Fiction – High Stakes Poker

High Stakes Poker

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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Taylor had been playing every Wednesday night with the same guys. Ever since they met in High School, it was a ritual with them all to meet at one or the other’s place and sit down, drink some beer, and play cards. It wasn’t high stakes poker or anything, but it was fun, a diversion that they all enjoyed.

Only Tommy had left the group, when it came time to go to college. The rest were all sticking close to home, by going to one or the other of the local colleges in the region. That allowed them to keep the weekly games going, and the stakes never seemed to rise either. He might win or lose up to $20 in a night, but it wasn’t like it was tonight.

First mistake they had made, was in bringing in a new player. Taylor hadn’t been keen on it, until he saw him. The guy was definitely hot. He was Cal’s friend from college, a tall 20 year old from Florida that had an athletes body to go with his angular face, long blond hair and greenish colored eyes. He didn’t seem to smile, but he had a look about him that made Taylor a bit weak in the knees, and instantly hard in the groin.

The instant Taylor saw Brett, he felt a strange uneasiness inside, as well as the attraction. They locked eyes at the beginning, and it seemed that Brett was always there, looking at him. No matter what, whenever he turned to see him, he was staring back, and each time there was a strange little curl around his lips, an almost sensual look. It made for playing cards hard, as he knew that Brett was always watching his every move.

No one else seemed to notice, and while the first few hands had gone normally, it quickly changed, thanks to Brett. He plunked down several bills on the table, mostly ten’s and twenty’s and derided them all for playing bush league poker. He upped the ante, shaming them all into reaching into their pockets to pull out what cash they had.

They were all college kids, and money was never in abundance. Somehow, most of his friends found themselves borrowing from Brett, who never seemed to run low on funds. It was almost as if he had his pockets stuffed with cash. He also was winning, as the pots grew larger, from their normal five to ten dollars, to eighty and even a hundred dollars.

The night didn’t seem fun anymore, though Taylor stuck in the game. He couldn’t help it, he was so attracted to the rough boy look and attitude of Brett, that he just kept playing. Not well either, and as the night wore on, he found himself running short of cash. Unlike the others, he hadn’t borrowed from Brett yet, but he was thinking of it, as slowly his friends became tapped out, and called it quits.

It was the final hand, the others had more or less walked away, each of them in debt to Brett, who made sure they knew it, when each one left. It was said softly too, but his voice had a tint of menace to it, that made them all just nod, acknowledging their debt.

As the last of his friends left, wishing him luck and they heard the car revving up, he stared at his hand. He looked over at Brett, saw a blank stare, and wondered if he had that other 10 or was bluffing? It was his first decent hand of the night, and had quickly escalated into the most expensive one so far. It had finally tipped the balance, as he had close to a hundred in the pot himself. Billy and Colin had folded, leaving nearly the same in the pot, plus leaving owing Brett nearly three hundred a piece.

He closed the fanned cards, tapped them on the table and stared over at Brett. It was the last round, and the stakes had gone up considerably. Brett had raised him, an even hundred. Taylor was certain it was a bluff, but he was short. No way could he let him go though, he was that certain.

I’ll call, but I am light the hundred.

I’ll cover you, when can you pay it back?

Not till the end of the month

Not soon enough bro, I can give you a day or two max, but not nearly three weeks

I can’t get that kind of cash that fast.

Brett placed his own cards face down on the table, raised his hands to his face and let his chin rest on them. He stared at Taylor, his eyes moving up and down, taking it all in. His eyes had a strange glint as he just sat there, looking. Taylor felt weird, at being stared at like that, yet his body seemed excited by the careful examination. Least it felt like that.

Sorry bro, I can’t cover you that long, not under the usual terms.

It was now Taylor’s turn to stare at Brett. There was something ominous about how he had said ‘terms’ and yet at the same time he felt like he was in some old time movie. It was a bluff, or was it? Yet as he looked at Brett, he didn’t see anything dangerous about him, or threatening even. Yet there was something hidden behind those blank eyes, the blank stare and phoney smile.

Once more he looked at his cards, and then over at Brett. The lump in his pants was becoming a distraction, as he looked at Brett. The thin pale lips were inviting, and he licked his own lips, wondering if Brett was a good kisser. It was unnerving, and he shook his head, to clear his fantasy away, and to try to concentrate on the game at hand.

What kind of terms?

Depends, on how much you want that hundred.

I got you beat man, you know that.

Do I? Unless you got a hundred to call, we won’t ever know, now will we?

Taylor knew that Brett was right. It also was a good ploy to use on him, because he really did want to wipe that smirk off his face. He was the stranger, yet had fleeced them all. It would be nice to win this one, and again he stared at his cards, then laid them down, to once more think. Problem was, Brett had him confused. The guy didn’t come across mean or anything, just very confident, bordering on the arrogant side. Yet you couldn’t blame him, he had played a damn good game.

What are the terms?

Sure you want to know?

I am sure, like you said, won’t know unless I put the hundred in, and I know I got you beat this time.

Fair enough. Cal insisted I come tonight, I had other plans, plans that insured I’d not spend the night alone, if you catch my drift.

