Fiction – Under a Spell

Under a Spell

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2007 ? All Rights Reserved

He couldn’t help himself. He had tried but there was no denying that he was obsessed by 19 year old Jimmy. Twenty plus years difference in age and Matt didn’t give a damn. He lived, breathed, and thought about nothing else but Jimmy, his youthful face, those dreamy eyes that always glistened when they talked, that slender body that didn’t have an ounce of fat on it.

It all haunted him day and night. It didn’t matter what he was doing, Jimmy was always lurking in the back of his mind. The way he walked, how his butt would fill the jeans perfectly, showing off their firmness. How he talked, with a lilt to his voice as well as a hint of devil may care. He always seemed to be excited, out of breath almost. It was intoxicating to be around him, as he found himself becoming short of breath, becoming excited, and not just in thought.

His body would ache whenever Jimmy was around, which seemed to be always. It didn’t matter what time he started work, Jimmy would find him within minutes of Matt clocking in. At first it was sweet, but after two weeks it was becoming more than just an infatuation. He actually would feel disappointed if he didn’t see Jimmy within the first five minutes. It got to the point where he would actually go look for him, before even clocking in.

Some would call it puppy love, but not Matt. He rarely chased a twink like Jimmy. Oh, he liked them that way, but he wasn’t the chasing type, in fact he preferred to be chased. It made for more fun, when he would cave in, and take them home for the night or weekend. A few had even lasted longer, some a month, a few several months, but bottom line was he never got attached, not like he was with Jimmy. Worse, he hadn’t even done anything with him, but it was a thought that was beginning to consume his conscious thoughts.

Matt could hold his own in the looks department. He was 6 foot and weighed in at 165 pounds. Not too shabby for a guy in his early forties, and no one ever guessed he was that old. Most, when pressed, would guess he was still in his late twenties or very early thirties. Still, around Jimmy he was self conscious. He wondered about the bags under his eyes, the lines across his forehead, the little beer belly he had. It was like being 18 all over again, being attracted to his first guy.

He was no virgin now, but he sure as hell felt like one when around Jimmy. There was just something about him that had breaking out in a cold sweat each time he left. His heart would ache, his eyes mist even, when he would watch him walk away, and yet despite all that he couldn’t bring himself to ask him out. Not like he was ever at a loss for words either, least with anyone previously. With Jimmy he found himself stuttering, wiping the palms of his hands on his pants, but he kept telling himself, this would be the time. Yet it never was, so far.

Matt knew he couldn’t go on this way, that he had to find out. Was Jimmy just one of those teases, or was he really interested in him? It was killing him not knowing for sure, but he was also afraid to find out. Jimmy was everything he wanted. He worked hard, enjoyed his work, and seemed to also have more on his mind than the party scene. Course he didn’t know for sure even if the guy was into guys, though the way he looked at Matt did sort of tell him he had to be. However, that just might be wishful thinking, yet each day he would head to work, he swore he’d find out. So far, his nerve had failed him.

He was smart enough to know that it was unlikely that someone like Jimmy would be interested in someone like him, yet in his mind he hoped. There was nothing to base it on, in the cold stark reality of self examination, but he dreamed of it. It was making his nights pure hell too, because he would toss and turn thinking about Jimmy, dreaming of his warm body laying next to his. He would dream of him panting, after a night on his stomach, pounding those firm butt cheeks with his cock.

Then it would all turn, and those dreams turned into nightmares, where Jimmy would be laughing at him, pointing at him and in between guffaws, would be taunting him with old man comments, or worse. It made him wake up, and he couldn’t shake them either. They were becoming more intense, and it was taking him time to fall back asleep. His need for Jimmy was becoming too consuming, yet he couldn’t bring himself to talk to him, to find out one way or the other.

The ringing of his Cel startled him. He had been lost in thought about Jimmy again, and as he flipped open the phone, he didn’t recognize the calling number. Still, he answered, not thinking and was surprised to hear the lilting voice, that haunted his dreams.

It told him to not say anything, to listen and in a rush, the young voice asked him when he was going to ask him out. He rushed on, speaking without giving Matt a chance to speak, telling him how it was killing him, and he needed to know, but couldn’t face him, which is why he was calling. He needed to know, and if Matt wasn’t interested, he’d understand. There was a catch to his voice at that point, that made Matt’s heart skip a beat.

I am 42

I am 19, so?

You sure this is what you want?

