Fiction – The Change Room

The Change Room

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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The window display looked interesting, but what got Ron’s attention was the young man behind the display, who was placing some merchandise on a shelf. He looked young, perhaps barely 18 or 19, had longish brown hair, but as he bent over, his ass was amazing. Ron swallowed hard, as he stared beyond the display, at the firm cheeks that showed in the loose fitting dress pants the young man was wearing.

Walking in to the store, he glanced around. There were a few others milling around and he noticed a rather odd young girl as well. Odd because she had spiked hair, all different colors and was rather pasty looking. His attention moved around to find the young man now standing next to some hanging pants.

Ron couldn’t explain it, but he felt like there was something about the young man that seemed familiar. Not in the sense that he knew him, just that perhaps he was ‘family’ as some would call it. It wasn’t like he looked effeminate, or anything. The young man has some definition to him too, but it was perhaps his look, the way he tilted his head when another male walked past, or something like that.

He approached the rack and began to browse among the various styles of jeans hanging down. Ron looked at some of the price tags, amazed at how the prices weren’t really any cheaper or expensive than back at home. Still, it wasn’t like he was a clothes horse either, though he had to admit that he enjoyed the shopping experience. It was always a great way for him to admire the staff and customers these small exclusive stores attracted.

While he certainly wasn’t in the age group that generally shopped in these stores, being perhaps 40 years older than most of the customers, he did rather look like he could pull off the style. After all, he did keep himself in good shape. Heck the odd one he had met had been genuinely surprised at his age, when they found out, assuming he was considerably younger than he actually was.

One more of the perks of being in shape. It did tend to help attract what might normally be considered unavailable encounters.

He was daydreaming again, as he pushed a few of the pants aside, unaware that the young man had come up from behind, and was watching. Ron was off in his own little world, so that when the young man asked if he needed any help, he was startled. He jumped a bit, or more accurately flinched as he turned around to see the young man. It was his first full view of the young man, and he was impressed.

He had dark eyes, with fine eyebrows that only accentuated the young man’s facial features. His nose was just perfect for the rather long face, and thin pale lips. He was intrigued by the mouth, how is looked so kissable, and he couldn’t help but smile as he thought about that. The eyes seemed to sparkle as well, as he waited for Ron’s reply.

Do you have these in a 32?’ he asked, wanting to prolong the chance meeting. He was rather smitten by the young man’s appearance, and he loved the way the young man had spoke. It was soft in tone, but had a sort of lilt to it that got Ron’s heart thumping a bit faster.

I think so, let me check’ the man replied, as he reached past Ron’s body, his arm lightly brushing Ron’s own arm. The slight touch made his body tingle a bit as he moved aside, to let the man get in closer. He could smell his cologne which was rather unusual, but certainly added to his attraction to the man.

He slid several pants across the rack, and kept turning his head to stare at Ron, then push more pants until he found a pair that he seemed satisfied with. He pulled them off the rack, and held them up and then reached out to hold them close to Ron’s body. He stared down, and for some unknown reason, Ron felt rather excited. Hell it was like he was being checked out and that familiar feeling was there again, as he just stared back.

These should be right, though I don’t know, they might be a bit loose’ he said, as Ron just looked. He was feeling rather excited, and there was that tell tale ache in his groin as he just looked at the young man. He had a very slender look, even though he certainly seemed to fill out the shirt he was wearing, as well as the pants.

Ron looked down at the pants and smiled. ‘They should be okay’ was all he could muster, though he wished he could think of something witty to say, to maybe also indicate that he really was shopping for more than pants.

The young man got a strange look on his face. His lips were pursed as he stared down at the pants dangling in front of Ron’s body. His eyes seemed to be looking right through the jeans and he felt his body twitch a little.

I don’t know, maybe you should try them on?

Oh I don’t think that’s necessary, the should fit fine

They do look close, but this brand has a habit of not quite being the standard size they show, really might be a better idea to uh, try them on

It was how he said it the second time that got Ron looking closer at the young man. He seemed insistent on him trying them on, which was odd, and also rather exciting. He felt like saying he would, if the guy would help but somehow he just couldn’t bring himself to say the words. Yet even as he thought about it, he felt like perhaps that was the idea behind the rather insistent words of the young man.