Yeah I get it, you were gonna get laid, so? You figure I can find you a girl for the night? Is that it?

Haha, no, I know you can’t, but I really did want to get off tonight, and not on my own, this game and this hand has more or less made that unlikely, unless…

Brett’s eyes bore down onto him, peering hard at him. He felt his heart skip a beat, and tiny beads of sweat formed on his forehead, as he tried to make sense of just what it was that Brett was hinting at. A thought that he maybe wanted him flashed through his mind, but was quickly rejected. No one knew about him, not even the guys who had left despite their years of friendship. No way would this guy tweak to that, so what was his game, other than maybe make him pass on the cash, and lose it all?

Unless what?

Leaning back from the table, Brett lifted his arms over his head and clasped his hands together. Staring at Taylor, he just smiled. His shirt was open a fair bit, and Taylor could see the tiny tufts of hair at the lower part where the shirt was still buttoned. It made him shift in his own chair.

Simple really. Unless you got some hooker in the back, it is up to you to make sure I get to go home, satisfied, just as I would have been, if I had not changed my plans.

His mouth dropped open as he realized that Brett was serious. He’d cover his bet, let the hand play through in return he expected him to have sex with him. It was like being hit in the face by a hard slap, as he blinked and pushed his chair back a little. Anger rose inside, and then he carefully collected himself, staring very intently at Brett. He could see that it was no joke, no come on.

Rather steep price, to just borrow a hundred bucks.’

Perhaps, but I really had the need, you know how it is, when you spend the day thinking of how it’ll be, then suddenly you get off course.

I suppose, but what you are asking, I mean what makes you think I could uh, satisfy you?

I can tell bro, look, it’s really simple. You think you got the hand that wins the pot, there is a few hundred in there easy, but you need a hundred to see if you can take it. I’ll give you, not loan, you the hundred, in return, I want my needs taken care of. If you are right, if you do have the cards to take the pot, then it’s a cheap price to pay for all that cash.

Taylor licked his lips, and looked over at Brett. He had moved his hands down. One hand was in his shirt, rubbing his upper torso as he looked back at Taylor. There was no mistaking the look now, it was lust. It made Taylor swallow hard, as he thought about it. To do Brett, get a hundred, then take the pot was a powerful allure, still what if he didn’t win?

Say I agree, who else is gonna know about this?

I ain’t stupid man, no one. I mean you don’t think I want anyone to know that I let another guy do me?

Taylor could see the logic there, but it still was unclear as to exactly what it was that Brett expected from him. The more he thought about it, the harder his dick got as well. He had an itch for the guy, the moment he had laid eyes on him, and now he just might get to scratch that itch without risking his own secret.

I suppose. So uh, exactly what is it that you had in mind? Assuming I was to agree to your uh, terms.

What I don’t want is to be made to feel like its paying off a bet.

Meaning what?

You gotta be a damn good actor.

At doing what exactly? I don’t read minds, so…

Fair enough, you want it spelled out. Fine, I want you to be just like my date for tonight would have been, to get me aroused with a nice little strip tease, then some kissing, touching, then go down on me. No hand job either, the real deal and without acting like there was a fire or something. I like to take my time. Does that spell it out enough for you now?


So? We got a deal or not? It’s late enough already.

Taylor looked at Brett, the desire for him making him ache, and yet at the same time he couldn’t help but feel he was set up. It was like the guy knew he liked sucking cock, but nothing he had said indicated it. Picking up his cards, he stared at them, avoiding Brett’s piercing eyes. His mind whirled, as he thought about it, then put the cards back down.


Brett leaned back and for the first time, he smiled. It nearly made Taylor cum, the way his face changed with the smile. His eyes looked almost friendly, and his face seemed to be lit up, even though no other lights had been turned on. It was a major transformation, that made him excited. He began to reach for his cards, when Brett’s voice cut him off.

Payment first bro, then we’ll see who takes the pot.

He looked up and over at Brett. The smile was gone, but the look in his eyes betrayed how much he seemed to want to have his payment first. It was unreal, but he actually felt excited by it himself. Plus, it was fair. After all the guy wasn’t loaning him the money, it was a gift, or payment for services. Only reasonable to deliver first. Would make winning all that much more enjoyable.

Taylor pushed his chair back, not saying a word. He walked over to the stereo and flipped through some CD’s, finding one to play. As the music began, he slowly started to dance to the beat. It was weird, really, as he could feel Brett’s eyes on him, as he moved his hips from side to side.

His hands moved to the beat, touching his buttocks, then up his side and then around to begin to unbutton his shirt, away from Brett’s eyes. He turned to reveal his open shirt, and saw the look. It excited him, because he could see the approval in his face. Taylor watched as Brett licked his lips, and then stand up to walk over to him.

He stared at his open shirt, and his eyes seemed to almost devour him as he reached out, moving his own body into sync with Taylor’s. His hips moved as he opened the shirt, and slowly pushed it off of the shoulders, to slide down the dangling arms. His face was constricted as he stared at Taylor’s golden flesh, and then he moved away, to sit on the chesterfield, his eyes glued to Taylor’s slowly gyrating figure.

