Fiction – Pool Bitch

Pool Bitch

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2007 ? All Rights Reserved

The heat had been unbearable, even for Los Angeles. He didn’t mind it so much, if it wasn’t for having to work. They were a bunch of prudes at the office, insisting everyone wear a shirt and tie. Being an intern didn’t help but hell, least he had a job, plus a decent place to live in.

Throwing his clothes onto the bed in his tiny little apartment, he felt the breeze from his fan. It felt good against his sweaty flesh, as he contemplated a cold shower or heading down to the pool. It was one of the major perks of living in LA, everyone virtually had a pool, and his complex was small, so the pool wasn’t as crowded as the bigger apartment complexes.

The idea of putting on some swim gear and just stretching out on one of the chaise lounge chairs was attractive. Still, it wouldn’t be the same since Mark had moved out over the weekend. That gave him a bit of a frown, as he had enjoyed the occasional flings he had with Mark.

Mark was his age, 22, and was built like a Greek God. He had a well defined chest, nice abs and man did he have a nice cock. Uncut and about 8 inches too, which was great for those odd times Mark screwed him. Not often, because well, Mark maintained he was straight, but Chad doubted that. The guy just enjoyed having his cock sucked, and fucking Chad, to be straight.

Problem was, he had moved out. Gone to Houston of all places. He had only told Chad the day before, but he had shown his appreciation that night. Christ, he still ached in his ass from the pounding he had gotten. Walking at work all day hadn’t been exactly a treat, and even now, he felt a bit sore.

He had been pretty pissed off, when Mark had broken the news to him. Had stewed about it all day too, and when he had gotten home, he felt like shit. It was another hot day too, just like today but he had opted then for the shower. He couldn’t bear to be at the pool, and know that Mark was leaving. Shit, the times they had spent there, sitting side by side just bullshitting about things. Mark was real easy to talk to, and was in fact the only guy he had come out to, without knowing how he would react.

Mark had merely looked at him, and shrugged his shoulders. He made out that it was no big deal, and no, they hadn’t jumped into bed then and there. He kind of wished they had, now that he had gone, but it had taken time before it had come up. Again, it was at the pool, which was one more reason he had stayed away that night. Too painful of a memory, to sit there, and not have Mark to talk with.

They had become friends. It wasn’t just about sex either, as they liked a lot of the same things. Chad was into art, so was Mark. Chad enjoyed the more involved movies, as did Mark. He was into chess, reading, and other things that Chad loved to do. They had spent many nights playing chess together, and it had just happened between them. Mark had a rough night, with some girl from work, and they had sat around outside, bitching about women, when it just came up.

Next thing Chad knew, they were in his apartment, Mark was spread out on the bed, his legs off the side, his pants down and Chad was staring at that uncut cock. It was rock hard too, he recalled. One more indication that Mark was not totally straight.

That night, was one he’d remember as well as last night. It was just like now, hot and he had undressed, to decide when Mark had knocked on his door. Chad hadn’t thought before opening the door, and the look on Mark’s face had made him realize that he was just wearing his boxer shorts.

He really hadn’t been in the mood for Mark, but the guy was leaving, plus the look of lust in his face, was too much to resist. He had let him in, and it was awkward. Silence was not something they were used when together, until finally Mark broke the silence by just staring down at Chad’s crotch. His eyes looked like they were on fire, the look was so intense. It felt strange to have this supposed straight guy staring at his crotch.

Without even a word, Mark had just stood up, walked over to the bed, and undressed. It was the first time that Chad had seen Mark totally nude. He never took everything off. His pants would always be at his ankles or his shirt tossed over his shoulders and back. Never did he take them all off, but he did last night. It made Chad get hard real fast as he just looked at Mark.

Mark climbed onto the bed, and reached over to the nightstand, where Chad kept his sex stuff. There was some lube, some Condoms, and even a dildo. One thing Mark never let him bring out. This night seemed different, as Mark put the lube on the table, then the condoms, more than one, and to Chad’s surprise, the dildo came out as well. Mark then simply looked over at Chad, staring at Chad’s crotch. His eyes bore in, and he licked his lips as he then looked up into Chad’s eyes.

Let’s make this one we’ll remember, if you are game

Like when wouldn’t he be? Besides, as mad as he was, Mark was too hot to not want to do him, even pissed off, he’d not turn that opportunity down. Chad couldn’t believe his ears, but as he began to move forward, to suck on Mark’s hard dick, he was stopped by Mark’s words.

Lose the skivvies

It made him stop dead in his tracks. The way Mark looked at him, the obvious desire was nearly enough to make him cum. Never, in all their little trysts, did Mark want to see him nude. When he wanted to fuck Chad, he’d never seemed to look, but would do Chad standing up, bending him over and just doing it. His hands would hold his hips, but never reach around, never really do anything. So to actually be told to strip, before he got to Mark, well that was already making the night memorable.

