Fiction – Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2007 ? All Rights Reserved

It was the first party of the year, and not even October yet, but he had to give Grant credit, he knew how to throw a party. It wasn’t the drinking so much as how he managed to get people together, and have fun. His parties were notorious for their wild endings, and group orgies, least that was the buzz. Frankly, they were just simply different that many of the barriers got broken down. People mingled, didn’t stick with one group or another, thanks to how Grant always had a gimmick. He made certain guys were matched with people they didn’t know well, and there was always a hook, something that made people loosen up and just have fun.

Tonight was no exception. He had announced a scavenger hunt, and had paired those without cars, with those who had cars. It wasn’t casual either, he had planned it well. Bill was nervous, when Grant paired him off with the new addition to the crowd, Ross.

Ross was one of those pretty boys. He was just 21 years old, stood maybe 5 foot 9 and was a skinny looking kid really. He might be 21, but his features were so fine, so delicate that you would swear he was at most 18. He had long red hair too, that shimmered when the light caught it just right. He had a hooked nose, but the eyes were like pellets of exploding light. He always had a smile too, and wasn’t shy either.

Bill on the other hand was more of the shy type. He was also very cautious, which is probably why he was interning at a local accountant’s office, studying to become a bean counter. He was taller than Ross, by several inches really and definitely what one would call stocky. Looking at him standing next to Ross, you would term the pair as Mutt and Jeff. Still, somehow Grant had known that Ross had become a person of interest for Bill and now they were paired together for the midnight scavenger hunt.

Bill never drove to Grant’s parties, as he usually had way too much to drink. So when he found out Ross had one of those older two seater sport’s cars, he was intrigued. He liked older cars, for their resilience, and economy too. Surprising how many of the really old cars could keep on going, used fuel rather economically compared to today’s models, which was one more reason why he was secretly attracted to Ross. How Grant found out was still a mystery, but he didn’t care. He was going to spend the wee hours of the morning tooting around town, looking for odds and ends that would be clear, when found.

Grant had a wicked sense of humor to go with his penchant for party games. Each group got their own special clues, and you had to figure it out in order to find the right item to snatch and bring back. There was a time limit as well, everyone had to return by 4am, or suffer a penalty. Knowing Grant, it would be some penalty that would guarantee a person’s embarrassment.

Climbing into the passenger seat was an experience. He couldn’t help but rub shoulders with Ross, and he could smell his cologne clearly as the small car was cramped. Yet, he had sufficient leg room and the feel of the cold fall air on his face as they roared off to their staring point was exhilarating. Ross didn’t say much, and he knew that several of the others were jealous that Grant had paired him with the new guy.

Ross was a bartender at one of the straight clubs. He ran the shooter bar on the weekends, and was supposedly quite popular with the patrons. He had that flair, that look, that made people just want to be around him. Yet he wasn’t a snob either and he could talk about nothing with the best of them. He wasn’t shallow, just talkative and as they roared towards the starting point, as detailed on the outside of their secret orders, he didn’t stop talking about how it was all different than being at a straight party.

Bill found out that Ross had only come out six months back, that he had hidden it from everyone, including himself. He also found out that Ross was still basically a virgin. Oh he had his share of oral sex, of being sucked off, of sucking guys off, but so far, had yet to have his cherry popped, so to speak. It was an odd conversation, one that made Bill uncomfortable, yet horny as hell.

The idea of no one having penetrated those nice looking cheeks, or of him penetrating someone was enough to make him stiff as a rock. He could feel the ache in his groin, but tried to hide it. Trouble was, it wasn’t easy in a small car like Ross’, where you couldn’t help but rub shoulders. Each time Ross would shift gears his hand would brush against his leg, and each time that happened, he felt himself catching his breath, wishing the hand would move just a bit more over on his leg.

He found it hard to carry his part of the conversation as a result of their closeness, and of what Ross was saying. Hell, they had barely met, talked only a few times briefly over the last month, so to listen to him talk about how he hadn’t been popped was, well hard to adjust to. It was like they were old friends and yet not. Besides, he couldn’t quite believe that none of the few guys Ross had been with hadn’t tried to do him. After all, he was a cutie, and he had that body that while short, would be a fun one to play with.

Ross must have read his mind too, as he talked about that. He talked about how some guys only wanted to fuck, never have fun first. He hated that, he said. Wishing more guys would want to play for a bit, before going for the big one. He kept calling it the big one, and it made Bill squirm a bit. The notion of unwrapping that little package of joy, of touching it and of taking it was making his thinking difficult. He found himself stuttering a lot, as his mind was off on some fantasy, where he was laying next to Ross, a strip of Condoms nearby, spent.

