Fiction – Rivals


By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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It was unreal, here he was 19 years old and in bed on a Friday night at 11pm. His roommate, Garth also 19 was in his own bed and the lights were off. Within the hour the Coach would be popping his head in, shining a flashlight on them both, checking their names off his list and moving on down the hall, making sure everyone of them was in bed, lights off. He was a stickler and would be back at around 2 and 5am to make sure no one had snuck out.

It felt like being back at summer camp. Jesse just hated that he couldn’t stay up, watch TV or read even. The coach was a stickler and they did have a big game tomorrow. Playing football in college was a damn site different than High School as he’d found out the instant he had walked onto the practice field. Things were certainly upped a few notches, and the rivalry between players, between squads was intense.

Somehow he had managed to not lose it. Hell he was an assistant Captain for the offensive unit, Garth his counter part on the defensive side. That too was one more innovation he wasn’t used to. The coach paired them off for room assignments, mixing up offence with defence. Normally that wouldn’t be a big deal, but after a loss, that was a different story.

Garth never liked it when the defence had been at fault, nor would he ever admit it. In all fairness, Jesse was no different. He didn’t like to say that the offence had screwed up, and given they had lost their last two games, it had been tense between them. Mind you it didn’t stop him from checking Garth out each night, and he did have a nice basket. He had gotten a quick glimpse at more, but not enough.

Odd, he was pissed with the guy, barely spoke two words to him and yet he knew that the second he closed his eyes, he’d be thinking of riding him, of slurping at this dick, or tasting him between his firm butt cheeks. In some ways he felt like a pervert, the way he would try to snatch glances at Garth, when he would undress.

There was one time, last week, when he was certain Garth had been checking him out, however he was fairly certain it was just wishful thinking on his part. Though it did give him some rather interesting dreams for a few nights. They were such different types, he knew that nothing could happen between them.

Garth liked his pussy, least judging by his remarks though Jesse supposed it could simply be an act. After all, he had made similar comments, to not allow for any speculation. Last thing he wanted was for anyone to know he was queer. It would be the end of his career on the team. The coach was one of those new born types, always preaching the Gospel according to him, and being Gay was not one of the things the Coach would tolerate.

The guy was a bit of a fanatic. He loved to always toss in some Bible quote, or use some reference to GOD when he gave his little pep talks. Somehow Jesse didn’t believe that GOD was sitting up in Heaven, deciding which team won based on how often they said a prayer, or how they behaved. It just didn’t seem plausible, though if you listened to the Coach, it not only was plausible, but an actual fact.

His latest tirade had been about how some had been impure, of having ungodly thoughts, which was at the root of their problems. One reason why he had even brought in some Preacher type to pray with them, at practises no less.  Tomorrow was one more example, where everyone was to be up and ready for special game prayer, without exception. In some ways it was becoming annoying, taking away from concentrating on the game itself.

Garth didn’t seem to agree though, almost as if he preferred those type of approaches. He had watched how intent he had been, at one of those prayer meetings. His eyes had shown and there was this glazed look on his face that sort of gave Jesse a chill. It was almost as if Garth had gone into a trance even. Odd didn’t begin to describe how he had felt watching, mouthing the words.

He heard the door open, then squinted and turned his head away, as the flashlight beamed right into his face. Jesse heard the coach tell his assistant to check off their names and the door closed. He breathed a sigh of relief, as that was over with. He sort of moved under the covers, adjusting his pillow and realized that Garth was also still awake. He turned his head to see his roommate laying on his side, staring at him.



Nothing my ass, you looking like you could kill, what’s up your ass tonight?

Never mind, we got a game to worry about.

I know that, I ain’t some dumb defensive idiot

Wasn’t us dumb defensive idiots that fumbled on the goal line last week, so watch your mouth, or maybe I’ll have to do something about it.

Big talk, last time you stopped anyone, was the pee wee team’s running back who fell down

Look Jesse, don’t start with me, you ain’t man enough to handle me.’

Fuck you, I can handle you without breaking a sweat

He could hear Garth’s heavy breathing as he waited for his rejoinder. Jesse had no idea what was eating Garth. Okay so they had fumbled on the goal line, it wasn’t like it was at the end of the game, and the defence had let the other team score virtually at will, never stopping them. How in fuck was it suddenly his fault or the Offence’s?

The silence was becoming annoying, when he heard the rustle of sheets, and turned to notice that Garth was now sitting up, his legs over the side of his bed. He was staring at Jesse, and there was that same look in his eyes, that almost hypnotic stare that sort of freaked him out a little.

I don’t want to fight.