Matt could feel the sweat beading up on his forehead, as he waited for the answer. His whole body seemed to tense up, but in his crotch he felt the raw passion of his own desire welling up. He shifted his stance, reached down with his free hand to adjust his growing hard on. A chuckle came across the phone as he heard his answer.

Now I am, after seeing you are.

Turning around, he saw Jimmy standing in the doorway. He had his own phone to his ear, but his eyes were staring at Matt’s crotch. There was no mistaking the look in his eyes either, as they were filled with desire, with lust. He even licked his lips as he slowly brought his eyes up from staring at Matt’s crotch. They were filled with a shimmering light that only made the ache in his crotch worse. He felt his shorts rise up, as he closed his phone to stare at Jimmy.

He let his eyes widen as he stared at the young man. He could see his chest heaving a bit, and as he let his eyes move down the lanky young body, he could see the tell tale bulge in the front of his pants. Matt could imagine what was behind that bulge, as he looked back up, seeing the eyes still looking at him.

When did you plan to uh, have this date?


Now? You don’t give a guy much time to plan anything.

I don’t want you to change your mind. I have signed out, and you are supposed to be off too, so why wait? Or do you not want to go out?

You thought of everything, yeah, I want to go out, where did you have in mind?

Matt watched as Jimmy’s face broke into a small wicked little smile. His eyes zeroed in on Matt’s crotch, then up to his face as he replied.

My place, the family left this morning for the Cabin, I have the whole place to myself, until Tuesday. That enough time?

He swallowed, taken aback. There was no doubt what was on Jimmy’s mind as he grinned at him. His body was shaking as he nodded, not sure what he was letting himself in for. Signing out was a blur, though he was certain that his boss had a wicked grin on his face as he told them to have a good weekend.

The drive to Jimmy’s place was a blank. All he could think of was how hot the young man looked, how much of a hurry he was in as they had driven the few miles to Jimmy’s home. He had done nothing but think about what was ahead. He had a few Condoms in his pants, being always prepared, but was Jimmy really into that? Would he suddenly be like in his nightmares, and break out laughing at the old man who wanted a young buck like Jimmy? Hell could he, an old fart, satisfy someone like Jimmy?

The thoughts swirled around as he found himself not just in Jimmy’s home, but upstairs, standing at the entrance to the young man’s bedroom. There was a double bed, and off to one side a desk with a computer on it. The little stereo was quickly turned on, and as he glanced back to the bed, he saw that Jimmy was not wasting any time. He had his shirt off already and his golden flesh was suddenly filling his eyes.

He felt his mouth go dry, as he stared at the young naked chest. No hairs showed, but the two purple colored nipples were firm and erect as Jimmy stood facing him. His eyes were filled with lust, and he couldn’t help but feel his own body becoming totally aroused by the young man, who kept looking straight at him.

He saw the hands reach down, to unbutton the pants, then zip them down. Slowly he bent forward, to pull the pants off his body then straightened up, to let Matt take it all in. He groaned softly to himself as he let his eyes take it all in. Jimmy had long legs, and they were well proportioned, but it was the thin pale blue shorts that grabbed his focus.

They were fully tented. Something huge seemed to be poking outwards, right at him. He gulped as he saw the hands moving up, the fingers reaching inside the waistband, and moving along inside the shorts, taking hold. Matt knew that soon he’d see what was tenting the shorts, that was making his own cock throb and ache inside his pants.

No more thinking, as he felt his own hands undoing his shirt buttons, then pulling the shirt off his shoulders. He felt the thin material slide down his back and drop to the floor, as he stepped further into Jimmy’s bedroom. His eyes were glued to Jimmy’s body, noticing how the chest was heaving, how the eyes were shimmering with excitement as he reached down, to unbutton his own pants.

Matt saw the smile on Jimmy’s face grow wider, as he quickly dropped his pants, stepping out of them. His own shorts were just as tented and he noticed how Jimmy’s eyes seemed to widen, as they stared directly at his crotch. His own face was smiling as Jimmy looked up and then moved over to the bed. He lay down on it, his head propped up. His legs spread apart, and Matt could see the small tuft of hair on the inside of each thigh that beckoned to him.

Moving in, he came to the foot of the bed. His eyes fixed on the rather large feet, and then moved up the hairless legs. He saw them spread apart, even wider, as his eyes made their way up, to where now Jimmy’s covered crotch filled his vision. He swallowed and licked his lips, as he stared at the throbbing cock being held by the thin pale blue shorts. Then he let his eyes move up, to see the chest heaving a little, then up to where he could stare at Jimmy’s face. The eyes were glistening, peering into his own.