He could imagine what it would be like. To be the first to penetrate those firm cheeks, to see them spread apart and to reach in and taste that pink hole that had never been tasted by a man’s tongue. His own dick was straining inside his jeans, as he tried to converse, but failed. His lust was taking hold and he hoped that once they got to their starting point, that he wouldn’t have to get out of the car. If he did, he knew that Ross would know exactly what Bill was thinking about.

The car came to a stop and Bill realized he had no idea where they were. The area was dark and he could see the tall standing trees that surrounded them on all sides. The road had been bumpy and he realized they had been on some dirt track, and now were amidst a grove of trees. An old broken down cabin was off to one side, and Ross seemed to be looking at him, his eyes open as he waited for Bill to open their envelope, to begin to read the clues.

Blushing and thankful that Ross couldn’t see that, he read off the first clue and looked at Ross with a blank stare. It didn’t make much sense and they both just stared at each other. Ross took the paper from Bill, the touch giving Bill a bit of a jolt. His heart seemed to suddenly race at the touch, and he felt the lump in his pants stiffen even more.

He stared as he watched Ross read the clue over and over again. The young man kept shaking his head, and he looked so desirable, that it was hard for Bill to concentrate on the words he was saying. Finally he shrugged, and stared around at the emptiness of the place. Ross climbed out and reached behind to pick up a flashlight, he turned it on and swept the darkness, looking for the red and black object that they were supposed to find.

Maybe it’s inside?’ he muttered, and Ross shone the light on the rickety cabin. He shrugged and began to head towards the cabin, with Bill behind. He had adjusted his pants, trying to hide his hard-on though he felt like it was a beacon shining out in the night. Still he trudged behind, enjoying the way the young man moved. There wasn’t much light, but he could see how the cheeks were firmly held by the pants, how they moved as he moved and all he could think of, was how it would feel to be touching those cheeks, to be spreading them apart, to delve between them and taste the young man.

They stood inside the door, and Ross shone the light slowly across the interior. Surprisingly it was clean and off to one side, far at the back in the corner, was the object they were supposed to find. A red blanket with black checks lay across a cot, with a basket with a bow on top. The next clue would be there, as they saw the ribbon and envelope attached to the handle.

Moving closer, they bumped and he felt Ross quiver a littler, then giggle. Together they approached the blanket, and Ross took the envelope and opened it. He held the flashlight up and stared at the next clue. He sucked in his breathe and then stared up at Bill, as he handed him the clue. His eyes were fixed on Bill, which added to his nervousness. Bill took the envelope to read, and as he did, he felt his whole body tense. Grant had gone too far, he thought, as he lifted his head up and peered over at Ross.

I uh, I had nothing to do with this, I mean, Grant, uh, he’s well, he likes to uh…

Ross just stared at him, and then softly spoke. His voice was trembling as he looked down at the basket, then back up at Bill.

Kind of uh, well, it isn’t really Grant’s fault.

Huh? Not.. you mean…

I didn’t know how else to uh, well you know. I am new to all this, I thought that, well… I thought it would be easier than…

Bill wasn’t sure what to say or do. He stared down at Ross, then he sat down on the cot, still staring at Ross. His eyes were accustomed to the darkness, but he had the flashlight. It shone on Ross, and he could see the worry in his face, yet he saw something more in the young man’s eyes. There was a glint in them, a sort of glazed look mixed in with worry.

He let his eyes move away from the face, and saw how Ross’s chest was heaving, as he tried to keep himself calm. Smiling a little, he also couldn’t help but look further down, and there was no mistaking the hard lump that tented the jeans, at the crotch. It was well pronounced, just as his own must be. Looking back up he saw a small smile on the man’s face, the eyes looking relieved as he smiled back, leaning back on his elbows.

What’s in the basket?

Ross looked up at Bill. The eyes were shining as he looked back into the basket, even though he knew what was inside. He didn’t look at Bill as he told him.

Condoms, uh some lubricant, crackers, packages of peanut butter and jam, uh some wipes, candle, and uh… a dildo.

Figures, a well stocked picnic basket, courtesy of Grant. I uh, I mean you sure this is what you want? Not exactly romantic.