Then can the trash talk dude, it ain’t gonna make it any easier.

I know, I guess, it is just… never mind.

What? You started this, so go on, what?

Never mind, let’s just drop it.

No way man, you started it, so come on, what is it? You think it’s my fault or something, what?

Sort of, maybe, but no, no I guess not.

You aren’t making any sense, spit it out already.

Fine, no it’s not your fault, it’s mine, okay, happy? There I said it, it’s all my fault.


For us losing, it’s my fault, I know it is, but you gotta believe me Jesse, I have tried, honest man, I have. I even went to extra prayers, to try and fix it, but… I mean.. shit, never mind, okay? Just leave me alone.

Garth was pacing around the room, and it was really making Jesse nervous. He had no idea what Garth was rambling on about. If anyone on the defence side had tried to step up, to do his job, it had been Garth. Not his fault that in most cases they had been over matched. And in all honesty, he had to admit that his side of the ball hadn’t been exactly doing their job either. Still, it was weird listening to Garth ramble about it all being his fault.

Extra prayers aren’t gonna stop a receiver from catching the ball over your head, or a running back sweeping past you when an offensive lineman is blocking you, it’s not your fault dude.

Garth stopped his pacing and stood between the two beds. He looked down at Jesse, just staring. It was really creeping Jesse out, but he held his ground, and finally he tossed his legs over the side of the bed, sitting on the edge, looking up at Garth’s twisted face. It looked so angry.

You don’t believe do you, I have seen you at Prayer, you mouth the words, but you don’t believe, do you Jesse?

Believe? In God? Yes I do, but do I believe that he’s gonna determine the outcome of our football games based on how I think? No, That I don’t buy into, do you?

Jesse leaned back, watching the way Garth’s face kept changing. It was like watching a wrestling match or something, the way his jaw would move, his eyes flare or quieten down. There was no doubt that there was a lot more to his outburst, and Jesse just waited. Somehow he knew that Garth would tell him, and he didn’t quite understand how he knew that. It was making him nervous too, watching the guy work it all out inside his mind. The way his lower lip trembled reminded Jesse of a past date, at how nervous the guy was when he first indicated he was into guys. This was almost just like that, which made Jesse stare a bit more intently at his roommate.

I am quitting the team.

Jesse was stunned. It was said so coldly, so emotionless that for a second he had trouble believing in what he had heard. Then as he stared into Garth’s face, he could see how serious, and determined, he looked.

What the fuck for man? A couple of lost games? You are a good player, for a defensive one, so what’s this shit about?

I am causing the team to lose, it’s my fault.

Come off it man, no one is that good. Hell Josh is the Quarterback, one of the best, and he can’t make me or the other’s catch the ball any better, or hold onto it, so cut the crap, no way is all this your fault.’

It is, because of what I am. You have to believe me Jesse, I didn’t want it to be this way. I have tried, honest. I have prayed every night and day, but I can’t stop how I feel, you have to believe me.

Jesse was worried now. He had no idea what Garth was talking about. Looking at him, there was no doubt that somehow Garth believed that it was his fault. His eyes narrowed as he tried to think, wondering if maybe he shouldn’t go get the coach or someone. This was becoming too freaky, to weird for him.

Look man, I don’t know what you mean, maybe you should talk to the Coach or someone, I mean, this isn’t your fault, it isn’t about who you are man, it is just we aren’t that good of a team, least not right now.

We are Jesse, it is me who isn’t good, its me, don’t you see? But then I guess you don’t, you are normal, you aren’t like me.

What are you babbling about? Okay so I ain’t black, so what’s that got to do with anything? There are lots of other’s who are, and they aren’t at fault anymore than you.

It isn’t that…

Fuck, then what? I don’t get it.

Don’t you?

No, I wish I did, but no, I don’t get it, what makes you so different than them or me, for that matter.

You and them, are all normal, I am not.

Define normal for Christ’s sake already. It’s getting late, so what are you on about man? You on something?

Hell no, I don’t do that shit, it’s not easy to say, even though I am going to quit. It is just not easy, I feel bad enough, if I tell you, you’ll hate me more.

Oh fuck Garth, get over it already. I am not going to hate you, just spit it out.

Garth stared at him. His eyes were so dark, so empty looking that he felt a cold chill run up his spine. Yet at the same time Jesse felt a strange rush of adrenalin. He couldn’t put his finger on it, but as he looked back, waiting, he felt close to Garth. It was like listening to a brother talking, and all he could really think of, was to reach out and hold him. Odd to be feeling that, given how different they were. Garth was a ladies man, judging from all his talk, unlike him.

