Fiction – Hazing


By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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Kyle was puffing as he did the last circuit of the track. His eyes were hurting from the sweat that was dripping across and his lungs were burning from all the exertion. Despite all that he felt not too bad, given it was his first day of football practice. Then too, he was lucky to have Billy jogging in front of him. That alone, made it all worth while.

They were both Seniors and while he had celebrated his eighteenth birthday months ago, Billy had just had his not even two weeks ago. Yet this was his first football practice, and Billy was the star of the team. He had been playing ever since Kyle could recall, and was why he had been so determined over the summer to get in shape and actually try out for the team.

The idea of being in the same locker room as Billy had made many of his nights wet. Billy was your typical small town teenager. His family weren’t wealthy, didn’t have glorified jobs or positions. They were simple country people, who worked their farm as best as they could. Looking at Billy, you could tell that he worked the farm as well. No easy life for him, as his body rippled with muscles gained from tossing bales of hay, from hard farm work. His hair wasn’t long either, but it had a natural curl to it that made Kyle want to just reach out and grab a hand full of it.

Billy was tall, full bodied too. He had long muscular looking legs, and in his shorts you could see the muscles flex as he jogged around the field. He was the team Captain, and leader too. Also the most popular kid in school. Everyone knew him, and he knew them, but he wasn’t like some of the others. He wasn’t full of himself, and always had a smile for those he met. Even Kyle, which had made him Kyle’s hero.

Kyle had hated the idea of moving from the city to here. His father had been transferred to the local feed plant just outside of town. It was a promotion actually and at first he had hated it. However, as time went on, he got accustomed to it. To begin with he actually had a backyard, one that seemed endless and then there was Billy.

First time he had seen Billy, he had felt his body shake. It wasn’t that he was a virgin either, and it was the one fear he had. That out in the sticks, he’d never get any ass, plus he figured most were red necks, and homophobic. It was scary times too, because he didn’t want to broadcast his gayness. The instant he had spotted Billy, his thoughts went from worry of discovery, to hope.

He had spent most of his time, bulking up and dreaming about today. The long lonely jogs in the morning, the weight lifting, had become his routine, which pleased his father, worried his mother, but he didn’t care. He had this strange notion that if he made the team, Billy would do more than just nod at him in passing. There was something in his eyes, that seemed to encourage him in his dream, but he had hardly spoken a dozen words to Billy. Still, it didn’t stop him and now here he was, not the same skinny runt that had moved from the city.

Last year hadn’t been easy. He hadn’t made any friends, and it seemed like everyone just ignored him. Even when he would stop at the local café, classmates would ignore him. Hell, the surprise on the Coach’s face when he had shown up for tryouts told him that no one had really noticed him. The team in the locker room had just stared, and their conversation had been muted. It was like he was still a leper, despite being around for over a year. Even Billy looked away, but then what else could he do? He couldn’t welcome him without risking a backlash, or so he told himself.

He did a lot of that, telling himself that if he could just get to be alone with Billy, that they could become friends. In the back of his mind, he knew he was hoping for the impossible. Billy might nod at him, but then he did to everyone. He might smile, but it really wasn’t directed at him, but someone behind him. Still, he had endured the early morning hours, the struggle with boring training, just so he could be on the same field as Billy.

As they rounded the corner, he couldn’t help but notice the firm buttocks. His eyes had naturally found their way to stare at Billy’s rear as they did the mandatory laps. The way the flesh jiggled and moved in rhythm to the easy loping gait that Billy had. How he kicked his legs out, taking long easy strides all impressed Kyle. Billy was a natural runner, his long legs, those bulging muscles, just seemed to give him a natural grace. His eyes couldn’t get enough of it, nor could his mind. His fantasies were raging inside, and he could feel the strain on his cup as they headed towards the showers and locker room.

In the back of his mind, he knew this would be the most dangerous time. To see Billy nude, to see him soap his perfect body up with soap would be tough to endure, without giving away his secret. If only he could make friends with him, maybe work out with him. But as he followed him into the tunnel, towards the locker room, he knew it was just a dream. Still, he had hope, and as he slowly entered the locker room his mind was elsewhere.

Kyle didn’t notice the two burly guys on either side as he followed Billy into the room. His first awareness was when their large meaty hands grabbed hold of his upper arms. He felt the vice like grips as he sputtered out some cry of pain, some surprise at being held. His head twisted to either side, to see each of the guys had wicked looking grins plastered on their faces. He turned to stare outwards, and noticed that Billy was now facing him. He too had one of those evil looking grins on his face as he welcomed the rookie.

He had said it an a long drawl, exaggerated for his benefit. He felt uneasy as Billy looked around, asking the others what they should do with him. The others began shouting suggestions, each one making him struggle a little, until finally Billy held up his hand, and walked over to him. He looked straight into his face, and licked his lips as he put a finger under Kyle’s chin, lifting up his face.

‘You want to be a part of this team rookie?’

