Fiction – No Mama’s Boy

No Mama’s Boy

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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Boyd adjusted his tie as he watched the old couple exit their car, and wait impatiently for the younger man to join them. The mother reached out and adjusted the young man’s collar and pushed him forward, as if he was a child. Fact was, the young man was nearly 20, or so they had told Boyd numerous times. He was growing a little tired of the Menzies, specially the mother who really was a pain in the ass. To say she was a domineering lady would be an understatement.

Even her husband seemed to shrink under her tongue, as she commented on everything, at least twice. No wonder the man had become a success in business, he had to in order to keep her happy or maybe it was simply his way of escaping her dominance, by working hard and late. At first glance he looked like a man in his late sixties, early seventies, but in fact was not yet 58. Boyd could see how living with her would age anyone prematurely.

This was the seventh house he had arranged for them to view. He hoped it would be the last as he was growing tired of her constant complaints, and frankly, he didn’t give a damn anymore for the commission. It was rapidly becoming not worth the hassle though he had to admit, it would be nice. Still it was strange, to have parents out looking for a house, for their son when the guy was still in college. According to Mrs Menzies, it was a gift because of the boy’s success at school.

Some parents gave their kids cars, fancy computers but a house? He had heard it all now, and he felt for the kid too. Garrett was his name, and he was a looker. He had curly dark hair, shoulder length and wore one of those stocking type hats, despite his mother’s objections. She was always nagging at him to take it off, and when he did, she would always click her tongue at his hair, asking when he was going to get it cut, to look like a decent young man instead of some ruffian.

The way she could beat a person down was unbelievable. She had even taken off on Boyd, asking if he really thought a house he was showing them was something a decent person would want. It felt like she thought most of his clients were sub human or something. She had found fault with virtually every house he had shown. One had the sink in the wrong place, didn’t have enough open space in the living room, another had too many trees, a third was simply in a neighbourhood she wouldn’t wish on her worst enemy. Like they would object to being far away from her?

Still it was obvious, he had to please her in order to make the sale. She wanted a house that had several rooms, because her Garrett would have a big family. He would be entertaining as well, so the house had to have a large back area and dining room. The kid was not even 20 for Christ’s sake, and already she had him being the CEO of some huge corporation. He hated those types of pushy people, but they had the money. They were already approved for anything up to three quarters of million, and the funds were in trust, ready to be spent if he could find them the right house, for her precious Garrett.

He was an interesting specimen of hen pecked child, he thought as he watched him lope up the sidewalk, ahead of his parents. He was tall, over six foot but seemed to always be bent over. His body was slender, but you could see the muscles developing in them. He looked athletic, though not muscle bound like many kids were. While he was almost 20, he still had that look of a teenager in his face. A long roman style nose, thin pale lips, and eyes that seemed to hold a secret completed the picture. His every move was watched by Mama, as he called her, which always seemed to have an air of exasperation when spoken.

Still he was generally silent, his head always looking downwards, and only once or twice had he managed to look right at Boyd. Each time, Boyd had felt a stirring in his groin. The guy was a dream, and he wished he could get time alone with him, not to get into his pants, though that would be a bonus, but simply to get to know him better. He had that quality, that look, that made you want to know him, in any way he was willing to let you.

The few times he had seen him apart from the domineering mother he had seemed like he’d be a worthwhile companion, or friend. He had a quick smile, that simply made Boyd’s heart do a few flips. It was the look of innocence that was tinged with a ‘that’s what you think’ look. He might appear docile, might appear sweet and innocent, but there was something about him that made you think twice about it. He really wished he could get him alone, and he knew too, that if it was up to him, he’d have taken at least one of the other homes. He had really seemed impressed by the one, near the University campus, but dear old mother had squashed that. She claimed it was not close enough to convenient shopping or schools, imagining a huge family for a kid not even engaged yet, let alone married.

Thinking about it, as he welcomed them and opened the front doors to the home, he realized that each time she mentioned kids, mentioned marriage, Garrett would grimace, would get a look of distaste on his face. It was an interesting notion, but he got the impression that he really wasn’t interested in having children, or even of being married. It helped Boyd with his own little fantasy that had developed since first meeting the Menzies.

Boyd might be a hot real estate agent, even for someone as young as he was. After all, he was just 32, but already he had joined the elite in his company, turning over a lot of homes. He really wanted this sale, because it would give him the top sales for the month, which also meant an all expense trip to the Bahamas. He rather wanted that trip, which was one reason why he hadn’t told Mrs Menzies to take a hike. It was tempting though, to see her face, but he also knew it would cause him no end of grief at the office. She wouldn’t let it end nicely, as he continued to go into his sales patter, showing them the kitchen, the closet space, cupboards, and everything else he could think of that she had insisted on.