Remember how I kept talking about Jennifer?

Yeah, so?

That’s what the Preacher was talking about, all those immoral thoughts and…

Oh shit, come off it dude, it isn’t like you are the only guy who wants to fuck some cheerleader, you have heard the talk in the locker room, so come on.

Yeah but they mean it.

It’s natural man, all the guys our age think of that, what’s the beef with that? So you would rather wait or something? I mean that’s no big deal.

It isn’t that.

Then what?

I don’t mean any of it, it’s not uh.. you know, it is just not what I think about.

Jesse was about to say something smart, when he saw the anguish on Garth’s face. He really was torn up by it all, and then it hit him. It wasn’t the idea of wanting sex after a girl before marriage, as the Preacher had lectured them on. It was that he wasn’t into girls. It stunned him as he sat there, his eyes bulging out as he tried to make sense of it. No way could Garth be Gay, he would have known long before this. Least he should have, given how good his Gaydar was, but then was it? Looking at Garth, he realized that maybe it wasn’t. Nor was Garth’s it seemed.

He wanted to reach out, to bring him closer to him, to hug him and somehow tell him it was okay. Thinking that he also worried that if he did, would Garth maybe tell others? If he did quit, and the coach pressed him, would he tell the coach about being Gay, and about Jesse? It was making him sweat, making him lean back a bit more on the bed.

The way Garth was staring at him, his eyes trying to guess at what Jesse was thinking. It was making him uncomfortable as he tried to figure out what he should say or do. No way would the Coach understand, and he doubted most on the team would either. Even if he kept quiet about himself, Garth was in no condition to hide his secret. People like the Coach would guess, and it would be over. He’d be in too, being his roommate all this time. He just knew that he’d be under suspicion.

As he let his eyes wander, he could still feel Garth’s eyes on him. He didn’t know what to do, but there had been times when he had thought like Garth. He too had wondered, if maybe he was wrong, maybe GOD did control the outcome of their games, and yes, he did wonder if maybe it was because he was queer. Then his reasoning would return and he’d shove the thoughts aside, but what if he was wrong? Staring up at Garth, he knew inside, that he wasn’t wrong.

Isn’t what I think about either.

Garth’s mouth dropped open as he listened to Jesse. Slowly he sat down on his side of the bed, facing Jesse. His eyes kept searching, but Jesse saw how they took one quick glance down, before returning to look into Jesse’s face. He smiled at that, because he also realized, he had been right in thinking that Garth had been checking him out before.

You are? I mean.. no way, the way you talked about Cathy, Rose, and the others, no way you are…

Queer? Fuck you talked as good, its our cover, but dude, you better at it than me. But yeah, I would rather have a dick than some tit.

For a split second, Jesse thought he saw a small smile around Garth’s mouth. His eyes no longer seemed so dark, so brooding either. The tension in the room was there, but not as heavy. He no longer felt like the world was ending either, and to be honest, he felt rather relieved but what he had said. It was like some hidden weight was off his shoulders. In looking at Garth, he sensed that same feeling in him.

I never thought, I mean it didn’t cross my mind that you were, I just thought you were, I mean…

Like the others? No, guess it’s the downside of being Gay. We can’t be like them, open and all. More I think about it, more pissed off I get.

Yeah, it sucks.

Jesse looked up at that and grinned. Garth suddenly realized what he had said, and grinned back as well. The tension had eased and now he could see a lot more than he had before. He noticed how soft Garth’s lips looked, the way his nostrils would flare now and then, and how he always seemed to hold himself erect, the shoulders always squared, never slouching. He also could see Garth doing a lot more than checking out his face. It only made him spread his legs a little wider, grin even more as he stared back, and not at Garth’s face either.


You uh, any good at it?

Oh yeah, no one’s complained.

That many you keep track?

No, not really, not easy to find someone, least not where I come from, you?

Hell no, guy could get into serious trouble back home, but there are some uh, opportunities.

Yeah, not enough though.

Jesse couldn’t help but notice how Garth’s eyes no longer stared at his face, but at the bulge in his boxer shorts. He could see his interest and his own eyes could see Garth’s own growing bulge. It was damn huge, and he licked his lips before realizing it. Looking up he saw the smile, and the glint in Garth’s face.

We should correct that uh shortage, maybe?

Would certainly be worth considering. Uh, maybe after the next bed check? The coach should be by in about five minutes.’

Yeah, though it would be worth getting kicked off to see his face if he walked in and saw some white guy sucking on a black cock

Jesse laughed as he climbed back under his covers. He could see the Coach’s face with that visual in mind. It would be priceless, worth having a camera for, even.

