Fiction – In His Pants

In His Pants

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2007 ? All Rights Reserved

Grant didn’t hesitate a second, as he tossed Eric his pair of dress pants. It was instinctive really, though as he watched Eric grab the pants, he had what the local preacher would call an ‘immoral thought’ but hell, that’s what made life such fun for him. Okay, he wasn’t exactly young anymore, being in his early forties, and Eric was just 20, so what? He didn’t look like an old man, and he could still party with the best of the kids, as he called them.

Trouble was, he found that just partying wasn’t all it used to be. Instead of coming home with a new fling, as he used to do, he generally came home alone. It wasn’t from lack of opportunity either, because damn, he was still considered hot by many, if not most. He simply was tired of the one nighters, the over the weekend sex partners. He rather wanted someone who would stick around, help with the daily grind like feeding the horses, the chickens that he kept on the farm.

He wanted to come home to a clean house, not one with left over Condoms and a note saying thanks with a phone number. It was becoming boring, hell it was boring and so while he wasn’t dead, he wanted a damn site more than what the ‘kids’ offered. Though he had to admit, Eric seemed different. He wasn’t a flake, and seemed more responsible than most who worked at doing the deliveries for the market.

Okay so he had shown up with his pants ripped. He claimed he didn’t know, though by the size of the rip, he had to have felt the air blowing around inside. From what little Grant had seen, he had a nice looking ass too. He also enjoyed that he wore skimpy undies, which always was a turn on for Grant. They were a pale blue in color, and while he couldn’t see much, the skin looked smooth and firm. In fact, as he had glanced at the rip a second time, he felt the urge to rip them wider. He’d have loved to have tasted that flesh or at the very least, felt it.

It wasn’t that he was a pervert either, it just was that Eric attracted him. He had soft brown eyes, that could melt your heart if you gave it a chance. His hair was dark and always well trimmed. It barely fell over his collar, in a tapered way that just made Grant want to reach out and grab it, while directing the head towards his own crotch. Hell, the notion of Eric going down on him was a thought he found, he was having often. Almost every time he saw him, in fact.

He shook his head, as he headed out to the front, forgetting all about Eric, well sort of. After every encounter, it always took him a good hour or two to focus on the job at hand. Eric was just one of those ‘pretty boys’ that stuck with you. They had the look, not just the hot body, that kept your thoughts on sex, not work. Problem with his fantasy, was that he worked with the guy. It was the one rule he liked to try and maintain, which was you didn’t play in your own backyard. Still, there were always exceptions to any rule, and Eric would be an ideal exception. Course that would also mean he would have to be willing, which was the other problem Grant had.

There was not many who worked at the market who didn’t know Grant was gay, but he hadn’t a clue if any of the others were. His ‘[[gaydar]]’ wasn’t what he would call reliable, nor was his ‘boyfriend’ detector. In over twenty years of being out, he had a few so called boyfriends. Most were what you would call hot, but for boyfriends, their attraction ended in the bedroom. Hell one or two weren’t even that good there, either, which made for a short relationship.

He could forgive a lot of shit, had in the past, but only because the sex had been good. Those who didn’t measure up, well he didn’t have the patience for them. It was maybe why he was rather particular these days, because frankly the ‘kids’ today just weren’t what they used to be when he himself was a kid. The sex was vanilla, boring and just not able to light any fires inside. Rarely had he found someone these days, in his few ventures into the sex arena, that made him want seconds.

Maybe it was old age, he thought, or maybe it was just that he had been there, done that, and it no longer excited him? Okay, it wasn’t that he was into kinky stuff, but he rather wanted more than to just drop his pants, and suddenly have his dick in the guy’s mouth. He wanted to fondle, to kiss, to touch, but most of the guys he took him only wanted to go down on him, or have him go down on them. When it came to anal sex, man talk about boring. They would pump a few times, never wanting to prolong the fun, and then it was over. When he was being the top, they would be wanting it over long before he was ready to think about cumming, never mind cum.

