Fiction – Next Door

Next Door

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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Dan leaned down on his knees to inspect the damage. He could see how the bumper had been twisted and the bolts holding it were not aligned, as they should be. He stared at it, aware of how close Gideon was standing next to him. He could smell his cologne, despite the other scents of sweat and grease. He was tempted to look up at the young man standing next to him, but refrained, afraid of being caught.

He was excited, felt it in his own body as he reached out and moved the bumper a hair, seeing what he could, hoping that he could come up with a way to get the bolts off. Problem was, Gideon was there and he was definitely what Dan would call a stud. Only eighteen, he had the look of a seasoned stud. Problem for Dan was, was he into guys or girls? He had only recently moved into the house next door, with his sisters and parents, so it was hard to tell.

Gideon was nearly 6 foot, thin but not overly thin. Still growing, and he had the curliest blond hair Dan had ever seen. The mass of curls were normally hidden by a stocking cap Gideon always wore, but now and then Dan had seen him without it. Each time he got an instant hard on, and here he was, in touching distance from that stud.

Funny how things worked out. It was perhaps the longest conversation they had, and yet as he stared at the bent bolt, he couldn’t help but feel like he was on some sort of inspection. He could feel those powder blue eyes staring at him, and he wondered if Gideon was checking out his butt. For a second, he hoped he didn’t have plumper but, where his ass crack was showing, but there was no way to check, without tipping his hand. Sweat was beginning to bead on his forehead, not from the weather, but the closeness of Gideon.

He couldn’t help it. The guy was a dream, and Dan was a tart. He loved young guys like Gideon, who were in their prime. Course he wasn’t old himself, but still the idea of undressing Gideon, of touching his naked body. Now that was something to fantasize about. To be able to run his hand down his body, to see the muscles in his stomach ripple to his touch.

Then the idea of reaching out, twisting a nipple or two, then maybe lean in forward, kiss them, lick them, then perhaps tease one with a small little nibble. That would be fun, as much as it would be to feel Gideon shiver to his loving caresses. He’d like that, to run his hand up and down that perfect chiseled chest. To feel the muscles beneath the soft golden flesh. It had to be golden all over, least judging from his arms. The sun tan didn’t seem to end where his sleeves were, so obviously he was tanned all over.

Thing is, it would be fun to find the tan lines, if there were any. To stand next to him, to gently reach out and undo his jeans, to let the zipper slowly down, then to spread open the jeans. He’d be wearing thong undies, of that he was certain. I mean no way the undies he had seen on the clothes line belonged to his father. They had to be his, and the colors were interesting.

Then, once he had the pants open, he’s gently lower them, to let them naturally slide down his long legs. He liked that in his men, to have long legs. It made it so much fun when you hitched them up over your shoulder. Dan would like that as well, to feel the warmth of Gideon’s body next to his own. It would be a toss up, as to who would quiver the most. Him or Gideon, and given that Gideon was eighteen, well maybe he would tremble the most. That too made him sweat a bit, to think of maybe being the first for the young man.

He coughed, knowing how wild sex could be with a virgin stud like Gideon. Naturally he was assuming that, but then he hadn’t seen him with any girls, or guys, for that matter. In fact, Gideon came across as a loner, but then he was always rushing off somewhere most of the times Dan had seen him. Still, he’d be fun, virgin or not. And by his looks, he was certain that Gideon was not only hung, but had an uncut penis.

There was no explaining it, but he seemed to always be able to tell those kind of things. Maybe it was a knack or some trait that tipped him off, but the idea of Gideon having an uncut cock was almost paralysing. Dan loved his cocks uncut, the way he would see them at first, usually the foreskin covering up the cock head.

Then after a few kisses, some fondling and hugging, the head would slowly poke out. He’d love to see that with Gideon, to be able to reach down with his hand, to lightly run his finger along the shaft. To feel the skin move under his touch, to hear Gideon suck in his breath. To feel the excitement grow, to hear the panting afterwards, was intoxicating to him.

Just to be able to touch him, to fondle the cock, then the balls. He felt certain Gideon had nice balls. Probably not much hair there, and he did wonder if he was a natural blonde. Be fun to find out, to unwrap the package, so to speak. Dan knew how hard it would be, to contain himself, to let the pants fall down, to let Gideon place his own hands on Dan’s shoulders, as he stepped out of the pants.