Walking out from the dining area, they were standing on a rather nice outdoor patio. The swimming pool glistened in the sunlight, and wasn’t a typical pool. It was curved and rather unique, something he was quick to point out. She had complained about the pools, about how unimaginative they had looked. This one was certainly different, and so far, knock on wood, she hadn’t complained. He noticed how even Garrett seemed to liven up a little, as he showed them the backyard, the open grass that would be ideal for added entertaining.

They stood by the front doors, and he almost fainted when she informed him that they had seen enough. At first he didn’t take it in, until she mentioned they’d meet him back at the office, to sign the papers. He fell over himself, thanking her and assuring her it was a good buy, and he noticed too how Garrett even seemed rather buoyed by the decision. Hell, who wouldn’t be, as it was a great house, and a bargain too.

The signing of papers was a nightmare. Every single piece of paper had to be read, fully. Mrs Menzies kept harping on how she didn’t like surprises, so it seemed forever before finally she told her husband he could sign the papers. Boyd was aware of the eyes on his little group, as he handed the papers to Mr Menzies, who looked at him with a look of resignation. You could see it in his eyes, that he wasn’t thrilled by it all, but he would do as she said. Looking over at Garrett, he noticed the eyes sparkling, and as the papers were signed, witnessed by his secretary and one of the other office girls, he couldn’t help but feel like there was still more to come.

It was signed, but somehow he had this feeling that she would find something to throw a wrench into it all. Still the closing date was a short one, which she had insisted on. He kept searching her face, and that of the family, but found nothing to warrant his apprehension, until they began to leave. He watched them head towards the car, when suddenly Garrett turned and rushed back up to him. He pushed past, muttering he had left his cap at the desk, and as he turned to watch him move quickly, he couldn’t help but notice the impatient look on Mrs Menzies.

As he came sauntering back, his cap firmly on his head, he stopped next to Boyd. With a rather disarming smile he thanked him, and then asked if it would be possible to meet later, at the house, to take another look. Boyd naturally agreed, and they set a time for 9pm. His heart was doing flip flops, as he wondered if there would be a last minute hitch. That and having to endure Mrs Menzies one more time made his stomach queasy.

He was leaning on his car, waiting for the Menzies, when a sleek new Corvette came rumbling down the street. He watched as the car slid in to park behind his, and out popped Garrett. There was no Mother or Father, and he felt his body tense up. The young man was dressed in a pair of faded denims, a skin tight t-shirt over his torso and no cap. It was strange to see him that way, as he smiled at Boyd. There was a whole new look to him, a look of confidence that he had never seen before as they greeted each other.

Walking up together, he could smell the scent of Garrett’s cologne, as he talked about how he wanted to check out a few things, before it was too late. Once more the apprehension in his gut was making his stomach upset, but he kept a pasted smile on his face, assuring the young man that it was a great deal. Garrett just seemed to nod, as they once more toured the inside of the home. He opened closet doors, looked at the appliances in the kitchen, and then slid open the patio door, to step out.

The pool was still glistening in the fading light as Garrett just stood there, looking at it and the backyard. He remarked that it was nice to have a high fence. It was how he had said it, that made Boyd stare at him a little closer. He had a strange glint in his eye as he talked about the pool, asking many questions. Finally he turned to Boyd, and asked if he could check it out.

Boyd was a bit surprised by the request, but quickly agreed. He was stunned, as Garrett smiled at him, and kicked his shoes off. He quickly took his shirt off, revealing his rather well defined chest and flat belly. With his face still looking at Boyd, he bent over, as he slid his pants down his long legs, tossing them aside next to his discarded sneakers. Then he removed each sock, and stood back up. He was wearing a pair of skimpy shorts, that clearly showed the outline of Garrett’s rather long cock.

It seemed to simply fill the entire front of the skimpy shorts, and he couldn’t help but stare at it. For some reason, Garrett just stood there, letting him stare at his crotch, then he saw the hands as they took hold of the waist band, and before he could avert his eyes, the shorts were being tossed to rest with the discarded denims.

Staring at him was one of the most gorgeous cocks he had ever seen. It wasn’t overly thick, but it would certainly fill up anyone’s hole, and it was pointing right at him. He could see the slit in the head, a small wisp of grey just barely noticeable. It was fully erect as well, as Boyd finally lifted his eyes, to stare at Garrett.

Is it what you thought it would be?

Boyd, gulped, as he stared at Garrett, who once more had that look on his face. Yet it was different, as he had a strange little grin across his face. The eyes were sparkling, as he spoke, and all Boyd could do was swallow hard. His own eyes couldn’t help it either, as once more they moved down the tall young man’s body, to stare at the young man’s naked body.