Moving into the room, he kept his front facing Brett. His body twisted and shook to the beat and then he reached down, to caress his own long torso. His fingers moved across one nipple, then another. He pinched one nipple, and then prodded the skin around it, making it seem like it had jumped out. His hands then moved down his naked chest, and began to caress his body slowly, in time with the music that filled the room.

He moved to stand in front of Brett now, and kicked off his shoes. Taylor moved from side to side, in his stocking feet, and then slowly he ran his hands down his legs, bending over so that his own hair fell forward. Some of the strands brushed across Brett’s knees, as he leaned down and uncurled his socks, one by one, and then tossed them to one side. He swayed around and then reached out and took hold of Brett’s face.

The hands held him immobile, as he leaned down and brushed his lips across the upraised mouth. He felt the mouth begin to open but pushed past, as he turned Brett’s head to one side, and he kissed his cheek, just below the ear. He felt the young man quiver and he released his head, to stand back up and move around a bit more. He placed his hands around his waist, as he moved back to stand in front of Brett.

He suddenly stopped, and unbuttoned the pants then once more began to dance. He moved back a step or two before unzipping the pants. He sucked in his breathe as he pushed the pants down, stepping out them. Again he moved around, twirling so that his back was facing Brett, and all he could see was his firm buttocks held by his jockey shorts. The hard tenting in front had only been a fleeting glimpse as he continued to swing his hips from side to side.

Taylor could hear Brett’s heavy breathing as he continued to hide his front from him. He toyed with him, as he moved around and then suddenly he turned around, just as he was right in front. His hard cock was clearly showing in his shorts and Brett sucked in his breath. You could hear it echo in the room, even over the music. As he stood there, he quickly reached down and pushed his shorts off his body. But he didn’t toss them, instead he brought them up, twirled them around on his finger, then slowly passed them in front of Brett’s face. He let the man smell his own scent, then he tossed them over his shoulder, as he arched his hips forward, letting his own hard cock brush up against Brett’s face.

Brett’s two hands suddenly shot out to take hold of the offered hips, and Taylor felt the fingers grip tightly and begin to drag him forward. He put his hands outwards as he fell forward. As he lunged forward to try and grab hold of the top of the couch, he felt his whole body suddenly shake. His cock was quickly impaled into the suddenly opened mouth. He felt his cock drive past the lips and teeth and plunge down into Brett’s throat. He felt the mouth clamp shut around his throbbing cock, as his hands clenched the back of the chesterfield, behind Brett’s head.

His body shook, as he felt the tongue licking at the underside of his cock, and then the lips began to move up and down his shaft. His whole body was quivering now, as Brett began to suck on his dick, and he didn’t know what to do. This wasn’t part of the deal, but fuck the deal he thought, as he began to shove his hips forward in time with Brett’s head.

It didn’t take him long, before he was moaning, as his cock continued to be sucked. The hand holding his hips suddenly let go, reaching around to grab at his firm butt cheeks. The fingers dug in hard, making him wince, and even whimper. The pressure didn’t ease as he was being pulled in hard, made to drive his cock in deeper. His balls were aching, as his control was slipping.

He didn’t even hear himself yell, as the thunder of his heart drowned even his own voice out. His body shook in a spasm, as his blood suddenly raced from all over, to fill his cock, to make it grow thicker, and to jerk and shake inside of Brett’s mouth. His cries only made the fingers dig in deeper, as he struggled to hold the tide back, but failed.

His head tossed back, and his hips swung inwards with all the force he could muster. His cock was driven deep, and the head reared back for a moment, then shot forward, releasing his cum deep inside of Brett’s throat. He cried out, as his body was racked by his forceful release. His arms grew stiff and numb, as his legs became like steel bands. His body was shaking, as his cum continued to flow out, and was just as quickly swallowed.

As the last of his cum dribbled out into Brett’s mouth, he found enough strength to roll himself off, and collapse on the couch, next to Brett. He could hear his own panting breath as he still shook, and as his leg touched the side of Brett, he felt his body also shaking.

Gradually he managed to contain his rapid breathing, his heaving chest slowly returning to normal, and he turned to stare at Brett. The man was leaning back, his eyes closed still, with his mouth open, as he tried to refill his empty lungs. You could see the chest still heaving, and his hands were flat on his knees, glistening a bit from the sweat that covered them.

Finally, Brett opened his eyes and looked over at Taylor. He didn’t say a word, as he just looked but it was enough for Taylor. He leaned over, and lifted one of his legs up and over onto Brett’s lap. He moved in and kissed him lightly at first, then with more passion firmly on the lips. His tongue flicked in and out, as he kissed him, tasting his own cum on the lips and inside the mouth. Brett had swallowed most of it, but he could still taste the remnants, as he finally broke their embrace apart.

I need a few minutes’ was softly spoken, as Brett still struggled to catch his breath.

Taylor responded with ‘We have all night’ that earned him a weak smile, and one of Brett’s hands on his thigh, the fingers resting inside next to Taylor’s semi hard penis.

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