That touch would be amazing, scintillating even. If he had done it right, he would be looking down, staring at a pair of multi colored bikini underwear, with a rather nice tent shape to it. He’ naturally let himself slowly fall down to his knees, touching and caressing the young man’s body, on the way down.

He’d maybe lick at his belly button, then perhaps slowly kiss the belly, as his hands would run up and down the naked thighs. He’d feel the muscles there, feel them shiver to his touch, quiver in anticipation. Dan would love that part, and he knew it would get his own dick harder than steel. That would be the hard part, to attend to Gideon and not be naked himself. To not be able to reach down and grab his own cock, to shake it or stroke it once or twice would be unbearable pain, but he’d endure it, if it meant being able to suck on Gideon’s cock.

Dan knew he wouldn’t rush it. He’d maybe let the cock alone even, at first. He’d stare at it, then maybe kiss the belly just above the pubic hairs. Then maybe even lick at the flesh and move to the side, to kiss the inside of one thigh. He’d love to just let his nose breathe in the aroma that all men had. It would be something, to be able to take deep breathes of his smell, his aroma. It would make his being dressed harder to cope with, but fuck it. He’d survive, because he’d have his nose there, smelling, enjoying the young virgin body.

Gideon would be leaning forward, his hands would begin to dig into his shoulders, as he kissed the inner thigh. He’d make sure to take his time, to lick at the tender flesh. He’d tease the cock too, by maybe fondling the balls while he kissed the inside of Gideon’s leg. Then, when he thought it was right, he’d let his head move over, and stare at the cock. It would be nearly fully aroused, and he’d let his fingers run across the protruding shaft. He’d touch him under the shaft, let a wet finger maybe run underneath, and watch the cock jerk a bit to his touch. It would most likely have some precum beginning to show, which he’d ignore while he would lick at him, where his crotch joined his legs. He’d dig his face in, lick it lightly, increasing pressure with each lick, each taste.

Gideon would moan, maybe even whimper. He struck him as that type. It would only make him keep pace, not rush. He’d then slowly let his tongue make Gideon quiver more. He’d reach down, and slowly lick at the balls, very very lightly. He wanted to arouse every nerve the young man had in his body. Licking the sac, then under the sac, then the sac again would work best.

Only then, would he slowly suck in a ball. He’d gradually fill his mouth with Gideon’s ball, then he’d suck harder, letting his tongue play with first one ball, then move over to take the other inside his mouth. He’d kiss them, lick them, and taste them. At the same time he’d be running his hands up and down Gideon’s sides, his hips, his lower torso. He’d let his fingers pinch maybe, but not too hard at the flesh. He just wanted to keep the waves of pleasure rolling.

Then, when he felt a shudder, he’d let the balls free. They would be coated in his saliva, and then he’d let his fingers start to prod at the groin. He’d run his fingers through the pubic hairs, twisting them. Every now and then he’d lean inwards, kissing and sucking on some part of the young man’s groin. He’d nibble even, but not taking the cock, least not right away.

It would be now that he’d lean back, stare at the cock and if there was enough showing, he’d let his tongue flick out, just far enough to grab hold of the oozing precum. He’d take it, swallow it and make sure Gideon could hear him swallow. Then he’d slowly take one hand, and wrap the fingers gently around the base. He’d place each finger lightly, then slowly increase their pressure around the shaft. He’d do it until he heard a small moan or groan, or felt the hands dig into his shoulders harder.

Finally he would have it held tightly. He’d slowly let his hand slide up the shaft, pushing the skin until once more the foreskin was hiding the red mottled cock head. Then he’d go back down, but this time pulling the skin with his fingers. As the head would begin to show again, he’d lean in more, let his tongue lick the head, swirl around it and taste it. His lips would press up against the head, as his hand pulled the skin back, making its way to the base.

As his hand would touch the groin, he’d let his lips part and begin to move his head forward. He’ let his lips surround the hot head, take it very slowly into his mouth, coating it with more of his saliva. Then once he had the head inside, he’d bring his hand back up the throbbing pole, and as it got up to the head, he’s take his mouth off, let his hand swirl around the head, smearing his saliva and coat the throbbing shaft, as he would move back down to the groin. His fingers would hold him hard, taking the skin back. He’d lean back inside.

