Fiction – Kabuki Cab

Kabuki Cab

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2007 ? All Rights Reserved

The wind was warm, the air a bit heavy but then that was how it had been for the last few days. He sat on the bike seat, hunched up as the light rain pelted him, rolling off the plastic poncho he wore. His hat was dripping, but he wasn’t going to call it a day yet. Despite the rain, there were still some brave souls walking along the esplanade, tourists, and hell he needed the cash.

His Kabuki Cab was covered by a plastic tarp, keeping the seat dry, as he stared out from under his wide brimmed hat. It was Wednesday as well, and while he didn’t expect much business from the tourists, it was still Wednesday. That was when his regular customer, Henry always showed up. Least, for the last month he had, but this would be the first Wednesday that it had rained.

Brad looked at his watch, checking the time, wondering if Henry would show? He had thought about not taking the cab out today, but then when he realized it what day it was, it made up his mind. After all, Henry was one of those fares you just didn’t want to miss out on. Worse, you didn’t want him finding someone else, and as he thought about that, he looked at the only other Kabuki Cab that was on the street. It was Carlos, who he really didn’t like.

He also knew that Carlos would do anything to snatch Henry away from him. He did anything for money, and he had even seen him chatting up Henry just last week, as he pulled in to drop off a fare. Henry had remarked, how pleasant Carlos seemed, which only made Brad nervous. No way did he want to share Henry with Carlos.

Every Wednesday Henry would show up at around 4, and off they would go. It had started off with a simple ride along the waterfront, watching the milling crowds just staring out at the ocean. Then as more people began to show up, as Tourist season started up, Henry began to ask for different routes, were there weren’t so many people about. He had an aversion to crowds, or so he said.

Truth was, he was searching for a secluded spot, which Brad finally found in one of their many little trips through one of the more off road parks that were all over the city. Henry had enjoyed the closeness of the trees, and the smaller roads that wound their way through large mature trees.

It was at the one park, where it began. Until then he charged Henry the regular rate, and he enjoyed the routes too. Less traffic made it easier for him, and Henry always gave him a nice $5 tip, though once he found that one park, those tips certainly were a lot healthier.

In the back of his mind, he knew what he was doing could be taken wrong. Some might even call it hustling, but it wasn’t that way at all. Sure he got money for what they did, in the back of his Kabuki, but that was a ‘tip’. It hadn’t started out like he had asked Henry for anything extra either. Not that first time, nor since either. Henry just added the money to the tip.

Brad wasn’t exactly what he would call handsome either. He had a crooked nose, from a childhood fight that had got him a broken nose, black eyes, and a lesson in what it meant to be different. The nose had never healed right, and he still had a missing front tooth. Dentists and implants weren’t cheap, and as a college student, he could barely afford his books, never mind some fake tooth.

His arms were muscular, as were his legs. After all, pedalling a Kabuki Cab wasn’t for wimps. This would be his fifth year at it too, as he had started way back when still in High School. With the cost of college, he couldn’t afford to not do it each summer. The tips were great, and he made the money last too. This year, well those tips would be the best ever, thanks to Henry.

While Brad was well built, he was shy. He wore his hair semi long, and he still had the odd zit on his face, but it didn’t seem to matter to Henry. The man was older than he had first thought. Hell when Henry told him he was in his sixties, Brad almost fainted. At best, he thought the man couldn’t be more than early forties, but boy was he wrong.

Henry wasn’t a tall man either. Yet he was slender, maybe about 150 pounds, few inches shorter than six feet, but while his hair was a bit sparse, that didn’t make him a senior citizen. Granted, it was turning white mostly, but there was still some darkness to the outer fringes. He had a bit of a paunch, but nothing most men who drank the odd beer would have.

They had stumbled across this one path, nearly a month back now. It led to a small thicket of younger trees, mostly Birch. There was even a raspberry patch hidden along one edge of the little thicket. Henry had enjoyed watching Brad eating them, and his smile had made Brad blush actually. That was how it began, and in all honesty, he really did what he did, because he liked the man.