Bill reached out with one hand. His fingers touched Ross’ face, and he let it run down his cheek. He saw the desire clearly and he felt it too. He wasn’t sure how or why really, but he had been attracted to Ross the first time he had seen him. Thinking back, he realized he must have said something to Grant about it. No way would Grant have taken this, this far if he hadn’t been sure of them both. He was always trying to fix him up with someone, now it looked like he had.

Why me?’ he asked as he stood up, looking down at Ross. He could see his eyes and how they looked up at him. It was how he must look, he thought as he waited for the answer.

I don’t know, really. I guess it’s because you aren’t like the rest, drooling and always loaded. You just, I don’t know, you just seemed like you’d understand, that maybe it would mean a bit more than just a fuck.

He let his finger run under Ross’ chin and made the face tilt upwards to look at him. He smiled as he reached down to bring Ross closer, and he let his head move inwards, his eyes closing. The last thing he saw was the way the lips were trembling, just as he let his own brush up against them.

The second that they touched, he felt the young man jump and then move in close. He felt his body snuggle deep into his own, and they kissed deeply. He could taste him, smell him as his tongue licked past the trembling mouth. His own body was shaking as they clung to each other, just kissing.

After several minutes, they broke apart and just stared at each other. Both were panting and finally Bill broke the silence, suggesting Ross light the candle, place it next to the cot. While Ross complied, he began to undress, noticing that his shirt was already open, his pants undone. Glancing over at Ross, he saw that he too had his shirt flapping loose, and Bill could see the shadows dancing across the naked skin of the young man’s chest.

He had no recollection of undoing the shirt, but grinned as he realized that he was going to have to give Grant a rather nice Christmas present this year. Ross was more than he had ever dreamed of, as he let his shirt fall off his shoulders. He kicked off the runners, and stood up to let his pants slide down his body, his eyes never once straying from watching Ross.

With the candle lit, Ross turned and smiled at Bill. There was no mistaking his desire either as he quickly tossed his shirt off, then kicked each of his runners off. He bent down, his head still looking at Bill, as he took his socks off, then standing back up he pushed his pants and underwear to his ankles, stepping out of them quickly. He just stood there, totally naked and grinning at Bill.

He swallowed, staring at the amazing sight of a naked Ross. The candle light was flickering in the cabin, adding to the excitement and mood. His eyes must be like saucers, he thought, as he took in the small wiry frame of the young man. The way his stomach seemed to shake a little, the way his face seemed to glow. The shadows played across them in strange patterns, but it was the large cock that held his eyes transfixed.

It was huge, long and not too thick, but had to be the longest he had ever seen. He stared at it, as it just stuck straight out at him. The balls looked full as they dangled beneath the pole, barely visible really from above. He just swallowed several times, wondering what it would be like to have that inside of his own ass, even though he preferred to being the top. Seeing that gorgeous piece of flesh made him weak at the knees, and he felt a strange ache in his own rectum as he quickly finished undressing.

The room was cool, but he didn’t care as he stared over at Ross. His heart was racing, filling his ears with its thundering noise as he sat down on the cot. He couldn’t believe how well hung Ross was. He licked his lips as Ross came closer to him, now standing right in front of Bill. He could smell that special aroma, that came from a man’s groin and he looked away from Ross’ face, to stare right at the throbbing pole.

He wanted it, craved it even and somehow Ross seemed to know that. Ross moved another step closer, and the hard pole was so close, he could see the veins sticking up all around the massive shaft. The cock head was dark looking, and he reached out with one hand, to take hold of the wavering cock. His fingers felt the heat as they slowly took hold at the base of the huge cock. He heard a soft moan and watched as Ross stepped in even closer.

The touch of Ross’ hands on his head was enough as he leaned forward, and closing his eyes, he opened his mouth wide. Bill felt the warm flesh touch his lips, making his whole body tremble. He let the lips slowly slide across the head, tasting a tiny drop of precum, then swallowed it, as his mouth finally covered the whole cock head. He felt it inside, grating lightly past his teeth and there was a slight shudder as it passed further into his mouth.

His mouth moved slowly along the offered cock. He felt the head moving and filling his whole mouth. Bill’s throat was being stretched as he pulled back, then forward again. He tasted the hot flesh as it went past, his tongue licking at the underside, as he struggled to take more of the throbbing pole, he felt the young man shaking. His eyes flickered open briefly, to stare up at Ross leaning into him. He felt the desire as he sucked on the cock, then pulled it out of his mouth.