Wasn’t like he had a monster cock either. So it was a bit longer than average, bit thicker. It wasn’t gigantic, and he would know. He had a few ex boyfriends that you had to say were hung, not like they knew how to use what they had though. One more bitch he had about some guys. To be so well endowed, and not even be able to get it up long enough to fuck was a waste. Thankfully, that was never his problem, as he finally tried to turn his mind away from Eric, and get on with work. He adjusted his semi hard dick and pushed the idea of Eric in his pants from his mind.

Besides, he had a night out planned for later, and who knows, maybe he’d find someone worth taking home. It would be nice, given as it had been a few months since his last. Thinking back, the longest he had ever gone without a fuck or blow job, when he was 20, had been three days. He smiled at that, knowing that he had been a slut back then, but shit, he liked cock and still did. Just that now, he wanted a bit more as he began to start laying out the tiles he would be using.

He forgot all about Eric, until he heard his voice calling his. He turned around to see him standing in the doorway, smiling that smile of his that instantly made Grant blush. He smiled back as Eric thanked him for the loan of pants, telling him he had left them in the change room, and would see him later, as he was off for the day. Grant just smiled as he watched him take off, those firm cheeks swaying as he loped off outside. The rip in the pants a little bigger, the blue of his underwear a bit more visible.

Realizing the time, he cleaned up and headed back to the change room, to slip out of his work duds, and put on his own pants. He was heading straight off into town, to the local bar, which is why he had the dress pants with him. As he tugged them up his own legs, he thought he could smell Eric’s cologne on the pants, which made zipping them up a little difficult. He really was attracted to him, but he quickly realized that nothing would ever come of it.

After all, he was over 20 years his senior. Though he had to admit, sometimes he sort of got the impression that Eric wouldn’t object to a night out with him. Whether it would lead to anything, that was something he wasn’t certain of. Would be nice, as he rather though Eric wouldn’t be a dead fuck. He’d be one of those that just might be a keeper, but as he slipped his runners on, he knew he’d never know. No way was he going to take the first step, it was just too risky.

You never knew what could happen. Some would laugh, some would get pissed, some might even get down right ignorant about such a question. Though he doubted Eric would fall into that category, he didn’t want to risk it. Sometimes, he wondered how he ever had gotten laid, the way he was such a wuss about this stuff. Yet, at the bar, in surrounding he was comfortable in, he wasn’t exactly the shy type. Though he was known to maybe take his time before broaching the subject, least there he knew they were gay. Worse that would happen is they’d say no, but outside the bar, well that was totally different.

Approaching his truck, Grant stuck his hand into the pants pocket, forgetting his keys were in his jacket. He felt something in the pocket, and as he pulled it out, he realized it was a folded piece of paper. He thought Eric must have left it there, and as he unfolded it, his eyes widen. His heart raced a little, and he got a huge grin over his face.

The note was cute, as it said: Thanks for letting me get into your pants, next time, maybe you’ll be in them too? Under the printed words, was a phone number, double underlined too.

Shy he might be, cautious he could be, but stupid he sure as hell wasn’t, as he grabbed his Cel phone and punched in the number quickly. He had to do it twice, before he could get the number right, and it didn’t take him long to suddenly have his whole evening plans changed. The call hadn’t taken long, and a small chuckle escaped his lips as he climbed into his truck, whistling even as he tore out of the parking lot.

He had a date, and he could feel his excitement in very real terms. His pants had the obvious tenting to them, as he made his way to where he was to pick up Eric. Pulling up, he couldn’t help but notice him, standing at the curb, waiting. Looked like he wasn’t the only impatient one as he swerved in, and stopped the truck. He looked out at Eric’s smiling face while leaning over to unlock the passenger side door, and await for Eric to climb in.

Took you long enough.’ He said as he settled in, and reached to buckle up his seatbelt.

Truck needs a tune up’ was his reply as he just smiled, gunning the truck to head out and away. Where he had no idea, as he turned to Eric.

Where to? Dinner first then maybe the bar?

Eric turned to him, and seemed to get a rather forlorn face. He seemed to take a moment, as if thinking about it, then in a rather soft voice he answered.

