Fiction – Slamming it Home

Slamming it Home

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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Jordan watched the batter swing, heard the loud smack echo and saw the ball go sailing. He was on his feet, willing the ball to make it over the fence, along with all the rest near him. They cheered as it just passed over the top, and then began to whistle and clap and stomp their feet, as the batter made his easy run along the bases. They were all happy, it was the end as his homerun was the winning run.

The entire student body was cheering, the band playing as Jordan sat back down, grinning and excited. After all, he knew just how important that hit was. Sure it won the game for their college team, but it was more than that. It was the classic bet, one he wanted Chad to win even. Mind you, even if he hadn’t hit the homer, Jordan still figured he’d be a winner, given the bet he had with Chad.

Course he wouldn’t be collecting that bet until much later. For now he knew Chad would be the toast of the college. He’d be swamped and more than likely have to tour a few after game victory parties, but that was okay. It would give him time to get ready, to reap his reward, so to speak. Grinning he began to make his way from the bleachers, towards his car and ultimately his tiny one room apartment off campus.

The apartment was a luxury he could barely afford, though Chad helped out when he could. Neither of them came from well off families, but they had made do. The apartment was a perk, and after their freshmen year, a necessity for them. It was too hard to get the same dorm room, not to mention that even then it wasn’t exactly safe. While the university frowned on their students living off campus, they managed.

Jordan wasn’t a jock, and how he and Chad had hooked up was still a bit like a fantasy to him. Despite being together for almost three years now, it still amazed him that Chad wanted him, and no one else. Hell, the guy was becoming a legend at the college, with his batting heroics, and other attributes. Plus, he wasn’t a slouch when it came to academics either, narrowly missing the Dean’s List last year, but well on track to making it this year. Chad was a giant, even if he was only five foot ten. He had the looks to match his success on the baseball diamond, and in the classroom.

He had an easy manner, that just made anyone talking to him fall for his charm. That lazy grin that would cross his face, the way his teeth would gleam to match the sparkle that was always in his eyes. It made him popular, and yet he didn’t seem effected by it. He was always worrying about saying the wrong thing, or hurting someone.

They had been to lunch, and people kept coming up to him, wanting to talk, to have him autograph something, and despite his food getting cold, he didn’t refuse anyone. It was his way, one of the many traits that made Jordan care so much for him. It was frustrating, to see all the attention he got, the adoration of some of the female students, but he put up with it. After all, Chad came to him when he needed affection, and even some of the guys who might be classed as threats, seemed uninteresting to Chad. Only Jordan seemed to be his focus, though he was certain no one knew.

It was a risk, that first year. The secret meetings in their dorm rooms, even the odd trip to the motel off campus had given them a scare at times. They worried about being caught, in a compromising situation. The college would definitely not accept that behaviour, but somehow they both seemed to ignore that, though it was never far from their thoughts.

Jordan drove carefully, stopping at a small convenience store to pick up some needed supplies. Condoms being the first selection, some of that new KY Warming Lube the second. Then it was just some bottled water, and other junk food most college students lived off of. He grinned at the way the cashier had been bubbling too, about how she had heard the game on the radio, and wasn’t that Chad a dream? He almost burst out laughing, knowing just how much of a dream he really was.

Unlocking the door to the apartment, he felt a strange unease. Something wasn’t right, but he shrugged it off as he walked into the darkened room, putting the small bag of essentials on the table and tossing his keys there as well. He closed the door and before he could turn around, he felt himself being grabbed.

Startled, he felt himself being lifted off the ground and twirled around like a little kid, and just before he was about to struggle, he smelled that cologne, that aroma that always got him horny. He felt the arms, and he knew it was Chad. For a little guy, he was no weakling. Jordon outweighed him by at least 20 pounds, and was a good two inches taller, but still Chad had managed to lift him up and twirl him around.

As he was put back onto his feet, he was turned around so he could stare into those dark sparkling eyes. Chad was standing there, grinning and before he could even say hello, he felt the young man’s lips pressing on his. He could smell the alcohol on his breathe, but he didn’t care as the kiss was a hard passionate one. Jordan felt the tongue forcing open his own thin pale lips, and diving inwards.