As the door to their room closed, and they heard the footsteps move down the corridor, Jesse heard the covers being tossed aside, and he looked up to see Garth next to his bed. He reached down and tossed his own covers off. He could sense Garth’s eyes moved down his body, to gaze at the tented boxers.

Everything had changed, as he reached down and shoved his boxers off his body, tossing them aside with his foot. He looked up at Garth, seeing his face glistening in the night, realizing that he was sweating. He just smiled as he reached up, to signal Garth to come and join him. The bed squeked a little as it took Garth’s weight along with Jesse’s.

He felt the hot breath on his face, as Garth grew closer. His hand rested lightly on Jesse’s pounding chest and he looked down at it. Then glancing up he just smiled, as he reached around to draw Garth closer to him. Their lips brushed lightly, then were locked in a fierce duel. He felt his own tongue licking out, meeting Garth’s and it was like a little boxing match. The two tongues licking at each other, until Jesse surrendered and withdrew his tongue, opening his mouth.

Garth was quick to seize the moment and his tongue was deep inside as Jesse felt the strong hand grip his cock. He felt the fingers as they probed up around his root, then wrap around the base of his shaft. He felt the strength in the fingers as they began to stroke him. He groaned a little as they kissed hard.

His body trembled, as Garth stroked him hard, pulling and pushing the hot cock shaft, the hand moving over the cock head, smearing his pre cum down the burning shaft. His arms held tightly around Garth’s body, as the man pressed into him. He smelled his scent, his aroma and breathed it all in. His own nostrils flared with each breath, as it also quickened. His legs were growing taut, as Garth stroked him hard, rapidly moving up and down his throbbing pole.

Jesse couldn’t hold back. His body was too excited, as the hand moved quickly up and down his cock. He cried out, as he arched his hips upwards, feeling his cock head jerk back, then fling upwards, spurting and shooting a heavy load of his milk out. He heard Garth suck in his breath, as the cum flew between his fingers, splattering the man’s thighs. He heard the moan too as his body sent another hot load of milk outwards, and his breathing was heavy as he settled back down into the bed. Sweat was dotting his forehead, while he panted, staring over at Garth, who had slid to one side, his head level with Jesse’s.

He was still panting, when he felt the weight of Garth’s body on top of his chest. He looked up, to stare at the huge black tube that glared at his face. He let his eyes move upwards, to see the shining face of his roommate, and he grinned as he opened his mouth. Garth leaned forward, pushing his hard cock towards Jesse’s chin. He rubbed it along the thin pale lips, letting Jesse taste his pre cum.

Then he simply pushed inwards, letting him take the whole cock head in first, then slowly feeding him the rest of his dick. It took Jesse a minute or two, to get his throat to ease up enough to swallow the huge cock, but he managed, as he wrapped his lips around the hot thick shaft. He could feel it trembling as he did, and then, still looking upwards, he felt the cock slide out, then back in, slowly.

Garth began to push in faster with each thrust. His sweat was dripping off his forehead onto Jesse’s head, but he didn’t care, as he tasted the rich flavour of the cock inside. He found himself sucking too, as he took each mouthful of the cock inside. He let it bang against his throat, but he held on, enjoying its fullness. He moaned in a sort of muffled way, but Garth was already groaning his approval. His body was gyrating as he kept pounding his cock into Jesse’s mouth.

His hands were against the wall, as he kept stuffing his meat into Jesse. Jesse had his hands wrapped tightly on Garth’s hips, digging in as they moved in and out, in time with the cock. He felt his jaw ache, as he continued to suck on the cock, then he felt it tremble. It was like a rolling peal of thunder, as the cock reared back, then began to spurt out.

The cum was salty at first, and he gagged on it, as it filled his battered throat. He tasted the salt, the aroma wafting up to his nostrils that somehow made him relax his throat. He began to swallow and suck too, wanting every drop of that mixture inside his mouth. He felt the cock shaking, as it came. He didn’t hear Garth’s groans, nor did he hear his own moans, as he swallowed more and more of the hot cream. Its saltiness ignored too, as he just swallowed,

Gradually Garth began to pull back, his cock softening as he leaned back. His rear rested on Jesse’s chest, as they both just looked at each other. It was amazing, at how much Garth seemed different.. He felt the muscles in Garth’s legs quiver a little, as he licked the last drops of Garth’s cum from his lips.

Still gonna quit?

Garth looked down at Jesse, grinning. ‘What, and deny you the practice you need? I don’t think so.

Jesse laughed as Garth climbed off, bent down and gave Jesse a kiss, and made his way to his own bed.   

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