Bill then reached underneath the massive cock, wedging up the side of his face, as he took first one of the massive balls, then the other into his hand. He let his finger dig a little into the leathery sac, then slowly he kissed them both. Back and forth he went, then he suddenly swallowed one deep into his mouth. He heard Ross groan, felt the body shake even more, as he let the ball drop out, as he quickly sucked on the other one. Back and forth he went, sucking each ball briefly, feeling Ross shake with each lick of his tongue on the leathery skin.

He leaned back, and with his hand on Ross’ trembling hips, he guided the young man to climb onto the cot. He heard it squeak, as it took the added weight. He smiled as he was now looking into Ross’ face. The eyes were sparkling with exploding lights, the shadows dancing across the shuddering body of the young man, as Bill slowly forced Ross down onto his back. Quickly he moved to let one leg pass over his, so that he was in between both legs. He let them raise up, so that Ross’ knees were up off the cot.

Looking down on the young man, he smiled at him, seeing the glazed look falling like shutters over Ross’ eyes. He felt his own body shake as he felt the two legs on either side of him, and there right under his chin, was the huge cock, wavering in the air. Licking his lips, he bent down, kissed the head of the cock, then lowered himself further. His legs dangled over the end of the cot, as he licked at the groin, at the skin between the groin and thighs. He felt the young man squirm as he licked hard at the boy’s flesh, then lightly run his tongue across the same spot. It was obviously working, as he moved his face, to lick at the base of the cock, then underneath. His tongue was moving slowly as it licked at the underside of Ross’ balls.

Bill placed his hand underneath the cheeks. He felt how warm they were, and how drenched they were too from the young man’s sweat. His own body was glistening in the candle light from his own sweat, as he lifted the boy’s body upwards, spreading his cheeks apart slightly.

He ran his finger down the opened valley, feeling the muscles tense and release. He felt the buttocks shaking as he stuck his finger into his mouth, moistening it, then running back up and down the opened valley. Not once did he touch the opened pink hole, but let his finger swirl around it, teasing it.

The sounds coming from Ross was making it hard for him to control his own emotions. He wanted to ram his finger inside, but held back, wanting to make this a memorable time for Ross. After all, it was his first time. He knew he needed to take his time, but the aroma of the young man was driving him nuts. The sounds, the feelings, were too much as he found himself teasing the hole even more.

The tip of his finger rested over the hole, he heard Ross groan, pleading a little, wanting to take it. He let it rest there for a full two seconds, before he moved it away, then let it slide back up the valley, and then slowly he let it go back down, until it was near the hole. This time he didn’t stop, he didn’t let the tip rest, but slowly began to work the finger inside of the tight hole. He heard the young man cry out, felt the muscle taking hold of his finger tip as he worked it around while gently pushing it inwards.

He took it out, and sucked on the finger, then it was back over the hole, and twisting around and driving inwards. He felt the tip slide in, felt it twist around. Ross groaned loudly now, his hands banging the side of the cot, and the wall on the other side. His body shook as Bill continued to twist his finger deeper into the rectum.

The legs were shaking on either side as Ross kept his whole buttocks up in the air. Bill had his other hand pulling at the cheeks, spreading the one side, as he twisted and guided his finger deeper into Ross’ hole. He felt the boy shake, felt each shudder of pleasure as it raced up and down inside of Ross.

He began to slowly push his finger in and out, until he felt the time was right. Then slowly another finger was pressing up against the hole, not entering yet. The groans were louder as he spit onto his fingers, as they worked around the hole. One finger inside, the other finger tip resting near. Slowly as he pulled the one finger nearly out, he began to press with his other finger. He felt the muscle resist, then slowly give in as he twisted his fingers around inside.

Ross cried out, as Bill continued to watch his fingers moving in and out of the puckering hole. He saw the hole open and close around his probing fingers. He felt the soft lining inside, and he felt his own heart pounding in his chest. It was like listening to an endless peal of thunder as he continued to press inwards, twisting every now and then.

Each twist seemed to make Ross moan, then squirm around as he finally began to move in and out in an increased motion. His hand was moving hard now, the fingers going deeper with each push in. Soon he felt his knuckles rubbing up against the young man’s hole and he realized he had another finger itching to press inside. He bit his lip as he stared up at the trembling young man.

He pulled his finger out and then quickly pushed one leg over his own body, effectively twisting Ross over onto his stomach. He let his hands push the legs apart, his hands up around the hole, spreading the cheeks wide open. He was breathing hard, his cock rubbing up against the woollen blanket underneath, making him groan as he looked down into Ross’ ass.

