Fiction – Sex Ed 101

Sex Ed 101

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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Todd sat at the back of the class, a small smirk on his face as he listened to the teacher begin his lecture. Today’s lesson was to cover one’s hormones, and how to control them when with members of the opposite sex. That had gotten a few howls from his fellow classmates, some just plain raunchy, which the teacher sternly rebuffed. After all, he was a Priest, and Todd couldn’t help but grin.

At first, he had hated his parent’s decision to send him to this Private Catholic School, for his senior year. He was 18 at the start of term, and was headed for some good stuff at his old High School. He would be starting on the football squad, again, which could lead him to some major college if he had a good season. Instead, his parents had taken him out of the public school, claiming it was having a bad influence on him.

He didn’t follow politics, but his parents did. They objected to the growing legal fight going on over some group or such being allowed to meet, and now here he was, stuck in an all boy’s school with some old geezer dressed in black trying to teach him about sex. Like he needed instruction on that?

Looking around, he smiled to himself, knowing just how bogus the whole class really was. To begin with, the Priest assumed his pupils were all innocent angels, and he knew from experience that he was way off target on that one. It was why he had adjusted so easily to this place, even if their football team was pitiful. It helped him as he was so much more athletic and trained than they were.

Todd was 18, had turned to that magical age at the beginning of term, and was surprised to find that most in his Senior class also had been 18. Hell September and October had been one long party, as most of the guys in his class turned to that magic age in a row. He didn’t think there had been a single day in those months, when it wasn’t someone’s birthday.

Made for some interesting weekends, despite that most of his classmates were residents. As the Priest began to talk about the need to recognize when the hormones were taking hold, he leaned back in his desk chair, staring out at the heads of his classmates. If only Father Gerrard knew the truth, he would have a fit. He’d more than likely call in some exorcist to cleanse the souls of all those he was teaching.

He was six foot one, and weighed in at a hefty 180 pounds, but there wasn’t an ounce of fat on him. He had longish hair for the school, a constant rub with the Headmaster and his teachers, but he had resisted their pleas to get it cut. He liked his hair, one of the many vanities he was constantly being lectured about. Still, it suited him, specially when he was letting his hormones loose.

Back at his old school he had not been a virgin, but it wasn’t until he got here that he really began to experience the joys and pleasure of wild sex. The smile on his face grew as he looked around the small class of boys. He knew them all, and out of the 17 in the class, counting himself, he knew 14 of them very well. To use Father Gerrard’s favorite term, he knew them in the carnal sense, and he also knew it would turn Father Gerrard’s face beet red if he knew just how well he knew them, in that sense.

Over at the front, closest to the door was Richard. He was a studious type, always had his nose in a book, except when he was sucking Todd’s cock, that is. Man could he suck too, the way he would wrap his lips around Todd’s cock, making it hurt even from the pressure. Richard knew how to suck, how to work the cock with his mouth, and not once had he ever let a drop of Todd’s cum escape his mouth.

The guy loved dick, the way he would always hang around after classes, to see who Todd was with. If he was alone he’d sidle up, talk about some boring assignment, all the time his eyes would be staring at Todd’s crotch. It made him hot, just thinking of all those afternoons, when he had gone around with Richard to the back of the gym, and lean against the brick wall, while Richard would quickly drop to his knees, then undo Todd’s pants. He was quick, and before Todd could even breathe out, his cock would be deep in Richard’s mouth. Christ, it felt good the way he would suck on it, and it rarely took more than a few minutes before he was spurting his jizz into Richard’s throat.

Sitting across from Richard was Helmut. He was a German who had arrived in mid term. He had that typical German look, the well defined body and blond hair. His eyes were a powder blue and when he would shoot his load, he’d cry out in German. And boy did he love shooting his load. He was well built, not like Richard. Helmut was taller, but lean and athletic. He was one of the stars on the school’s track team. His passion, other than shooting his load, was to run.

Listening to Father Gerrard talking about how it was natural for young men to have erections at any time, Todd recalled that first meeting with Helmut. How he had walked in to the locker room just as Todd was changing. He had a boner, and was thinking of whacking off, when Helmut had walked in. The young German stud had stood there, staring at his boner and licking his lips.

It was rather odd, to have those blue eyes fixed on his throbbing cock, and he had thought ‘what the fuck’ and began to stroke it a little, just to see what reaction he’d get. To his amazement, Helmut had walked up and leaned against the locker across from Todd. He dropped his own shorts, and there was this beautiful looking uncut cock.