Seems okay.

True, but you can’t really tell until you slip them on. You aren’t from here are you?

Huh? Oh no, I am from Florida.

I thought you were a visitor. You here on vacation or business?

It was how he said the last word that suddenly made Ron perk his ears up and stare at the young man closer. The eyes seemed to be suggesting more than he could hope for, but he was never good at innuendo’s. He smiled at the young man, wondering if there was more to his casual comment or not.

Little bit of both, thinking of perhaps moving up here, the weather sure seems nice, and I do love the atmosphere. Everyone seems so friendly.

The young man just smiled, which made Ron’s heart skip a beat or two. When the kid smiled, it was amazing. His whole face lit up and Ron couldn’t help but feel attracted to him. Still, it was one thing to imagine he was ‘family, quite another to actually ask. He was feeling a bit hesitant, which the young man seemed to pick up on.

Yep, most are very friendly up here, less hang-ups I think. Been to Florida once, for spring break last year actually, as sort of a graduation present from my parents. I enjoyed it, though it was a bit awkward, all those girls and stuff.

It can be rather hectic down there during Spring Break. I try to not be around then.

Oh it was okay, just not what I had expected. Seemed it was all about scoring.

Well, I suppose, though I’d doubt if that would be much of a problem for someone like you.

The young man smiled again, and even seemed to blush a little. It was rather nice to see.

It had it’s moments, I guess. I hear it is better at Daytona Beach, but…

He couldn’t help but look a little closer. Daytona Beach was known for more of being a Gay Spring Break locale, than Florida. He felt that familiar feeling again, as he broke off eye contact. He was getting rather excited, and didn’t want to show it, just in case. After all, this wasn’t back home.

Daytona is known for its Spring Break, that’s for sure’ was all he could manage, unsure of how to break through. He wanted to just come out and ask, but he also didn’t want to be confronted with a scene.

The young man stared at him for a minute or two, then he turned and picked out three more pairs of pants. He put them over his arm and looked over to the counter, where the strange girl was leaning over, polishing her nails it seemed.

Mel, I’ll be in the change area, helping this gentlemen, holler if you need me’ and he smiled at Ron, before the girl acknowledged. He was suddenly following the young man towards the very back of the store, his eyes firmly fixed to swaying cheeks.

They came to a curtained off area, and walked through as the young man held the curtain open for him. He stood inside a rather dimly lit area and waited as the man moved past him, brushing his leg as he did. The man lead him around a corner, where two doors stood open. Obviously the change rooms as the young man walked into the one.

Ron followed inside, the rather cramped little room, watching as the man hung up the different pairs of pants. He selected one pair, taking them off the hanger. He turned and smiled, and indicated for Ron to step inside more. He didn’t object as he moved in, and felt the young man’s hand move past, and close the door. He felt the young man stare at him, then reach back to the door, and he heard the door lock being slid across.

He glanced up at the young man’s face. He just looked at him, and he could feel the desire inside of him, building up. His body was aroused, and he could see the same desire reflected in the dark eyes that peered at him. The man smiled again, but it was different, it had a strange look of satisfaction. It was as if the guy had been hunting him, and now was about to enjoy the capture, the kill, so to speak.

Before he could even utter a word, he felt the young man reach out to grab at his belt. His mouth opened as the young man undid his pants, and pushed them down to his ankles. Ron stared down, as the young man looked up, and asked him to step out of the pants. He obeyed, feeling a bit overwhelmed by the turn of events. It certainly was what he had wanted, but to have it actually happen, was still hard for him to fathom.

Stepping out, he saw the young man staring up at his crotch. He could see his eyes devouring the rather full package of his groin, at how his aroused penis was tenting the fabric of his briefs. He smiled down, and that was all the encouragement the young man seemed to need. Before Ron knew it, his shorts were down at his ankles, and the young man had already reached up to grab hold of his throbbing cock.

It was a bit of a shock actually, as he felt the fingers wrap around his shaft, gripping his cock. Looking down he saw the questioning eyes, and sighed. It was truly what he had wanted, the instant he had spied the young man bending over the shelf, and now it seemed like his thoughts were coming true. The hand held his cock firmly as the eyes sparkled, then the head moved down, and Ron groaned as the young man’s lips caressed the head of his cock.