The shorts were off in record time, and as he stood back up, to look over at Mark, he could have sworn that Mark’s cock looked a bit stiffer. His eyes locked onto Mark’s and he couldn’t believe the feeling he got from that look. There was something odd lurking behind the obvious lust.

As he began to climb onto the bed, to be between Mark’s open legs, he got his second surprise. Mark told him to come lay beside him, and moved over on the bed, giving Chad room to climb up, to rest next to him. He scampered up quickly, and as he did, Mark turned to lean on his side, to look directly at Chad. He didn’t say anything either, which had Chad on pins and needles. He felt so out of his element, that he flinched when Mark reached out with his hand.

Mark drew it back, looked at Chad, smiled and once more put his hand outwards, to let it rest on Chad’s chest. The touch made him quiver, as tiny jolts raced up and down his body. He could feel his leg tremble a bit, as Mark began to gently caress his pecs. It felt so good, that he actually sighed, which seemed to make Mark grin even more.

He lay there, as Mark seemed in no hurry to get sucked off, and instead seemed to rather be enjoying his touching of Chad’s body. The way the fingers moved oh so lightly over his tingling skin, made him quiver all over. In his own eyes he knew he was showing his feelings, but fuck it, he couldn’t help it. He had always liked Mark, had actually thought that he was in love with him, though it had never come up in their conversations. Still, right now, this minute, Chad knew he was in love.

Mark didn’t seem to mind the look either, as he mostly stared at Chad, watching as his hand moved along the flesh. He would just stare, a strange glint in his eyes, as his hand moved across Chad’s firm nipple, then move down his side. The hand was so light, so almost not there, that it was giving Chad goose bumps. Mark didn’t seem to notice, as he just kept running his hand along his side, going further each pass down.

While Mark was definitely better built, Chad was no slouch either. He might not be a regular at any gym, but he ran several times a day, ate modestly, and did swim a lot. He had muscles, not over defined, but you knew he had them. Now, as Mark’s hand moved along his hip, to his thigh, he felt the muscles rolling beneath the gentle touch. He felt his cock stiffening even more, the blood rushing to it, as Mark’s hand stroked his thigh.

Chad sucked in his breath, as he felt the fingers move down from his thigh, along the front up to his hip, then down, and down even more. He could feel the ache in his chest, as the fingers ever so lightly, began to brush over his pubic hairs. His legs twitched as he felt the tips of the fingers move across his soft groin. The pubic hairs tingled, and he felt his muscles jerk, as the hand brushed past the very root of his cock.

It was almost too much. He fought his body for control, unwilling to surrender. As much as he wanted to, he fought desperately to hold back, to give Mark the time he obviously wanted. No sudden cum hitting him, to maybe ruin the moment, or perhaps turn him off. This was all new to him, as he felt the fingers suddenly move upwards, towards his cock. The tips were there, touching him, as he moaned, unable to hold his pleasure back. His body was quivering uncontrollably, as Mark lightly moved one single finger upwards, and along the throbbing pole. Chad groaned as he opened his eyes, to see the deep concentration on Mark’s face. He wanted to reach out, to grab hold and crush him next to his own body, to kiss those thin red lips and taste him, but he held back.

Closing his eyes, he felt the cock jerk, felt his balls aching, as he tried to hold back. He didn’t want to cum, not yet, not now. He was whimpering as the finger moved up the shaft, to circle just under his cock head. He was cut, unlike Mark. His head was throbbing, as Mark’s finger lightly moved around underneath the cap. He felt his body stiffening, his legs shooting out and beginning to cramp up. He knew he couldn’t hold on much longer, as the finger now moved up, to touch the hot head itself.

Mark’s finger moved along the head, teasing him as it didn’t go over his oozing slit. He felt his body trembling, his hands were also cramping up now, as Mark’s finger suddenly moved across the top of the cock head. He felt his pre cum being smeared across the head, felt the finger hesitate a second. Then he heard a soft moan, and once more he opened his eyes.

The face was constricted, but by desire. He could feel Mark’s need, as he found himself laying flat on his back. His eyes stared briefly at the ceiling then closed again, as Mark’s finger moved down the underside of his throbbing dick. He couldn’t help tremble, the sensation too much. His hands were bunched up, his toes curled outwards, making his feet ache. His legs were quivering, with each motion of the fingers, as they moved down the shuddering pole. He sucked in his breath, willing himself to not surrender, but then it just couldn’t be helped.