They widened, as he pushed his shorts down, to expose his fully erect cock. Matt saw how excited the eyes seemed to get, as he stepped slowly forward, then bend as his body got onto the bed. His knees were firmly at the foot of the bed, as Mat leaned forward.

His body was between Jimmy’s opened legs, and he felt the warmth of his body as he leaned forward, his hands now firmly planted on either side of Jimmy’s body. His head was above Jimmy’s and their eyes locked as he stood there, shaking slightly, taking it all in. He could see the desire, feel it actually as if it was something real, something you could touch. His body shuddered a little, as did Jimmy’s.

He let his head lower, felt his eyes closing as he grew closer. The touch of his lips against Jimmy’s own thin lips made him moan softly, while making his whole body quiver. His legs shook, his heart began to race, as he pressed down, tasting the young man. He felt the lips beneath his open slightly and soon he was driving his tongue deep into the young man’s mouth. He licked deep inside, then pressed his lips harder onto the willing mouth.

With each lick of his tongue, he felt his body sinking further down. His legs were touching Jimmy’s upper legs, feeling the heat as his stomach now touched Jimmy’s own flat washboard tummy. He felt himself shake, along with Jimmy. Their two bodies were quivering as more and more of their flesh touched. The heat was like glue, as their skin touched, bonding together.

His cock was wedged up and pushed up against Jimmy’s belly. Matt felt Jimmy’s covered penis dig into his own body as he let one hand start to caress the young man’s body. Slowly he let it moved down the shaking body, as he held his kiss. He could feel the wetness around the tip of the cock, as his hand moved down, and rested lightly on Jimmy’s hip. The press of his cock into his own body was making him sweat, as he let his mouth begin to roam across the face. He kissed Jimmy on the chin, the nose, and even bit his lower lip, tasting it. Jimmy was doing the same, as they both began to let their lust take hold.

Matt couldn’t believe how intense it was all feeling. In some ways, it was like this was it, there would be no second time. His whole body was tense, as he moved around on top of the young man, who squirmed just as much underneath him. Their hands were flying, their mouths moving over each other’s bodies tasting and licking where they could. His one hand managed to push at Jimmy’s shorts, with help from Jimmy. He felt the shorts push down, felt the hard cock come free and slide up into his own thigh.

He groaned loudly as he felt the hard cock wedge between his thigh and groin. Matt felt the oozing precum as it slid down his thigh. His own cock was also oozing and Jimmy was actually panting in between his own whimpers and moans. His body was tense, the muscles coiled up inside as they both continued to grab at each other. It was like a feeding frenzy in a pond, the way they kissed, licked, and even nibbled at each other.

The taste of the young boy’s flesh was salty and yet different. He cried out as Jimmy’s hand reached down and grabbed hold of his penis. His body jerked at the touch, and he had to reciprocate. He struggled but managed to reach under his own shaking body to touch the shaft, just under Jimmy’s cock head. His fingers stretched out and one ran slightly down the throbbing pole.

He could feel the blood rushing around the cock, and cried out as the heat between them grew. His whole body seemed to have sprung a leak, as sweat poured from everywhere. From his forehead, from his arms, legs, stomach. Never had felt this way before, as he felt Jimmy’s hands reach up and start to push him down the young man’s body. They were firmly placed on his shoulders and he obliged, as his face kept touching and kissing the passing body.

Matt bit at one nipple, heard Jimmy cry out in pleasure, then it was gone, as he was pushed further down. The young man was struggling, then he felt one leg kick out, then kick again and one more time. He knew that the underwear was now gone as the legs were suddenly raised on either side of his slithering body. He could feel the heart beating, the chest rising and lowering quickly. His own body was trembling with excitement as Jimmy continued to push him down, and he didn’t resist.

He felt his legs dangling off the foot of the bed. He could smell that scent, that man scent that he loved. This was even more powerful than he had ever smelt. It was swirling around his nostrils, as he breathed it in deeply. It made his whole body tremble even more as it grew stronger in his nostrils. The hands on his shoulders grew firmer, the fingers digging deep into his flesh, making him wince.

The smell was overpowering, the feelings racing up and down his spine as his lips felt the wiry bushy pubic hairs. They tickled his nose, as he licked and kissed the soft belly. He heard the moans, heard the incessant ‘oh yes, yes’ that came from above his own head.