He swallowed as he watched Helmut reach down and start to stroke it, in time with his own stroking. Christ it was a sight he hadn’t experienced before. Todd could smell the sweat, and that special man scent that always turned him on. He just stared at the long thick cock, as Helmut worked it up to being fully erect. The foreskin taut along the shaft, and the head looking very purple and hot.

They never said a word to each other, but their hands continued to stroke their own tools. He looked up to see a glazed look in Helmut’s face, as his hand began to move faster, which made Todd stroke his own cock faster. Helmut moved and shook a little, as his hand flew up and down that long cock. It truly was one of the largest cocks Todd had seen and he couldn’t help but stare as his own body began to tremble.

Helmut’s groans became louder, but he didn’t care who heard. He was fascinated by the blurred image of the cock as Helmut brought it to ejaculation. His own body followed shortly after, but it was the way Helmut shot his load. He was groaning louder, his legs taut like bands of steel. Then as he was about to shoot, he saw Helmut aim the cock right at him, and as it shot out, he saw his body arch forward. His cum had actually reached across the space between them, and some had splattered against his bare stomach.

The feeling of hot cum splattering across his own belly, made him cry out, and he had also shot his load right after. His cum didn’t make it far enough to splash against Helmut’s body, but it came close. He could still feel himself tremble, even now as Father Gerrard droned on about how important it was to not give in to the hormones. Gawd, what a drip he was. Giving in was part of the fun, as he saw how Helmut sat in his chair. His back was ramrod straight, and his head staring straight ahead.

It sure wasn’t that way when he had cum that first time. The eyes had been like fire sticks, the way they had glowed as his body had jerked several times, only the last jerk failing to send more of his cum splattering against Todd’s flesh.

He had run into Helmut only a few other times, always with the same result. Though he enjoyed the feeling of his cum splattering across his body, it was never quite the same as that first time. Still, it was fun to try and see if he could get his own cum to fly across the space between them. So far, he had only come close, but he was hoping to keep on working on it.

Todd shifted his body on the chair. He could feel his cock growing in his pants, and he reached down to push the semi erect pole to one side, so he could sit easier. As he did he noticed Ralph next to him, who glanced over and grinned. He smiled back, remembering his times with Ralphy.

Ralph, or Ralphy as he liked to call him, was a short little redhead. He had fiery red hair, and freckles too that made him look like an imp or something out of some mythical fable. He always had a strange grin on his face, and he was not what Todd would call handsome either. He had skinny legs, skinny arms and always seemed to never be taller than anyone’s chest. Yet he had a cock that was what he called a killer.

Ralphy liked to horse around, and it was at Brian’s birthday bash off campus where Todd first caught a glimpse of Ralph’s monster cock. He had stumbled into the bathroom, and there was little Ralphy, taking a piss. Todd’s eyes bulged out, as he stared at the long soft pole that Ralphy held in his hand.

Even soft, the frigging cock looked like a bazooka. It was thick, and damn it was long too. His eyes had bulged as he had thought about what it would look like hard and it must have shown too, as Ralphy had turned to see who had barged in on him.

Instead of whining, or yelling, he had simply grinned at Todd, and told him he’d be only a minute. He had finished peeing, but instead of just stuffing that cock into his pants, he shook it a few times, letting a drop or two more drop out. As he did he had kept his eyes on Todd, and there was no way Todd could have taken his eyes off that cock. It was amazing, and he had licked his lips, wondering what some broad would do when Ralphy whipped that thing out. More than likely, she’d faint but damn he couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like. Ralph must have sensed his question, as he made some mention of how most of his dates fainted or shrieked when they saw his weapon.

He had made some dumb ass remark, saying they had no sense of adventure or something to that effect. Ralph had stared at him, and then left, brushing past Todd rather closely. He had felt that cock against his thigh, and his own dick had gotten rather excited. The look in Ralph’s eyes had been interesting but he didn’t think much about it, at the moment. That changed later on, when he was leaving the party and there outside, was Ralph. He was arguing with some girl who kept shaking her head.

Todd had watched as Ralph kept talking, almost pleading it had seemed, but the girl was having nothing of it. She finally just shook her head, then stormed off. Ralph watched her leave, and Todd felt sad for him. He figured it was some lover’s quarrel and then Ralph had spotted him. He had walked up and made some remark about how women had no sense of adventure. It gave him a moment of pause, then somehow or other they had began to talk, while walking away from the party house.