They serve protein only at restaurants now?

Grant couldn’t believe his ears, as he looked at Eric. His eyes moved from the road to Eric, back to the road, then to Eric again as he felt a hand suddenly resting on his thigh. He glanced down to see the long tapered fingers, resting there. His heart skipped a few beats as he turned left at one intersection, then right onto another and shortly was on the highway, heading to his home.

As they cruised along the highway, Eric kept his hand on Grant’s leg. He couldn’t believe how hard he was inside his pants, just from that casual touch and he kept glancing over, noticing how Eric’s own pants seemed to be rather tented. He had on jeans, not the one’s he had worn to work, but they looked a little threadbare, and at the knee, he could see the flesh under the white worn threads. He couldn’t wait to get home, to see a damn site more and each time he thought about it, he found his eyes moving up to stare at Eric, who returned the look.

It was a bit unnerving, the silence, and yet also rather erotic. He felt the excitement growing, and they were like two school kids, the way they just kept grinning. It was as if the smiles were plastered on their faces, but looking at Eric, he couldn’t help but wish he could just pull over and kiss him. With a sudden inspiration, he turned off at the upcoming cross road, and the truck bumped along a dusty road, until they were driving slower among a forest of trees, that threatened to smother the road itself.

He pulled into a small driveway, or turn off, that was hidden from the road itself, and stopped. He turned and before he could even move his head, he felt Eric’s breathe on his face. He had moved over next to him, and as he turned his face, there was Eric. The eyes were sparkling, and suddenly the hand on his thigh was now rubbing along Grant’s crotch.

Sighing, he saw Eric’s face loom before his own, and then he felt the light press of Eric’s lips on his own. His body quivered as he felt the moist warm lips brush his own, and he found his hands reaching out, to wrap around the slender young man’s body. His own body was still trembling as he pulled Eric in closer, and their mouths pressed up against each other harder.

Grant felt Eric’s lips part, and his did as well. His tongue licked out, touching the hard enamel of Eric’s teeth, then wiggled in past them, to suddenly taste Eric’s tongue and mouth. He groaned as Eric bit his lip lightly, and they kissed deep and hard for several minutes. As they did, their hands were exploring the other’s body.

From a quick grope of Eric’s groin, Grant knew that Eric was hard, just as he was. He let his hands reach up under the shirt, and felt the hard stomach muscles shaking to his hand. He felt the warm flesh, that made his own heart skip several beats, while they tasted each other with a growing sense of urgency.

It wasn’t yet dark outside, though getting that way. Still, he felt like he was in the middle of a fireworks display. Brilliant flashes of light seemed to cross his face, each time he drove his tongue in past Eric’s. The kiss was unbelievable, as he struggled to breathe. His body was shaking a little, as he felt Eric’s hand tugging at his pants. He didn’t realize it at first, but felt the sudden draft, as it dawned on his mind that Eric had managed to unzip his pants.

He quickly put his hand down there, to rub and caress Grant’s hard cock. He felt the fingers tugging and then pushing at him, then slowly running along the shaft that was wedged tightly between his belly and the dress pants. The hand moved and groped him, while still kissing, then they broke apart.

Both were panting as they stared at each other. Eric smiled, as he reached down and undid his own jeans. He spread them open and looked down, as he pulled his own hard cock out of the shorts, then looked back up at Grant. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what was on Eric’s mind at that moment, as he leaned over, and rested his head on the upper part of Eric’s stomach. His eyes were focused on the hard cock that stuck out, a small dab of white showing around the center of the cock head. He felt his heart racing, as he leaned further down, pushing his leg as far as he could against the driver’s door. His breath was ragged, as he saw Eric’s belly heaving from the anticipation.

He let his head move down, his one arm up and around the shoulder of the young man. Grant felt a hand rise up and rest on the top of his head, as he slowly lowered himself, to where his lips hovered just over the fiery purple looking cock head. The light was fading fast, but he wanted to remember how it looked, taking his time, despite the urgent pressure on his head from Eric’s hand.