He felt his body shiver, as his body experienced the warm press of the young man’s lips on his cock head, slowly tightening around the head, then gradually moving down his throbbing shaft. He felt his legs tremble, as the young man’s mouth enveloped his cock.

Slowly his mouth covered his whole cock. Ron wasn’t exactly average either and he was pleasantly surprised as he felt his whole cock being taken deep into the young man’s mouth. He could feel the throat muscles contracting and expanding as his pole was slowly taken deep inside. He felt the teeth lightly grating across his skin, adding to the waves of pleasure that filled his thoughts.

His whole body was tense as the man took him right up to the hilt of his cock. The man’s nose pressed up into the soft underbelly of his crotch, and his balls were aching as felt the man’s breath across his swinging scrotum. He groaned, as the man slowly began to withdraw, to pull his head back, but it was only for a brief moment, then the head was once more moving inwards. Once more it was pressing hard into his soft groin, making him tremble even more.

Ron found himself leaning back against the wall of the change room, his hands firmly planted on the young man’s shoulder. He could feel his motion, as the head continued to move up and down his cock, making him groan more with each inward thrust of his head. He felt the trembling in his legs, the cramping of his lower calf muscles, as his body surrendered to the urgent grip of the young man’s mouth. He could even hear him moan a little as he took his cock in deep, licking at the underside as the pole would pass across the tongue.

His body was coiled, as the motion grew more intense. The hands were now firmly placed on his hips, the fingers digging in deep as the young man sucked on his cock with increasing desire. He felt the motion become more determined, more intense as he struggled to hold on, to let the rolling waves of pleasure fill his entire body.

Ron closed his eyes, unable to bear the sight of the dark haired young man, bobbing back and forth. He felt himself surrender to the extreme pleasure, his head rolling from side to side as the hands held his body firmly in their grasp. The sounds of his cock being sucked echoed in his ears, as he started to moan, to join in the sounds of lust.

He couldn’t hold it any longer. His own hands now dug hard into the boy’s shoulders. Ron even heard the small yelp but he ignored it as he suddenly arched forward, driving his cock even further into the mouth that held him fast. He bit his lower lip, unwilling to scream, desperate to choke it off for fear of others hearing, as his body squirmed and bucked beneath him. His legs were rigid as his head grew feint, as his whole body focused on the pleasure coming from his groin.

The young man’s hands gripped him tightly, the nose wedged hard into his groin, next to his thigh. His heart was racing, as he bit hard onto his lower lip, as his body pushed outwards. The head was pressed hard into him, as he felt his cock jerk inside of the warm mouth. His muted cries were followed by the release he felt, as his cum was sent shooting outwards.

The body shook and shuddered, as his hands reached up and held the young man’s head firmly in place, while his body unloaded deep into the opened throat. He heard the small gurgle, the near choking sound that was quickly ended. Ron felt the young man swallowing, and swallowing again as his milk filled his young throat, then mouth. His chest ached, and was heaving as he slowly sank back against the wall, the last of his cum dribbling out into the mouth that still held his cock firmly.

He was struggling to regain his breath, as the young man slowly pulled back, and Ron’s cock was once more free. He looked down, to see the eyes staring up at him, a thin white coating across the young man’s mouth and the sparkling eyes only made him quiver a bit more. He smiled down at the young man, who smiled back, and leaned back on his haunches. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, as he let himself regain his composure.

Slowly the young man stood back up, to stare directly into Ron’s face. His face was alit as he reached out, and picked up one pair of pants he had brought in with them. He handed them to Ron.

I’ll pop out while you try these on, just need to check on Mel, but I’ll be back to make sure they are a proper fit.

Ron just smiled as he began to pull his shorts up. He stopped as the young man turned and frowned, looking a little crestfallen. Ron was a bit quizzical, then pushed the shorts back down, stepping out of them this time. The young man broke into a smile as he turned to head off.

I won’t be but a minute.’ He said, as he reached into his pocket and then tossed a thin plastic package towards Ron. He caught the item, bit surprised, then looked at it, recognizing it as a condom. He lifted his head up, to see the young man staring at him, almost out the door. Ron smiled, that made the young man grin and close the door. Ron sat down in the chair, ignoring the pants, holding the condom in one hand.

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