Jimmy’s legs were raised, He felt them on either side of his head, as he opened his eyes to stare at the glistening young flesh underneath. His eyes opened wider as he stared at the hard pole that now stuck upwards, grazing his chin. It stood there, throbbing, glistening with precum as he licked his lips, then glanced upwards. He saw Jimmy’s head lifted up off the bed, staring down at him. The eyes were totally glazed over and he looked back down at the cock before his mouth.

His body shuddered, then he let himself go. No more thinking, no more wondering. His body and his lust took over. He felt his eyes close, then felt the taste of precum on his lips, then in his mouth as he wrapped the lips around the throbbing cock. It was suddenly thrust hard and deep into his mouth, taking him by surprise. Jimmy’s own lust took over as well, and in that moment he felt the cock slide into his throat, gagging him.

Coughing, he struggled to hold onto the throbbing pole, to not let his body fail him as the cock was thrust hard into his mouth. Jimmy’s hands were now on his head, pushing and pulling, urging him to suck him harder, suck him faster. He obliged, his own body not failing as his throat opened wider, his muscles relaxing enough for him to take the cock deep.

His tongue was flattened but would flick up when it could. Each time it did, Jimmy moaned louder, the hands tightened and the fingers wrapped around his hair. He felt them being pulled, felt the intense desire building. He sucked hard on the cock, keeping his lips wrapped tightly around the burning flesh of the cock as it went in and out of his mouth. Matt had his hands firmly on Jimmy’s bucking body, around his hips. His own fingers as deeply dug in as Jimmy’s seemed to be.

He cried out, muffled by the throbbing pole, and then he moved his hands to dig deep into the sweaty butt cheeks. His fingers dug into the flesh at the centre, pulling them apart as his hands would press upwards, driving the young man’s groin up and into his mouth harder.

Jimmy was squirming, his body shaking as he flung himself up. His cock driving into Matt’s willing mouth. It didn’t take long, before he was gasping for air, as his cock drove deeper with each thrust. The feel of the hands on the cheeks made him moan, and a strange gurgling sound came back from Matt.

Matt felt the balls slinging upwards. He could sense it, and he pulled up hard with both his hands. His fingers dug into the soft flesh deeper, and he thrust his head down to meet the upwards moving crotch. The throbbing cock was send diving deep into his throat, he felt it jerk, felt his shake and tremble, then suddenly rear back. His throat was ready, just, as the Jimmy couldn’t hold back any longer.

The loud cry echoed in the room, drowning everything out. Even the thundering of his heart was muted by the cry as the young man shuddered. Matt felt the cheeks shake, felt the whole body quiver as a heavy thick stream of cum began to fill his entire throat. It was thick and tasted like salty milk. It filled his throat, his mouth and some even dribbled out from the corner’s of his lips before he could swallow.

Just as he felt it slide down his throat, the cock in his mouth jerked again, and he knew more was coming out, filling what little he had managed to swallow. His fingers dug deep into the warm wet flesh of the Jimmy’s cheeks, as he swallowed again, again, and even again. He could feel the pubic hairs under his nostrils, as he breathed in deeply, swallowing all of the heavy thick cum that filled his throat and mouth.

As the body gave one last spasm, Matt let his hands move from underneath Jimmy’s buttock. He felt the cock draw out of his mouth, coated in its own cum as the bed shook. He was panting as he leaned back on his own haunches, to gaze at the softening cock that dangled in front of him. Licking his lips, tasting the cum that had dribbled out he slowly let his eyes move up the still shaking body until he found Jimmy’s face. The eyes were still glazed over, the chest heaving from the bodies exertion.

Their eyes locked and Matt knew that it wasn’t over with yet. The look in Jimmy’s eyes were like staring into the centre of a hot burning fire. The blues and reds were mixed with white as the eyes seemed to just smoulder. He felt like the lust had not been satisfied one bit, but had instead, increased. He felt himself shiver as he looked into Jimmy’s face, seeing the desire and then he stared downwards, noticing that Jimmy’s spent cock was thickening again, already.

His eyes moved back up to look at Jimmy, and he saw him grin. His white teeth gleaming as he lifted up one arm, and leaned over towards the night stand. Matt followed his arm, as it reached across to push a book away, and reveal a strip of condom packages. Matt grinned as he watched Jimmy pick up the strip and toss them over towards Matt. As he did, Matt noticed the book, and its title. It made him pause, as he read the title ‘Incantations of the Ancients’.

Jimmy’s eyes seemed to be calling him, and he turned away from the old battered book, picking up the strip of Condoms. He could feel the lust, once more taking hold, as he ripped a condom open. There was nothing he wanted more, than to feel himself enter Jimmy’s young body.

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