but they’d watch him suck the big guy off, play with his balls, and then let him shoot his cum all over his face. When he’d open his eyes, to see Chase slowly getting his breath back, he’d notice how the other two, Russ and Bradley had their dicks out and they’d come close to him, to shoot their own cum onto his face, his hair, or where ever they could.

Once they were all finished, they’d pull their pants up, and smirk at him, call him names, ask him if he liked real man milk, then Chase would push him away, telling him how disgusting he was with a sneer on his face. Yet it was his cock that he had sucked, so it made no sense to him.

Skylar, he was different. He never pushed him away after, nor did he call him names after either. He would smirk in the hallways, taunt him even, but to be honest, Skylar never really degraded him like the others. He was the captain of the team, the one who could have put a stop to it if he wanted, but he never seemed to have the guts for that. Still, he was also the only other one who would have Clayton suck him. Though for most of the times, it was just the two of them. Rarely did he let the others watch, and Clayton never understood that.

Then too, he never understood how supposed straight guys, would not only let him suck them, but get fucked by him too. Skylar actually was the only one he fucked, Chase was different. He would be the top, and when he fucked Clayton, it was always painful, but thankfully he used a condom each time. Still, if they were straight, how in hell could they do anything like that with another guy?

In the back of his mind, he was pretty certain that Skylar was gay, or at least bi. No way would some straight stud take it up the ass like Skylar did, nor would they moan and show such enjoyment either. Chase would just grunt, like an ape. In some ways, Clayton thought of him as one.

He was a lot hairier than most of the others in School. His body hair was all over, even all down his back. His legs were almost like a forest it was so covered by body hair. When he would bend Clayton over, there was never any preliminary stuff. He would simply stroke his cock, get it hard, unroll a condom over it, while making rude comments to Clayton. Then he would slap his ass hard, several times, then move in, wedge his cock up near the small of Clayton’s back, slide it down till it was firmly up against Clayton’s hole, then simply push in.

It hurt like fucking hell too, at first. He would cry out as the hard cock would slice past his hole, making his body shake as the pain would race up his spine. He would cry out, which earned him a grunt from the ape behind him. Russ and Bradley would be there, laughing and telling Chase to pound him harder, to show him who was master.

He would too. He would ram his cock in and out as fast as he could. His hands would hold onto Clayton’s hips, digging in till they hurt as much as the fucking hurt. His body would ache, he would cry, as he stood there, bent over taking the cock. In and out it would go, like a huge missile, until he could hear the panting and feel Chase’s sweat dripping off his forehead onto Clayton’s back.

Then he would know it was nearly over. Chase would begin to huff, his grunts would come faster, and the dick inside of him would be moving at lightning speed. It would go in and out as fast as it could, Chase’s balls would slap up against his butt cheeks, the sound making Brad and Russ whoop, and then he’d hear that shriek, that cry that sounded like some sick cat.

He’d feel the cock inside of him shiver, feel it jerk and twist a little, then it would suddenly be rammed hard as far as possible inside, and he’d feel it quiver. He’d feel the body behind shake, feel Chase tremble, as his cock unloaded its milk into the condom. He’d hear the panting, feel the weight of the muscle bound jock fall onto his body.

Then he’d see the others, they’d be standing in front of him, and he’d see them stroking their own cocks. Brad’s was rather puny really, but man did it hold a lot of cum. It was like watching a floodgate open, the way it would gush out. He always made it a point to aim his cock at his eyes, to shoot his cum above his lips, and he would always cum before Russ.

Russ had a bigger cock than Bradley, but not as big or thick as Chase’s. He would cum last, always. Unlike Bradley, he would just aim it towards Clayton, not caring were his cum fell. It was generally a single shot, before the rest merely dribbled out. But he made the most noise of the three when he came.

When they were finished, they’d come closer, wiping their semi hard cocks across his face, slapping him with the poles. It never hurt, but it was just one more thing for him to hate about them. The way they would act. Chase would have recovered by then, his breathing still a little ragged, as he’d pull out and pant for a minute, then after the other’s had slapped his face with their cocks, he’d push him onto his face. It was a hard push too, that would make him fall forward, and then they would all laugh, and leave.

It was the laughter that made him feel the hurt the most. Skylar, he was different, he never laughed or pushed him afterwards. Maybe that was why it was mostly just the two of them. At times, Clayton wondered if the other’s knew about all the times that Skylar would take him, or have him take him? He doubted if they knew, because when they’d fuck, none of the others would be around. When he had sucked Skylar off, maybe half the time the others had been around, but they never unzipped, never shot on him like they did when it was Chase getting the blow job.

The sex with Skylar wasn’t rough either. It was forced, but then he also knew that he would do it anyhow. He liked Skylar, who was your typical jock. He had the blond hair, the steely eyes, and the rugged handsome face. Also, he had the well built body to go with it all. He had a smile to die for too, one that made him look sweet and innocent. The perfect model of young male manhood, and from the moment he first saw him naked, he felt like he had found the perfect sex God.