As they came to a corner, a park was across the street, but Ralph was going the other way as was he. It was as they both stopped to stare across at the small grove of trees that Ralph asked him if he had any sense of adventure. He knew instantly what it meant, and the sight of that limp cock, its size made him grimace a little. Yet at the same time he couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like, and so he grinned, and nodded towards the park, saying ‘Let’s find out if I do or not’ and that was how he had first realized just how much one’s hole could be stretched.

To say it had hurt would be an understatement, but damn little Ralphy was pretty good at working that pole in. He had Condoms too, which was good, and was something that Father Gerrard would faint if he knew that every one in his class had several in their pockets right now. He leaned back in his chair, feeling the memory of that first effort to take Ralphy’s cock up his ass.

They had ran across the street, and worked their way just past the outside trees. They could see the street light, but its glow was feint where they stood. He could see Ralph’s face in the pale glow of the street light and the moon, and was surprised to see how excited it looked. He watched in awe as Ralph quickly undid his pants, and dropped them to his ankles. Sticking out at him was something he hadn’t expected. If he had thought it was big before, it was enormous now. His face must have shown his shock, as Ralph assured him it wouldn’t hurt too much.

It was said in such a pleading voice, that Todd couldn’t resist as he just gulped, and said he hoped not. The cock was so enormous, that he didn’t even think the head would make it past, but he couldn’t help but want to find out. Pushing aside the growing fear inside, he slowly dropped his own pants, and turned to lean up against a huge tree. He kept looking back, over his shoulder as he watched Ralph rip open a condom package.

His eyes bulged as he saw how tiny the condom looked as it was unrolled down and over the cock head. It unrolled a bit more, but no way did it cover the whole long pole. He gulped several times, as Ralph stepped forward. Their eyes met and he felt a strange sense of gratitude welling up from Ralph. He realized just then, how hard it must be for a guy like him, to have any sex, given how huge that cock was.

He grinned at Ralph, trying to reassure him, at the same time he spread his legs even wider, hoping it wouldn’t make him scream blue murder. He was wrong, it did hurt a lot, and despite the slow and careful pushing and all, it was too much. He had to make Ralph stop, and in seeing the crest fallen face, he realized just how important it was to Ralph.

Instead of giving up he decided they needed to try a different position. After a moments thought, he decided they should try it lying down, on their sides. He quickly slipped out of his pants and underwear, allowing him to spread his legs even wider. He stretched out on his side, and then moved one leg as far away as possible and looking over his shoulder, he smiled at Ralph, who also slipped out of his clothes, freeing his legs.

Side by side, Todd had felt the hard cock strike his ass. He felt his cheeks quiver, his insides tighten as he couldn’t feel Ralph’s body near him. He reached around with one hand, to clasp one side of his cheek, and pull it forward, to open his body for Ralph. He felt the head wedge up into his hole. He bit his lip as he felt the hard press of the cockhead, felt it slowly work its way inside of his body.

He cried out, but refused to stop the slow entry. Todd felt the tears in his eyes, as he grunted, as Ralph made one more push forwards. The cock shot forward a bit, tearing past the last resistance of his muscle around the hole. His body trembled as the head was suddenly buried inside of his rectum. Todd could hear Ralph’s heavy panting as held the cock, not moving it one bit further, as Todd’s body slowly got accustomed to the huge head inside.

He began to breathe in and out, to relax, as slowly, very slowly, Ralph began to push inside. He felt the hole being stretched, felt like his body would rip apart, as the huge pole slowly made its way inside of his body. He bit his lip, tasted blood as the pain was intense, but he wanted it. He couldn’t explain it, but he wanted to take it, to feel it reach through his whole insides, and poke out his mouth, if it could.

He kept muttering ‘more’ as Ralph continued to feed his ass the huge cock. He could feel the hot flesh of the pole, feel the veins throbbing as the blood rushed along the cock. His jaw ached, as he moved his leg further over, pulled at his cheek harder, to open his body even more. Ralph’s huge cock was moving in further, and he could feel Ralph’s legs against his, feel his chest against his sweat soaked back as gradually the whole cock was firmly wedged deep into his body. Todd had never felt so full, so stuffed as he did when he felt the brush of Ralphy’s pubic hairs against his trembling buttocks. He was totally stuffed, totally filled as his body continued to quiver.

They lay there, for several minutes it seemed. Ralphy was panting, as he seemed to be crying. He was moaning, mumbling something, as his body shook. Todd was still trying to relax, as he felt the huge cock tremble inside. Ever so slowly he began to pull his hips forward, then back, working the hard cock inside. Ralph picked up on it, his breathing even more ragged than Todd’s as he slowly picked up the rhythm. His mumbling was even more desperate, as his body continued to shake as it lay against Todd’s.