His body began to ache as Chad’s powerful arms held him close, and crushed him into his own lithe body. Jordan could feel the muscles bulging in his chest, rippling along his stomach, and he also could feel the tell tale bulge in his crotch. It felt so hard, so aroused that he couldn’t help but giggle a little, as he let himself be kissed and kissed.

Chad lifted his chin up, and kissed him hard on the throat. His lips pressed against his throat, then moved down, kissing every part of him, as the hands moved up and down his back. They were frantic in a way Jordan hadn’t experienced before. They were eager, and insistent as they slowly moved towards the bed, kissing and touching each other. In some ways, it was like their first time, except it had been him doing the leading.

Jordan was a natural top, while Chad a great bottom. In their almost three years, Chad rarely took the lead, preferring to be taken, rather than take. He loved to suck on Jordan’s cock, and have his milked several times. He was actually a pervert, the way he would always want Jordan to suck him again, or jerk him off. Yet at the same time, he was always willing to spread his legs too, to give Jordan all of him. There was no doubt, he liked to ride Jordan’s cock, which made him always feel good.

Now though, it was Chad on the make. He was the one making the moves, and it felt odd, but exhilarating. He hadn’t ever experienced Chad this way, so forceful, so dominating. It was like a different person really as they both fell to the bed. It squeaked as they bounced a little on it, making them both laugh a little.

Then Chad looked over at Jordan, and his face changed. He got his thoughtful look, with his lips pursed, his brow furled, as he just looked at Jordan. It was a bit freaky, until that smile crossed his face. He looked like a kid in that moment, and Chad reached out, to run his hand across Jordan’s chest. It made him quiver as the hero of the day, leaned back and placed Jordan’s head on his upper chest. He could hear the heart beating, as the hand now caressed his hair, soothing him in a way he wasn’t used to.

It was odd, unlike Chad, and yet Jordan felt totally in his control. The way he had leaned back, had let Jordan rest on him, was a tender moment, that only aroused Jordan more. He felt himself falling all over again for his lover, as his hand reached out and he began to run it down the chest. He toyed with the button’s on Chad’s shirt, and then undid a few, putting his hand inside the shirt, to feel the warm skin. His fingers spread out, he began to roam under Chad’s shirt, feeling his chest rise and fall to his breathing.

Chad leaned towards Jordan, looking at him and then reaching over and kissing him on the forehead, then he began to caress Jordan’s side, and slowly move towards his chest. He unbuttoned the shirt, slowly and deliberately. Each button brought a small quiver to Jordan. He felt the excitement building as his shirt was finally undone. Then the hand moved lightly over his skin, making his nerves tingle. He felt the fingers brush over his nipples, making him whimper a bit, that Chad ignored.

Leaning closer, he brought his head down, and kissed each nipple lightly. Then he kissed the hollow of the chest, making Jordan tremble with excitement. His own hands were all over Chad, but it was Chad who directed them. He kissed Jordan’s belly, and then leaned back, to undo his own pants. Jordan watched as he popped the button, then pushed the zipper down. He saw the golden flesh above the white waist band, and the small little tuft of hair, that led to Chad’s groin. He licked his lips as he saw Chad push the shorts down his legs. He reached back with his legs, to shove the pants and shorts off, and lay there, fully exposed to Jordan, with only his socks on.

Jordan didn’t waste any time, as he kicked his shoes off, and shoved his pants down his legs. Pushing his shorts down, he followed Chad’s lead, in kicking them off, so he too was naked. His cock was harder than he had ever felt it, but looking over at Chad’s throbbing pole, he realized that Chad also was harder than he had seen him be. Licking his lips, he leaned over Chad, and ran his hand down the firm belly, to circle the wavering penis that stuck upwards, like a flag pole.

He couldn’t contain himself, as he wrapped his fingers around the hard pole, leaned over it and began to stuff it into his mouth. He tasted the pre cum that was oozing out, and he let his tongue lick and coat the hard cock. He began to suck on it, to taste it and feel it, as he fumbled for the package of Condoms near the bed. He couldn’t find them, but then felt one being slipped into his groping hand. He seized it and as his hand now took over from his mouth, he ripped open the package with his teeth, and pulled out the thin rubber covering. Jordan looked up to see Chad’s eyes sparkling, almost as if it was a display of fireworks happening. He felt his chest quake a bit, as he unrolled the condom, and then once more focused on Chad’s quivering cock. In a second he was unrolling the condom down the hot flesh, his ass tingling as he anticipated the upcoming event.