The pink hole seemed to shimmer before him, as he leaned down, dribbling some spit into the waiting hole. His fingers dug deep into the soft flesh on either side, as he lowered his face, his nose wedged upwards into the soft valley of the cheeks, above the glistening hole.

He let his tongue lick at the sides of the cheeks, then below the hole and then above it. He felt the body shudder to each flick and swipe of his tongue, as his fingers held the cheeks in place, open. He breathed in deeply, smelling Ross’ scent mingled with sweat, as his tongue licked around the hole now, teasing it.

His own body was nothing more than a sticky mass of running sweat, as he felt the drops dripping off his forehead, to fall onto Ross’ own steamy body. The tiny drops were clouding his eyes as he leaned further in, letting his tongue curl up and then lick at the pink hole. He felt the shudder, felt the shaking, and heard the moans growing louder as he dug his tongue inwards, spreading open the hole even wider. He sucked in his own breathe, as he let his tongue lick at the hole, then dive in, then pull out and lick around the hole before going back past the hole.

He felt his own body trembling as he heard Ross’ voice urging him on. He didn’t make out the words, as he let his tongue dig deep into the young man’s flesh, then he suddenly sat back up, slapping one cheek then another. He reached up and over Ross and grabbed the dildo out of the basket. He took the lubricant as well and pushed open the top, to drizzle the liquid over the top of the dildo.

He placed the tip of the dildo up against Ross’ ass. He began to pull open the cheeks again, as he felt the young man tense up. The dildo was not thick but was long as he slowly let it run down and up the valley. Then he wedged it up against Ross’ hole, and began to spread open the cheeks, before slowly pushing it in. Ross grunted, and he saw the cheeks shake as he twisted the dildo a little, just as he had done with his fingers earlier. He pushed further, until slowly the whole dildo was inside of the young man.

There was no moans, just a sort of whimper as he began to slowly move the dildo in and out. His hand rested on the small of Ross’ back as he pulled and pushed. His own body was cooling as he gave the dildo a small twist. Ross moaned at that, and Bill smiled as the boy’s body began to relax a little, as he got used to the long rubber dong inside.

He let the dildo rest inside, as he rubbed Ross’s backside, then his hips and thighs as he occasionally pulled and pushed on the dildo. He caressed the buttocks, slapping them now and then which made Ross jump a little. There wasn’t much sound from him, just the occasional moan or whimper as he lay there, spread eagled with the dildo inside. In and out he would move it then he would lean over and kiss Ross on the back, by the neck.

At one point, he worked the dildo with one hand, while leaning forward. He kissed Ross under his long hair, that was now matted and wet from sweat. Then he let his tongue lick all the way down the center of Ross’ back. He licked at the spine, watched it shake and the rest of his body shudder as he licked back up and then down again. All the time he kept the dildo moving in and out and Ross was once more moaning now. His legs were taut and his cheeks clenched tight, holding onto the dildo as it moved in and out.

Bill finally took the plastic out, and he heard a sigh, as he ripped open a condom package. Immediately that he heard the sound, Ross tensed up. His back was rigid, his legs taut as he waited for the coming penetration. Everything was ready, as he once more shuffled himself in closer between Ross’s legs.

His cock had never felt harder as he had unrolled the condom. Pushing it up against Ross’ buttocks, he grabbed hold of it and wiped it along the cheeks. They shook in anticipation as he let it rest on the young man’s cheeks. Then he reached underneath, and lifted the body upwards onto his knees. He felt the hard cock underneath and gave it a squeeze. Ross moaned at the touch and then wiggled back a little, almost eager for Bill to penetrate him.

Slowly he began to run his cock down the valley. He let it move very slowly, until his cock head was up against Ross’ hole. He felt the body stiffen, knowing he was right up against the tight hole. His hands moved down and up the shaking thighs, and then along the cheeks, as he slowly leaned forward.

Carefully he pushed his own hips forward, making his cock go forward, and he heard the cry. He held his position, as the shaking body slowly relaxed a little, then once more he pushed forward, as his cock head was spreading open the tight pink hole. Ross cried out, but he didn’t stop as he felt he was close, and then suddenly he was inside. Ross was grunting and obviously gritting his teeth as Bill’s cock pushed inside.

He let it sit there, the head inside, as the cheeks shook and shook. Bill could feel it all, and it was like he was plugged in to Ross’ own body. He could feel the heart skipping beats, felt the lungs rise and fall as he struggled with the rolling pain that was going up and down his body. He waited, then slowly began to push further inside. Ross groaned louder as his body continued to tremble.