Unlike the others, he was uncut. His cock when fully aroused was bigger than Chase’s cut one, and it was a damn sight thicker too. Still, when he would enter Clayton, it hurt but not like when Chase would fuck him. Skylar never rammed it in at first, he worked it in, until Clayton was comfortable with it. He would start off slow too, building up to that moment.

Once he put aside that it was not really his choice, he rather enjoyed the times with Skylar. It was never done under the bleachers, or in the locker room either. It was off in the park most of the time, and Skylar would always have a blanket. It was those little things that made him hesitate over the ‘send’ button.

In all honesty, Skylar had never really hurt him. He had fucked him, made him suck his cock, but he rather found doing Skylar exciting. At home, he would jerk off at times, to the memory of the last sex with Skylar. He would relive how he would undress himself, not fully erect either.

He would let Clayton suck on his cock, to get it hard enough so he could fuck. Skylar let him touch him, let him play with his foreskin until it was taut and pushed back. He loved the taste too, of the cock as he would suck on it, stroking it at times, pulling the skin back to let his tongue lick at the head. Then when Skylar was fully aroused, he would be the one to put the condom on.

Skylar would moan too, not grunt like some ape. His hands would rest on Clayton’s head while he sucked on the cock. It would guide him, but never really force him to take more. He never gagged when he sucked on Skylar’s cock. A few times, he even managed to play with the big balls that dangled underneath. Suck them too, which would make Skylar groan. It was obvious, he enjoyed the foreplay.

Being fucked by him, was just as rewarding. The way he would let Clayton lay on his back, lift his legs up in the air and hold them, while Skylar would get down on his knees, shuffle in close, his hard cock in his hand. He’d lean over, his hair dangling over Clayton’s face, then he would push his cock along Clayton’s valley, spreading his cheeks with it, until it lodged up against the hole.

He would look down at Clayton, a strange smile on his lips, as he would lightly press in, watching Clayton’s face for any sign of pain. He would feel his muscles around his hole resisting, but slowly giving in, as Skylar’s cock would continue to push inwards. He would feel that first rush of pain, and it would show on his face, as Skylar would stop then, letting his body get used to the feeling.

Then he’d push a bit more, and a bit more, until finally the head would slide past his hole, then again he’d wait. He would be breathing harder too, his nostrils would be flaring which excited Clayton a little. Then, still staring at Clayton, he would move his hips forward, guiding his cock further inside.

Once fully inside, he’d slowly move it out, then back in. It would be like for several thrusts, each one becoming a bit quicker than the one before. He would close his eyes then, as Skylar would begin to push harder, groan a bit more often as he would drive the cock deeper.

Drops of sweat would bead up on Skylar’s forehead, then drop down onto Clayton. He knew then that it would be soon. Skylar would begin to push faster, to drive the cock in deeper each time and eventually the groans became constant. The feeling of his throbbing cock inside would become enjoyable, the waves of pleasure racing up and down his whole body. He would shudder, as he took the huge cock as deep as possible. His own body would try to match the rhythm of Skylar’s and soon he could hear the slap of flesh on flesh. He could feel the jolts of their two bodies colliding at the butt. His cheeks would feel sticky as did Skylar’s groin.

He would begin to gyrate his hips every now and then, making his cock twist and turn. His balls would slap up against his buttocks, and Skylar would begin to moan a little. When he did, his body seemed to go faster, like kicking into overdrive. He felt the cock now ram into his body, nearly come out before racing back inside. He would moan too, his body enjoying the hard heavy pounding until his balls would ache, his own cock throb as he felt the pleasure rising inside of him. He would groan, and reach out and grab his cock, stroking it while Skylar pounded his butt.

It never took him long then, to feel his own cock stiffen and then explode. His cum would spurt through his clenched fist and all over his trembling belly, Some would splatter up too, and he knew Skylar could feel it. It made him pound him harder, faster, and soon after he had cum, Skylar would cry out, his whole body would stiffen, and his legs would shoot out, All the weight now centered on his crotch.

He felt like a jack hammer had been let go inside his ass. Skylar would be groaning and moaning, as he would be driving the cock hard into Clayton, then it would end quickly. His whole body would suddenly tremble first, then the cock inside would jerk back a little, then rear forwards. Clayton would feel Skylar’s deep hard thrust forward, and he could feel the cock throbbing inside of him, feel it shooting even, despite the condom. He felt it all, and soon Skylar would be on top of him, panting. His own legs would be spread apart, his knees up in the air, but his feet on the ground, as Skylar would be on top of him.

They would lay there for several minutes, panting and feeling the air cool their sweat soaked bodies. Eventually Skylar would get off him, and give him a strange look, then simply get dressed. It would all be over then, and he would make his way home, and Skylar would head off to where ever jocks went at night. Still, it always felt like he wanted to stay something, but never did.

Looking at his finger, Clayton moved it away from the ‘send’ button, and hit the ‘delete’ button instead. He wouldn’t have minded sending it, if not for Skylar. Besides, there were other ways of paying those others back. He smiled, as he left the cafe.

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