Grant breathed in deeply, smelling the man scent, the aroma that was of an aroused Eric. He could feel the smell tickle the back of his nostrils as he closed his eyes, and lowered his head slowly. His lips touched the tip of the cock, and he felt the shudder it created in Eric.

He heard the soft moan, as he opened his lips wider, to let them slide along the head, to slowly move and envelop the cock head. The soft moans grew a bit louder, as he let his lips tighten around the head, the taste of the pre cum beginning to make his own body shiver with excitement. Grant heard his own moans, as he lowered his head a little bit more, slowly moving down the hot cock head, until they were just touching the shaft, under the cock head. He felt the head swell even more, as he let his tongue lick at the head of Eric’s cock.

Suddenly he shot his head all the way down the throbbing pole. His nose dug deep into the soft underbelly, next to the groin, and he heard Eric gasp, felt his body jerk and shake as he took the whole cock deep into his mouth. He almost gagged, but held it back, as the cock went down his throat. Grant tightened his lips around the very base of the cock, and twisted his head as he slowly brought his head up and off the cock shaft, until once more all that was inside his mouth was Eric’s swollen cock head.

Eric groaned loudly, his hand was now twisting various strands of Grant’s hair, as he shivered to the feelings racing in and up his young body. Grant licked at the head, then once more drove his mouth down, taking the whole cock into his mouth, again twisting his lips at the base, then slowly pulling off the shaft, but this time he didn’t stop and let his tongue lick at the head. Instead, just as his lips felt the underneath of the cock head cap, he let his head go down, faster than before, and he brought it up faster too, and he continued to suck on the pole. Faster and faster he moved, as the hand on his head, was pulling hard on his hair, and he felt the pain, as he sucked on Eric’s cock.

His fingers moved from holding the firm thighs, to reach under, to poke at the full balls that dangled beneath. His fingers pressed, then slid down under, searching for more than the small eggs. His one finger moved up the valley, between Eric’s firm buttocks. The tip reaching upwards, until it found the small tight little hole. The tip of his finger couldn’t move higher, despite Eric lifting his ass up off the seat. It didn’t matter though as he stroked the hot little valley, while at the same time taking the throbbing pole into his mouth.

Eric was yelling now, groaning and moaning totally out of control. His hand no longer held Grant’s head, as he arched his body, driving his cock into Grant’s mouth. He cried out, then once more the hands were both on top of Grant’s head. They held the head, then began to force it down, while the body arched upwards. The cock was driven hard into his mouth, making him gag slightly, as it dug deep into his throat. In a second he felt the head jerking, felt it swell, then suddenly bang from side to side as Eric lost his control totally.

The hot cum filled his throat in less than a second, was filling his mouth and beginning to dribble out of the corners before Grant could swallow. It was a salty sweet taste, that he hadn’t tasted for a long time. He quickly swallowed again, and again, as the hard cock inside continued to spew its heavy thick cream into the throat. Grant felt the hands release his head, as the loud groan filled the truck’s cab. The body beneath him, sank back down onto the seat, and he could feel the whole body trembling. The seat shook from Eric’s vibrating body as the last of his cum finally dribbled out into Grant’s mouth.

Slowly he let the spent cock out of his grip, and lifted his own head up and off. Leaning back, he stared at Eric, his own heart still pounding, his breathing ragged and shallow as he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

Eric was still panting, as he too leaned back, and stared at Grant for what seemed an eternity. His eyes were sparkling brighter than he had ever seen, as he also notice the small curl of the young man’s lips. It was a gorgeous site, as he tried to regain his composure.

When do you start work tomorrow?

Four’ he answered as he saw the smile grow, the eyes light up even more.

Cool, now you don’t have to drive me home later, unless you want to?

Grant just smiled at him, as he replied.

Yeah right, little fucker, I’ll show you what I gonna drive home in a few minutes.’ as he zipped his pants up and put the truck back into gear, to head back onto the road, and to his home.

Eric just smiled as he looked down at his exposed crotch, and as he let his finger run across his limp shaft. His eyes looked like they were on fire as he replied: ‘Do we have to wait that long?

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