He just nodded, which made Billy smile. It was a strange smile, and the glint in his eyes frightened him, but he nodded once more. Billy smiled, and suddenly Kyle was let go. He was standing there, as Billy looked at him, as the rest of the team hooted, and wished him luck, and then suddenly he realized that he was basically alone.

Billy just stood there, as the others went on with getting dressed, and as they each left, they patted him on the head, wishing him luck, and grinning. It was an evil grin, that made him shake each time he noticed it. Soon, he noticed that only two others were left in the Locker Room. One was Tyler, who seemed to always be at Billy’s side. He wasn’t as tall, but was solid looking. The other player left was Conrad. Both were always with Billy, and they now stood on either side of him, staring at him. He didn’t know what was coming, but once more Billy asked if he wanted to be a part of the guys, the team. It had an eerie tone to it, but he quickly nodded, not sure what was going to happen.

Tyler was grinning, as Billy explained that what happened next, would be never talked about. He told him that if he did talk, he’d be the most hated student in school, and worse, the rest of the guys would make sure his time at school, and in town, would be the worst times of his life. It was said softly, but he felt like it was being shouted. He swallowed hard, wondering what they had in store for him, wondering if he could handle whatever they were going to do. He just nodded, as they continued to warn him, and make sure he was willing.

Despite his fear, he felt strangely excited. Maybe this was his chance? Maybe now he would finally become part of the group, not be ignored around town, or in the hallways. It was a hope too, that maybe now, Billy would do more than just nod at him.

They ordered him to strip off his equipment, and as he did, he noticed they also quickly undressed. He couldn’t help but feel excited as he saw all three of them strip down to their jock straps. He stood up, wearing his jock strap, but quickly bent down to remove it when Tyler ordered him to take it off. He obeyed quickly, wondering what was next.

His eyes bulged as he watched Conrad go to his locker, and take out three rather thick branches. Each one was clean of any bark and he handed one to each of the others, then turned and smirked at Kyle.

‘First off Rookie, you need to know who is in charge on this team. Get out of those pads and strip naked, then go lean on the wall by the shower. Come on, hurry it up’

Conrad’s voice was a bit shrill, but Kyle did as he was told. He felt the cold cement on the palms of his hands as he was told to spread his legs apart. He did as ordered, watching as the others all came closer, a switch in their hands. He knew they were going to whip his ass, but when the first whack hit his soft buttocks, he yelped out in pain.

It was from Conrad, and he twisted his head to look over his shoulder as he saw Tyler walk up. He took his hand way back over his shoulder, and then brought it down hard. The sound of the wood striking his flesh made him cry out again, and he felt the pain racing up his spine. It hurt like hell, was way harder than the first one as he bit his lower lip. Then his eyes bulged as he saw Billy step up.

He wanted to turn away, but couldn’t as Billy raised his hand, showing his muscles. His eyes bulged as he saw how high he had raised the switch, then he heard the swish as Billy brought it down and level with his ass. The strike echoed in the room, and his whole body lurched, feeling the pain. Immediately after, he felt the warmth too, and his cock began to stiffen.

‘Look he likes it Billy’

He didn’t move a muscle as he heard Tyler’s voice. He saw him over his shoulder, saw him pointing at his groin, knowing that he was pointing to his erection. Tears were dribbling down his face, as Conrad blocked his view. He heard the swish again, felt the hard smack on his cheeks. Then it was Tyler’s turn, and he could hear him still chuckling as he ran the switch across his cheeks, feeling himself tremble as Tyler ran the tip lightly across.

Then he felt the switch move under his buttocks, to tickle his dangling balls. He felt himself suck in his breath as Tyler continued to lightly run the switch over his sac, then push them aside. He felt the tip graze his cock then move back over his balls, and then up underneath. It brushed over the root of his cock, then went between his cheeks. Sucking in his breathe more, he felt himself tremble. His legs were shaking, as were his arms as Tyler ran the switch up his valley, lightly touching his hole.

Kyle felt the ache, felt the strange excitement rising inside, as Tyler continued to lightly touch him with the switch. He heard the heavy panting of everyone in the room. He kept still, his head turned towards the wall, as Tyler let the tip of the switch rest on his hole. Part of him wanted him to go further, another part was petrified that he would.

‘He likes it Billy’

‘Seems so, maybe we should see how much he does like it.’

Kyle didn’t know what to do as they talked. He kept his head down, his legs were quivering as he felt the pressure increase on his hole. He felt his cock jerk, and then the pain came. The end of the switch was wedged tightly up into his hole, then slowly he felt it move around, as Tyler told him to not move a muscle.

Slowly his body relaxed, used to the feel of the tip against the very inside of his hole. Then suddenly he felt it move, felt it move inwards, past his muscles. He groaned as Tyler began to push the switch in, to let it slide into his rectum. His body shuddered as the switch then pulled out. A hard whack across his cheeks startled him, making him cry and he forgot about the strange insertion.