He didn’t pull out far, and as he began to push back inwards, Todd cried out. Ralph stopped immediate, but Todd urged him on, telling him it was okay, and he began to move his own hips again, once more making the huge weapon inside of him move. He bit his lip again, as this time Ralph joined in the motion. He felt the tremble, felt the power of the huge cock as it moved in and out with increasing speed. It wasn’t fast, not like other cocks he had taken up his ass, but it was fast enough.

His body began to quiver uncontrollably. His own cock had softened, but was now once more growing hard. He found Ralph’s hand reaching around, and digging for his cock. He moved his hand, to grasp Ralph’s and place it on his own semi erect cock. Then he put his hand back, to dig into his own cheeks, to pull at it and open his body up more. He cried out as he began to gyrate his own hips, to make the cock move more.

Ralph also began to pump the cock a bit faster, in time with his hand that had fully aroused Todd’s penis. He felt the hand grip his dick hard, the fingers wrapped tightly around the burning shaft. His eyes closed tight as he felt the cock move faster inside of him. Each thrust making him grunt, making him groan. He hurt, but the waves going up and down his spine were of pleasure. He was fully stuffed, feeling the cock drive in and out.

It trembled hard, the head jerking from side to side making him groan even louder. The hand was a blur on his own cock and he was torn. He didn’t know which to do, to move his body in time with the stroking hand or the pumping cock buried inside. He heard the sound of flesh striking flesh, knowing it was Ralph’s crotch banging into his buttocks. Sweat was dripping from every pore on his body, as he continued to shake and shudder.

Ralph’s loud cry made his ears perk up, made the hair on his arms and legs stand up. The sound was so loud, so much like an animal that it frightened him for a millisecond. Then he realized what it meant, and despite the pain, the fullness, his body responded. His hips began to move faster, driving the cock deeper into his aching body with each thrust, each gyration.

Todd felt it, felt the cock explode and as it did, so too did his own cock. He felt his body surrender, felt his balls unleash their precious milk, and he cried out. His body had exploded, his cum was pouring through Ralph’s fingers, as Ralph suddenly collapsed against him. He felt his head bang on his shoulder, felt his body suddenly go motionless, as the huge cock inside released its load.

He felt it, felt each hard shot as it pushed out against the condom. He felt it fill the space between the thin plastic and the burning flesh, and he felt his body tremble in relief. His own voice groaned as the cock slowly began to lessen its shuddering. Todd felt the cock begin to soften, still wedged deep inside of his ass. His own legs were taut, and numb as his body also began to subside from its explosion.

Ralph’s hand was limb over his cock, now soft again. He felt the limp body on top of his own body, and he finally managed to look back over his shoulder at the slumped young man. His eyes were closed, his breathing was a bit ragged, but sounded almost as if Ralph had fallen asleep. There was a strange glow to his cheeks, as he slowly moved, slowly feeling the cock inside slide out. It was still thick, still filling his entire body by its girth, despite its softened state.

Suddenly the body laying on him, shook. He felt the quiver, then the cock moved back in, making him cry out in surprise. He heard Ralph’s voice, a soft gurgling sound as slowly he felt him draw back. The huge cock was being taken out, and his body seemed relieved as he heard the plop. The emptiness he felt was strange, as he cried out ‘no’ unwilling to let it go. Yet even as he uttered it, he knew it would be okay. His body gave one last shudder, as he turned over to stare into Ralph’s face. The glow was unbelievable, and he could see the gratitude in Ralph’s eyes.

After they had dressed, and all he had felt the emptiness inside. Todd had also walked very tenderly for over a week afterwards, drawing some ribald comments from a few of his friends. Yet each time he saw Ralph, he got a warm glow inside, despite the tenderness.

Looking now at Ralph, he knew that he had also been thinking of that first time, and he smiled at him. Suddenly he heard his name being called and he turned to find Father Gerrard standing in front of him.

Care to share with the rest of your classmates, what has you grinning so much Mister Welch?

Todd wiped the grin off his face, as he felt that ache inside, and for one brief second he thought about telling Father Gerrard exactly what it was that had made him smile. He didn’t, realizing it would give the old priest a heart attack.

Sorry Father Gerrard’ was all he said, as he watched the Priest walk back up to the front of the class. He grinned as he felt Ralphy’s eyes on him, knowing that Ralph was staying the night at his house. He couldn’t wait as he had picked up some great new lubricant.

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