It’s perfect’ he softly murmured as he looked back up at Garrett. He could see the glint in the eyes, as the young man just stood there, looking at him.

Yeah? Show me how perfect.

It was strange, but this wasn’t the same hen pecked mama’s boy he was used to. This was a man, in charge and it was all rather thrilling too. Such a change, and as he stared down at the hard cock, he realized that there would be no little kids running around this house, there would be no wife overseeing the cooking in the kitchen. He smiled as he stepped forward, looking up briefly at Garrett, then as he was close enough, he dropped down onto his knees.

His face was level with Garrett’s fully erect penis. He saw the vein bulging underneath, the head deeply colored, waiting. The cock swayed a little as he looked down the rather long shaft, at the wiry pubic hairs that surrounded the thicker base of the cock. He could smell that special man scent, the aroma of a male fully aroused, and he grinned as he reached out with his hand, to lightly touch the naked thigh. Boyd felt the muscles tremble to his touch, the cock wavered a bit, as he moved his hand over towards the young man’s groin, where he slowly placed his fingers.

Each one wrapping tightly around the thick shaft, and holding steady the long cock pole. He glanced up briefly, saw the head staring down at him, and then he felt the hands reach down, one on his shoulder, the other on the top of his head. He felt the hands gently pushing him forward, and he let his eyes drop back down, to gaze at the hard cock.

Boyd licked his lips, then slowly let the hand on his head guide him forward. He opened his mouth, letting his lips lightly brush the head, before fully opening and let the head inside. He could feel the slight tremor as his mouth moved over the head. The hand on his shoulder tightened, as he slid his mouth along the throbbing pole. He felt the quivering cock jerk a little inside, as he tightened his lips around the pole. He heard a small moan from above, as the hand on his head became more forceful, urging him on.

It felt odd, but he couldn’t resist as he slid the cock down his throat. With a great deal of effort, he managed to relax his throat enough to take the cock and as his face brushed the pubic hairs on one side, he heard another moan. He reached around to now grasp the young man’s thighs, holding them in his grip as he began to slowly move his head in and out.

The hands dug in, his as well as the motion grew faster, and he could hear small groans, soft whispers of encouragement, as he sucked on the throbbing cock. His own body was aching, as he twisted his head a little, licking and sucking the cock, and it was rewarded with louder moans, a groan even as pulled back, licked the cock, kissed it, then swallowed it all in one thrust of his mouth. He heard the moan, felt the thighs stiffen, as he sucked hard, and moved one hand down and under to probe the balls.

Boyd felt them shake and tremble to his touch, as he dug his hand down and up, to slide up the boy’s buttocks. His finger was sliding up, reaching for the boy’s rectum, and he felt the hips thrusting forward, both hands now grabbing his head, making it go faster. The loud groans were intoxicating, as he reached down with one hand, to push at his own cock, and then back up to Garrett’s inner thigh. His fingers tightened, dug deep into the young man’s flesh as he heard the cry, felt the cock jerking inside his mouth.

I am cumming, Gawd, I am cumming’ echoed in his ears, as he felt the first stream of hot milk come out of the jerking head. He felt the head move from side to side as it reared back, then shot forward, letting the hot cream flow out in a torrent.

He swallowed quickly, first once, then again, as his throat was rapidly filled by the hot milk. He heard the cries, the hands twisting his hair, shoving his head harder into the groin. His nose was pressing deep into the crevice between Garrett’s sweating thigh and groin.

Cum was dribbling out from the corner’s of his mouth, as he felt the body shudder. He felt Garrett’s whole body weight press on his face, as the young man’s body shook and trembled to his release. Boyd swallowed as quickly as could, but still it wasn’t enough, as the heavy load of cum filled both his throat and moth. He gagged as finally the cock stopped filling his mouth, and he was able to swallow the last without much trouble.

He was panting as he leaned back on his haunches, and as Garrett pulled back, to stand before him, totally spent. He looked up to see the face, a soft glow across it, sweat making it almost glisten in the darkening sky. The chest was still heaving, and he could see the sweat around some of the young man’s torso, as he licked his lips, still in shock from the whole episode.

Garrett, slowly stepped back, until he was next to one of the deck chairs, and lowered his naked body onto it. He stared over at Boyd, a small smile on his face, as he wiped his brow. His chest was still heaving as he spoke.

Hope you got some condoms

Boyd could feel his own breathing returning to normal, as he just smiled and nodded. He learned early in the Real Estate game, to always be prepared. Garrett smiled back, as he ran his hand up and down his naked chest, still panting a little.

Good’ was all he said, as he just sat there, staring at Boyd.

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