He wasn’t a trollop, least he didn’t think he was. Sex to him was natural, and if he liked someone, he wanted to experience them, to taste them and have them taste him. He didn’t charge, even if the other was older. In fact, he rather preferred his partners to be older. They weren’t in a rush nor were they clumsy either. Brad hated it, when his ‘dates’ would rush. The sex just never was good then, which was why he preferred men like Henry. Though he had to admit, he never had been with someone as old as Henry. Over Sixty? That was definitely a new one for him, but as he sat in the light rain, waiting, he also felt satisfied.

The sex with Henry had started out as a bit of kissing, some groping that led to some rather tame stuff. He wasn’t sure why or how, but that first time, when he blushed from Henry’s smiling at him while he ate some raspberries, had wound up with him on his knees, kissing the man’s crotch, feeling the rather hard cock inside.

At first, he thought maybe Henry would get upset, at how he had hugged him, then kissed him. Instead he was surprised by how the man kissed him back, his tongue darting in and around Brad’s open mouth. His arms had encircled him too, drawing him in closer, and he had felt the bulge, felt the press of what turned out to be a rather good sized penis. Henry might be over sixty, but damn he still was hung.

The kissing had led to some touching, some hesitant pulling, that somehow found Brad on his knees. He still didn’t know why he did it, but it had led to a lot more than just him sucking the guy off. That had set the stage, but still, that first time was special. He liked to think about it, to remember how Henry had held his shoulders, while he kissed at the covered cock. How he had sucked in his breathe, while Brad undid the pants, then unzipped them to let them fall down to rest around Henry’s knees. He could still hear him as he moaned softly when he pressed his face into the older man’s crotch. He smelled so good, a sort of clean crisp scent of soap and skin. There wasn’t the stale aroma of sweat, as he buried his head into the man’s groin. His mouth teased the cock inside the underwear.

His teeth nibbled at it, then would tease it more as he pulled back on the underwear. Henry’s hands had pressed a lit harder then, the fingers gripping his shoulder tighter, as he teased that long pole inside. He licked at it, feeling it tremble to his tongue’s touch, which also made Brad feel rather excited. His own cock was just as hard, and he had reached down to push it a bit, to adjust it in his own shorts.

Brad had licked the pole, pulled at the fabric with his teeth, and he could hear the panting breathe from above. The fingers were digging into his shoulder a bit more with each flick of his tongue along the hidden cock. Then he began to run his hands up the man’s legs, feeling the muscles coiling underneath his touch. The skin was warm to the touch, though nothing at how his tongue felt when it would lick along the throbbing pole still inside the shorts.

He let his hands move upwards, to reach under the tight fitting leg sleeve of the shorts. Henry had groaned then, and Brad had looked up at the noise. He saw the look in the man’s face, the way the eyes were glazed over and somehow, Brad just wanted to give him something special. His hand moved away from the leg, and reached up and pulled the shorts down. His eyes moved away from Henry’s face, to stare at the freed penis that had sprung out.

It was fully erect, with some white drops at the very centre of the cock head. Brad let his tongue flick out, to taste the oozing liquid, which made his own body shudder. It had a nice rich salty sweet taste to it, that just made Brad want more. He couldn’t help himself, as he moved his head in closer, smelling the fresh smell more. His nose brushed past the thigh, where he felt the muscles quiver to his passing touch. The fingers that held his shoulders dug in harder, but also pulled him in closer.

His lips touched the cock head again, making Henry moan more. He slowly opened his lips, to encircle the burning cock head. His teeth raked the sensitive skin, as his mouth opened more, to slowly take the thick head into his mouth. Henry’s whole body suddenly began to shake, which made him look up with just a little bit of the head in his mouth. The man’s eyes were totally glazed over, but he still managed to look down at Brad. His mouth broke into a smile, as his eyes peered down, urging Brad onwards.

With the beat of his heart rising, Brad took the huge cock further into his mouth, hearing the man’s moans growing as he slowly let the whole cock slide past his lips. He held the skin tight, tasting the huge pole as it slid down his throat. He nearly gagged, but didn’t as he forced his throat to relax.