Then it was Billy’s turn and he felt the tip of his switch, as it too began to run along his buttocks. It went down, along the valley to his hole, but it didn’t stop at his hole. It went down and along his balls, then he saw the legs come closer. He wanted to look up, to look over his shoulder, but he didn’t dare. He felt the closeness of his hero and felt his body tense up.

The touch of Billy’s hand on his lower back made him shiver. He felt the long fingers reach down, and take hold of the inside of one cheek, pulling it open. He gritted his teeth, unsure if he should protest or not. At the same time he felt another hand come and take hold of his other cheek, and he felt the air waft across his open body. He felt his cheeks try to contract, but they were held wide apart.

A wet finger was suddenly placed above his balls, and it moved slowly up his valley. He shuddered, as the finger touched his hole, and circled it, then slowly began to move inwards. The press of the tip soon passed inside and he held his breath. His lungs ached as he felt the finger slowly move further inside. He didn’t make a sound, as Billy slowly pushed his finger further into his body. Soon he felt the knuckle between his cheeks and then Billy began to move his finger in and out.

He let out a small groan, a sigh really, as Billy began to prod his insides. He felt another finger resting near his hole, then suddenly it was inserted with the other. He groaned louder, but didn’t lift his head up. He felt the two fingers dig into his hole, slide slowly past his muscles.

He felt the knuckles as Billy’s fist was pressing up against his hole. He felt his body lurch a little to the hard press, then it eased as Billy began to pull out, but before the fingers were out, he stopped, and leaned in. Kyle felt his body against his, and trembled. Billy’s hot breath blew across his back, and then the two fingers were driven hard up into him. A long moan escaped his lips, and then Billy was once more pulling them out, then driving them inwards.

In and Out his hand went, and every now and then he would twist the fingers around while moving them in. He found himself moaning constantly as Billy fingered his hole hard and quick. Each thrust was quick, but when it was all in, he would feel him press even more, then slowly pull back, until just the tips were left inside.

His body shook as Billy fingered him for several minutes, or so it seemed. The feeling was unreal, and he heard himself panting in between his moans of pleasure. Then he felt Billy’s head near his, felt his breath on his ear as Billy whispered to him.

‘Want more Rookie? Tell me you want more.. tell me’

‘yes, yes, please, more, I want more’ he replied and then felt a third finger suddenly inserted into his hole. He cried out as Billy began to twist and curl his fingers as he drove them deep down into Kyle’s ass. His body was trembling when he felt a hand grabbing his cock.

The fingers held his hard cock tightly. They slowly moved up and down his cock shaft, making him quiver even more. He sucked in his breath as he heard someone spit, and then he felt the wet palm of someone’s hand slide down his cock. He groaned as the hand once more tightened its hold, and began to pump his cock.

His legs were growing numb, as Billy continued to dig his fingers in and out of Kyle’s ass. He felt the hand stroking his throbbing cock, and now he felt another hand reaching for his nipples. He cried out as they pinched first one, then the other. It was a hard pinch, and didn’t stop. Back and forth the fingers went inside his ass, the hand stroking his cock, the other fingers pulling at his nipples. Kyle cried out, felt the pleasure mingle with the pain, and every now and then a hand would smack his ass cheeks. He was being fingered hard, and with each hard thrust inwards, his body would jerk forward. His cock was burning as he felt his balls aching. He knew he would cum soon, and it scared him. He struggled to not, to keep it from happening, but the more he tried to hold back, the harder the fingers worked his ass. The harder the hand stroking his cock grew, and the more painful the pinching of his nipples became. His body was rocking and he finally couldn’t hold back any longer.

He cried out that he was going to cum. Instead of it easing, the fingers inside his ass seemed to go faster. The hand stroking his cock was like a steel vice as it moved up and down his throbbing pole. The smacks on his ass cheeks became harder and he couldn’t hold back. His body refused to hold back, and he felt the back of his legs stiffen, felt the toes curl up as his balls slung up.

Kyle cried out, as his body jerked and shook. His whole body suddenly pushed back, then leapt forward as his cock released his milk. He heard the sudden intake of breath from someone, as the hand held his cock, while it shot load after load of his cum. His ass still shook from the last hard whack, and the three fingers were not pulling back, but digging in even deeper, massaging his insides.

As the last of his cum dribbled out, he felt his shoulder being wrenched and he was forced to stand up, and turn around. He found himself staring into Billy’s face. The eyes were like stars, the way they were twinkling but he felt the hard grip on his shoulder, and felt himself being led into the shower area. He was shoved to stand under a spray, and the water was turned on.

He was still shaking from his ejaculation when the water began to spray across his body. His eyes bulged as Billy and Tyler came closer, and took hold of him. Billy held him by the shoulders, then leaned in and began to fondle his nipples. His face was close to Kyle’s and he felt his breath on his face. Tyler was running his hands down Kyle’s body, the fingers exploring his groin, and more as all he could do was stare back at Billy.

‘I think you’ll make the team just fine Rookie.’

Kyle felt his cock jerk, and felt Billy’s hand taking it and yanking on it. He just smiled at Billy, enjoying the feel of his hand holding his cock.

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