It was like discovering sex all over again, as he began to place his legs over Chad’s prone body. It was how they always did it, when Chad would agree to fuck. However, as he started to get into position, to straddle Chad, and lower himself onto the hard dick, he was stopped. Suddenly he found himself flat on his stomach, Chad kneeling behind him, between his legs. Chad’s knee was pressing his thighs, forcing his legs to spread open wider, and he obliged. He found the pillow next to him, and his hands were up by his head, as he heard Chad spit, then the feel of two fingers probing his hole, made him groan.

They penetrated him hard and quick, pushing past his hole like a hot knife through butter. The moved in deep, twisted once or twice inside, then pulled out, then repeated the penetration, again and again, until he was groaning constantly. He felt his nerves shrieking at him, wanting more, even demanding more. Jordan gave voice to those inner feelings, and got a hard slap on one butt cheek. He heard it echo, and as it rolled around the small room, he felt the bed squeak, felt Chad’s hand pressing down on the bed, next to his shoulder, and then the touch of that cock, against the small of his back, made him reach out and take hold of the sheets. His body grew tense, as he felt the hard cock, being pushed down between his cheeks, spreading them apart.

Slowly it moved down, until the head was wedged tight up against his hole. He heard the panting from above him. Sweat from Chad’s forehead dripped down onto his back, as Chad took position, and then it came.

The pain was unlike any other he had felt, as Chad’s hard cock penetrated him. His hole was split apart, as the huge cock head pushed inwards hard and fast. There was no hesitation as it slid in, then moved further inwards.

He felt it throbbing as it pushed in, hard all the way until Chad’s groin was almost threatening to split him open even wider. He felt the hairs of Chad’s pubes rubbing against the soft insides of his cheeks, as the hard pole filled and stretched him. He cried out, his hands banging the bed, his body shaking from the rolling thunder of pain inside of him. He cried out, tears rolling down his face, as the cock began to move out, but then was suddenly rammed back in, even harder than before.

Jordan couldn’t believe the sensations that were filling him. He wanted it out, but wanted it in harder. He was torn, as the hard cock began to rock in and out of his ass. He could hear the harsh sounds of Chad’s flesh slamming into his own quivering cheeks, as Chad ploughed his hole. He felt like he was being torn apart with each hard thrust, each grinding motion that made him squirm and tremble. He felt the sweat falling onto his back, like hot wet arrows. His whole body was shaking, his legs ached and his toes began to cramp up.

He was being fucked harder than he ever had been. Chad was driving his cock furiously into him. Each thrust making the bed bounce, making Jordan groan. He could hear the panting, feel the sweat turning into a rive on his back, as he tried to spread his legs more, to let more inside. He was begging him, urging Chad to drive it in, to pound him. It didn’t sound like him either, more off in a distance voice egging Chad on but inside, he knew it was his voice. It was him pleading, urging for more, as the cock was relentless. It dove in, then pulled nearly out, then dove in again, and again. Every other thrust in would end up with Chad twisting his body, making the cock twist and turn inside of him. His nerves were shot as his body shook.

Then it all seemed different. There was this quick pulling back, this momentary end to the motion, then suddenly he felt the cock being thrust hard. It was the hardest yet, it was ripping through him and threatening to pop out of his throat, as he felt Chad’s whole body suddenly collapse on top of him. He heard him cry out, heard him scream his name, as he fell on top. Inside, he felt the hard throbbing pole shake, shiver even, as it threatened to explode inside. He felt the hard stream coming out of the head, filling the condom covering it. He could actually feel the vein underneath trembling as the cock released its cum, while Chad collapsed on top, exhausted.

Jordan couldn’t believe it, as his own body shook and trembled, as the cock inside jerked from side to side, as its jizz was emptied. He felt himself suddenly relax, as the last shivering jerk inside began to subside. His friend had finished, but was too spent, to pull out. They lay there, panting for what seemed like ages, when finally Chad rolled off and lay on his back. His hands were on his chest, as Jordan managed to glance over. The glazed look in Chad’s eyes, the constricted face as he tried to regain his composure, only added to his feeling of satisfaction.

Chad turned his head, and stared at Jordan.

Remind me again, who won the bet?

Jordan let his hand rest on the heaving chest, as he answered, ‘I Did’.

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