His lips would once more press on the head, then part and let the head enter his mouth again. He’d relax his throat as this time he wouldn’t stop with just the head in his mouth. He’d slowly feed his mouth the whole cock, letting it all slide inside. He’d kiss and lick at it, as best as he could. The free hand would be reaching up and rubbing Gideon’s stomach, his other hand holding the cock steady while he sucked on it.

The taste would drive him nuts, he knew that, but then he liked that taste. Gideon’s would be salty, not sweet. He just knew it, as he thought about how long it would take before Gideon would be digging his fingers deep into his shoulder. He’d be pushing his hips forward too, as he would try to drive that cock into Dan’s mouth further. He would let him too, let it go down into his throat, as far as possible. He’d keep on taking it, until his nose was pressed deep into the side of Gideon’s thigh.

His own breathing would be short, but he’d manage. He’d breathe through his nose, as he would suck on the cock. Gideon could shake, wiggle, gyrate, whatever. He wouldn’t let go of the throbbing cock, until he would feel the head rear back. That would be the signal to get ready. He would know, without having to hear Gideon yell or scream. He’d know, and be ready. His throat would be relaxed, and he’d be waiting for when the head would suddenly jerk forward.

Gideon would shoot his first load, it would be hard and thick. Dan knew it would be a lot too. The first load would make Gideon tremble. He’d have to let go of the cock, and use both hands to hold the shaking young man’s body. He’d have to place his hands quickly around his hips, to hold them as Gideon let his body explode inside of his mouth. He’d feel it, but more than that, he’d be tasting it. He’d taste the saltiness to where it might even make him gag a little, but it didn’t matter. It would be Gideon’s.

Dan would swallow as fast as he could, so that Gideon could keep on filling his throat, his mouth with his milk. He’d dig his fingers in, to hold the hips steady, to let the cock rear back and spring forward as many times as it could, each time filling his mouth with it’s seed. He loved to taste cum, would swoon for Gideon’s, but he’d keep his head.

He’d not disappoint him, and he would keep on sucking, draining every drop of that precious fluid. He’d let it fill his stomach if he could, swallowing as much as possible. Sure, some might dribble out the corner’s of his mouth, but he’d lick that off afterwards. It was important to take as much fresh as possible, the remnants would be afterwards.

Gideon would be moaning constantly, as his body would unload its milk. He would stagger and fall if he didn’t make sure to hold him hard and tightly at the hips. He would know it was over, for the moment, when he would feel Gideon’s hands let go, feel the fingers relax. He’d feel the pain then, but it didn’t matter. It would have been worth it. His own hands would relax too, still grasping Gideon’s hips. Then he’d feel the cock, feel the taut skin going slack, and he would let the cock slowly draw out from between his lips.

He’d kiss it as it came free. He’d then lick his lips, taking the remnants of Gideon’s cum into his mouth, swallowing one more time. Then, and only then, would he look up at the still shaking body that leaned on him. His eyes would stare up at the golden flesh of Gideon’s quivering stomach. He’d watch the muscles slowly relax, and then he’d lean back, slowly letting Gideon stand back up on his own, without him having to support him.

Dan would feel the pain then, and his legs would be cramped. He’d have to stand up, and in doing so, he’d let Gideon kiss him, as well as guide his hands down to his own pants. It would be his turn, and he just knew that Gideon wouldn’t hesitate. The ache in his groin would be eased, and hopefully the ache in his ass would be satisfied too, right after he filled Gideon’s mouth with his own milk.

The pain in his legs, made him shake his head. He could feel the ache growing, when he realized that Gideon was saying something. He looked up and over, to see a worried look on the young man’s face.

What? You say something?

You okay?

Huh? Oh, yeah, uh the bolt, it’ll take a bit, but I can get it off. Just need a few tools.


Dan slowly got up, the ache in his legs making him realize he wasn’t eighteen anymore. The pain in his crotch however, made him realize just how much he wanted Gideon, as he turned around, to go get some tools. He kept his front hidden, afraid the young man would notice the tell tale package. He felt awkward, realizing how much he wanted Gideon, realizing how he had been lost daydreaming about him.

Yelling he’d be back in a few minutes, Dan jogged back to his house, knowing he’d have to jerk off as soon as he could. It was unbearable, the way his mind had drifted off, and now his body wouldn’t let him forget either.

If only Gideon would follow.

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