At first he wasn’t sure what it was, as his whole body began to convulse at the sensation. He felt his balls slinging up, as he felt the warm wet touch on the very tip of his cock. He shuddered as he realized that Mark had just kissed his cock head. His eyes bugged open, to see Mark’s head lowered over his groin. The hands were no longer touching him, but one was on his far thigh, holding his twitching leg down and open. The other hand was resting on his rolling stomach muscles, and the head was right over his dick.

He blinked, as the sensations raced up and down his body. He felt the lips, their warmth, as they closed around his cock head. Chad couldn’t believe what he was feeling, but his body did. He felt the blood rushing to his cock, his head becoming dizzy as the swirling emotions inside finally exploded.

Chad felt his buttocks lift up off the bed, his cock shooting upwards, past the lips and teeth. He cried out, a loud piercing cry, as he felt himself giving in to the electrical shocks running in his body. His heart was thundering, the roar making his ears echo as his body took over. Every fiber inside of his body was suddenly let loose. Every nerve was shrieking, as his muscles unwound, making his entire frame shake and quake.

He could feel the head of his cock rearing back, making him cry out louder, his breathing becoming ragged and difficult. His panting breath barely heard among the thundering of his heart, as the head shot outwards. Chad felt his body push forward, his hands pushing him upwards, his hips shooting up and off the bed, higher and higher. His cock was driving upwards, deep into the soft moist throat of Mark.

It exploded, making him grow weak. His sudden thrust upwards ended as quickly as it began. He sank back to the bed, making it shake. The lips held his cock, despite its explosion. He felt the muscles of the throat, as the cum was swallowed, and he heard the gurgle that comes from it. His head was confused, as his body continued to shoot its milk outwards. He heard Mark struggle with the fluid, but he couldn’t stop. His body was no longer his to command, as the lips remained tightly around the throbbing cock.

It took him several minutes, to finally catch his breath. He had looked over at Mark, had seen him unrolling a condom down his own blood gorged cock, and in a minute, Chad found himself being flipped over, his legs being spread wide apart, and the press of a hard thick pole wedged between his buttocks. He hardly had time to think, before the pain lanced upwards, to mingle with the still rolling waves of pleasure from his ejaculation. His body continued to tremble as Mark showed him no mercy. There was no waiting for him to get used to the thick cock, or anything.

He felt the searing pain, then as it dove deeper, he cried out, feeling the pain take hold. His legs were still numb as Mark drove his cock all the way in. It was quick and hard, and made him grunt as he felt Mark’s crotch digging into his buttocks. He felt the wet pubic hairs around the insides of his butt cheeks, as Mark kept pushing inwards. Then when he couldn’t go any further he suddenly began to withdraw the cock. It was quick, and once more it was being driven hard back inside. Chad cried out, his hands pounding his bed, his teeth clenching at the bed sheet. He bit hard on his own sheets, as his whole body shuddered with each powerful thrust into him.

Chad felt the tears at the corners of his eyes, as the pain kept growing inside, yet in some odd way, began to make him feel excited, aroused. His spent dick was already feeling like it could go another round, as his ass got into the rhythm. He felt himself rising up to meet the downward thrust. He felt the inside of his ass stretch open wider, to take all of the hot cock. He felt himself grunt, his chest heaving as Mark fucked him.

He kept twisting his head from side to side, his legs moved outwards, as he opened himself up fully. He wanted it, all of it, and as it kept pounding inside, he began to moan, louder and louder with each thrust. Chad heard himself begging, urging Mark to drive it in faster, to drive it in harder. He couldn’t believe his own words, as he continued to plead, to drive Mark onwards.

The cry made him stop, and despite the condom over the cock, he felt the throbbing pole shake. He could feel each shudder, as it exploded inside of him. He wished he could feel the cum fill his hole, but he was satisfied by feeling the cock itself tremble. He felt Mark collapse on top of his back. They stuck together as both were drenched in sweat, as slowly Mark pulled his spent penis out of Chad’s ass.

Mark rolled off ,and lay next to Chad. Both had been panting, and the sweat had made them stick to each other, or so it had seemed. They must of laid there for several minutes, just catching their breathes. Still, it was a night he wouldn’t soon forget, and as he thought about it, he realized his hand was sticky and wet. Looking down, he realized that he had whacked off, and not even noticed. The knocking on his door finally registered as he quickly pulled up his boxer shorts.

He felt like an idiot, wondering how long someone had been knocking. Chad was still recalling last night, as he hurried over to the door, unsure who it was, nor really caring. As he opened the door, he stepped back, stunned. His heart was suddenly racing as he just stared at the figure in the door.

Come with me’ was all the figure said, as Chad jumped into his arms, clutching him tightly, kissing him all over, and being kissed back.

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