The cock was thicker than he had imagined, or had before, but he let it stretch his throat. He didn’t rush, and he felt the hands relax their grip, then resettle over his shoulder. The fingers were spread apart wider, and slowly began to once more dig into the soft flesh of his shoulders. He winced, but concentrated on the huge pole inside his mouth. He was enjoying the feeling, the fullness of it as it made his mouth expand. His jaw began to ache as he slowly moved his head back, away from the man, until just the cock head was held by his lips. Then he licked at the head, tasting it and the now freely oozing pre cum.

Henry moaned a bit more emphatically too, as he slowly moved back inwards. He let the whole cock slide back once more down his throat, still licking at the shaft as it passed. His teeth raked the shaft lightly, making the cock quiver.

The balls were full, as he reached up to cup them in one hand, to fondle them as he sucked on the cock. Henry was moaning constantly, as he began to move his head in and out faster. He liked the taste, the smell as he sucked on the throbbing cock. He would lean back, and let the cock slip out. Then he would reach up and grab hold of the wet cock.

His hand would it tightly and quickly pull it, stroke it several quick times, then stuff it back into his mouth, moving in and out quicker each time. He was enjoying the sounds coming from above, the hard press of the hands and fingers. His own body was aching, as he sucked and sucked. Henry had good staying power, but was no match for his constantly increasing speed.

Brad prodded the balls, then would reach around, grabbing the man’s inner thighs, letting his own fingers dig into the flesh, till they touched bone. He felt the legs shiver, felt them grow taut, and he began to suck even faster. His mouth was like a vacuum, as every now and then the cock would slip out, making a loud slurping sound, but it was quickly swallowed back up into his mouth. He teased it, then nibbled even at it, as he sucked, knowing by the press of Henry’s fingers, how it was pleasing Henry.

There was a sort of stifled cry, and Brad knew that Henry was about to cum. He tensed up, feeling the cock shaking as it slid down his throat. He felt the head quiver, then sort of try to pull back, then it just came rushing forward again. His hands gripped the man’s legs tighter, feeling the muscles suddenly go taut.

Henry’s body went rigid, as the cry echoed in the empty thicket. The soft rustle of the trees went unheard, as all Brad could hear was the pounding of his own heart, as his lips held the shaking cock even tighter. The first taste came flooding out. At first he didn’t seem to realize that Henry was coming. Then the harsh salty taste overwhelmed him as it filled his throat.

Brad had coughed but held on as the cock exploded deep into his throat. Immediately he swallowed, as more of the hot milk came pouring out, coating and filling his throat and mouth. More and more of the wonderful milk filled his mouth, nearly faster than he could swallow it, as Henry shook. His body was shuddering, beneath Brad’s hands, and the man had thrust his body forward, driving his cock even further in, as the first hot flow of cum had began to pour out.

Now he shook, his body recoiling a little, as Brad just sucked, swallowing as fast as he could. It was unbelievable how much came out, filling his mouth and dripping out from the corners. For a second or two, he though that Henry wouldn’t stop, but eventually he had.  He had leaned back, letting go of Henry’s cock, and before he could even look up, he had to look at the source of the deep pleasure that he was feeling.

The cock was still hard too, coated with its explosion of milk which made Brad grin. He liked how powerful the penis still looked, and he leaned back inwards, to kiss it several times along the head and then just underneath it. He felt the tremors the touch of his lips sent racing along the shaft, and up into Henry’s body.

Finally he had looked up, and what he saw had made him know that he done the right thing. The smile was the warmest he had ever seen, and while that had been it for that time, it still was maybe the one single moment of that entire ride, that he felt happiest about. Not even the extra bills that Henry had pressed into his hands when being dropped off was quite as thrilling to him, as seeing the expression on Henry’s face, just after he had cum.

He sighed, leaning back and felt the light rain on his face, as he adjusted his hard cock. Just thinking about that time made him hard as he looked down the esplanade, to see an older figure dressed in rain gear walking towards him. He smiled, as he recognized Henry, and saw the angry look from Carlos.

Rather than wait, he pulled his cab away from the curb, and began to pedal towards Henry. He saw the man stop, and as he got closer, he saw that smile again. His heart was pounding, as he pulled the cab over to the curb, next to where Henry stood. He was damn glad he decided to get up, rain or not. After all, it was Wednesday.


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