It took him several minutes, but finally his crotch was pressing hard into Ross’ cheeks. His cock was firmly wedged deep inside and he let his body hold its position one more time. Ross was crying, but he refused to let Bill stop. His head would twist and turn on the cot as slowly Bill began to pull out. Just an inch or two and then back in he went. Each time he would pull out, it would be a little bit more, then he would carefully push back inside.

Soon he could feel his cock head near the hole, and Ross was no longer groaning in pain, but was starting to moan with pleasure. He was used to the cock inside and gradually Bill began to push a bit faster, pull back a bit faster and every now and then, he would twist his hips, making his cock twist inside. Ross would whimper then, but began to beg for more. His voice became husky as he started to plead with Bill, to go faster, to go deeper.

Bill obliged, the ache in his own body becoming unbearable as he began to push faster. Each thrust in, he felt the muscles around his cock spread apart, until he stopped pushing. Then they would once more grasp at his pole, trying to hold it inside. His strength was greater, as he began to increase his motion. His hips were now crashing into the body and before long, each downward thrust was met by an upward push from Ross.

He began to move faster, urged on by Ross as his sweat dripped continuously onto Ross’s back. He could feel the speed growing, feel his cock going deeper into the virgin ass. He felt the muscles give up, felt his cock grow thicker as he began to pound the ass hard. His body was like a jack hammer, constantly moving up and down and Ross no longer moaned, but groaned constantly. He was shaking, his whole body trembling as Bill continued to dig deeper with each thrust. His balls were aching, and he knew he couldn’t hold on much longer as he felt feint.

Bill’s eyes were closed, yet brilliant bursts of reds and oranges flashed across his vision. His heart was pounding so hard he couldn’t even hear Ross’ cries for more. The blood was rushing from his arms and legs, his body was growing numb and weak as he felt his balls slinging upwards. He couldn’t wait and as he pulled back, he pulled all the way back.

His cock came out and his hand tore frantically at the condom, ripping it off his shaft. He leaned forward, his hand pumping at his cock as his head lifted backwards, up high into the air. The cum came flooding out in a huge stream. He felt it as his body jerked, his cock rearing back then shooting forward. Past his fingers the stream went sailing up and through, and he heard the sounds of it striking the hot flesh of Ross’ back. He heard Ross cry out, heard him and felt him shudder as his cum exploded all across the taut back of the young man.

He shook his cock, as more hot milk dribbled out, splattering across the shaking buttocks. He heard Ross moan, a deep gut wrenching moan of pure pleasure, as he shook his cock once more, letting more cum dribble out. He opened his eyes to see his cum across the back, huge globs of it across the small of Ross’s back. His body shook as he was panting, not yet finished.

His hands ached but they had enough strength to reach down to grasp at Ross’s hips. He managed to flip him over, so Ross now stared up at him. His own hair lay limp over his forehead as he continued to pant. He looked into the young man’s face as he reached out with one hand, to grab hold of Ross’ cock.

He wrapped his fingers around it tightly, and leaned back down, his head quickly covering the cock. Ross cried out as he felt Bill’s mouth close over his throbbing cock. His body shook and he felt his hips push upwards, driving his cock further into Bill’s mouth. He cried out, and Bill’s hold seemed to tighten even more.

Ross shook, his whole body quivered as his balls slung up, his cock pushed in deeper to Bill’s throat, and his cum exploded outwards. Bill gagged, and swallowed, then gagged again as more hot milk flooded his mouth. Cum was dripping out from the corners of his mouth, then from his lips as he gagged a third time. So much cum was filling his mouth that he was having trouble swallowing it all, but he tried. He held tightly to the cock, his hand holding the shaft, as he swallowed faster.

Gradually he felt the cock softening as he let it free from his mouth. It dropped out and he felt Ross’s hand on his head. He glanced up the still trembling body to see Ross’s eyes glistening and his face beaming in a huge grin. His hand was slowly stroking Bill’s head, as Bill simply lay there, exhausted and drained.

Ross was still stroking his head, when he spoke.

I am glad I told Grant.

Bill looked up, a slight moan escaping his lips as he felt his cock stirring again.

So am I… so am I

Bill pushed himself upright, and leaned back against the wall. He stared for several minutes at Ross, then grinned at him as he spoke.

I think we will be late in getting back.

Ross merely grinned at him, as he said: ‘I was hoping you’d say that.

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